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It all started with my freshman year and a couple of really bored seniors. My band director has a bad temper and every once in a while he’ll make us have a cleanup day where we dust and prim everything and that includes the chalkboard. So a couple of seniors were screwing around and they got some chalk and drew a really simple outline of a fish with a circle around it and the words “Fish Pancake” on the freshly cleaned chalkboard. Our director blew a fuse and spent a good thirty minutes lecturing us on how inappropriate it is and started demanding to know who drew the fish pancake but we didn’t really know so he just erased it and went back to the lesson. The next day we go into class and they drew it again. And again. And again. The fish pancake was not leaving and every time it was redrawn you could tell it was a new person. So every time we clean the board someone discreetly draws a fish pancake on there and it’s been a tradition in my band for four years so as a senior send off me and my friend are planning on leaving our director a nicely wrapped present with a tag that says “With love.” And you know what’ll be inside it? A fish pancake.
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My darling, the things I would do for you. (insp)


I had my senior prom a couple of weeks ago so here’s a few pictures of me and my date! I had a blast and I am so happy I decided to do a less traditional dress, I had a lot of fun and it was easy to dance in because of the stretchy fabric.

Dress: ASOS Curve
Shoes: ASOS
Choker: Walmart (it was on sale for $4 but a good one can be bought on ASOS for $8 and it’s made for bigger necks!)
Clutch: Thrifted

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*slams fist on table* mORE DOMESTIC VICTUURI PLS

u mcreakin’ got it anon! also: i got carried away so i tucked the rest in a read more so i don’t have to crowd your dash oops

  • you bet ur ass victor and yuuri go big or go home when it comes to celebrating anniversaries
    • and if you think victor’s the only one hauling ass over this…. ur wrong
    • every single anniversary is one big surprise after the other and they love each other for it. so much. 
    • definitely the type of couple to travel during their anniversaries, i mean they have the means and the $$$ to so why not
      • first year anniversary? they are big gay cliches so it’s off to paris they go
      • yuuri’s never actually been to paris, or at least had time to go out and explore such a historical city, so victor takes it upon himself to be his personal tour guide 
        • plus, it’s v. helpful that victor’s fluent in french
        • imagine them going to the louvre and yuuri playfully telling victor they can’t possibly hold hands now because the sign clearly says don’t touch the art
          • this is it this is how victor nikiforov died
        • just imagine yuuri laughing and telling victor how much he loves his cute “vkusno!” everytime he eats something delicious and just. wow. point yuuri, yet again. 
        • victor and yuuri being a little sad that the love locks were taken down, but
          • victor takes yuuri’s hand, presses a kiss to his knuckles, and says, “cheer up. we don’t need a lock to say we’ll be together forever; i’m not going anywhere”
          • and the kisses! so many kisses. what saps. they are so in love they love each other so much

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So my school has a huge painting of our mascot in the quad. It’s a whole thing like we tell freshmen “Don’t flock on the ‘hawk” (we’re the nighthawks) during orientation. Basically a couple of seniors last year as a prank tp-ed the school, put glue in the locks and one person shit on the nighthawk in the quad. Our principal cleaned it up and made a whole speech about it in the morning announcements. It was not a shining moment for our school lol.

Apparently the rest of the seniors had a different plan for the senior prank but then felt like they couldn’t do it because someone literally took a shit on the nighthawk. But later that week they bought flowers and wrote their names in chalk around the nighthawk instead. Wild times.

I have been ranting with my lovely friend about tree bros and I thought of this and now I’m emotional and need to think out a beginning, middle and end.

so this is loosely based o the chatroom portion of ‘a cinderella story’

TW: suicidal thoughts and almost actions?



