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A Morning With Taehyung

  • sound of his slow, steady breathing
  • his nose pressed against the back of your head, taking in your scent 
  • him hugging you from behind, slim fingers resting on your stomach underneath your shirt
  • you trying to wiggle out of his tight embrace, but he encases you tighter
  • let’s not forget that one leg draped over you, literally going to engulf you into his body not like he already engulfed your heart with that first ‘i love you’
  • after a few minutes of tireless struggling, you give up and flip yourself over to face him
  • his eyes flutter open to look back at you with his creamy brown orbs god they send your heart beating
  • you pout at him for not letting you get up
  • he chuckles and smiles that oh so famous box smile 
  • rubs your noses together and whispers a raspy good morning 

-Admin Babydoll

Title: Mine

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Saeran x You/MC/Reader

Trigger Warning- Implied Rape TW (Not in this part.)

Part: 1

a/n: This was pretty fun to write~ I hope you enjoy it too ^^ I hope to do more like this in the future with polls.

“That’s it!” You shouted in Saeran’s face, tears pushing at the back of your eyes. “I…I’m leaving! And I don’t care what you think!” You turned around quickly, making sure he didn’t see how much you wanted to cry. “Good! I don’t fucking want you here!” Saeran shouted back, his words sending daggers through your already broken heart. You grabbed your purse and ran to the door. You looked back for a second, your eyes already starting to well with tears. “I never liked your sad ass anyway.” You sniffed as you opened the door, the tears starting to drip down your cheeks. You slammed the door and ran to your car, wiping your eyes with your sleeve. “Just get the hell out before you want to go back.”  You told yourself as you turned the keys and started the ignition. Sometimes you think Saeran just starts arguments for no reason. But this was the last one. He slapped you. It’s a toxic relationship you should’ve ended a long time ago. Saeran watched as you drove away. “Heh. She’ll come back. She always does.” He said with a worried smile. But you didn’t come back. Not this time.

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BTS react to you reacting to ‘Not Today’ MV

Rapmonster :

Originally posted by theseoks

He got startled when you screamed upstairs. You were totally shocked and amazed by the aesthetic of the MV. Of course, you were proud of your boyfriend and his purple hair became your favorite colour that he made so far.

J-Hope :

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As always, you were impressed by Hoseok’s dance. No matter how you were looking at his part, it was perfect. You grinned as he came at your back, asking what you were doing. « Hoseok, you’re damn perfect in this ! » « Oh, you saw ? Thank you Jagi » he said, sending you hearts with his fingers.

Jungkook :

Originally posted by sugutie

It didn’t take long for you to sing along with your boyfriend’s part. You were jamming hard on this track, and saying you enjoying this made Jungkook laugh. « You should take my part on stage too Jagi » « No way » you said. « You’re too marvellous »

Suga :

Originally posted by nnochu

His rap part at the beginning killed you. You were looking at your perfect boyfriend, silently. « What ? You don’t like it ? » he asked. You turned to talk to him « This is fucking dope ! » you cried. « Great, if you like then… »

Jin :

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You were disappointed, not because of the MV, but because your boyfriend almost didn’t have part in this song. In order not to upset him, you said it was a super cool MV and that he did his best.

Jimin :

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Watching this in the morning while Jimin is in the bathroom, you looked at this MV in your bed. It was perfect, all Jimin’s part were flawless, even when he got shot. When he came back at your bedroom you acted like you were banging at him with a imaginary gun. He played and laughed. « I know someone who saw the MV » « Well, this is a master piece. I had high expectation after Blood Sweat & Tears »

V :

Originally posted by bwipsul

Holy shit. All the directing was so damn well done. Your boyfriend was expecting your reaction as you covered your mouth,  about to cry. « Wa…Was ?! Are you crying ? Jagiiiii » « Taehyung-aaaah, » You hit him with a cushion. « How can this be so perfect ?! » « Dunno, but why are you hitting me ? »

Got7 reaction when their girlfriends misses them when on tour

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

Omg I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long I have been up to my neck in coursework and just haven’t had time to myself and I really haven’t had motivation or inspiration to write anything so if you have sent in a request or are going to just know I will do them …. eventually but they will be done even if it kills me XD but thank you all for staying this long and hello to my new followers I love you <3

JB: *He’d smile at the texts you send him that say you miss him and his heart will slightly flutter as he knows that he’s still on your mind even if he is far away, he’d try to make you feel as happy as possible when he’s not there and just make you look forward to the day he comes home*

Yugyeom; *He’d feel so bad that you were upset over him not being there and would do his best to make you feel happy again whether it be a really long, sweet message, a funny selfie or a funny story of a prank he pulled or something that happened on tour, as long as it put a smile on your face he’d be happy*

