senior galaxy


Here are some of the final background for my senior film “Ground Control.”

I wanted to hit home on the water color/faux naive feeling, so all of the backgrounds were inked traditionally. The rooms were then colored with @kyletwebster ‘s amazing watercolor brushes, so I could have more specificity in color while still keeping the aesthetic I was going for. 

The space backgrounds, to get those deep blacks and blue-violets, were painted traditionally on white paper with orange and yellow water colors and splattered it with black paint. I then inverted it all in Photoshop. 

Role Reversal Voltron AU

Guess who got me into another fandom crais ty puppet. Anyway, gonna type this down before I forget it since its kind of interesting and who knows? Might find some time to write a fic for it.


Keith: Senior cadet at Galaxy Garrison, Iverson’s prized (and super troublesome; the commander has several new white hairs because of him) student and resident Golden Boy. Keith burst into the Garrision like a wrecking ball, smashing records left and right and especially topping the emo charts. Despite his tendency to talk back to his superiors, all the staff at the Garrison are quite fond of the prickly little hedgehog, and every student thinks of him as their hero. Keith is still a loner by nature, however, and before the new superstar student Takashi Shirogane started clinging to him like a particularly stubborn burr, Keith’s only friend was his best friend Katie Holt. Together with lovely but quite badass Colleen Holt, they are the three who gets selected to go on the Kerberos mission. 

Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane: Shiro is easily the best fighter pilot of his class, and he would have been the best pilot of the generation if it weren’t for the senior cadet Keith. Despite Keith’s success and personality, however, it soon became obvious that everyone adored the awkward senior. And before long, Shiro did as well. Keith was blunt and honest, but he was fair. Keith didn’t look at Shiro as if he was an adversity, or with jealousy. Being with Keith felt like he was taking a breath of fresh air, and for the first time since Shiro started at the Garrison, he finally felt as if he could breathe. When the news of the failure of the Kerberos mission was released, Shiro was devastated. Together with his accomplice Matt, or “Pidge”, Shiro sets out to find out the truth behind Kerberos (and maybe bring his friend back home). Fun Fact: Shiro’s nickname ‘Shiro’ was coined by Keith, because when he first met Shiro, ‘Shiro’ was the only part of Takashi’s name Keith remembered.

Katie Holt: Keith’s best friend and a total badass (she takes after her mother). Unlike canon, she needs no one to protect her from gladiator life. Because dang, all those spars with Keith since their first year really paid off. Katie is especially vicious in the ring so she wouldn’t be separated from her best friend like her mother was with them. And after one fight where the opponent used Katie’s beautiful long hair against her, she cut it all off mid battle via Sakura-style. After spending time as Galra prisoners, Katie becomes a bit overprotective of Keith, especially since the boy was experimented on by the Galra and became more prone to illnesses…And he also grew some fluffy and purple cat ears. You can’t forget the cat ears. Honestly, that might be the most surprising thing Katie’s seen, because wow. Keith was now a real-life nekomimi. Fun Fact: Katie and Keith are known as the K-duo in school, since both their names start with K. It’s also hard to find one of the K-duo members without the other nearby.

Matthew/Matt “Pidge” Holt: Shiro’s partner in crime in all Kerberos-related things, Matt was actually pretty close to Keith and knew Shiro before the mission. Kind of hard not to when Shiro came Attached™ with Keith and Keith was Katie’s best friend. After getting caught by Iverson trying to sneak out info from his office, Matt is banned from joining the Garrison and instead hacks himself in as ‘Pidge’. For his disguise, Matt got some contacts and grew out his hair. He makes a very pretty girl and Hunk is kind of dying because “Lance stop flirting with our engineer!” After Matt is reunited with Katie and Keith, the two siblings make a new plan to find their mother.

Lance: Well-loved student of the Garrison and Hunk’s smooth-talking communications officer, Lance talks his way out of almost everything in the simulations…unless, of course, the person on the other side has a feminine voice, because then Lance would be flirting instead. As it is, he flirts with ‘Pidge’ a lot, to Hunk’s utmost exasperation. Doesn’t help when ‘Pidge’ gamely flirts back. Lance has always secretly wanted to be a pilot, and he is still the first to find and pilot Blue. His ‘rivalry’ with Keith still happens, though this time its sprinkled with some awe as well. To Keith’s delight, however, that awe quickly dissipates.

Hunk: A cargo pilot who realizes a bit too late that his career choice might have not been the best, especially since he’s a pilot who’s afraid of heights. Why didn’t he try out for that culinary school instead again? Works quite well with his team, as long as he goes into the simulator on an empty stomach. Also, getting tips and tutoring from the legendary Shiro probably helped a lot as well.

Haggar: Prince Lotor’s mother and Queen of Altea, she turns into the head of the mice team to keep his son company. Her magic keeps her alive for ten thousand years, even if it has depleted to the point that she cannot turn back into a human anymore (Lotor and Coran loves her anyway). Was a very, very good shape-shifter and seems to be interested in Keith’s origins and ears, for some reason…

King Alfor: The former King of Altea and the former Red Paladin, Alfor betrays his whole kingdom to run after his best friend Zarkon. He isn’t magic like his wife, but he does build magic-like machines and monsters to go after the paladins. After all, the blueprints for Voltron was his creation.

Prince Lotor: Prince Lotor was the one who fell out of a cyro pod after sleeping for ten thousand years. He is the pseudo leader of Voltron, and viciously trains the paladins with the ‘tough love’ method. Is extremely glad his mother is still with him, and very bitter about the whole Galra taking over thing, since he has to now go against his father and his father’s best friend AKA his uncle. Finds a new family in the Paladins, as weird and out-of-character as it might seem, and maintains a snarky friendship with Keith.