senior junior

my friend just said tumblr draws Pharah looking like Señor Senior Junior and it’s perhaps the finest fandom critique I’ve ever heard


i know i said this before but like. klance high school au. i claim this. it’s mine.

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High School
  • Freshman Year: Welcome to high school! Prepare yourself for four years of stupidly large work loads and social drama!
  • Sophomore Year: Junior year is the most important year of your entire high school career. Now that you're stressed about that, here's 4 hours of homework. Also start thinking about clubs and stuff that you can join to put on your college application.
  • Junior Year: WELCOME TO HELL! LEARN TO DRIVE! DEAL WITH YOUR FRIENDS' SOCIAL PROBLEMS AS WELL AS YOUR OWN! TAKE THE SAT! TAKE IT NOW! WHAT? YOU GOT AN 1880? NOT GOOD ENOUGH, TAKE IT AGAIN! Also here's another 5 hours of homework and don't forget about those clubs.
  • Senior Year: Fill out your college app, chill for a few months, then cry because you worked hard to score a total of a 2000 on your SAT, joined the honor society, were in the top 20% of your class, and president of the Key Club just to get $23 off your $50,000 college tuition.
13-year-old Yuzuru totally caught me off guard

Feel like I’ve been looking too much into his old vids but seriously, these 2 videos are so cute I CAN NOT >____< (x) (x) I swear they are the cutest videos of junior Yuzu I’ve ever seennn!!!!

When baby Yuzu realized he just won Junior Nationals in his first junior year:

And then they ask him about his expectations for Senior Nationals, this small bean was just like…… words slipped out of his mouth haha XD and then he tried to be cute to make up for it!!! DAMN BABY YUZU!!!

  • Schools: Why are all the students so tired?
  • Students: Probably because of the 4-5 hours of homework you give us
  • Schools: Why are all the students failing?
  • Students: Because we're fucking tired
  • Schools: We better give them more homework so they understand the material
PSA for unsure high school students

I’m sure you have already had questions about college, what you want to do with your life, and how you want to make money. For some reason people find it necessary to talk about it excessively which is really stressful, to say the least. Society (especially in the U.S) pushes the idea that you HAVE to go to college in order to be successful. That you have to immediately go to college after you graduate high school. And that you NEED to graduate high school. 

This is bullshit.

The pressure to go to college is insane. Trust me, I know. During my senior year of high school that’s all I ever heard. I couldn’t have a conversation without talking about college. Not only did it get annoying, but I felt a shit ton of guilt when I suddenly started having doubts about going to college at all. I had already decided a school and declared a major, meaning there was no going back, right? Well, kinda.

In all honesty, I wasn’t ready. I felt obligated to go because my family kept pushing it onto me over and over and over again. So I tried to convince myself I was ready, when in reality I was anything but. My mental health was so poor at the time but I tried to push it away, hoping that the whole “college is so much better” myth was true (Newsflash: it’s not true). Instead I found myself skipping classes for weeks on end, getting even more depressed and anxious, and ultimately had to take a medical leave because I wasn’t doing anything but hiding in my room. And I suppose that was kind of my fault. But here’s my point: 

Going to college is up to you. Not up to anyone else. It’s okay to wait a few years, or not go at all. There is no right time to go to college! Hell, I know people who still go to college in their late 30′s and 40′s. 

This is your life, not someone else’s. I know that society makes it seem like you have to go, but please be reassured when I say that you do not have to go to school to be successful. My best friend’s mom is a really successful makeup supplier and she didn’t go to college at all. I know a high school drop out who makes a perfect living. I’m not saying education isn’t important, because it is, but don’t do something you aren’t ready for. That only hurts more than helps. 

Take care of yourself first! College or not, just do what you love and do it the best you can! 

INCOMING FRESHMAN (to high school)

a friendly senior here for some advice because it can be scary and everyone’s large and i could have used some serious help as a freshy.

Freshman year will academically be the easiest year use that to your advantage. In the end my really good grades freshman year have kept my GPA at a 90 even though I got a 68 in physics this year, SO PAD YOU GPA EARLY.

Next piece of advice build a support system I have three really close close friends and the a wider circle of friends just as important I also made very good friends with some teachers which is NOT weird, and they can be a very good resource especially when you are overworked and need some more level headed advice (My favorite teacher lets me sit in his classroom when I’m overwhelmed and sit in a dark cold spot under his desk even if he’s teaching). Yeah find your friends find some teachers keep yourself supported.

BE NICE. high school is hard on everyone so at least to peoples faces be kind its not fake if you don’t like them its human decency ( If you really cannot stand someone just avoid them).

You are the most important aspect of all of this if you don’t make it out of high school on the other side none of this would matter. take care of yourself body soul and mind. Do what you love, bad grades can be fixed, deep breaths, take naps, eat lunch, hug people.

Last thing have fun try out every club you want even if its just for one meeting you don’t have to be a fully mature adult yet your a kid still but that’s changing quick go for drives and walks, tell your friends you love them, take pictures, cry, see late movies, lie every once in awhile, stay safe and don’t drink or smoke (i know I’m a buzzkill) but find such beautiful places you never want to leave, be spontaneous, and BE A KID.