: x mkay here’s my newest troll Senega

she’s one of my older trolls and in the service of the messiahs as a Nun/Cleaner a battle nun as you will. She goes out at the orders of the scriptures to decimate those who disobey the messiah’s and the rules of troll society.

quite in service of the more religious portion of empire melitia she is well known for being sent on mass murder as examples to would be revolutionists.

Major overkill she is in that she is brutally strong and carries heavy packing ammunition on her.

She wont use said heavy artillery unless given explicit permission to do so. she is fine with resorting to her fists instead of grenades or gatling guns anyway. Whats the fun if they die so fast ey? <: )

If you mistake her for a man she will cave your face in

even though she really does look practically like a man i whisper

o- also her lusus is a Huge bulky werehyena 

she’s very slightly related to enheya

Senegal: Mobile Phone App Helps Diabetics During Ramadan

Senegal: Mobile Phone App Helps Diabetics During Ramadan

Photo: Government Comunication and Information System
Community members get tested diabetes (file photo).

Senegal has become the first Francophone country to pilot a mobile phone platform, called mRamadan, which helps people with diabetes safely manage their health while fasting. Diabetics who are testing the new app say it has been quite helpful.

Diabetics in Senegal can now receive – for the…

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