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(1)Hi Md-A! I am wondering, how do you know when sacrifices are worth it? I used to think - work hard, play hard - every sacrifice could be rewarded if you made a point to reward yourself. But right now I have given up a lot to pursue medicine and I am only half-way through medical school. I like the profession but wish I could have salvaged some things, you know? The worst part about these sacrifices is that they are often really important to your support and well-being as a human (friendships

(2) relationships, etc.) I fear that more and more will be sacrificed as I continue, no matter how hard I try to hold on.Which is probably true, but in the grand scheme of things, when we could all die at any moment, what reminds you/makes you think that it was all worth it? I think we could all say “helping others/saving lives” is what makes it, but is that worth the expense of giving up major aspects of your own life? I’m asking to hopefully regain some perspective.


Hey there, anon!

You ask two questions to which we all wish had clear answers.

Q1: When do you know sacrifices are worth it?

That’s the thing with sacrifices. Just because we sacrifice does not guarantee our success or reward, or mean we deserve them.

One of the most humbling things about life and medicine is that, so much of life is out of our control no matter how much we try to control it. That is why we must empathize with each other. Reflect continuously and seek constantly, and be brave when things don’t pan out and be humble and raise up others when they do. 

A sacrifice for a particular goal is only worth it, I suppose, if that particular goal is achieved. Everyone’s goal is different, anon, so I would encourage you to think on the question: what was my goal or goals in the past, and is that goal/goals the same? That may help you decide if you’re still sacrificing for the things that give your work and life value and will help you decide how you want to balance things in your life, or re-balance them. 

Q2: What reminds me or makes me think that the sacrifices I have made are worth it?

-when I see that lightbulb turn on/that flash of understanding flicker across the eyes of my med students and interns when I teach them something they didn’t understand before

-when my patients share their stories, health or otherwise, with me because I am a part of their life (whether they like it or not)

-when there is an announcement on an airplane looking for medical personnel and I’m tired and I want to rest but I get up, grab my stethoscope, and do my fucking job feeling glad that I can be of use

-when my friends and family, in some of their darkest hours and most vulnerable moments, come to me and I can give them even a little relief or reassurance with knowledge or information

-when I think of the friends I’ve made along the way through med school, medblr, residency who have understood me, taught me, lifted me up, made me a better and more well-rounded person

-when I’m mad or upset about healthcare injustices, physician suicide. Because that tells me I still give a shit and I’m not cynical yet

-when I cry if I hear a patient of mine has passed away, even if I am no longer the physician managing their care. Because despite what the current medical, social, and economic climate would like, I still feel and I still care

-because I spent too much of my childhood and young adult life scared, angry, and sad. And now I can be the person my younger self needed. 

-sometimes I don’t think my sacrifices are worth it and that’s normal

–that I’ve stopped using the word “sacrifice” to explain or justify the decisions I make. I’ve been replacing “sacrifice” with the word “decision” recently. Because sacrifice suggests you are giving up something you love far more than what you must do. And medicine isn’t something you have to do. We have a choice to be in medicine. We choose, over and over, we decide, over and over, to be in this profession. To work hard. No one is forcing me to work this hard, to give up weekends, to study. I made decision after decision to put myself where I am today. I have good days and bad days like any person. But this is my life, I am beholden to no one unless I choose to be. I don’t sacrifice anything. I make a choice and I own up to the consequences, whatever they may be, good or bad, expected or unexpected because that’s life. 

“So Money”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Bucky, an associate at the Law Offices of Fury, Hill, and Stark, must deal with an annoying Rumlow. It certainly doesn’t help that Rumlow thinks he can get any girl in the office, including a certain junior partner Bucky has a crush on.

A/N: "Suits” serves as this piece’s main inspiration, but the reader’s character is slightly based on the character of Sara Ellis from “White Collar.” USA Network did an ace job with both shows.

Much to the chagrin of many associates and interns, the senior partners promoted Brock Rumlow to junior partner. It’s been three days since his promotion, and Brock has been ridiculously insufferable.

“Suit? Armani. Shoes? Prada. Watch me walk, see what they do for my posture.” Rumlow then makes a point of strutting down the hallway in front of one of the secretaries.

“I’m considering submitting the Law Offices of Fury, Hill, and Stark as an eligible runway for next year’s New York Fashion Week,” Bucky sarcastically spits out.

Steve takes off his glasses with a chuckle. “Come on, man, let’s get lunch. I’ll treat,” he offers.

Bucky taps the file on his desk with his pen and shakes his head at the blonde. “Nah, I have a deposition to prep for.”

