sending her boys off once more

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Trini has to cancel a date to watch her brothers and Kim comes over to babysit too and they are Domestic to the max

A/N: I tried to not make it too long! But seriously…my Trimberly feels are real.

“Mom, please.”

“I’m sorry, Trinity.” Marie sighs, and Trini rolls her eyes at her full name. “Your father and I rarely get a night to ourselves, and the boys are too young to stay home by themselves.”

“I made these plans with Kim two weeks ago!” Trini exclaims as she throws her arms up in annoyance.

Marie glances at her daughter and arches an eyebrow, “I’m sure you can reschedule your outing with your…friend.”

Trini flinches at how easily her mother dodges calling Kimberly her girlfriend; Trini has been out to her parents for four months, and her mother still hasn’t accepted it. With a hard sigh, Trini watches her mother and wonders how they grew so far apart; she used to cry when her mother so much as went to the grocery store, and now they’re a million miles apart.

“You’re unbelievable.” Trini mumbles.

She doesn’t stick around to hear what her mom has to say, she isn’t in the mood for another lecture. Instead she sulks off to her room and grabs her phone to cancel her date with Kimberly. Of course she’s bummed they’ll be missing out on their movie, but her little brothers are a huge part of her heart and an evening with them doesn’t sound half bad.

“Trini, mami says you’re staying home and playing with us!” Alec exclaims as he races into his sister’s room. “Will you play superheroes with us? I’ll let you borrow my cape and mask!”

Trini smiles and moves to ruffle her brother’s soft hair, “Superheroes sounds like a great idea. Go grab Mateo and your cape.”

Alec leaves with a whoop and Trini laughs; maybe a night with them is worth missing out on date night.


“Blast off!”

Trini laughs as she watches her six-year-old brother rush through the living room with a cape on his shoulders and messy curls piled on his head. With a loud yell, Mateo crosses the room only to stumble over his footing and land with a hard thud that brought a belly laugh from his twin who bounced on the couch cushions.

“Man down! I repeat, we have a man down! Captain Trini to the rescue!” Trini exclaims as she moves to scoop her little brother into her arms. “Are you okay, bud? You fell pretty hard.”

“S’okay. Not a single ouchie.” Mateo shrugs as he turns his head to press a wet kiss to his sister’s cheek.

The sound of the doorbell causes Trini to frown as she sets Mateo back on his feet and watches him as he moves to throw himself over the couch arm. With a shake of her head, Trini leaves the comfort of the living room and hurries to pull the front door open. All at once, her eyes go wide before she quickly slams the door.


“What are you doing here?” Trini demands as she presses her back to the door. “Did you get my text?”

A soft laugh sounds from the opposite side of the door, “I did. I thought I could come over and help with the boys. We haven’t really had a chance to hang out lately, and I miss you.”

Trini fights her smile as she reaches up to pull off her mask before she turns to open the door once more. Kimberly flashes her a smile that sends a flutter of butterflies through her before she steps into the house and drops a quick kiss to her girlfriend’s messy dark locks. Trini sighs softly as she watches Kimberly strip from her jacket; she constantly wonders how someone like her ended up with someone as good as Kimberly Hart.

“You took off your mask,” Kimberly notes as she steps into Trini’s space. “I’ve gotta say, you make a pretty sexy superhero. I’m really liking the cape.”

“Oh?” Trini smirks as she arches her head while watching as Kimberly’s gaze drops to her lips. “Is it doing something for you, Hart?”

“Oh, totally.”


Kimberly jumps away from Trini in time to brace herself for the two balls of energy that collide with her legs. A smile crosses her lips as she crouches down and opens her arms to the twins who eagerly pile onto her. Trini stands there with a heart so warm she’s almost afraid it’ll burn a hole straight through her chest; Kimberly was so good with the boys.

“Kimmy, did you come to play?” Mateo asks with a curious expression as he pulls away from her neck. “Are you gonna come help me with my puzzle?”

Alec huffs as he curls into Kimberly, “No! She’s gonna help me with my puzzle.”

“How about I help both of you?”

Both boys give a cheer as they latch onto Kimberly and begin to pull her down the hallway to their room. Trini follows behind with a small smile and she peeks into the room to watch as the boys pull out their dinosaur puzzles that Kimberly always seems to get stuck building whenever she comes over. But she never complains, she just does as the boys ask and she does it with a smile on her face.

