1somethingelseyoumightknow1-dea  asked:

What are your top 5 favourite crystals?

Thanks for asking me! I’ve recieved this question before so I decided to go ahead and publish my answer this time. I’ll list some favorites, including the localities and a link to some examples. In no particular order, my favs are:

- Rhodochrosite like these specimens from Romania or South Africa. I love the light pink blades from Romania and the stuff from South Africa looks like candy!

- Vanadinite from Morocco like this or like this awesome specimen. The crystal formations are fascinating.

- Smithsonite from pretty much any location (examples). This stuff can come in just about any color and it sparkles.

- Fluorite from Germany, especially the Rainbow Fluorite. I also love Fluorite from Spain, China and Namibia. Yellow or golden fluorite is my favorite color but when I post it here it doesn’t get as many notes as purple fluorite, everyone seems to love that color best.

- Cobaltoan Calcite from various locations. It comes in many shades of pink!

Honorable mentions: Wulfenite from any location (because it looks like butterscotch!), Vesuvianite from Canada, Senegalite, Opal (Yowah Nut and Koroit from Australia and Welo Opal from Ethiopia), Sulfur from Italy,  Smoky Quartz from anywhere, Tourmaline from anywhere and finally, Quartz, Realgar and Orpiment combos such as this specimen from Peru.