-Connor and Evan met through an online forum for teens suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. usernames had to be anonymous so they both went for names relating to why they were using the site. Evan lovingly going by ‘anxious-tree-lover’ and Connor going for the angsty early 2000s usernames, xXdarklikemysoulXx. 
-they first start talking because Evan posted something about the kids at school being mean and shoving him against lockers, and Connor popped up in my private inbox, saying how he knew what it was like to be a target, despite the fact that he mostly got verbal abuse for being a freak. 
-they spoke about unrequited crushes, Evan on Zoe (and Connor) murphy, but only referring to them as the girl and the boy. Connor on ‘some adorable quiet kid’ aka Evan.
-once they started to get to know each other more, they started talking about family, Evan telling how it’s just his mum and him, his dad left when he was younger, Connor in return telling about his rocky relationship with his parents. 
-”I love my parents but each day’s another fight. maybe if I stop smoking pot then everything will be alright.” 
-Evan, being the tree nerd he is, obviously says “take deep breaths and go on walks. I’m sending pictures of the most amazing trees.” “wow you nerd”
-bonus if Evan replied “you’ll be obsessed with all my forest expertise ;)” and Connor gets weirdly flustered when receiving that message
-Evan shares with Connor that his therapist has said for him to start writing letters to himself. Connor told him that as weird as that sounds, he thinks it’ll really help him if he keeps at it and doesn’t give up. 
-eventually, they both learn that they go to the same school, but both were terrified that if they found out who the other was, it would ruin what they have. on Evan's side, it’s also to do with the fact he has started getting butterflies with every message he receives and is really scared that if xXdarklikemysoulXx found out who he really was, he wouldn’t like what he sees. despite the fact that he had already seen the worst of him.
-when at school, Evan kept an eye out for his mysterious messenger, not quite trying to figure out who he is, but more to theorise about who it could be, making up cute scenarios in his head. but, one day, at the start of senior year, a couple of months after he started talking to xXdarklikemysoulXx, Evan came into contact with Connor murphy properly for the first time since elementary. after a rather bad encounter with him when Jared made a badly timed joke, he was in the computer lab with him, Connor asked to sign his cast. he then asked how he broke it, and when Evan told him that he had fallen out of a tree, he told him that was possibly the saddest thing he had ever heard, chuckling. 
-as he was about to leave, Connor told him he found something at the printer written ‘dear Evan Hansen’, so being a good soul he decided to give it to him. until Connor saw something about his sister. he flipped out, running out of the room, Evan desperately trying to get his letter back, as later in the letter there was a lot of gushing about xXdarklikemysoulXx which he did not want Connor seeing and making fun of him for. 
-when he got home, he messaged xXdarklikemysoulXx, who normally replied almost immediately, five minutes after at most. it was almost an hour later that he kept sending him messages hoping to get a reply. yet nothing came through. 
-it was like that for three days, and it didn’t help that for those three days, Connor wasn’t at school either. probably plotting how to kill him with that beautiful head of his. 
-on the third day (he didn’t get called into the principal’s office by Connor’s parents because Connor is still alive), when he got home, he opened his computer to a message. from xXdarklikemysoulXx. saying “the park, by the huge oak tree. 4.30pm.” Evan looked at the clock to find it 4, so he practically sprinted out the house, shouting to his mum that he was going to Jared’s. 
-as he got to the park, he saw a figure sitting by the tree, it wasn’t until he got closer that he realised it was Connor murphy. with his letter. did he hack into xXdarklikemysoulXx to get him here? was he xXdarklikemysoulXx? He wasn’t sure which was better at this particular moment. as he approached the tree, Connor didn’t acknowledge him, simply held up the letter in front of him and started to read aloud. “all of my hope is pinned on Zoe. well, to be completely honest, that’s a lie. I thought I had been in love with her for years until I started speaking to xXdarklikemysoulXx. I have no idea who he is, but he is probably the most important part of my life other than my mum.” Connor let out a dry chuckle before folding up the letter and putting it in his pocket. “while I was signing your cast, all I could think is that I would go home, message anxious_tree_lover and tell him all about how I signed the cute, quiet boy’s cast, and maybe I would start an unlikely friendship, get over my weird pining thing and fully dedicate myself to finding anxious_tree_lover’s identity” the air was sucked from his lungs. Connor stood up, taking several steps toward Evan, hands in his pockets. he looked Evan straight in the eye. “I should have guessed it was you, from both the fact that you fell out a tree, and that you wrote a letter to yourself. dear Evan Hansen, today wasn’t a good day, because why would it be?” 
-Evan was frozen still, the only thing he could get out was a stuttered ‘i-i’m s-sorry.” Connor let the edge of his mouth turn up slightly, before his eyes darted between Evan’s eyes and lips, and back up to his eyes to look for a sign of ‘ew no’, and when he found none, he leant down placing his lips upon Evan’s. when he pulled away, he ran a hand through his hair before motioning for Evan to sit next to him at the bottom of the tree. after sitting there a while, Evan tentatively laid his head on Connor’s shoulder, Evan wrapping an arm around his shoulders. 