“Are you going to come help?” Kimberly teases as she looks over her shoulder at her girlfriend.

Trini tilts her head slowly, “I was actually going to go make dinner for you nerds. Mac and cheese sound okay?”

“Nerds?” Kimberly repeats as she lifts her eyebrows and turns to the boys. “Did you guys hear what your sister called us? She called us nerds.”

Mateo drops his jaw in shock, “She did?”

“She did.” Kimberly nods with wide eyes.

“Tickle time?” Alec asks in a soft voice.

“What? No. No, it is not tickle time.” Trini frowns as she backs away hesitantly. “I was only joking so you three stay exactly where you are, got it?”

“Tickle time!” Kimberly yells.

Trini squeals loudly as her little brothers clamber to their feet and run towards her with their hands out. With a burst of speed, Trini hurries through the house only to trip over one of Mateo’s toys and hit the ground with a groan. Without missing a beat, bodies pile on her and Trini goes breathless as fingers dig into her sides while Kimberly pins her legs to the floor and the boys work at her stomach.

“No! No more!” Trini pleads.

“More!” Alec and Mateo yell.

She isn’t sure how long she squirms, but by the time they relent she is breathless and her stomach hurts. Trini lays there and tries to catch up to reality while the boys and Kimberly trade high fives. With a glare, Trini looks to her little brothers and sees a familiar glint appear in their dork orbs.

“Hey, no family telepathy!” Kimberly whines before she notices them scoot closer. “Wait. No. Don’t do anything you three are going to regret…”

Trini smirks and launches forward, “Get her!”


“Five points if I make it in, right?”

Trini nods and Kimberly sucks in a breath as she narrows her eyes and flicks her wrist; the entire room erupts in cheers when the grape lands perfectly in Trini’s mouth. Mateo claps happily while Alec nods and shovels a spoonful of macaroni and cheese into his mouth. With a dramatic bow, Kimberly leans over to steal a kiss from her girlfriend before they go back to cleaning up the kitchen.

“Tree, how come you and Kimmy kiss?”

Trini stiffens at Alec’s innocent question and she glances to Kimberly with a frantic expression. After she came out to her parents, she was given strict orders to keep it all away from her brothers. With a nervous swallow, Trini turns to face the boys and her heart aches as she looks at the pure innocence in their gazes.

“Because…” Trini trails off before she sucks in a calming breath. “Because I like her. A lot. And when I kiss her, it’s just my way of showing her how much I like her.”

She waits, she expects another question. She expects them to tell her it’s gross, that it’s wrong. They’re so young, and Trini knows they don’t really understand but she’s scared of what her parents will do to her if they find out she told Alec and Mateo about her relationship.



Trini blinks in awe, “Oh?”

“I give you, mami, and papi kisses all the time.” Mateo shrugs as he looks to his twin brother. “I do it to show you how much I like you, too.”

Kimberly chuckles as she wraps her arms around Trini’s waist, “Anyone ever tell you your brothers are wise beyond their little years?”

“No.” Trini admits as she watches the pair fling cheesy noodles at each other. “But I know they are, and now you do too.”



“Wearin’ them!”


“Got ‘em!”

“Awesome. Oh. Teeth?”


“Proof?” Trini demands, and she looks between the boys and watches as they flash bright smiles. “Right on. Alright, you’re good to head off to dreamland.”

Alec collapses back on his pillow with a yawn, “Is Kimmy gonna be here when the sun comes up?”

“No, mijo. She has to go home.” Trini sighs as she moves to flip on their night lights. “I love you. Goodnight.”

“Night, Tree!”

Trini smiles once more at her brothers and slips from the bedroom. She hears their whispers and she rolls her eyes when she hears them using their secret twin language. Trini lingers for a moment longer before she moves to the living room where Kimberly lays with the remote in her hand and a scowl on her face.

“They’re down for the count.” Trini yawns as she moves to throw herself on Kimberly who lets out a groan. “How can three hours with two six-year-olds be so fucking exhausting?”

