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Happy Birthday Carrie Fisher!

thank you for sharing you and your beloved space pup’s lives with us .. we miss you to the moon and back…

#GaryFisher thank you for being all of our emotional support dog, buddy, we miss your mom every single starry night <3

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u ever think about klance getting together and keith being shy at first but then slowly starting to initiate contact and like they’ll be walking together and keith will just stop and grab the front of lances shirt and pull him close and kiss him hard and lance will just laugh

lance laughs and then kisses him again while smiling and blushing like an idiot

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my heart goes bum bum bum by flatsound for the song/art challenge!

i can’t stand that you’re talking when you shouldn’t be living
i didn’t dodge all your bullets i just denied that they hit me

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I struggle with focusing and procrastinating. Idk what to do!! I also want to get a job to help my family but school and my crappy time management has given me no time to do so.

I procrastinate a lot too. I think the trick is to be strict with yourself and plan everything. Follow a specific schedule, (like 1pm-2pm: read and take notes on page 10-20 of the textbook) write to-do lists and prioritise them with small breaks between for social media/other activities. Like maybe study 40 minutes then have a 20 minute break. Time management/self motivation is hard but you need to practice to become good at it. When you first study every fibre of your body would want to procrastinate as a form of relief, since studying is stressful. But the more you study, the more you’ll understand, the more enjoyable it will become. Also, the hardest part is starting. So just start: tell yourself “ok I try to do 5 minutes” and then dive into it, even if you don’t feel ready, bc you will never feel ready. Ignore your feelings and just do it. It will become easier. As for your job, I know friends who have a job yet have the best grades. It’s definitely possible for you to be like that too, so believe in yourself and make time management a goal. It’s a valuable skill and will make your life a million times easier and more enjoyable bc you can study, have a job yet still have time for hobbies and relaxing!! I hope this helps 🌷🍓🌸

Reached 200!

Thank you new and old followers for liking my toontown art! I plan on making more comics about my characters in the future to flesh out their backstories.

Anyway I’m taking requests! :) (full body + shading) so please reblog this with a ref of your toon OR cog, one character per person please! I’ll only be accepting requests today through Wednesday. Also since today is selfie sunday i think i will do that face reveal :0

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I just want to clarify that the woman in both sets of photos of the Kyo stalking are 2 different women. The woman in the 3 photos with Kyo in the hoodie is a close friend of his, and the other woman in the photo of Kyo with pink hair is a fan. I'm personal friends with the band, so I'm sorry I cannot provide any proof.

“I just want to provide clarification, as an anonymous person, without any proof,”

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Hello! I was wondering if you could remind people to vote for seventeen at the Asian artist awards and the Europe music awards, it's just that with all this MAMA frenzy it seems carats have completely forgotten about it and the latter one is right around the corner!

Ah yes ofc! I’ll make a friendly reminder for Carats and thank you for also reminding me since you’re definitely right about this whole MAMA frenzy! It seems like we get too caught up in MAMA that we might have forgotten about the other awards svt have been nominated for

Carats Please Also Don’t Forget to Vote for Seventeen for the MTVEMAs and AAA If You Can! Thank You!

And as always if you can’t vote please don’t feel pressured! Helping to stream or boosting this post helps a lot! So thank you for whatever you can contribute too

No need to sign up for this one just vote for Seventeen


You’ll need the app and I’ve included a thread on twitter on how to vote for them if you need help!

.·•( I didn’t hit any sort of milestone. I haven’t even hit my first 100 followers. Nothing big has happened for me to make this post. I simply couldn’t stop myself from showing appreciation to all of those who have shown me nothing but support and have been wonderful. Each one listed here has been so great to me in some way. I had to say something. )•·.

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.·•( Even if we haven’t rped yet, I appreciate you. I appreciate all of you even the ones not on the list. I am eternally grateful for all the kind words and support that have been given to me. It’s really amazing, the boost I need to keep going. I feel so lucky to have met so many great and kind people.  )•·.

Main vocals in good terms, just missing each other ~ 

 (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃(=ノωヽ=) ❤ (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)

cr:  애환(〃ノωノ)♡ (171021 VNL)

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Hi I've seen your stuff and i think you're super cool,, anyway I personally think that if Jyrus isn't becoming canon, then Jandi isn't either. Jandi is too predictable and this show is literally known for its plot twists..

Aw thanks!!  And unfortunately despite Asher’s “it’s complicated” interview we kinda got confirmation from Peyton that Jandi will be canon.  And like I said in an earlier ask that’s fine because it’s been set up that way since the beginning of the show.  Jandi can happen but that definitely doesn’t mean they’ll stay together and doesn’t mean Jyrus won’t happen.  

Personally I think while Jandi are “dating” or whatever Jyrus will still be spending time together and maybe Cyrus will start to chill more around Jonah (we saw in the skateboard clip that he looks a lot less nervous around Jonah than he did in season 1) and Jonah could be the one to start acting nervous around Cyrus and potentially realizing that maybe he likes him but doesn’t want to hurt Andi’s feelings.  (Asher did say there would be some hurt feelings in season 2) 

I feel you though. Most of the Andi Mack fam on Tumblr know how predictable Jandi is and we have to keep reminding ourselves that as progressive as Andi Mack is in so many ways (the fact that we have a show with an Asian lead and a gay character is a big deal) we are still watching a Disney Channel show and they still might not be as willing to take risks despite the show’s success and Jyrus would be a HUGE leap for the network.  Terri Minsky has definitely laid the groundwork for Jyrus and I guess we’ll see if Disney has the courage to go there or not.    

3K!!! WHAT!!!

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I seriously CANNOT believe it guys. Like I’m just speechless… Three THOUSAND of you is absolutely unbelievable.

Thank you

To celebrate, send me GIFs and Headcanons!!

This will help my creative slump, sort of open requests AND celebrate this insane milestone!

Thank you

I love you guys so much. You all are what keeps me posting. All your wonderful reblogs and comments and asks light up my days and inspire me to keep going.

Thank you

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