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Stephen Colbert Sums Up Trump's First 99 Days In 99 Seconds
From alternative facts and fake news to Russia and wiretap claims.

So much news in so little time.

On Friday, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” summarized the biggest stories from the first 99 days of Donald Trump’s presidency in just 99 seconds.

By fast forwarding through key events, producers somehow managed to cram in everything from White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway’sAlternative Facts” and “Bowling Green Massacre” gaffes to investigations into Trump’s connections with Russia, the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn and Trump’s baseless claim that former President Barack Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped before the 2016 election. Phew!

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Trump is already detaining and trying to deport the “Dreamers” Obama said could stay in the country

  • Now that Trump is president, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has started to ramp up its enforcement actions. (Vox)
  • On Feb. 10, ICE officials detained Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23-year-old Mexico-born man, who had lived in the U.S. since he was 7 years old, had no criminal record and was covered by Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
  • DACA creates protections against deportation for a class of immigrants known as Dreamers, who came to the U.S. without documents as children. 
  • In the case of Medina, the 23-year-old Dreamer, the detention is not only shocking but appeared to be a blatant violation of the Obama-era policy. 
  • On Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported that senior White House officials are exploring ways to end DACA without involving Trump. 
  • Ramirez’s case illustrates one of the ways they can make that happen.
  • Constitutional law experts Laurence Tribe and Ted Boutrous have taken legal action to challenge Ramirez’s detention. Read more (2/17/17 1:05 PM)
Midnight Reminiscing: ReggiexReader! PART ONE.

hey guys, this is a multi-part mini fic :) please leave feedback in my ask!

Summary: Reggie and (Y/N) reminisce about their sophomore relationship at a senior year house party. 

(GIF not mine, credit to @netflixuniversity. I know its a Zach Dempsey gif btw)

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A List of Things Donald Trump Has Done - Week 1

Trumps actions stand alone in their absurdity, sheer danger and as he puts it “enormity” that Australian journalist and host of The Project, Waleed Aly, found that simply listing them all out loud, spoke louder than dissecting them individually. The full list includes

  1. Signed First Executive Order to Rollback Obama Care
  2. Took Control of Nuclear Codes
  3. Declares January 20 (his inauguration day) to be the National Day of Patriot Devotion
  4. The White House Spokesmen lied in his first press briefing about the size of Trump’s inauguration “The biggest in History”
  5. A Senior Trump Adviser supported the lies, claiming they were ‘Alternative Facts’
  6. Ordered the shut down of the National Park Service Twitter account after they retweeted photos comparing the sizes of Trumps and Obama’s inauguration crowds
  7. Trump planted staffers to cheer and applaud at a speech he gave to the CIA
  8. Bypassed anti-nepotism law to hire his son-in-law as a senior White House adviser
  9. His office confirmed that he’ll never release his tax records
  10. Withdrew America from the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). A multi-national economic deal that is seven years in the making
  11. Allegedly allowed his businesses to take money from foreign government
  12. Now is facing a new law suit for breaching the constitution.
  13. Claimed the election suffered mass voter fraud (2-3 million votes illegitimate, which no evidence supports such high numbers) specifically with regard to dead voters and voters registered in more than one states.
  14. The white house spokes men (mentioned earlier), his son-in-law (also mentioned earlier), his youngest daughter, his White House strategist and his Treasury Secretary are all registered to vote in more than one state
  15. Reinstated a global GAG rule to cut all US funding to international NGOs that offer and council women on abortion
  16. His party passed a bill that permanently bans American women from using federal funds or private health insurance towards abortion services
  17. Vowed to cut funding to Violence Against Women’s programs, National Arts and Humanities, Legal Services, Minority Business Development Programs, Public Broadcasting, and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  18. Trumps Administration removed the Spanish Version of the White House Website
  19. Deleted Website pages of Civil Rights, LGBT Rights, and Climate Change
  20. Overturned the ban on two major gas projects where a fear of water contamination, and destruction of sacred land is present
  21. Ordered a total media blackout on the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services.
  22. Imposed a hiring and regulatory freeze across all government agencies
  23. Except for the Military and a handful of public safety sectors
  24. Drafted orders to temporarily suspend America’s refugee intake
  25. Syria refugees face a indefinite ban on entry to America
  26. Announced plans to halve America’s Asylum Program
  27. Drafted new plans to suspend Visas from people from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen
  28. Plans to open CIA black-sights, around the world, to reintroduce torture as an interrogation tactic
  29. Moved to redirect allocated Federal Funds to start building a $20 billion wall on the southern boarder
  30. Suggested to cancel his upcoming meeting with the Mexican President, to him publicly on Twitter, after the Mexican President refused to fund the building of the wall. The meeting was canceled
  31. Following this, he flagged a 20% tax increase to all imported goods from mexico in order to recoup the cost of the wall
  32. Stated he would publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants
  33. Stripped Federal Funds from US cities that provide sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants
  34. Laid the legal ground work for mass deportation