Youngjae: *This little bean would be so sweet and would hate to see you sad over that fact that you missed him and so would send really sweet messages to help cheer you up and maybe a couple of photos of him and Coco just to add a little bit more fluff into your day*

Jinyoung: *When he had enough time he’d sit on his phone drafting out a really long paragraph to send to you telling you that you were his world, he hated sleeping in a bed that didn’t have you in it next to him and that you held his heart in your hands and that he was going to travel miles just to get back to you, however, if he didn’t have this time he’d most likely send you really cute pictures to help cheer you up*

Bambam: *Derpy selfies. He’d always brighten your mood with a derpy selfie when you tell him that you miss him, he’d also be quite sweet as another tactic to cheer you up but if worst comes to worst and none of his previous ideas helped he’d happily send you a video of him and Yugyeom pranking their hyungs*

Jackson: *Like Bambam he’d be the type to sense that you missed him and so would randomly send you silly pictures of himself and the other members telling you that he missed you too and he won’t be long until he’s back next to you*

Mark: *He’d do his best to face time you as much as possible just so you can see his face and not miss him as much, but when he doesn’t get the time to do so he would simply send you a sweet text telling you that you mean the world to him and that he’ll be home soon*


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On Tour Boyfriend AU | Jungkook

  • calls
  • so.many.calls
  • and FaceTimes!!
  • “Babe! Look where we are!”
  • “Jungkook…the camera is facing the ground”
  • “oH SORRY”
  • time difference is sUCH A BITCH
  • resorting to texting when the hyungs are being difficult
  • “Come on Jungkook we wanna see her too!”
  • “No we haven’t talked for two days it’s my turn”
  • “Hi guys!!
  • -call has ended-
  • “Babe!! I’m sending you a heart from Norway~”
  • “Ew Jungkook stop”
  • but it’s hard being apart every day
  • and he misses you so much
  • but he can’t exactly say those words out loud because he’s such a shy kid when it comes to terms of endearment
  • oh but he sure shows it
  • “I think I just spent $100 on a bottle of perfume”
  • “…I’ll give you five seconds to go and return it”
  • “But it smells like your apartment!”
  • your camera roll is full of screenshots of his face from your video calls
  • and of photos that he sent you
  • you barely have any photos that you’ve taken but that’s okay
  • he gets you little gifts here and there of places they visit
  • & you hate when he spends money on you
  • but you know it’s how he shows that he thinks of you
  • Even when he’s exhausted from a show he still sends you a little goodnight text
  • but you know he’s tired because you stayed up the whole night streaming the concert
  • and you have notifications on for every social media account there is
  • you saved every fancam in the world
  • and you might run a jungkook-biased blog oops
  • in between classes you remind him to eat and to sleep
  • and he just says ‘yes mom’
  • but what he doesn’t know is that the members alert you when they’re eating and resting
  • “We come home tomorrow. Back to you”
  • “Jungkook rest. You have a flight to catch in two hours”
  • and he smiles because he can feel you blushing on the line
  • they get back to the company and everything is dark and their manager turns on the light-
  • you leave the party early
  • excuse: Jungkook wanted to see if the perfume does smell like your apartment ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

this is my first ever au post oh gOD THIS IS A MESS  /cries 


EXO’s reaction to their GF having big cheeks (GIF reaction)

EXO reaction to you (their gf) having big cheeks like a certain baozi boy please?

(Okay, so I did as a gif reaction if that is okay with you? I just wouldn’t be able to write something adequately long otherwise. I hope you enjoy it)

None of these gifs are mine. Credits go to their rightful owners.

Luhan: He would stare at you in pure adoration, with a smile that would reach his eyes and make your heart explode. In his eyes you are the cutest thing in existance, and no matter how many times you complain about your cheeks he would list all the reasons he believes make them perfect.

Originally posted by parkchny

Kris: His trademark cold, distance appeal would disappear the moment he sees your adorable chubby cheeks raise with the curl of your smile, and he would try to keep his cool appearance while sending you a heart across the room.

Originally posted by incrediyeol

Tao: Tao would shower your cheeks with kisses, finding them completely irresistible, the more space, the more kisses he can get on your face right?

Originally posted by laygion

Xiumin: This cutie pie would be incredibly excited about this

“Look babe your cheeks are just like mine! We are meant to be!”

Originally posted by mminseok

Lay: Yixing would probably die of cutiness overload. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling like a fool whenever he saw you, kissing your face, and poking your cheeks.