“Babe, we did about a things,” Kimberly reminds her as she shifts so Trini can get comfortable. “I’m sorry for barging in on you guys…”

“Don’t apologize.” Trini cuts in as she moves to hover her lips over Kimberly’s. “I think I speak for the twins too when I say I’m really glad you came.”

Kimberly smiles softly as she sweeps a piece of hair from Trini’s face, “I’m glad I came too.”

With a soft sigh, Trini lowers her head to press a lingering kiss to Kimberly’s lips. No matter how many days that pass, Trini will probably always be amazed that this amazing girl wants her of all people. And she’s going to spend every day that she has making sure Kimberly is as happy as she is.

The Bloodhound // Riverdale

Summary: Reader is a licensed private investigator for the family’s business upon graduating high school early. Having been sent to Riverdale to trail the high school music teacher Geraldine Grundy, Reader has to ensure her reason of being in Riverdale is secret especially with the sensitivity of the town. Hard to do when Jughead Jones calls her career the minute they converse.

Characters: Reader x unknown pairing, Jughead Jones Alice Cooper, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews (mentioned), Geraldine Grundy (mentioned), Hal Cooper (mentioned), and Polly Cooper (mentioned).

Words: 1772

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters.

Warnings: Swearing, rude!Betty Cooper, Grundy-Archie affair, and lying.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N: When Grundy explained why she changed her name…I called bullshit. That pervy cougar has more than an abusive ex and I know it. Especially with her cougar eyes looking at those teenagers before she fled.

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Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

It was summer when you were walking around town while hiding from everyone, you worked for your dad. You didn’t live in the town but you were an extremely young private investigator. At seventeen you had gotten your license after graduating high school a year early and joined the family business. Getting off topic here but your Dad had sent you to Riverdale for one of his customers.

You had your normal phone along with possibly sixty burner phones hidden under a loose floorboard in your motel room. They were critical in your line of business if you didn’t want to be tracked by the police.

You were hiding behind a unkempt building that seemed to be ignored by the town of Riverdale. You watched at the pastel mint green classic Volkswagen beetle slowly moved passed a construction sight. Inside of the person of interest with sunglasses on hiding her disgusting teenage boy preying eyes while seductively biting a straw.

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Rude Awakening

Little!Y/N and Daddy!5SOS 

Arzaylea’s mentioned. You have been notified.

ALSO: This can be considered sad 

It was 8:30 a.m.

They should’ve been up by now, her daddies. Due to a busy schedule lately, the alarms hadn’t even been set the night before. Today was a day off, and everyone knows day off’s must include sleeping in. 


Y/N waddles down the hall and into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She’s got her blanky wrapped around her body and her stuffie tucked under her left arm. It’s too early. 

Once in the kitchen, Y/N peers up at the cabinets, knowing exactly which one holds her sippies. On a normal day, big girl Y/N could reach the cabinets no problem. Today’s different, today she’s little and she remembers Daddy Cal’s scolding voice in the back of her head, “Y/N you know better than to try and reach the cabinets without asking for help. That’s a big girl job and you’ll get hurt trying to do it. You’re too small, princess.” 

That was the morning she’d broken a bowl trying to make herself cereal. 

She knows better now. It’s just so early and Y/N really wants some chocolate milk. Y/N seats herself down in the middle of the kitchen, right on the floor. There’s a look of concentration on her face because how the heck is she going to get her sippy without help? After a few minutes of thinking, she decides to ask her Daddy Luke. After all, his room’s closest and he can never tell Y/N no.


Y/N has made her way to the closest, smallest room of the house. One of Luke’s arms is hanging off of the bed. Y/N tip-toes over and gently tugs on him. 

“Daddy? Can you get me some chocolate milk?” In response, he grunts. Y/N hadn’t even noticed the second sleeping lump on the bed until her daddy rolls over and nudges it.

“Arz, go get Y/N some milk, please?” it was Arzaylea’s turn to grunt, moreso whine. 

“Why can’t she get it hers-” Y/N hears her Daddy interrupt.

“Arzaylea, she’s too small to do something like that, you know this”

At this point, Y/N has seated herself on the floor and watched the couple talk about her like she’s not there. She didn’t mind, whatever Daddy does is always worth waiting for. Her thoughts are interrupted.

