senior couple

You can literally read their faces as this:

Lydia: Honey get in the picture.
Stiles: No I’m not done ranting about the Supernatural.
Scott: Oh but you will be.
Malia: Awww he thinks he has a choice.
Stiles: Ughhhhh fine.
Lydia: Thank you, see that wasn’t that hard.

Zodiac Sweetheart Superlatives

Virgo & Capricorn: The mom and pops 
Libra & Leo: Best dressed couple
Leo & Virgo: Most compatible couple 
Pisces & Cancer: Most understanding couple 
Sagittarius & Aries: Most hilarious couple
Libra & Gemini: Hardest couple to break
Aquarius & Pisces: Most unique couple
Taurus & Capricorn: Most laid back couple
Scorpio & Virgo: Most likely to be shipped couple 
Pisces & Leo: Most intimidating couple


Boogie Woogie Seniors Couple of the Year by Glass Zebra 2011

Don’t EVER Stop Dancing!!! 😊

anonymous asked:

not an important question but is Lena the one who always cooks for the family ? I think it was in 3x14 where Sharon was cooking and Lena thanked her for that. And I think in the last episode she told Sharon again that she was happy she wouldn't be the one cooking for once.

Yeah, I think it’s been established that Lena does most of the cooking. I think when Stef is there, she’s helping. There have been occasions when Stef appears to be making the meal on her own.

I think the issue right now because as a stay at home mom, Lena is expected to do all the cooking, all the housework and take care of Jesus. She’s going to be overwhelmed soon. And she’ll miss Stef.

Anonymous said:                                                                     

I really like that the directors can kinda give Teri and Sherri free rein over scenes like the wedding kiss and such. And I also like that some of Stef’s “love"s are ad lib.

That’s how powerful their connection and their acting ability is. Two directors have essentially just told them to go for it. The thing is that no one would know their comfort level better than they do. I am sure there was rehearsal because that would be a waste if they got it all wrong. I am sure they generally are told what they want from them in terms of where to stand, how to lay down, whatever. But usually a lot of these scenes are orchestrated. I am pretty sure that most scenes like that, every gesture is orchestrated.

As far as Teri’s loves, yep she loves her terms of endearment. She made up Miss Thang. And then at some point, she said they started to tone her down. They scripted her “loves” and discouraged the overuse and ad lib-ing. I am sure she still does it though much to Bradley’s chagrin. Brad did hint that Teri can drive him up a wall lol.

Anonymous said:                                                                    

 Am I the only one who noticed that Sherri was the only one getting wet by the rain in that scene? I mean I obviously watched for the kiss and I’ve watched it over and over agin, but the rain never really hit Teri.             

I think it hit Teri but we couldn’t see it. Sherri’s arms were bare so we could see it on her skin. Teri was wearing that sweater. And water is going to react differently to Sherri’s hair.

Anonymous said:                                                                     

The DVR summary for 4x18 is out and there is an S in the parental advisories!  Maybe we are getting that love scene after all?             

Let’s not get carried away, that could be for anyone! It does seem to be a Lena focused episode. Could be Callie making a mistake with Aaron. Who knows.

Anonymous said:                                                                     

i was wondering, are you adopted yourself?             

I am not adopted. I am trying to fost adopt.

Anonymous said:                                                                     

It NEVER rains .. But yet , the day of their second wedding … IT POURS MY HAPPY LITTLE LESBIAN TEARS 😭 I love this show so much 😭😍             

I loved that comment that Sappho herself was crying. hee. I love this episode. And you know what, I was starting to get testy but kept my faith on the show. i am fully satisfied now. It’s all bonus. Honestly. I may complain but I love this show. There’s not any point in shipping after this.