Zodiac Sweetheart Superlatives

Virgo & Capricorn: The mom and pops 
Libra & Leo: Best dressed couple
Leo & Virgo: Most compatible couple 
Pisces & Cancer: Most understanding couple 
Sagittarius & Aries: Most hilarious couple
Libra & Gemini: Hardest couple to break
Aquarius & Pisces: Most unique couple
Taurus & Capricorn: Most laid back couple
Scorpio & Virgo: Most likely to be shipped couple 
Pisces & Leo: Most intimidating couple

And thus concludes another year of college. That’s probably the most I’ve taken since 2013. Math requirements are all finished. Same with pretty much all of my core requirements. All that’s left is bunch of junior and senior level software engineering classes that I’m going to be stacking up together over the next year. And the year after that will be a lighter year with only my senior project and a couple other classes along side of it. Next fall is the earliest I can start my year-long senior project, so that’s the best I can do. So two years left of college but a year and a half left of work. Full steam aheeeeaaaad

Love Me Right ⎪ Prologue

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 854

Warnings: none

A/N: AU. First series, how exciting! This is the first part of  my entry for @just-some-drabbles writing challenge, with the prompt Are you always this awkward or do you take the weekends off?” I hope you like it :) I low key got scared writing this lol. There’s a reason why I don’t watch scary movies, regardless of how “dumb” they may be. 

Love Me Right Masterlist 

Bucky Barnes had been able to see things other people couldn’t his whole life. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, name it, he had seen them all. He had never understood why, ever since he was a little kid and used to play with what he believed was his “imaginary friend” when in truth was just a strand spirit living on his backyard.

At first he thought he was going crazy, his mind playing him a sick joke he could not run away from. Until one day, during his freshman year of college a couple of seniors dare him to visit the town’s crazy lady.

It was a stupid dare, if you asked him, but Bucky was never one to back out from a challenge.

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Voodoo Doll [Jason x Soulmate!Reader]

A/N: Inspired by this, I decided to do a soulmate!au where voodoo dolls were given to a child when they were young. Anything done to the voodoo doll would affect their soulmates. 


Y/N = your name

Y/H/C = your hair colour

When you had turned four, a bunch of kids were huddled outside the playground during recess to talk about their “soulmates” and these “voodoo dolls” that one was supposed to receive at one point in their life to signify that they have been “paired up”. Of course, you didn’t believe the kids but the thought of a best friend for life intrigued you so when you went home that night, you asked your parents about it. 

They told you everything from what soulmates were and the process of finding yours. The dolls were almost like putting your fallen baby tooth under your pillow at night and the tooth fairy would visit you while you slept. The story for the dolls went; when you were deemed fit or the timing was almost right, a little fairy will bring you a small doll that resembled a bit of what your soulmate would look when you would meet. Your parents pulled their dolls out from their wedding box and although years had gone by since they first met, you could still see the resemblance. The dolls were small, about the size of a juice box. They were made of yarn but adorned enough details to seem as close of a match to their humans as they could.

So from the night onwards, you would pray to the stars that in the following morning to come, you would wake to find your soulmate’s voodoo doll under your bed. 

Of course, that didn’t work out for you and in the morning, you always woke up with glee and excitement only to be met with an empty spot under your pillow which slightly dampened our day. On the best of days, you would remind yourself that no one is truly alone in the world so your day would come. 

Throughout your years at school, your friends and peers would wake up to find their dolls and gush about it for the rest of the week. It hurt to know everyone around you were a step closer to their happy endings but you still kept your smile on for them. Once in a while, you would ask a random adult about their voodoo doll story. You usually stumbled upon the happy ones. There was one man who found his doll the morning of his big presentation only to meet his significant other at said presentation or grandma who found hers under her pillow in the middle of the afternoon when she was changing her bed sheets. A lady who worked at the library told you she didn’t find her doll until she was twenty-four so that kept you going. Of course, there was also the sad ones like your neighbor across the street whose relationship had ended and she spent most of her angry mornings stabbing at her doll with a pin on her front porch. Your parents told you that whatever you did to the doll, would affect the person so you could only imagine what your neighbor’s ex-fiance could be going through. 

