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Yo guys. Remember TinyBoxBri? the one doing the Messages for Mark and Messages for Jack books?

She’s in a really bad spot with her anxiety right now having just finished up a group project presentation that was stressing her out for WEEKS.

 Please join me in sending her some love to help her calm down, I would really love you forever and ever. 

PLEASE. I don;’t ask you to do this all that often, but she’s a dear friend of mine and she needs support right now. 

Zoe’s Top Ten for Author Appreciation Week

Hey Guys! This is Zoe (greensarrow) and this is my Top Ten for Author Appreciation Week. If you like any of these stories, be sure to kudos and comment the stories and send the authors some love. 

Also check out Holly’s one if you havent. 

1. Sportsmanlike Conduct by mogirl97

College AU, where Felicity goes to a hockey game and sees Oliver play. Rated M. 

Why I love this fic:  For me, this is one of the few stories which I fell in love with at first chapter. The writing is amazing, the storyline is fantastic. This is also one of the few stories that I’ve read which has included some of the characters/couples in The Flash. Honestly guys, have a read at it. It’s currently a work in progress but is regularly updated weekly.

2.  It Runs in the Family by dettiot

Felicity is Tony Stark’s and Pepper Pott’s daughter. Rated T.

Why I love this fic: It’s got Iron Man in it.  For someone who loves both Marvel and DC heroes, this fic is a must-read. I thoroughly enjoyed it feed my AU idea of Felicity being a Stark. This is also a Work in Progress. 

3. I Don’t Need No Cure by edanyeros

The one where Oliver is a Paramedic. Rated E.

Why I love this fic: Oliver in a Paramedic suit. A-ok. Sign me up. Guys, read it. You’ll love it. This is Completed, so once you finished it, you can re-read it again and again :)

4. Sunshine and Rain (Make A Beautiful Thing)  by ciara2531

Felicity and Oliver meet at QC in her office, except instead of Oliver needing help. It’s two mini-olivers that need her help. Rated M.

Why I love this fic: This was the first fanfic I ever read in the Olicity fandom and it will always be one that I will love and re-read for the rest of my existence. Honestly this is the cutest fic I’ve ever read and we get to see Papa Oliver and Mama Felicity. This is also completed. 

5. Felicity and her boys by CSM

Future Fic, where Felicity wakes up to find Oliver and their son playing on the floor. Rated G. 

Why I love this fic: It’s the most cutest fic I’ve ever read. Ever. You just want to read this fic 10000 times. Completed 

6. Rock the Cradle by sidhe_faerie

Felicity and Oliver finds out about Oliver’s son Connor and meet him. Rated T. 

Why I love this fic: Another kid fic that is adorable, from Olicity to Connor himself. This one also features a bit of the characters from The Flash. Completed. 

7.  Strange Magic by punkangelsdream

Oliver gets turned to a kid. Then Felicity gets turned to a kid. 

Why I love this fic: What’s better than an adult Felicity taking care of an adult Felicity? An adult Felicity taking care of a tiny Oliver. And what’s better that an adult Oliver taking care of an adult Felicity? An adult Oliver taking care of a little Felicity. Honestly this fic is just amazing. A chapter series. 

8. Get Fit (It’ll be Fun, they Said) by weonlyliveonce

Felicity joins a gym. Not Rated

Why I love this fic: This fic is hilarious and I just love it. Completed.

9. I Found Love (Where It Wasn’t Supposed To Be) by seetheskyaboveus

Olicity meet on the Island. Rated E. 

Why I love this fic: This is one of the best written fics i’ve read in my entire life. It made me laugh, it made me cry. This fic is not for the fainthearted. It’s Island AU fic that I wish wasn’t AU. If you’ve always wanted to know what it’d be like if Oliver met Felicity on the island instead, this fic is THE ONE. It’s a work in progress.   

10. My Friends Won’t Love Me Like You Do by RocketRem (smoakingbillionaires) & everythingilove (amellthirst)

College AU where Olicity are friends with benefits. Rated E.

Why I love this fic: This fic is literal fire. I swear I’m not being bias or anything just because both the writers are friends of mine. From start to finish, this fic is just amazing. Perfectly written. Plus baseball is my weakness. And Oliver playing baseball, well thats my own brand of kryptonite I guess. Work in Progress. 

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