It can be easy to lose track of what is happening with Trump at the moment, but it is vital that, if you hope you fight back, even so much as build a healthy opinion on him, you know what he is doing. So please, read every entry on this list. In a single week, Trump has done more unimaginable things that people give him credit for. This has been a week, people. There are still over 200 left, at the least

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Senior Trump official drew plan to divide Libya on napkin for horrified European diplomat

  • During a meeting with a senior European diplomat, senior White House official Sebastian Gorka reportedly drew up an alarming proposal to split Libya into three parts.
  • The map Gorka drew divides Libya back into the Ottoman-era territories of Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan, the Guardian reported. The European diplomat allegedly responded by saying it would be “the worst solution” for Libya.
  • Since the violent revolution that overthrew Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has been torn between two factions supporting entirely separate governments. On one side of the new civil war is the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord, and on the other is a faction led by General Khalifa Haftar. With no clear end in sight, world powers like Russia and Turkey have been stepping up to offer support for one side or the other. Read more. (4/10/2017 11:17 AM)
Trump Gives Republicans An Ultimatum On Health Care Bill: Vote Or We're Done
After Republicans delayed a vote on their health care bill, lacking enough votes to pass it Thursday, an agency head told members Thursday night that if they don’t pass it by Friday, the White House is done.
By Paul McLeod, Alexis Levinson

House Republicans clearly do not have the votes to pass their health care bill and on Thursday night, President Trump’s administration told them in no uncertain terms: Pass it tomorrow or we’re done.

After a day full of meetings and last-minute arm-wringing went nowhere, Trump dispatched two deputies to Capitol Hill for an evening meeting of the House Republican conference. Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, White House senior adviser Steve Bannon and former Rep. Mick Mulvaney, now Director of the Officer of Management and Budget, in the meeting, in which Mulvaney told Republicans that the White House is done negotiation and will move on from the health care issue unless the House passes the bill on Friday, according to a GOP aide.

The threat comes after House Republican leadership desperately scrambled Thursday to save the American Health Care Act. Despite talk of progress, Speaker Paul Ryan and his team clearly still did not have the necessary votes to bring the sweeping bill to replace Obamacare to the floor on Thursday, as originally planned. That vote has been pushed off to Friday for now.

Ryan briefly spoke to reporters after the meeting. “For seven and a half years we’ve been promising the American people that we would repeal and replace this broken law because it is collapsing and failing families. Tomorrow we’re proceeding,” Ryan said, taking no questions and walking away.

When asked whether Republicans now have the votes to pass the bill, Rep. Steve Stivers who chairs the National Republican Congressional Committee told reporters they will see where they are on Friday.

“I think we’ll find out tomorrow,” Stivers said. “I think it’s gonna be a surprise.”

Both the hard-right House Freedom Caucus and some moderate Republicans remain opposed to the bill, despite an overwhelming push from Republican leadership and the White House.

“We’re committed to stay here until we get it done. So whether the vote is tonight, tomorrow or five days from here, the president will get a victory because I believe we all want to negotiate in good faith and deliver on the promise,” Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows said in the middle of a marathon of meetings.

Meadows said he was still a no on the AHCA, as are many of his Freedom Caucus members, but he is “desperately trying to get to yes.”

The problem remains the same for leadership — any push to win over the Freedom Caucus further alienates moderates and vice versa. After nearing a deal on Wednesday night that the Freedom Caucus seemed optimistic about, moderate members said they could not support the changes.

Even after the meeting with members and White House officials on Thursday night, some Republicans remained unmoved. New York Rep. Dan Donovan, the lone Republican congressman in New York City, exited the meeting saying he was still a no.

“I’m not a fan of the Affordable Care Act. It’s hurt people in my district. This is not giving them the relief that they need,” he said.

Meanwhile, Republicans who are on-board with the plan are growing increasingly frustrated with their colleagues who won’t sign on. “You get one chance at something like this. So we need to get it done,” Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole said. “You’re either part of a team or you’re not.”

Republican leadership made a last-minute pitch to the Freedom Caucus before Thursday’s now-delayed vote that seems to have fallen short. Meadows spoke of promises being too vague and not going far enough to bring down insurance premiums.

The deal revolves around the Freedom Caucus’ desire to do away with the essential health benefits (or things insurance plans must cover) introduced under Obamacare. Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady said the compromise involves giving states the power to do away with these benefits, rather than doing it at the federal level.

House Veterans Affairs Committee Chair Phil Roe said this policy would only impact the individual markets, which makes up about 6% of the total health insurance market.

Essential health benefits mandate that all health insurance plans must cover certain things such as hospitalization, maternity costs, ambulances, pediatric care, addiction treatment, emergency services, and prescription drugs.