“Buck, come on, you’re going to smash that deposition,” Steve tosses his glasses onto his desk and spins in his chair. “Besides, if you stay in the office for lunch, you’ll be front row and center for the accessories portion of Rumlow’s fashion show.”

Bucky groans but follows as Steve strolls towards the elevator. Along the way, the blonde invites one of their other friends and an intern who’s taken a shine on him.

The group sits at courtyard, where Steve holds court with a story about his friend Nat from the DA’s office. He’s about to get to the story’s climax when the intern suddenly chokes on his juice. Peter points. “Misurp…Mmfm, Rum.. low… Mr. Rumlow!” he wheezes in between breaths.

Heads all turn to where the intern is pointing, and everyone seems to mumble and groan as the newly promoted junior partner swaggers their way. “Damn it, why?” Bucky mumbles.

“Damn it is right, why is he -” Steve switches his annoyed face into his wonderfully fake smile. “Hey, Brock. What’s up?”

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30 September 2016 


**lol ignore my ugly feet** 

so as expected my math test was pretty trash. The worst part is that I know I could have done better if I had put in the time to understand probability ugh. anyway, i’m not going to dwell on it because there are lots of factors :-) 

One part of me wants to binge watch @studycubs videos all night but I know I need to start preparing for the LNAT in two weeks! i’m just going to do a practice test tonight. hope you all had a wonderful day! ✨✨✨☄️☄️🌌🌌

Thoughts on opioids

Fourth patient this month told me he was suing the hospital for refusing to give opioids for pain. Fourth patient this month without cancer pain, post-op pain, without physical findings or lab findings or description on interview of a pain that required the intensity of opioid treatment. Fourth patient who, at another hospital, got loaded up with dangerous amounts of Percocet, Dilaudid, and other meds for things that shouldn’t require the dosages and frequencies of medications like this. And demanded I do the same because “the other hospital gave it and I felt great.”

The opioid epidemic has to stop, and we as healthcare providers have to take an active role. Opioid addiction and cessation is a hard road, but physicians cannot give up. We have to help patients through it, even if they don’t believe we are. We have to do better by our patients, and sometimes that means doing the hard thing and saying no. Even if it’s scary, even if we get verbally abused or threatened. Which is what I get every day when I have patients like this. we didn’t become doctors because it was easy. We can’t give up. We have to do better.

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Is nathan chen a junior skater or a senior?

Nathan Chen is a junior but this year he won silver at the senior gpf because he threatened the security with his quads… and his knife shoes.




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He’s a senior skater, he turned senior domestically during the 2014-15 season, won the junior grand prix final in the 2015-16 season, injured himself after breaking records at the US championships and then turned senior this season with a gold medal at the 2016 CS Finlandia Trophy as his international senior debut.

Fanfic Rec

For all your Yuzuvier feels and needs (while we wait for the next competitions), here is the best thing I’m reading (and that is giving me life) right now:

El cisne (The Swan) by fieryrondo [AO3]

Magical realism!AU of Javier Fernandez’s figure skating journey with his training partner, Yuzuru Hanyu, from their fated meeting in 2010 to the 2016 Grand Prix Final.

At a Pyrenean folk festival in Jaca, fourteen year old Javier Fernández receives a fortune from a Romani woman who tells him the love of his life is the most beautiful swan in the world that will teach him how to fly. Javi’s not impressed.

Five years later, Yuzuru Hanyu makes his international senior debut at the 2010 Cup of Russia GP event. Yuzuru’s no swan (what’s up with the feathers though?) but he does show Javi how to fly.

mega-shout out to my intern

Although you will never read this:

Thank you for securing the MOST DIFFICULT study to order in the hospital for our patient, handling a really verbally abusive patient with a deft hand, and teaching the med student how to do a bedside echo. All the while helping the post-call team get out in a timely fashion.

This dude is an ER intern with a DO and honestly I’m just gonna say right now he’s blowing all the internal medicine interns on the service clean out of the water right now. Anyone who tells you a DO isn’t as a good as an MD doesn’t know shit. Like any degree, it’s all about the person and what they’ll do with it.

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University Class Registration Advice: Learn from my Mistakes.

Okay so you got accepted into university, you’ve submitted your deposit and you’ve probably chosen your roommates already. Everything is going pretty good but now you actually have to register for your classes, because “Oh yeah, thats what I’m going to be doing there.” DISCLAIMER: This advice is based off of my personal experience and the rules and regulations set forth by my University, understand that your situation may be completely different because the rules and regulations set forth by your University will probably be different. Nonetheless from what I heard from my friends going to other colleges, the process is somewhat similar. 