“Ah, Baobei, you are too cute!”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Chen: (this gif probably speaks for itself) Chen would be so so happy! Every now and again he would tease you a little, asking if you and Xiumin are related somehow, but he would genuinely have to fight the urge to bite your cheeks whenever he saw you.

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Suho: Suho would find your cheeks so adorable, they’d be the first thing he noticed about you before he asked you out. He would tell you this later on in your relationship, and you would tease him about this often, making him get shy.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Baekhyun: “No no no Jagi, you cannot be cuter than me” He would comment with a laugh, after having pinched your cheeks, making them puff out in annoyance.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Chanyeol:*Constantly showers you with kisses because your cute puffy cheeks are too much for him to handle*

“You are going to wear your lips off” You will warn him with a laugh

“I can’t help myself princess, you are too beautiful for me to resist.”

Originally posted by wooyoung

DO: *pretend your face is between his hands*


*Proceeds to caress your face and pinch your cheeks for a good hour*

Originally posted by jongdeer


“I just don’t understand why you complain about them, they are soft and cute and overall beautiful… AGH YOUR CHEEKS I AM TALKING ABOUT YOUR CHEEKS!” *gets a little flustered and embarassed, making you laugh*

“I just love you a lot Y/N, and in my eyes you are perfect the way you are”

Originally posted by srrwl

Sehun: “Yes babe, you are very cute, but I am cuter, just look.”

Originally posted by dianary

When GOT7 starts liking you backstage at a concert

Gifs are not mine. Credit to all owners.

I changed it just a bit:) Instead of you both liking each other, I just did the boy liking you!

Jackson:  *skips the introductions and goes straight for the kiss* (you’re JB)

Jaebum: *gets your attention by working out his hot muscles right in front of you*

Jaebum: *sees you look over at him and immediately gets up and makes sure you get a good look at his abs*

Jinyoung: Y/N, is your mic belt on correctly? *proceeds to roughly check if your mic is in the right position like the sneaky raunchy boy he is*

Mark: *you are right next to him so he can’t give up the opportunity to hold your hand*

Bambam: *does what any hormonal teenage boy does: acts but doesn’t think* but i am not complaining

Youngjae: *doesn’t want to get too close to you, but sends his love and hearts from far away*

Yugyeom: *walks up to you and introduces himself* Hi, I’m Yugyeom.

Y/N: I know :)

Yugyeom: *gets super shy but suuuuuuper adorable*

Hope you enjoyed!! xx Thanks vtaekim for the suggestion:)

Ask me for scenarios and such :)


Alex will not listen to me. But you are sending your brother to his grave with a broken heart. If you love Alex, then I trust that that love is enough to stay your impulses with Mary.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell Jinyoung that I love him...*blushes* I know he won't accept my love, but I just wanted him to know. *sends him a kiss* it's okay if he ignores the kiss. *gives book* Tell him to read Esperanza Rising, it's a kids chapter book but it's good, I.. *runs away from shynnes*~Shy Shy girl

i told him and he smiled, barely looking up from his pillow to send you a heart hand.

“But his father didn’t come to him directly. Rather, he hovered beside Adrien, reaching up and closing the safe. Once that was done, they stood in silence for a few moments, Adrien unsure what he should do—move, speak. He could barely think.

And when his father finally did turn to look down at him, he had to ball his hands into fists to stop their slight trembling.

He couldn’t give up anything—couldn’t tell the truth. His ring felt heavy on his finger, the thought of being without it sending his heart into his throat all over again.

“You know…” Gabriel said after a moment. “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Ahhhhh ok so @skaylanphear has this amazing fic called Serendipitous Fate and you should go read it. Curse you amazing writers that make me have 6 WIPs of stuff from your fic!!! (Actually I love you but now I’m behind in catching up my fanart)

But We’re Friends || Chan || Pt. 3

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 //

Word Count: 2256

Genre: fluff, high school!au, childhood friends!au

Summary: Nothing was more cliché than falling in love with your childhood friend and Chan didn’t believe in that stuff. He didn’t like you like that. Even when your smile began to send his heart skipping and your words made him toss and turn at night he didn’t believe it. He couldn’t possibly like you. You guys were just friends!

You stared at your notebook, scribbling down senseless words and pretending like you were doing something. You sighed, placing your pencil down on your notebook and stared at the page. You looked up. Your teacher wasn’t even there. She had gone to the teacher’s lounge, leaving you to your own devices. All she said was that if you weren’t there when she came back to check on you before detention ended, you’d get in big trouble. You slumped further into your seat and eventually placed your head against the desk. You felt like crying.

