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Dragon Age companions we have yet to see

1. A traditional Rivaini mage, a so-called seer who communicates with spirits regularly.

2. A senior Grey Warden from Weisshaupt who can offer a bit more insight into Grey Warden history and how they’re organized.

3. A member of the Tevinter soporati or maybe even a footsoldier from Tevinter.

4. A dwarf from Kal-Sharok. It would open up a world of new lore on dwarven history and even some insight on how the taint works.

5. A Tamassran from Par Vollen. They could be a type of rogue and would introduce the player to Qunari society.

6. An Orzammar dwarf who is actually pro-Orzammar, who believes in the Stone and honors the paragons.

7. A city elf who is or was a hahren in an elven quarter. We’d finally find out what everyday life is like for the vast majority of elves in Thedas.

8. A Tal-Vashoth who used to be a Saarebas and who opposes the Qun with every fiber of their being. Would also offer several unique abilities.

9. An elven sentinel like Abelas, though they’d probably be a little too much like Solas.

10. A Carta boss with a swagger that rivals that of pirates. A powerful ally and fearsome foe.

11. An Orlesian chevalier who wears their feather and honors their code.

12. A veteran legionnaire from the formidable Legion of the Dead.

13. Another ancient Tevinter magister, like Corypheus and the Architect.

so I was looking at promo photos for HSM 3 for research reasons

lovely picture, right? I remember seeing this on advertisements.

now look at Chad … 

what a lovely pose for a lovely character. he was a great friend to troy. but wait … 



look, I understand that hands can be a lot paler than the face, what with the more exposure to the sun that the face gets in comparison to the hands. 

but i’m pretty sure the discrepancy is not THAT glaring.

how did I not notice as a kid?
and who did they photoshop corbin bleu’s face onto?

someone explain this to me - how has no one caught this?

Me about the HSM Reunion

“We’re all in this together”


This is not Monsta-X related, however, I feel that I should really put this out there, especially with the fact that Monsta-X is still a band that gets slept on all the time. 

Presenting to you the Justice League team of Produce 101 Season 2 consisting of PLEDIS’ Hwang Minhyun and Kim Jonghyun, MMO’s Kang Daniel, Fantagio’s Ong Seongwoo, YGK+’s Kwon Hyunbin and individual trainee, Kim Jaehwan. On episode 4 of PRODUCE 101 SEASON 2, Justice League performed Sorry Sorry and finished with stellar results of a total of 522 votes in total from an audience of a 1000. 

Now, many would be wondering why I’m even posting this in the first place and the reason is simple, don’t sleep on talent. True talent. That is what this team brought to light. Sure, many would argue that Nu’est was a well-established band but think about it, they are 5 years old and honestly, their hype died off as quick as it started. 

Now, they have taken it upon themselves to compete with other trainees to restart all over again and perhaps improve themselves into better beings. They have received a lot of hate, but from the way Minhyun chooses the members to how Jonghyun leads them as a leader (despite Nu’est), it is clear that they deserve way more than what they get from the general public. In fact, you can see it for yourselves in the following links: 

Justice League “Sorry Sorry” performance: HERE

Jonghyun’s leadership: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

Minhyun’s choosing of team members: HERE (subs in CC)

As of now, here are their rankings: 

#5 Kwon Hyunbin (3142 votes) 

#11 Hwang Minhyun (3108 votes)

#16 Ong Seongwoo (3097 votes) 

#23 Kim Jaehwan (3075 votes)

#25 Kim Jonghyun (3067 votes) 

#39 Kang Daniel (3033 votes) 

Do continue giving them your fullest support and do show the other trainees lots of love too. They have worked hard so good luck to the rest of the Producer 101 trainees! :) 

you know who would be the best character to establish the Old Friends Senior Pokemon Sanctuary? the one whose entire character arc is about learning to love and respect his Pokemon. the character who has to learn that a Pokemon’s worth doesn’t just lie in its strength. the one who goes from “I only care about strong Pokemon/I have no time for weaklings/just let sick Pokemon go” to “I should trust my Pokemon more.” The one whose life is tragically empty of any real love or companionship - aka the one who needs the unconditional love and healing that comes from fostering Pokemon/pets that others would abandon. The person who WAS abandoned and neglected by their father, who can learn to care and be cared for by other creatures who have suffered the same kind of abuse.

I can imagine Silver running the Sanctuary and caring for Pokemon because of the person he becomes by the end of Gen 2. Silver becomes a strong trainer but he is still very troubled in the end. I can’t see him becoming a gym leader or the Champion of Johto because I think his journey isn’t really about Pokemon at all. I think that Silver is obsessed with being the best in order to get the approval and validation of worthiness that he never received from Giovanni, and it just so happens that Pokemon is his father’s main focus, and also something that Giovanni never bothered to bond with his son over, as sort of a dual “Do you love me now/now I’m better than you ever were” subconscious motivation. Why else would Silver have to steal his first Pokemon if his father is the strongest Ground-type trainer in Kanto?

Also, Silver tells Giovanni that he doesn’t want to be anything like this father, and that he’ll become strong without his help. Silver can still be strong without being the strongest trainer in the world. Strength through force isn’t the only kind of strength that exists. It also takes strength to be kind and to care for others who aren’t able to care for themselves. And Silver does become a great trainer and a better person, proven by his Golbat turning into Crobat and by apologizing to Professor Elm. But recovery and growth is neverending, and I think that fostering Pokemon that others would abandon for being disabled, or old, or just unwanted would be a sort of therapy that Silver surely needs.