The Freedom Caucus argues these and other Obamacare rules drive up premium costs. Brady said the group is pushing for even more freedom to remove these rules than what is in the offer currently on the table.

Earlier on Thursday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy would not commit to holding the vote on Friday when asked on CNN. McCarthy said only that the House will begin debating the bill formally on Friday and that he hoped it would pass that day.

But after the meeting with the White House, a GOP aide said that Republicans will vote Friday.

“We’re going to get this done. … I know we’ll get this done,” McCarthy said on CNN. “Look, when we bring it to the floor we’re going to have the votes.”

It takes 22 Republicans to vote no to kill the bill. About two dozen have declared to be either a hard no or leaning no, not including softer members of the Freedom Caucus who could flip if their group ultimately endorses the plan.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Thursday that the administration is confident the bill will pass, after saying in a press conference earlier this week that “there is no plan B.”

“It’s going to pass, so that’s it,” Spicer said Thursday.


Jared Kushner’s brother Joshua was at the Women’s March

  • Joshua Kushner, the brother of senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, was spotted Saturday at the Women’s March on Washington.
  • Kushner, whose brother is married to Ivanka Trump, said he was there “observing” the march. Kushner was at the White House the following day to watch his brother be sworn in.
  • Joshua Kushner, a tech investor and co-founder of the insurance company Oscar Health, is a lifelong Democrat who did not plan to vote for Donald Trump in November, according to a report in Esquire.
  • Kushner, who is said to keep a low-profile, has publicly supported the ACA and also retweeted a message about gun control from Obama.
  • His girlfriend, the model Karlie Kloss, implied in an Instagram post that she voted for Hillary Clinton. Read more

luv me some gay space robots………
GOP Votes to End Rule Stopping Coal Debris From Being Dumped in Streams
It's the first in a series of actions to reverse environmental regulations
By Matthew Daly and Kevin Freking / AP

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, senior Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, said repealing the stream protection rule would “sicken and kill the very people Donald Trump falsely promised to help,” coal miners in West Virginia and other states.

Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., displayed a bottle of brownish water he said came from a constituent’s well near a surface coal mine. He challenged lawmakers to drink from it and said the stream rule was one of the only safety measures protecting people in coal country.

Not Your Soulmate

AU: the one where your soulmate’s ghost haunts you when they die.

Relationship: Soulmates

Fandom: Young Justice

Character: Wally


Like most people you never met your soulmate till his ghost appeared to you. It was late at night and you were studying for an exam.

“Wow, you have a really good study system going on.” You heard a voice say from over your shoulder. You groaned thinking your roommate had brought one of her boy toys back for some late night fun.

“Elena! Come get your fucking boy toy and leave! You and I had a deal!” You yelled and went back to reading over your notes.

“I am not a boy toy!” The voice seat. “And I di-” You let out a loud groan.

“Look either leave or I call the cops bubby.” You spun around in your chair with a cell in your hand. You, however, didn’t see a physical body instead you show a boy in the Kid Flash he was so faded that you could see through him to your other wall. You dropped your cell phone as tears ran down your eyes. Your soulmate had been Kid Flash, the sidekick you looked up to growing up, and he was dead.

“I’m so sorry.” You whispered out. Wally had pulled off his mask and knelt down in front of you.

“It’s fine. Really I was surprised too. I also thought Artemis was my soulmate. But she couldn’t see me and I got pulled to you.”

“Man, that sucks.” You looked at him seeing his bright green eyes as a few tears fell from them.

“Ya, it does. But at least I have something to talk to.” He smiled at you but you could still sense the sadness from him.

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White House: 'The clock has now run out' on North Korean nuclear program
A senior White House official issued a dire warning to reporters Tuesday on the state of North Korea's nuclear program, declaring "the clock has now run out and all options are on the table."
By Jeremy Diamond, CNN

Washington (CNN)A senior White House official issued a dire warning to reporters Tuesday on the state of North Korea’s nuclear program, declaring “the clock has now run out and all options are on the table.”

“The clock has now run out, and all options are on the table,” the official said, pointing to the failure of successive administration’s efforts to negotiate an end to North Korea’s nuclear program.The comments came as two senior White House officials briefed reporters ahead of President Donald Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping later this week in Florida. The briefing took place on the condition of anonymity.


Well, I’m trying to be an optimist lately because SOME OF Y'ALL say I’m mad and attitudinal all the time. So, four upsides of nuclear war with North Korea:

1. We don’t have to hear about the threat anymore because it’ll be happening.
2. Global warming will cease to be a real concern.
3. North Korea is a lot closer to The Kardashians than me over here in NYC, so maybe they’ll get taken out first (sorry, West Coast).
4. The epic I Told You So from Hillary will spawn all sorts of cute memes.

