sengoku basara two


[SB Dystopian AU] (setting)


Engulfed in continuous wars for a long time, the country had split up into multiple small factions and had become relatively weak.
In the midst of that, Toyotomi Hideyoshi rose in power, commanding his troops to defeat the others in order to unify the land, aiming to create a stronger united country in future.

Believing in Hideyoshi’s noble cause and his abilities to make it come true, Ieyasu had joined in and soon became one of the Toyotomi’s leading generals. They united the lands together and peace came over the country for a period of time.

But then Hideyoshi ruled with an iron fist, mercilessly crushing anyone who stood in his way. Following Hideyoshi’s vision, the country became a place where power was everything and there was no place for the weak. When he aimed to take over the world through more wars, Ieyasu decided to turn against him, declaring that he would take down his lord.

Another war began.


- One of the Toyotomi’s two top generals, alongside Mitsunari. Served the Toyotomi with great loyalty as he believed that uniting the land would bring peace in the end.

However, after seeing Hideyoshi’s cruelty when crushing the Hojo at Odawara (the last land they had to take), seeing the victims’ suffering, and knowing Hideyoshi’s wish to continue the wars overseas, he realized that it wasn’t the future he wanted, so he turned against the Toyotomi.

- Couldn’t sit with the fact that Hideyoshi was planning on ruling the world through power and force.

- Secretly broke off the Toyotomi and attempted to assassinate Hideyoshi during one of his speeches, but failed.
As a result, he was now the country’s most wanted fugitive, with a one hundred million ryou prize on his head, and Mitsunari continuously running after him with a grudge.

- Taken in by the Resistance after his escape from the Toyotomi. Currently the only member there who knows how the Toyotomi works from the inside as he used to work there.
Motochika, who was leading the Resistance before he came, passed the ‘Leader’ rank to him as he felt that Ieyasu is better suited for that position, being the ex-general of a huge army and knowing more about the Toyotomi.

- Previously the leader of Division Two of Hunters before he left the Toyotomi with his entire Division (Tokugawa Faction). The seat of the Second Division is now empty and Hanbei was looking for a replacement.

- Needed to defeat Hideyoshi quickly before he could finish preparing his troops or else it would turn into a world war.

- Betraying Hideyoshi, whom he had sworn loyalty to, earned him the name of the 'Trickster’, 'Liar’ or 'Tanuki’ among the countrymen and the majority.
But to those in the slums, the Resistance, and those against the Toyotomi, he was referred to as the 'Light of the East’, as one who dared to defy the Toyotomi and brought a ray of hope back to the people.

- Weapon: Formerly used a spear to fight, but threw it away as he left the Toyotomi, not wanting to hurt more people.
He wore arm guards mainly for defense and fought with his fists after that, his strikes used only to protect the weak.
When he met Motochika later, the mechanic made him a pair of knuckles and fitted it with a function that can destructure and destroy any mechanical weapon that it came into contact with, to help him in battle.

INKTOBER 2017 - Day 15

Nagamasa & Oichi - Art by Nekkyo Usagi

It’s been two weeks since I did this. Mostly because episode 9 didn’t have too many outstanding moments, except for that one with Tadatsugu’s REVOLUUUTION!!! XDDDD

This week’s episode had a few gems.

Sengoku Basara Judge End - Episode 10

Favorite Scene #1 - Yukimura’s Burning Feels!!

Masamune approves…