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How They Would Approach A Shy Girl - Mini Scenario - BTS

Yoongi (Suga)
Yoongi seems like the guy who wouldn’t make the first move, but this time he couldn’t help himself.
He couldn’t take his eyes off you, you were gorgeous. Yoongi watched you flip through the book’s pages slowly, completely focused on the book.
He sat down at your table in the small, quiet cafe, snapping you out of your focused state. “Hi, I’m Yoongi and I think you are beautiful” he said sweetly, sending you his gummy smile making your heart flutter. “Hi, I’m Y/N” you said shyly, looking away to try to calm down a bit. “Would you want to have coffee some day?” he said confident. “Um, sure, when?” you said with a smile. You already felt comfortable in his presence, it would be fun to get him know him.

Originally posted by jinhyosang

Hoseok (J-Hope)
Hoseok watched you sitting at the hotel restaurant corner table on your phone listening to music. You looked so calm and so pretty, Hoseok was speechless when he first saw you.
He approached you slowly, not wanting to seem like a creep. He sat down at your table and you unplugged your earphones. “Hey, I’m Hoseok” he said with his beautiful smile. Your cheeks became hot and you heart pounded in your chest. “ H-hey, I’m Y/N, I’ve seen you somewhere, are you from BTS?” you said in a low voice, trying not to stutter. You knew he was from BTS but you didn’t want to seem like a crazy fan girl. “Yeah, you’re beautiful, would you want to get lunch today?” he said sweetly. “Sure, where should we go?” you said gaining your voice back. Your day just got so much better.

Originally posted by twinklestars06

Jimin saw you across the conference table, flipping through your notes, trying to find the right page. His eyes shifting back to your perfect face over and over again only to have to tell himself to stop.
After the meeting you walked out first, trying to not make eye contact with anyone. Jimin ran up to you and walked next to you through the hallway. “Hello, I’m Jimin, I thought your speech was amazing!” he said happily, trying to keep eye contact with you. You glanced away, “I’m Y/N.” you said trying to keep your voice steady. “I’m sorry if I’m being to straight forward but would you want to drink some coffee together today?” he said slowing down a bit makeing you automatically slow down aswell. “U-uh sure” you said looking him in the eyes then looking away again, you felt your cheeks getting hot. He smiled widely towards you, “ I’ll come see your office later then! See you later! He said excited then walked away. "Bye” you almost whispered, mostly to yourself.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Seokjin (Jin)
Jin saw you getting milk in the small shop, he had to involuntarily shift his eyes back to the meat he needed to buy. He saw how you looked at the back of every packet to see what it contained and he couldn’t help but to smile at how adorable you were.
He walked up to you and standing next to you. “Do you like cooking?” he asked a bit shyly, trying not to scare you. You looked at him, he was so beautiful, you were speechless. “Are you okay?” he said backing away a little, not sure if he scared you. “U-uh yeah, I’m okay. I do like cooking” you said sweetly trying not to stutter. “I’m Jin, I like cooking too” he said with a smile on his lips. “I’m Y/N.”.
The two of you walked around the store together, sharing tips and tricks, you heard old couples saying “ Look at that young couple, how cute”. Outside of the store Jin stopped and just looked at you. “Could I get your number?” he said shyly and his cheeks turned pink. “ Yeah, I can write it in your phone” you said somewhat confident now. He made you feel good about yourself without saying anything. Jin empowered you in a way you couldn’t have imagined. You talked and texted with each other day in and day out.

Originally posted by vubbletae

Jungkook saw you in the park, trying to play the guitar but you couldn’t find the right note. The beautiful girl playing the guitar but can’t find the right note? Could it get better?
Jungkook went up to you, being shy himself he didn’t know whether to sit down or not. He decided to sit down next to you. You looked up at his eyes, he shot his award winning smile, making your heart pound in your chest. “Hi I’m Jungkook, do you need some help? I can show you if  you want but you don’t have to say yes unless you want to but …” he went on and on, incredibly nervous. You giggled sweetly to yourself, he was so cute. “I’m Y/N, can you show me?” you said sweetly and handed him the guitar a bit nervous. His hands stopped shaking and grabbed the guitar, he played the right note after a few tries. You watched his fingers lightly tracing the guitar strings. He handed you the guitar and guided your hands to the right strings, his hands were soft but strong. “I could teach you more, if you want we could get coffee aswell!” Jungkook said excited. “Sure, I’d love to” you said with a smile. You have never been that excited for coffee before.

