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wait, so are you guys antis? or is it just a matter of not wanting discourse on this blog? I mean I understand if it's the second answer, but also I feel as if that excludes fans, do you see what I mean?

Ok, so I knew we’d get this ask sooner or later, the other mods are not as into the voltron fandom as I am meaning they are healthy and they have other interests lmao, but I, myself, am an anti and I see Shiro as 25 and the other paladins as 16-17 and Pidge as 14. But I don’t want to get into some huge argument about this because that’s not what the blog is for, it’s for posting funny quotes about the paladins and I see that it’s best to try to stay out of all the discourse as much as we can since there’s already a lot of toxic shit in this fandom. So, yeah it’s kinda for both reasons? I don’t want to get too deep into this

TL;DR: Let’s just keep this as platonic and safe as we can because I’m not in the mood to get into any fights on this blog, feel free to argue with me somewhere else

- Mod Keith

Thank you!!!

This has happened! Thank you so much for being here and supporting my writing and/or sharing my love for Haikyuu!! I loved taking drabble prompts when this blog hit 500 followers, but since I’m really trying to focus on my works in progress right now so I can FINISH them and share them with you, I thought I’d do something a little simpler this time! 

Send me a ship and a number (you can choose more than one number if you’d like), and I’ll ramble about these boys for you! 

My preferred pairings are DaiSuga, AsaNoya, IwaOi, KuroDai, and KuroKen…but I’m open to different combinations of these characters (AsaSuga or AsaDai? OiKuroo? Bring it). So go ahead and ask me who…

  1. Made the first move
  2. Hogs the blankets
  3. Gets up first in the morning
  4. Makes sure the other eats breakfast
  5. Cries at movies
  6. Suggests new things in bed
  7. Takes care of the other when they’re sick
  8. Gets jealous easiest
  9. Insists on couples costumes
  10. Kills/deals with bugs
  11. Gets more excited about holidays
  12. Is the most competitive while playing games
  13. Does the grocery shopping
  14. Sings louder in the car
  15. Laughs when the other trips
  16. Suggests they get a pet
  17. Brings up having kids first
  18. Is the lighter sleeper
  19. Is the bigger cuddler
  20. Is the biggest sap

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Other then All Might and Izuku's mom, Shouto is the only one who can get Izuku to stay in bed when sick.

“Here.” A bowl of warm soup was shoved into his face, “Eat it.”

Izuku’s face contorted into a frown and pushed the menacing object away from his face. Shouto persisted, constantly taunting the bowl on the bedridden boy’s cheek. The heat from the soup cleared the mucus in his nostrils, the delicious smell alerting his mind to eat. Izuku parted his lips.

“Feed me.” He said. Shouto’s face was as flat as a board.

“No.” A spoon was pressed into his hand, “You can do it by yourself.“ 

Izuku merely swayed his head from side to side and whined, "Don’t wanna. You brought it to me. Feed me." 

An eyelid twitched or two and a jaw was set firm.  Shouto bit out a growl through his teeth and forcefully took the spoon away from the limp hand. He scooped some soup and precariously held it by the lips. Izuzku slowly sipped it off and a satisfied hum came after. 

The situation droned on for minutes as Shouto silently eyed Izuku. Even with messy verdant hair and a runny nose, he still is adorable. He could faint just at the sight of him.

By the time Shouto set the empty bowl on the side table, Izuku was already snoring his ass off. On impulse, he brought a hand by his forehead and played with his hair. Shouto bent forward and pressed a light kiss on the freckled skin. He slowly stood up and, as he closed the door, whispered.

"Sweet dreams, Izuku.”

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That’s very sweet of you all! 

I don’t usually send these back as I know others tend to not be a fan of the whole “chain-mail” thing, but everyone should know how much I love them dearly~ 

💗💕 💗💕 💗💕 💗💕 So here’s some hearts for everyone!  💗💕 💗💕 💗💕 💗💕

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Thank you again! <3

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) get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours, get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds ask) Sabo, Luffy, and Nami !!

get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester: nami, of course.  she knows her science.  i would totally just ride off of her knowledge.  plus she’s just a nice, p chill person and i think she’d be fun to be with.

get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours: sabo.  i feel like he’d be really good with dealing with it and have the best stories to pass the time.  i could be like “hey, so, your brothers….tell me about them” and be lulled into calmness by listening to him talk about ace and luffy for the entire ten hours.

get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds: luffy, bc then if i do anything badly i can be like “it’s because luffy trained me” and everyone will be like “ahhh i understand”

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yoo 36 for the writing prompt thing, tsukkiyama?

Thank you for sending one! I hope you enjoy!


“I’m so in love with you.”

Kei realizes something important on a Tuesday night. He realizes it in the quiet of his room, as he sits at his desk, staring into space, headphones blaring a rhythmic tune.

