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A few months ago, I came across this post about typical Tumblr fancasts and decided to give out some alternates to Tumblr’s go-to POC facelciams that actually have resources. As someone who loves Zendaya a lot, I want to make it clear that the criticism for all the women listed at the source (Zendaya, Zoe Kravitz, Willow Smith, Amandla Stenberg) is that they’re constantly fancast as black characters that were not light-skinned in the source material - not that they don’t deserve recognition. So I’ve focused on celebrating darker women in general in this post.

Below the cut you will find over 20 additional female, black faceclaims that are not Zendaya Coleman with resources.

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Below you will find #134 gifs of Willy Cartier. He is a half-French, ¼ Vietnamese, and ¼ Senegalese model. These gifs are all 245 x 138 in size and made by me ( @neilschneider ). Please like and reblog this post if you found them useful. If you intend to use these in crackships, gif icons, or edits, please give me credit. I hope you like them and happy roleplaying!

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Photographers Reimagine Iconic Movies With Black Characters – And It’s Amazing

Two photographers have tackled Hollywood’s diversity problem by recasting iconic onscreen characters with fierce black models. Senegalese Omar Victor Diop and French-American Antoine Tempé teamed up in 2013 for a project called [re-]Mixing Hollywood, with the aim of using classic American and European films to create more dynamic images of African people. 

What if your favorite Hollywood films were set in Africa?