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Hi everyone! I’m new, here on Tumblr, so I’m looking for some blogs to follow.

I’m currently searching for someone who posts things from:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! series (especially GX and Zexal, and also the TCG)
  • Metal Gear Solid series
  • Gangsta
  • Sengoku Basara
  • Kuroko’s Basket
  • Ghibli Studio
  • Anime and manga in general
  • Tolkien works
  • Fantasy artists and writers
  • Japanese history, culture and traditions
  • Samurai things
  • Mithology in general
  • Sapkowski works
  • D&D and other tabletop games
  • Dragons

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Every now and again, you find a game that hits you on a personal level.A game that makes you feel a world of emotions, a game that moves you, stirs you and connects you to such an extent that you become fully immersed as a resident of their world.I’ve had a few games like that in my life.
The Metal Gear series, the Legacy of Kain series, the world of the Three Kingdoms, the Sengoku Basara era of Japan, the Mother/Earthbound series, etc.But, most recently and importantly so, it’s been the world of Dragon Age.Not only is the lore incredibly deep and long-reaching but the characters are actually genuine people in their own right. You connect with them. You love them, hate them. You care for them, even weep for them. You share their happiness and their pain.You connect with them when they suffer things similar to you. Sera was abused as a child. Cullen was addicted to lyrium (drugs).
You connect with these fictional people on a personal and real level.You can have relationships with these people. And, as in real life, their sexualities differ.
Sera is a lesbian elf. Iron Bull is a pansexual Qunari. Leliana is a bisexual chantry sister and spy. Dorian is a smug and intelligent gay Tevinter mage.The game play is deep and detailed, the story is flawless. You really are going on an adventure.I owe a lot to this game. This game has become a huge part of my life.I never thought I’d say this but, honestly and from the bottom of my heart, thank you, EA.You created my dream world.A mythical world full of diverse races, terrifying creatures, excellent dialect, dragons, magic, mages, knights. And you made it a world where I wouldn’t have to change or lie about who I was. Everyone is just who they are.Sure, there’s racism, there’s slavery, there’s prejudice. But it just makes the world all that more deep and complex.It can’t be explained so simply.I will never forget this series nor will I ever love an RPG as much as this.It’s utterly flawless.Thank you for giving me this world to escape to, Bioware. Thank you for helping me through my depression and my anger.Thank you for keeping me sane and human.
Thank you for letting me live another life.I owe you more than you realise.

Yuugen Romantica Hatenkou Character Profile 6: Arahagi

“The Piano in the Music Room”
The Youkai who haunts the school’s music room is the haraguro but popular Bakeneko, Arahagi. Although he has his mood swings, he is devoted to the person he swore to protect. Lately, his favourite past time is to nap on your lap.

“To protect you is my duty.”

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We need a game for Mochizuki Chiyome! She was a noblewoman from Japan’s Sengoku period, who with created an all-female group of ninja, called kunoichi. Numbering over a hundred, Chiyome’s girls were used as spies and assassins; by posing as couriers, servants and even prostitutes, they created the illusion they were everywhere. If not her than at least one of her girls. Change of geography, time period, and a female protag, what’s to hate?