sengoku batman


Sengoku Batman:

  • The Batman
  • Gordon Summons the Bat
  • Doctor Fries (Mr. Freeze)

I made these back before I knew how tumblr worked and I had yet to post them as a set. So I keep finding people sharing them (which is great) but they always point back to my cghub page and they also don’t have the Mr. Freeze image with them.

Hey so I’m opening up my commissions! This is the first time I’ve ever really done this but let’s give it a whirl! 

I dont have any triggers, blood and gore is cool with me. As is some n//s//f//w but please discuss with me first! I’m not bothered by any ships so have at it.

Daily Draw Feburary #4: Ivy Crests and Flowers That All Look the Same

Japanese family crests (mon) are a fascinating subject for me.  If you’re at all interested I can’t recommend The Elements of Japanese Design, John Dower enough.  I’m certainly not the type of person who says things like, “All flowers look the same,” but I’m hardly a botany student. More to the point, when you reduce flowers to monorchrome graphic designs…well I think some confusion is unavoidable.

The first block is Ivy designs which I’ll be using in the kimono pattern.  Seems the Ivy motif was a very popular among the pleasure houses so there’s a fun tie-in there; even if the plant isn’t ‘poisonous’ it has a seductive connotation.

The next block is just copies from Dower, I looked through to find flowers that were of a different species but had incredibly similar designs.  Trying to identify these is a bit like looking at a police lineup and I feel like there’s the makings of a great memory game here.

Now all of those flowers of the same species of course have many different versions of themselves.  Dower has thirty-five different variations on the cherry blossom and even with almost 3,000 designs the book can hardly considered to be comprehensive.  But you consider how disparate those two designs are despite being the same species compared to the second set which are all different.

I bring all this up because I had this pipe-dream for the Ivy image where I was going to have every plant in the image be poisonous. There are some major problems with this plan, namely:

  • It’s hard to figure out what plants that are native to Japan are poisonous
  • It’s really hard to figure out what the colloquial Japanese names are for poisonous plants (seriously, what is Monkshood called in Japan?)
  • It’s even harder still to find graphic representations of these plants because, and I think this is a cross-cultural thing, you don’t get a lot of imagery of poisonous plants.  Who wants something poisonous for their family crest?  Nobody, apparently.

I know this is another one of those, “I could just wing it and nobody would notice,” scenarios but as I’ve said before, that’s not really the point.

Daily Draw Feburary #1: Poison Ivy and a Rant About Obi Knots

So here’s a preliminary sketch for some additions to the Sengoku Batman series.  It’s gonna be a triptych of the sirens (Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley) ideally with a contiguous background as was common for ukiyo-e triptychs.

Can I just throw out that trying to understand how these clothes actually work by looking at ukiyo-e prints is essentially impossible?  Seriously, what’s going on with the musubi here?  The rest I can at least wrap my head around…

External image

There are whole books dedicated to just the knots

It feels like I’m trying to read architectural plans that were printed in magic-eye.

External image

“Uh yeah we’ll juuuussst…..fuck, I lost it!”

Trying to resist the urge to “just wing it” here in order to keep myself sane.  I’ve found some ok resources (that use photos and such) but they’re often a bit scarce on the details and what things are specific to what period.

I still plan on making the pattern on the kimono itself which is the more important thing.  Brain may melt on that one.