On the morning of your fifteenth birthday, you let out a shrill scream when you had felt a lump under your pillow. By the time your parents had reached your room, you were already covered in tears of happiness, cradling the small doll to your chest. Your parents frantically asked you what’s wrong and instead of even trying to formulate words, you peeled your hands away to show them the doll in your palm. They were ecstatic. They knew how much this meant to you from day one and through the many years of sad mornings, they knew this was the best birthday gift anyone could ever give you. When the three of you had calmed down, you all examined it closely. Your doll was a little bit smaller than the one of your dad. You significant other had a black hair and the doll wore a red hoodie and grey pants.

For the first month, you would purposely go out whenever given the chance to, to see if you would come across your love. You even turned down the chance to go to Gotham to visit your second aunt because you wanted to stay and scour your city to find your soulmate. When you met new people, if the topic of soulmates came up you were quick to talk a little bit about your doll to see if anyone knew of him, yet nothing turned out. You found yourself casually running your finger over the dolls hairs and often wondering what it felt like to your significant other. Was he okay? Where did he live? Would you two meet soon?

Over the course of the next few months, your doll seemed to get lighter in color. You carried the thing everywhere you went as a reminder to stay vigilant for the black hair and red hoodie. You just assumed it was just getting worn from being handled so often. Except, a week or so later you came across another lump under your pillow before you fell asleep. Lifting it up, you were met with another doll. This one was a tad bigger than your first and it had a white streak in his hair. He wore a grey shirt with a red spot on the chest that was too small to make out, under a brown jacket. 

Confused, you went to show your parents and they could only share sad glances between each other before sitting you down and explaining that your first love had probably passed away. No one knew when this happened but they knew this wasn’t the first time in the history of voodoo dolls did something like this happen. You were bawling your eyes out by the time your parents finished telling you. Sure it had only just been a couple months, but you had grown emotionally attached to your stupid doll, your stupid lover. Your mother had tried to reassure you everything would work out and that the angels had blessed you with someone else. 

With a salty taste on your lips, you chuckled darkly, “Yeah, let’s hope this one doesn’t die either.” And with that, you left to go to your room to silently mourn the loss of the stranger you once loved. 

Years had passed and before you knew it, you were moving out to Gotham City to attend Gotham University. Your parents were torn between getting you to stay in the comfort of their home, scared for your safety because it was Gotham after all and supporting you in your decision to move forth in life. You had multiple acceptances from other universities but you chose to leave. The first year after you got your new voodoo doll, you looked at it with resentment. You downright hated that thing. You hated that you now had a replacement for the first love that you never even got to meet. You hated how they both seemed slightly alike in color scheme. You often dragged a needle across the slits between the yarn or squished his head hoping your new lover suffered drastic headaches. You wanted to stab the needle into his heart repeatedly, but you knew that he was probably clueless to the whole ordeal and perhaps giving a heart attack to your new lover wasn’t how you wanted to get another replacement if they even had another one for you… 

Gotham wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as gross as everyone said. You lived in an alright area with working streetlights and friendly-ish neighbors. Most were married couples or seniors living alone. University was what you had expected; heavy course load, mediocre professors and small classes. You heard about Gotham’s “vigilantes” and corrupted… everything, but you still tried to make the most out of the situation you put yourself in. You always had your pepper spray and pocket knife with you wherever you went. Even with everything from unpacking, work and school, you still found yourself wondering about your new lover. The hatred had stopped after a while but you still kept both your dolls hidden in your keepsake box. 

Is he anything like my first love? Would you even know?

Will he be a gentleman? Stop it, if he’s meant for you, he would have to be nice. You didn’t like rude people and it would just be a plain curse if you got an asshole of a man for a lover.

Is he even looking for me? I mean, you’re not. What if he was back in your hometown? You would never see each other. Maybe moving to Gotham was a bad idea…

It was past midnight and you were craving cookies and milk so you had walked down to the small corner shop to pick some up. You had just stepped foot out of the store when you heard a cry for help coming from down the street. You could make out two figures tugging at a woman so you decided to run up. You weren’t even thinking straight. A woman your size in pink kitty pajama pants and a dirty grey sweater you had found lying on top of your dirty laundry pile holding a bag of milk and cookies running up to stop two men from harassing another woman? You just didn’t want to be a bystander so you puffed up your chest and shouted at the men as you neared them, hoping it would scare them off.


