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This is the year that my high school career will come full circle. The boy that I liked and who liked me back, but suddenly and without explanation disappeared is back. The boy that I fell for because of his kind heart who turned out to be different because of my forced expectations is back. The boy who I’ve been trying to be friends with for years, well, he is not really back, but rather he is coming around. I am so excited, nervous, and at peace to know that maybe my little high school world won’t be so little anymore, not with these familiar, but new faces nearby and everywhere.
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School is back! 170905

The last 8 months of torture. Today my teacher is going to ask us about the subjects we want to choose and exams we want to pass. I know what my goal is - Korean studies - that is why I focus on languages. Learning them gets me a new soul and a new personality - well, at least that’s how I feel about it.

Another thing - I am the Queen B, right? Well, great. I’m going to share PE lesson with a class where one of the girls which kinda doesn’t like me is. To put it short - it may get exciting, but this time, I won’t do a thing. I’ll just observe. I need to focus on my studies.

It’s raining and the weather is awful, but that’s how a first day of a senior year should look like, right?

Eat well. Don’t skip meals and reach your goals ❤

Queen B.

By the way - BTS’s comeback teaser is a bomb. Literally. It blowed my mind totally, now I don’t know what to expect at all :D

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HI TUMBLR!! my 2016 senior film “dream diary” is now online!! it’s a log of a bunch of different dreams over the course of one night. i hope you like it!!

[17’s Diary - Wonwoo] 2014/06/14 ‘The Time of Happiness in a Week’

I was able to perform. It was San E and Raina seniors’ “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”. At first, when I heard about this from the manager, I wasn’t too sure if I would do a great job. But, while practicing, San E senior and Raina senior made it very comfortable and treated me very well and they also listened to my problems. They were such senior singers who were hard to talk to, but because of this performance, it’s easier now. Now we have our first performance. I kept on sweating, not because it was hot, it was mostly because I was nervous. But because it was a performance that I always dreamed of performing, it was also very exciting! The second broadcast, Mcountdown. I really tried to do my best, but I ended up having many mistakes. My facial expressions looked cold. I came out on camera more than I expected but I ended up having a cold expression. This performance was not the best one. ㅠ The third broadcast, Music Bank. This was live. Last time I performed with our members, so I didn’t get nervous much. But now because I’m by myself, I was very very very nervous. It was a live performance!!!!!!! My facial expression was worse, and I did many mistakes. Because I felt very sorry towards my seniors, I went to the practice room at night and kept practicing after the performance. I miss my members a lot. The last broadcast. Show! Music Core. I had to wake up early for the rehearsal. I didn’t even get to see my members’ faces. But when I went to recording room, I saw my hyungs and dongsaengs. My members came to MBC in secret to support and cheer me on. They practiced until late at night and they didn’t even get to sleep but they still came…. After the performance I ran to place where the audience were. I really wanted to see them. (They all told me that they wanted to see Raina noona but I knew it was because of me haha). Strangely, I laughed without even knowing it. I think it was because on the last performance my members came to see me. For a week, I didn’t really smile too much… haha (thank you~ my members^^ I knew I could count on you guys~). Next week, is a baton touch! Another Seventeen member will perform with San E senior and Raina senior. So, I thanked them for treating me well. Hahaha~ Next time, I’ll debut and see you all at broadcast. Thank you. During the week, I experienced what it was like to be on broadcast. Although it was hard and tiring, it was also a lot of fun and touched my heart. Even though I felt that I could’ve done better, I also had so much fun and I was happy that I could perform. My members and I could come here someday with the name Seventeen. We have to work harder!!! Here’s a quiz! Who do you think will be the next member? Hahaha. Was that random? Anyways, whoever is going to perform next week, good luck!! Fighting to “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” also!! Haha. (I was listening to that song while writing this diary. Seniors~ I’m pretty awesome right?)

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Hey guys. First of all: you are the best fan fiction rec blog in the world! Thank you so much for existing and working so hard! I love you <3333 I would like to know if you have any long (10+ chapter) fics for me? I read a few (the popular ones on aff) but I can't find any good ones.. :-/ Any pair is okay, if it's boyXboy and no main!xiuhan.. Ah and please no mpreg... Thank you so much!

Holaaa senorita! Here are some that I’ve read  ^-^ 

ps I’m sorry if you’ve read them already! 

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I hope you find something good to read bby, happy reading! <3

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