Believe it or not, this is actually UNDERSELLING what a badass she was in RL. 

Because her father had no sons, she was made the leader of the clan and led it through the Sekigahara campaign. She even trained all her maidens to intimidate visitors so no one would think the clan was weak just because it was lead by a woman. When the Eastern Army marched on their lands, she personally led the defense while wearing the armor of the clanhead. Ginchiyo was one of those actual for real kick ass women of history.

Considering this game was published by Tecmo Koei methinks they’re drawing more on her portrayal in Samurai Warriors rather than real history for this one. For some reason fictional portrayals always just reduce her to a loyal obedient, if exceptionally physically proficient, wife to Muneshige

  • Garp: So, Sengoku, you think Rocinante really thought of Trafalgar Law like a son?
  • Senggoku: He DIED for him, Garp. Went on a whole quest to save him beforehand too. Seems clear enough to me.
  • Garp: thought of Rocinante as if he was YOUR son, right?
  • Sengoku: Where are you going with...?
  • Garp: Welcome to the "damn it my grandson's a pirate!" club, buddy!