Originally posted by bangtan-juseyo

Taehyung (V)
Taehyung saw you drawing beside the lake, that kind of blue lake that is found on old drawings and paintings. He couldn’t believe how pretty you were, you hair flowing in the wind and your hands tracing over the sketches you just made. You fit in the scenery perfectly, like a perfect photo. He approached you humming a happy song. Taehyung sat down next to you, keeping some distance, trying to not scare you. “You fit in the scenery, like a pretty flower” he said with his rectangular smile, making your cheeks turn a bright pink. “U-u-mm, thank you I guess” you said looking away, feeling a bit awkward. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you, I’m Taehyung!” he said leaning back, giving you your space. “I’m Y/N, I like your smile” you said a bit more comfortable. His smile was back, even wider. “Your drawings are so pretty, just like you!” he said excited. “ Oh, thank you.” you smiled at him. You spent the whole day talking to Taehyung, when it was quiet you sketch him, trying to remember his face so you could draw him later too. What hadn’t noticed yet was that Taehyung had written his phone number in your sketchbook.

Originally posted by vmiin

Namjoon (Rapmonster)
Namjoon saw you look at the sea, listening to the waves and the seagulls. You looked so calm, like you were in sync with the nature, like you fit in where you were. He climbed up the big flat rock you were sitting on, he sat down next to you with legs dangling off the side. “You aren’t thinking of jumping are you” he said carefully. You were taken aback by his question and just looked at him, almost forgetting to answer. “No, no I’m not thinking of jumping off” you said looking at the sea in front of you, your heart pounding from the sudden human interaction. “ Glad you aren’t. I’m Namjoon, what’s your name?” he said with a smile. “Y/N. The sea is so calming don’t you think?” you said slowly. “Yeah, I come here often, to think.” he said looking at the sea. “Yeah, me too. What do you usually think of?” you said trying not to sound to eager to find out more about this handsome man. Namjoon was silent for a while, thinking of the right words to say. “Everything, the universe, my family and friends.” he said, still thinking as his voice trailed off. You two stayed on the rock till dawn, talking about everything you could think of. “Want to get coffee sometime?” “Yeah, here, tomorrow at five?” “Okay”.

Originally posted by y--oko

AAAAAh sorry this isn’t amazing, I don’t really know what it’s like to be shy.
Hope you like it anyways! Please request more <3


But We’re Friends || Chan || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 //

Word Count: 3384

Genre: fluff, high school!au, childhood friends!au

Summary: Nothing was more cliché than falling in love with your childhood friend and Chan didn’t believe in that stuff. He didn’t like you like that. Even when your smile began to send his heart skipping and your words made him toss and turn at night he didn’t believe it. He couldn’t possibly like you. You guys were just friends!

The subtle sunlight pushed through the curtains and danced on top of the covers. You were curled in on yourself as the brightness in your dim room attempted to stir you awake. You only shifted further though, burying yourself from the reality that you had to get up for school. Your alarm had rang, not once, but several times already and you still refused to get up. You knew that eventually your mom or dad or brother would come to wake you but now was not the time to think about that. Now was the time to get sleep. You were sleepy. You were tired. You wanted to stay home. Maybe, your half-asleep mind thought, you could pretend that you were sick and stay in bed all day. What a great day that would be—not having to go to school on a school day.

But then you heard the tapping on your bedroom window.

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anonymous asked:

💧💧 Haru

Send me a 💧and a character and I’ll draw them crying

With bonus Makoto? They haven’t seen each other in a while :’D

Thank you very much for sending one in!!

EXO Reaction finding you on tumblr and realizing they are your crush

Wouldn’t it be amazing?! >///> Imagine they are among you and I’m just here writing about Luhan xD JK JK  I love you guys! Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Oh girl I’m going to get you!” *Starts spamming your blog*

Kris: “I’m here my future love, don’t let me go” *He doesn’t even messages because he is shy inside*

Sehun: *Manages to send you a video message and makes your heart melt* ”Hi…”

Tao: *Stares at the screen for hours feeling terrible because he can’t bring himself to write you a single world.* “I want her to be here… why are you so far away?”

Kai: *He writes to you as a fan but you don’t know it’s him. He proposes to meet you to chat because now you are “friends” but he actually prepares the best date of your life*

Xiumin: *The boys know about it and go and announce it on public so you’ll know he is waiting for you*

Baekhyun: “Oh! I knew it! She likes me!”

Luhan: *Thinks about the many different ways to talk to you, read your blog to find some clues of how you want to meet him but he gets nothing* “this girl is hard… hmm”

Chen: *He knew it already, so he takes disguises and appears at your front door claiming he is the “Funny guy” you like*

Kyungsoo: *He is depressed because he thinks it’s not him but Chanyeol* “Again? Really…?”

Lay *Kisses the screen* “I love you too”

Suho: *Buys tumblr, get’s your adress and travels to find you* “I won’t let you go!”