See? I can find a silver lining.
Trump administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia
Justice Department cited presidential communication privilege, but the move is likely to anger Democrats who say the House investigation is being damaged.

Devlin Barrett and Adam Entous at WaPo:

The Trump administration sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying to Congress in the House investigation of links between Russian officials and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, The Washington Post has learned, a position that is likely to further anger Democrats who have accused Republicans of trying to damage the inquiry.

According to letters The Post reviewed, the Justice Department notified Yates earlier this month that the administration considers a great deal of her possible testimony to be barred from discussion in a congressional hearing because the topics are covered by the presidential communication privilege.

Yates and other former intelligence officials had been asked to testify before the House Intelligence Committee this week, a hearing that was abruptly canceled by the panel’s chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). Yates was the deputy attorney general in the final years of the Obama administration, and served as the acting attorney general in the first days of the Trump administration.


In January, Yates warned White House counsel Donald McGahn that statements White House officials made about Flynn’s contact with the ambassador were incorrect, and could therefore expose the national security adviser to future blackmail by the Russians.

In a March 23 letter to Acting Assistant Attorney General Samuel Ramer, Yates’s attorney David O’Neil described the government’s position. O’Neil, who declined to comment, noted in the letter that Yates is willing to testify, and that she will avoid discussing classified information and details that could compromise investigations. The correspondence was later shared with the Intelligence Committee.

“The Department of Justice has advised that it believes there are further constraints on the testimony Ms. Yates may provide at the [Intelligence Committee] hearing. Generally, we understand that the department takes the position that all information Ms. Yates received or actions she took in her capacity as Deputy Attorney General and acting Attorney General are client confidences that she may not disclose absent written consent of the department,’’ the lawyer wrote.


Yates’s attorney then sent a letter Friday to McGahn, the White House lawyer, saying that any claim of privilege “has been waived as a result of the multiple public comments of current senior White House officials describing the January 2017 communications. Nevertheless, I am advising the White House of Ms. Yates’ intention to provide information.’’

That same day, Nunes, the panel’s chairman, said he would not go forward with the public hearing that was to feature Yates’s testimony.

Graduation from Hogwarts

I think it’s so weird that we literally get no information about each years students who graduate. Like??? Sure we get that Oliver Wood like cries when they win the Cup in his last year but???Why is there literally no moment (at least none I can think of) where we get that part. I mean Dumbledore never said something to the graduation class at the last dinner of the school year and there is no thing like a senior prank and it makes me so sad??? Like do they get a goodbye?
Because I can see McGonagall hugging her students goodbye especially during both wars because there is the possibility they’ll never meet again.
And what about all the seniors from every house (yes Slytherin as well come on they’re humans and it’s also the end of school for them) just pulling pranks on everyone and the teachers are fine because yeez the deserve it? And just you see bawling 7th years everywhere because shit they are gonna miss this so much.
And the whole senior class having a party at the lake the day before they leave just celebrating all these memories and friends they made at this place. And every year without fail the day the terms ends and everybody packs there are just 7th years walking around hogwarts just looking at every little thing. Just taking in their second home one last time because they probably won’t be there ever again. The place they grew up in and became the witch/wizard they are now.
We never got that and it makes me so sad because I would be heartbroken to leave this place:(((

Tomione Meme | Eight Fanfic’s you’d love to read [3/8] | An Elemental Magic AU

In a world where magic is split into four elemental sources, people trust in their magical school institutions to teach children which elemental runs in their veins. Sometimes you’re an earth mage who can cast minor fire spells to heat an oven, sometimes you’re a water-mage with the ability to cast a little wind - but usually your DNA won’t accept more than one element in your magical helix. While junior students get taught in all of the elements until they reach 16 years, the ceremony for senior students of Hogwarts provides the need to put the so-called guidance hat on their top. People say the hat lives and it will run with force through your system and magic channel to choose the suitable element for your future and classify you in one of the four senior houses: Gryffindor the Fire-house, Ravenclaw the Water-house, Hufflepuff the Wind-house and Slytherin the Earth-house. Once Hermione Granger reaches her 16 years, an incident occurs during her ceremony which leaves her unconscious and with several serious head injuries in the medical wing of Hogwarts. When she wakes up, she accidentally overhears a conversation between headmaster Dumbledore and several dark persons, who talk about her as an abomination, a so-called element-waver. She heard about the term before, people who are able to control all four elements in a perfect balance - dark mages. Once she realises, that they want to lock her up to run experiments on her, she does the only right thing that comes to her mind: she flees.

Wrenched from everything she knows, she remembers fearful whispers and tales, a name spoken with respect and terror at once; Lord Voldemort, an element-waver like her who vanished years ago after his power nearly destroyed half of magic Britain. With the magical SWAT team on her tracks and an untamed power she can’t control, Hermione will have to confront the darkest mage of the new age - if he’s still alive.