عن أبي ذر الغفاري رضي الله عنه، عن الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: “ألا أخبرُك بأحبِّ الكلامِ إلى اللهِ ؟ قلتُ : يا رسولَ اللهِ ! أخبرني بأحبِّ الكلامِ إلى اللهِ . فقال : إن أحبَّ الكلامِ إلى اللهِ ، سبحانَ اللهِ وبحمدِه“ صحيح مسلم حديث ٢٧٣١

Abu Dharr reported that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: “Should I not inform you about the words liked most by Allah? I said: Allah’s Mes- senger, do inform me about the words liked most by Allah. He said: Verily, the words liked most by Allah are: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said to me, “Shall I tell you the expression that is most loved by Allah? It is ‘Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdih’ (hallowed be Allah and praise is due to Him).“ Sahih Muslim 2731 b
In-book reference : Book 48, Hadith 118
USC-MSA web (English) reference : Book 35, Hadith 6587

سلسلة الأذكار والأدعية // Athkar & Invocations Series | 4

Woman dancing on the shore. July 1916 Vanity Fair cover. Rita Senger (fl. 1915-1930). Gouache and watercolor over pencil on watercolor board. Exhibited at “American Beauties: Drawings from the Golden Age of Illustration”, Swann Gallery, Library of Congress, 2002.

A woman wearing a summery dress and a long, flowing scarf around her neck dances along the seashore, her hair and scarf blowing in the breeze. She carries a caged bird in one hand, and watches a free-flying bird alight on her other hand.

imagine mystic messenger but instead of four guys and one girl, it’s five spicy dank memes.

“You stumbled upon an app called ‘Spicy Memes-senger’ and downloaded it. Once you opened it up the app is connected to a lit group chat with the dankest memes. You are asked to join their turnt up fundraising association called Help Anyone Recover and Mature by Erotica (or HARAMBE for short) and the story begins…”

Choose to hook up with memes such as Swamp Billionaire Shrek, actor Nicholas Cage, Such Game Much Doge, Barry Benson the Best Bee-Sistant, and Cory the Hacker in the House. 

All-Sengers podium at Erpe-Mere - via Sengers Ladies Cycling Team 2013 - UCI Women’s Team 2012

Erondegemse Pijl (Erpe-Mere) 2013

1.   Maaike Polspoel (Bel) Sengers, 3:05:07
2.   Sofie de Vuyst (Bel) Sengers, + 0:57
3.   Christine Majerus (Lux) Sengers, s.t.
4.   Kirsten Peetoom (Ned) RC Jan van Arckel, s.t.
5.   Kelly Druyts (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen, s.t.
6.   Kim de Baat (Ned) Boels-Dolmans, s.t.
7.   Daniela Gass (Ger) Squadra Scappatella, s.t.
8.   Anna Trevisi (Ita) Vaino Fondriest, s.t.
9.   Monique van de Ree (Ned) Cyclelive Plus-Zannata, s.t.
10. Nathalie Lamborelle (Lux) Bigla, s.t.

Christine Majerus wins the 2013 Sparkassen Giro in a Sengers 1-2 - via - Majerus hat Grund zur Freude

1.   Christine Majerus (Lux) Sengers Ladies, 1:49:09
2.   Maaike Polspoel (Lux) Sengers Ladies, s.t.
3.   Kirsten Wild (Ned) Argos-Shimano, s.t.
4.   Sigrid Jochems (Ned) Water, Land & Dijken, s.t.
5.   Coryn Rivera (USA) Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team, s.t.
6.   Lauren Kitchen (Aus) Wiggle Honda, s.t.
7.   Chloe Hosking (Aus) Hitec Products UCK, s.t.
8.   Daniela Gass (Ger) Squadra Scappatella, s.t.
9.   Kaat Hannes (Bel) Belgium, s.t.
10. Emily Collins (NZl) Wiggle Honda, s.t.