His thoughts are swimming, churning, mixing. The only sense of his reality are his fingers curling on his arm, fiddling with the sleeve of his sweater.

His heart accelerates, and he takes off his headphones. 

It’s that… that stupid smile. The smudge of cake frosting, worn on a pink lip. Kei was careless, had reached forward to flick it off. His insides curdled.

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I'm so excited for the next time you write baby Lexington (not baby baby but little Lexi) because I really cannot wait to see where you take her developing relationship with Lena and omg I'm so excited you're amazing

Originally posted by novak-fan

Lena has just been so sad and mistreated lately (her whole life, really, but who’s counting?) Just look at that face. She deserves all the love. And she just tries so hard. And she’s just the best mom (Kara is a close second). I feel like she’s seen as such a tough as nails bad ass (and she is, totally);  but she’s also super soft and loving and I think Kara brings that out in her but even more so Lexi because she wants to be the mother that she never had. And so while she’s very tough and has a hard shell, Lexi only knows her as the mom that makes her hot chocolate when she’s sad and read Lexi all of Tolkien, and never rejects a phone call from her daughter, even when she’s in the middle of board meeting. - I have a lot of feelings about Mama Lena!!!

I just reached 200 Followers 🎉🎉🎉

I’m gonna try to do something for this milestone, like maybe a drawing of something. Send me suggestions if you have any please!

Whether I draw your idea or not is dependent on whether I actually have the ability to make it look good, so don’t feel bad if I don’t do your idea specifically! I just really wanna give something back for all your support ❤️

Thank you all so much for following! I really appreciate it ^-^

I’ve reached 100 followers! 🎉

To thank you all for following me, I’m accepting gif requests ❤💛💙

Pumpkin apologies!

Hi everyone! I’m dropping by to apologize for my absence of late.

The thing is, I temporarily moved to Japan to take an intensive trainee course in Intelectual Property Law. So life it’s been a bit of a mess for the past three weeks. I’m really trying to focus on my academic life and tumblr is really time consuming and distracting. So I’m not really following much of what have been happening - I even skipped a couple of days of MidC reading and haven’t been arting for more than a few weeks. So if you really want me to see something, please send me an ask or a PM.

Thank you very much for your attention and have a nice day!

Out Of Context Critical Role Sentence Starters

“Seventeen! Puke on those fucking guards!“ 

 "I would like to buy your hair for a hundred gold pieces." 

 "You can’t walk off in the middle of hide-and-seek again! I’ve been in a barrel for an hour, I fell asleep in there!" 

 "I am a little evil magnet." 

 "Do you want to do a reach-around and see if you get a handful of wooden boob?" 

 "I show him my ass and I leave." 

 "I once saw him kill a man with his taint." 

 "I covered my hand in ink and, yeah…" 

 "My name is Burt Reynolds and that offends me." 

 "Your hands are just covered in piss now." 

 "I bury my shame." 

 "Don’t worry, I still have my lips." 

 "You realize that I was born to shove things in holes…" 

 "Vomit on those bitches." 

 "I’m the most wicked narwhal of all time!" 

 "Some people have no sense of FUCKING HONOR." 

 "You’ll leave when Burt Reynolds tells you to leave." 

 "Remember that time you killed a kid?" 

 "Turn around 180 degrees then run as fast as you can." 

 "I’m just sitting in the corner going HAHAHAHAHAA!" 

"The butt flap is down." 

 "It’s not sexual at all, I’m not attracted to you! Like literally if it happened I would be ill." 

 "Alright, I’ll whip it out again." 

 "Hey, _____. How much XP would _____ get for drowning an entire cargo hold of slave children?" 

 "What’s the term for when your penis is inverted?" 

 "Roses are red, violets are blue. We’re both gnomes and you are sooooo foxy.”

 "He smells of sandalwood. And dismissiveness.“ 

 "And my thoughts are still fuck you, no way, bye-bye." 

 "You’re right! He is no hollaback gnome." 

 "We don’t do anything with dignity!”

 ”_____’s lifeless corpse has a pool of urine around it.“ 

 "Nobody sweating more than is…you know necessary when being threatened by a big fuck-off dragon.“ 

 "Hit him in the arse!" 

 "Most of what I do is long and hard." 

 "I just got one of those terrible ideas I get on occasion." 

 "I died as I lived. Hard." 

 "I’m gonna dominate the guy in front." 


 "Fancy fancy mustache that you cannot wipe off your face!" 

 "Hey, look! I found a hole!" 

 "Oh! I got hit with his dick!" 

 "I’ll just punch him in his dragon face." 

 "I’m going to stand over here and fail to stay in character." 

 "Nothing can go wrong. This is a great idea!" 

 "He was trying to corrupt my soul or whatever…but good luck with that." 

 "You were like a dick in a box." 

 "This probably isn’t a good idea but…whatever." 

 "Will you come check this hatch for boobies?”