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All’s a bit quiet on the case front this evening so we’re going to watch more Bond. We watched Casino Royale last night and I think Sherlock’s got the hots for Daniel Craig so we’ll continue with Quantum of Solace tonight. He’s been decidedly rubbish at guessing what’s going to happen so far so we’ll see how this one goes.

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13 pls 💕

“The way I feel when I’m with you”

Keith’s not good with words.

He pulls Shiro along the empty corridor, out the exit and into the night air, toward his red hoverbike waiting in the dark. Shiro tries to ask where they’re going but Keith hands him a helmet instead, starts the engine, and waits. As soon as Shiro is behind him with his arms secure around Keith’s waist, they’re off the ground, a cloud of dust trailing behind them.

Keith rides out into the open desert, under the vast, starry sky. Shiro doesn’t see a path but it feels like Keith knows where to go. It’s exhilarating out here, the rumble of the engine beneath them, the rush of wind whipping around them, the scattering of rocks and sand rising up behind them. But it’s comforting too, the solid warmth of Keith in his arms, and the familiar smell of the desert night.

Keith shouts something Shiro can’t quite catch, but looks ahead of them just in time to see the sharp drop of a sheer cliff. Shiro doesn’t even have time to yell; they’re going too fast, Keith’s not stopping, only going faster, so Shiro holds on tight and puts his trust in Keith.

They fly off the edge at full speed, engine roaring, and for a single moment it’s just Keith and Shiro with nothing above them, nothing below, nothing at all to stop them; they’re untouchable.

Shiro feels like his heart is about to burst, feels the exact moment gravity pulls them back down, the way his stomach clenches and his toes curl as they hurdle back towards the ground. Keith slams the throttle, twists the clutch just right, and the hoverbike lands on the other side of the canyon in a plume of sand and dust.

“That was insane!” Shiro pulls off his helmet, laughing, and hands shaking from the adrenaline.

Keith turns around in his seat, tosses his helmet aside and kisses Shiro right there, with the stars bright above their heads and the dust still settling around them. Shiro kisses him right back, his hands slowly finding their way to Keith’s face, holding him softly until Keith pulls back enough to look him in the eyes.

“You asked me, the other day, how I felt about you.”

Shiro remembers, had been patient when Keith didn’t have an answer then.

“I didn’t know what to say,” Keith whispers, voice quiet. He takes Shiro’s hand, presses it against his heart so Shiro can feel his heartbeat, wild and fast. “But this is the way I feel when I’m with you.”

And Shiro thinks it feels unstoppable, like flying full speed through the air, but also knowing the ground is solid and safe when you land.

Keith’s not good with words, but Shiro understands him all the same.

“Me too.”

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omg i just deleted it cause i thought nobody would do it ahh okay so

@cloverlester because key is actually so great and nice and has an awesome sense of humor and also memes

@fireflies-in-the-sky because anna is the sweetest person alive and deserves more followers and also shes really pretty and can play the ukulele

lastly imma say @princessdan because mo is an actual angel deserves a lot of recognition

(send me a “&” and ill give you three [3] blog recommendations!)

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I just want to say that I LOVE your Dishonored edits so much. It's so good to finally have some HD pics of Emily's beautiful in-game model up close because for a while it seemed like it was really hard to find good refs of her as she appeared during gameplay save for certain brief cutscenes at the beginning and end of the game. Also, they're simply stunning.

thank you so much ❤ 

I’m very happy to see people like these shots, because, honestly, making them is tons of fun. Catching all the details on Emily’s face and outfit, the way her doppelganger stabs the enemies from the back, tries the edge of her sword - it’s addictive to look at. 

There was obviously so much love and effort and respect put into her appearence, from the little moles on her cheekbone to her cufflinks and her sparrow brooch, I like looking at it in full detail. So, there’s definitely more coming, I literally can’t get enough of her.

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me and my friends were convinced we had a food ghost in our apartment, we would hear someone in the kitchen making noise when no one else was home, and we were constantly finding food that we were sure none of us had bought because it was things we would never have even thought of buying in a million years

that’s really funny !! omg

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QUESTION FOR YOU: did the priestess ever have a moment under Falon'Din's care where she doubted him or wished for another life?

tfw people send you questions and you get emotional ( accepting )

It’s complicated™
Sit down for the story of my people because I am about to resume most of my headcanons and drabbles :’)

Here’s the thing, the priestess before she joined the temple and became who she is today, mostly in her childhood and adolescent she was very active when demonstrating her discontent towards the Evanuris. She married in her early adulthood ( barely out of her teen years in elvhen terms in a way ) and it was outside of any temple. It would basically be like ‘marrying’ in the Victorian era but without the church’s permission or blessing in a way ( basically, it would not count in the eyes of society ). From there one could ask how could anyone go from that to submitting? 

I am going to be very brief because despite wanting to write about it, it would ultimately be far too long :’) so: Elgara’s childhood was shit, she ran away from home to prevent being given to a temple, she mostly survived off jobs where she could get by ( most of them involving violence, murder and torture ), using ( and abusing ) blood magic has had a very deep physical and psychological consequences on her. From infertility, to miscarriages, to making her PTSD be far worse than what it would usually be without it, to paranoia, the list goes on. By her early adulthood, Elgara understood that sleeping just by itself was destroying her most precious beings ( her husband, her small life ) because she could not control herself when it came to facing her very vivid nightmares ( something that she learnt to do eventually in the temple ).

Keep in mind, until her early adulthood she didn’t have formal education and that means that a lot of techniques that could have helped her? She didn’t have access to them. That was when Falon’din entered her life through her dreams, showing her that there was a way to aid her, to prevent her from harming those that she loved. So she left. She knew that her husband ( Himsulem ) would disagree with it so she left without a word towards the closest temple that she could find.

She was not intending on staying long, only enough to learn. Until she finally understood ( or was brainwashed into thinking ) that she had been wrong all her life. The temple provided education, protection, a roof over one’s head when she didn’t have any of that growing up, all of her pain? It had been for naught, simply because she had been stubborn and foolish and refused to listen. So that’s when she decided to go back simply to try and convince him to return which didn’t go well

Long story short? No, not quite. The priestess even tricked and delivered Himsulem ( when he did join the war, in Mythal’s army ) to Dirthamen’s priests when she was asked because she knew that this as a test. There is no question that she could not have another life, not with the choices that she made in her younger years.

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I'm a 15 year old bi girl and come from a very Christian home. I'm a Christian myself, but believe that liking the same gender is just fine but my parents don't really agree with me. Last year, they found out about my kind of girlfriend at the time, and took it so badly that they had me homeschooled. I just wanted everyone whose parents love and accept them to know how lucky they are <3 We might be the most progressive generation, but we still have a long way to go

Fanon Lotor be like

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jungkook shouting “JIMINAH” then and now live on national tv