The men turned to you with annoyance and a dirty grimace etched on their features. You gave them a once over to provide police with details later when one of them came up to you. “Why don’t you mind your own business?”

“You’re in my neighborhood, this is my business.” You responded boldly. The woman was in tears and you tried not to let your demeanor down, trying hard to recall some self-defence moves your father had taught you. 

“Four’s a party.” The man holding the woman shrugs and just as the man was about to grab you as well, the sound of a gun cocking froze everyone. The three in front of you had their attentions on someone behind you. You were too afraid to turn around, unsure of who the gun was pointing at, you didn’t want to risk getting your brain blown out. “It’s the Red Hood…” someone muttered quietly.

“I believe five makes it an orgy.” The man’s muffled voice spoke as he walked up beside you. You were still afraid to look but in your peripheral vision, you could tell the masked man wasn’t aiming for you. “Do we have a problem?” He asked as they all took a step back. You recognized the name now. People always talked about a vigilante who took down mobsters and drug dealers named Red Hood except you’ve never seen a picture of him before. Realizing who’s side he was on, you had taken the opportunity of distraction to swing your grocery bag at the man in front of you before grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back while kicking out his knee. Adrenaline coursed through you as you pulled your knife out on the second guy who quickly let go of the girl and backed away even further. 

“If you’re smart, you’d turn yourself into GPD or I’ll give them your description myself.” I threatened and he nodded before running off, leaving his friend to fend for himself. Putting your knife away, you asked the woman if she was alright. She frantically nodded and you advised her to report the incident to the police before she ran away. 

Turning around you stood to face the masked vigilante who was still there at the scene. Your mouth fell agape as you stared at the man before you. 

“That was… really well done.”The compliment seemed hesitant but you were too distracted by what he was wearing. Sure, anyone else in Gotham might be used to it, the red helmet that covered his face, but that wasn’t the thing that had your attention, to begin with. 

His outfit. 

The brown leather jacket. The grey undershirt and the symbol. The symbol of a red bat splayed across his chest. Was this him? Was that the symbol you couldn’t make out on your doll? The doll with the black hair and white streak. 

Your second lover. 

The outfit was for certain but without his hair, you couldn’t confirm your theory. 

You knew this crossed boundaries of privacy but you really had to know. Walking up to him, you could see his body visibly tense, but he was too stunned to shy away. 

Was this him? Did he recognize you?

Reaching up, you located the small hatch for his helmet and you pulled it. A small hissing sound came from the mask as it loosened. Slowly, you pulled the red hood off and you were met with a well-structured face with tousled black hair and surely, the white tuff above his forehead. With the helmet in one hand, your other one came up to pull your hood off your head revealing your (Y/HC) hair tied in a messy bun. 

A gasp escaped his lips as he brought his hand up to peel off his domino mask. 

“You’re…” He mumbled, stopping himself to give you a once over. “You’re her.” You looked down to see he had pulled out a small voodoo doll that resembled your current state of pink pajamas, a grey hoodie and a messy bun. It was small compared to his hand and although it would have been a perfect moment for you to show your doll, it was still stashed somewhere in your studio among the dozen of boxes you moved with. 

Gently picking up the doll, you looked at it. 

“I guess it is.” You smiled as you returned the doll back to him. Blue eyes twinkled as he smiled down at you. “I’m (Y/N).” 

Pocketing the small figure, his hands came out asking for a handshake. “And I’m Jason.”



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Torn Up (Part 2)

Originally posted by wiillmajohansson

All righty, y’all, as promised, here’s part 2! Again, a couple of disclaimers:  

Since I only have up to about part 11 finished and edited, I’ll be updating twice a week, probably on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a few changes depending on the week, so that I can get ahead

I can’t believe the feedback I’ve been getting?? You guys are fantastic, and I love each and every one of you. Feel free to weigh in with your opinions about how the story is going; I do take constructive criticism (Just please be nice, I’m sensitive)

I also have a question:  does anyone get the joke in my url? Inquiring minds want to know

Warnings: Foul language, rude jokes, and Mitchell Marner as (terribly executed) comic relief. Yikes.

Parts One through Five

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for a senior prank day a couple of years ago, the seniors hanged "FOR SALE" signs around the school and lined up the street to get to the school with sale signs. They also put up an ad on craigslist and left the number of the principal in case you wanted to buy the school. They sold it at 6 million dollars

wait so they sold the school fr?