  1. KNOW YOUR PROGRAM: Most majors have a set amount of courses that are required to get your degree. So it is advisable to know what these courses are ahead of time. In my personal experience some of the “General Education Requirements” or “Basics” or “Foundational Area” (every university calls them something different, its basically the courses you take for the first two years while you’re at university) courses that overlapped with my major. So to avoid taking more classes than necessary and paying for more classes know what these courses are so that way you can “kill two birds with one stone” and be on track to graduate. 
  2. ACADEMIC ADVISOR = BEST FRIEND: Call. Your. Academic. Advisor. Do it. Have a list of questions ready and try to at least understand some what you have to do to register so that way you don’t exhaust him/her with questions you should already know the answer to. E-mail is a good form of communication too, but if you’re not getting responses, stop being a wimp and call. 
    1. How will my incoming IB/AP scores effect my schedule?
    2. *e-mails advisor draft schedule* “Hey! I just wanted to know if you could look at this draft I made of my schedule and see if there any mistakes you can point out or advice you have for me?” (This is totally okay to do- your advisor will probably be impressed that you took so much initiative.
    3. How long does it take to get to one side of the campus to the other? (You’re going to want to know this to make sure the time you have in between classes in enough to get to your next class.) 
    4. What time does the portal open to register for classes?
    5. Do I get special priority if I applied as Early Decision? 
  4. BE READY FOR A LATE NIGHT: Okay so you need to keep in mind that everyone needs to register. Everyone. And that there is a limited amount of space in a lot of these classes especially for times that aren’t super early in the morning or late at night. You want to get into your student portal, register, and get everything set in stone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I kid you not, students will stay up until midnight and wait for the server to open to get their classes registered. YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE STUDENTS. So get a pot of coffee brewing and get ready to set up your first semester the way you want it to be. 
  5. HAVE A GAME PLAN: Notes, Spreadsheets and Excell Documents are your friend. You want to have everything mapped out. When you go into your portal to register you should have everything mapped out and it should just be a matter of punching in letters and numbers to get the classes you want. Most Universities have a thing called a “Class Registrar” that you’re going to log onto that let you see the class times, teachers available for that specific course. I recommend when choosing your courses to take a quick look at a website like to make sure you’re getting the best teacher possible. Once you know what class you want WRITE IT DOWN. The section number, class code, teacher, all of it. Chances are you’re going to need this information when registering, so you want to make sure you have it all available so that way you don’t loose time going back into the system to find 3 numbers. Do this for all your classes
  6. BE REALISTIC. BE SMART.: Are you really going to be able to get up early? Some of you may be moving to the other side of the county, or to a different country. I understand that you love challenging yourself but from what I understand the first year is tough. Maybe you should try to take it easy the first semester and then depending on how you do decide if you want to take on more classes. Also keep in mind that you may  also be juggling a job, extracurriculars, internships and social time, so don’t spread yourself too thin. 
  7. THIS ISNT HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE.: You don’t have to schedule a class everyday Monday-Friday.  I know one girl who scheduled everything to be on either Tuesday or Thursday, and she is free for the rest of the week! I’m not sure if this is something I would personally do, but now that I think about it, it would be nice to have Fridays off. 

Okay so my schedule didn’t end up being terrible. In the end I got all the classes I wanted and Im on track for my major, but the hour and a half I spent freaking out trying to figure out how to register could have been prevented. Keep in mind you have to make the best out of everything and you can’t let minor mishaps slow you down. If I could change one thing, I would have tried to make my schedule to where I didn’t have to go to class on a Friday… 

Maybe next semester ;) 


To Everyone Still In Shock

I’ve been upset all day, too.

I hugged and received hugs from so many people. Our grief and fear are palpable. I work in a hospital that has seen the benefits of the affordable care act. I fear for me and my family, and I fear for my patients, who could well and truly die.

I did my best to push it aside today, to keep it together for my team. Discharge, stabilize, plan, teach. Do it again. Again and again.

Today I ran so hard today getting stuff done for my patients that the sole of one of my combat boots fell apart and I have holes in both of my socks. I negotiated the discharge of the most hostile and dangerous patient I have ever met. I ate and drank nothing.

And I’m looking at my shoes and socks now and I suddenly realize that even though the world I live in is a world of blatant danger instead of the covert, I am and have always been tenacious. I bet all of you medblrs, nursblrs, pablrs, etc. all are, too. We didn’t get to where we are because we gave up. And we can’t give up now.

Don’t move away. Stay safe. Defend what’s near and dear to you. Lend your voice and strength. Don’t give up. Our families, friends, and patients need us now more than ever. Medicine will not be on the wrong side of history. We promise to do no harm. We will promise now to do more, too.

Fuck you Trump. This nasty woman will never stop fighting.

If you ever wonder if all that stuff in med school is ever going to make sense...

I want to let you know it will. It really is a career of a lifetime. 

I never understood hyponatremia as a med student. At. All.

I actually cried on the wards when I got pimped on hyponatremia as a med student on my internal med rotation because I got everything wrong.

I kind of understood as an intern, at least I knew why and what labs to order.

Today I taught a brief lecture on hyponatremia to my med students and my interns. And I taught my attending something, too!

So med students, interns, don’t give up! It’s going to make sense. 

Hamas slams Turkish condemnation of Jerusalem ramming attack - 10 January 2017

Hamas has criticized Turkey for the condemnation it published following the Sunday’s fatal truck attack in Jerusalem, according to Kol Yisrael government radio. Gaza spokesman Hazem Kassem told the organization’s journal that the real terrorism is what “the occupation” does, as he put it, while the Palestinian people’s resistance is a legitimate right enshrined in international law.
Senior Gaza figure Ahmad Bahr, called the family of the terrorist who carried out the attack and told relatives that the Palestinian people are proud of the heroic attack, as he put it, returning momentum to the intifada with the start of the current year.

Thomas Tull to Exit Legendary Entertainment (Exclusive)

In a major Hollywood executive shake-up, Legendary Entertainment chairman and CEO Thomas Tull is resigning under pressure from the company’s Chinese owner.

Tull, a former financial-industry executive who founded Legendary in 2005, sold the company to China’s Dalian Wanda Group for a reported $3.5 billion in early 2016. He had been retained as CEO, but sources say Wanda became frustrated with his management and recent projects such as The Great Wall and the currently shooting Pacific Rim 2.

The exit is a dramatic shift for Wanda, whose Hollywood ambitions were cemented when its Legendary acquisition became the largest purchase of a studio by a Chinese company. The deal helped transformed Wang Jianlin, Wanda’s chairman and China’s richest man, into a major entertainment power player considering he also owns AMC cinemas and Dick Clark Productions. 

With Tull out, Jack Gao, Wanda’s CEO and senior vp international investments and operations, will lead Legendary as it seeks a full-time CEO. Mary Parent, the studio’s head of production, is said to be staying on and will receive the full financial backing of the company.

“We are thankful to Thomas for his founding vision of Legendary as well as his commitment, leadership and partnership this past year. He will forever be part of the company’s already rich legacy and powerful DNA,” Gao said in a statement. “As we move forward, Wanda aims to transform Legendary into a next generation studio of the future with a far-reaching creative and global platform. We look forward to working with the creative team to manage our already viable film slate with more to come in the near future.”

Read more: Legendary Wins Bidding War for China-Set Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Action Movie (Exclusive)

Legendary, which began as a financing vehicle for investing in big-budget films such as Warner. Bros.’ The Dark Knight and the Hangover franchise, became an independent studio in 2013 based at Universal before selling to Wanda. Legendary’s past major tentpoles include Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Jurassic World and Warcraft.

Sources say that Tull and Parent recently have been seeking out other sources of financing in moves that imply that the company was under financial strain. The company has a slew of big-budget projects in development, including a Pokemon movie, a new take on Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve and a China-set Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson action movie.

There also had been other signs of financial strain when Wanda, in August, scrapped a plan that would have combined its cinema business with Legendary and other entertainment properties. The combined entertainment group was to have gone public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in a deal estimated at an estimated $5.6 billion. Wanda said at the time that conditions in China’s choppy stock markets was the reason behind the postponement.

Though earlier on Tuesday, Wang told Reuters he plans to invest mightily in the U.S. entertainment industry despite coming trade tensions between Washington and Beijing. The real estate tycoon turned movie mogul said Wanda has set aside $5-$10 billion for overseas investments each year. He specified that entertainment and sports will be his focus, while the United States is his first choice of target market, followed by Europe.

Tull was said to be in a multiyear contract with Wanda. However, terms of his deals have not been disclosed. The studio executive said in a statement that “building Legendary has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.”

“After a year of transition, I know that the company is stable with great leadership, so at this point I am able to leave and pursue the new interests and endeavors I have been planning,” he said.

According to a statement from Legendary, Tull will turn his focus to his Tull Investment Group, which invests in life science, media and technology companies such as Magic Leap, Oculus Rift, Pinterest, Heal and Zoox. He will retain the title of founding chairman and remain a stakeholder in Legendary, and will remain involved as a producer on the Monsterverse movies and Legendary projects based on Dune.

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