“She’s not a fucking kid, Luke! She’s five and a half feet tall! She can get her own damn milk!” This hurt the little’s feelings. Part of Y/N knew Daddy Luke’s girlfriend could get grumpy in the morning. Part of Y/N also didn’t care. She didn’t even live here! Full of angry tears and hurt feelings, Y/N grabs her stuffy and runs to Calum’s room.


Calum is awakened by two slammed doors and a crying Y/N. This is never good. Trying to calm the little down, he wipes her tears and smoothes her hair out of her face.

“Whats wrong, baby?” her dom tries to soothe her, because when Y/N cries, she eventually starts shaking and panicking and so on and so forth.

“I just- just wanted milk and daddy luke- and” Luke. Hearing his mate’s name automatically cleared the situation up, but he let Y/N talk anyways. Even crying, her voice was still smooth as velvet and he could never interrupt little Y/N.

“So instead of getting it for me,” Y/N bumbles on, more calm this time. “Daddy asked her to get it and- and,” Calum sighs. He hates when Arzaylea is around in general, let alone when Y/N wakes up little. She doesn’t get it and the dom knew Arz would eventually end up hurting Y/N’s feelings. She always does. 

Y/N has calmed down by now, still being soothed by her Daddy. Y/N yawns and nuzzles closer to Cal’s neck. Before she sleeps, she mumbles an almost incoherent question into her dom’s skin.

“Daddy? Why doesn’t she like me?”  he sighs. What does he tell his princess? Deciding against actually explaining to Y/N in depth that the problem at hand wasn’t about liking, more about acceptance, he just kisses her forehead and takes a deep breath.

“She just doesn’t understand some stuff, princess. Sleep now” this response coaxes a hum out of Y/N, who seemed momentarily pleased with the answer.


Once Y/N’s breathing has evened out and Cal himself has almost drifted off, he peeks one eye open at a sudden noise in his doorway. He sees Ashton staring at the two in bed, trying to decide which of the couple look more exhausted. Calum just sends him a weary smile and returns the whispered “i love you” that he and his boy share before falling into his own deep sleep.

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can i prompt the wanda n peter bro-ing out pls (w bonus pietro(?) n aunt may if ur feeling it)


Send me fic prompts!

AO3 Mirror

Wanda steps off the Quinjet and restrains herself from slapping the semi-smug look from Tony Stark’s face. For once, it is only semi-smug, so he’s probably actually taking things seriously for once. Instead, she curls her hands into loose fists at her sides and nods at him.

“Where is he?” she asks.

“Nice to see you too,” he replies. “He’s downstairs. And whatever you do, don’t leave the building.”

Wanda snorts. As though she could.

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Stroke of Luck chapter 4

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Softish Teen (?)
Summary: Ladybug receives a thought-provoking gift from Chat Noir, sending her heart into turmoil.
A/N: For those who were asking if there was going to be more Ladrien, I hope this will satisfy you until the next chapter hahah
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 5

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NOTES: Because this meme is seriously fun to do… Forgive me fandom for I have sinned. That is all.


“Byakugan this, Neji.”

Her note had been brief and hastily written, judging from her almost unreadable penmanship, that Neji was instantly concerned.

Thoughts quickly raced through his mind, his senses on hyper alert, as he tore the envelope to check its contents. His fingers shook as he wondered what Tenten could have sent him that needed to be checked by his Byakugan.

Was Gai-sensei in trouble? Or was it Lee? Dear God, what if Tenten was the one who needed help?

He was no longer in the mood for eating. Whatever Tenten had delivered for him was more important than anything else, and he wasted no time to activate the Byakugan the moment he was able to procure the pictures inside the envelope.

Neji’s breath hitched. He stiffened suddenly, his Byakugan receding until the veins around his eyes vanished. He was like a statue now, unmoving and pale except for the light flush on his cheeks.

The rest of his family watch him with curiosity, their own meals forgotten in favor of observing their relative go from hysterically ripping an envelope apart to gaping at the pictures on his hand like a fish out of water.

The silence stretched as Neji remained speechless while his family watched silently… until Hanabi craned her neck to chance a sneak on the pictures.

She bit out a curse, almost dropped her bowl of rice in the process, and spluttered, “Tenten-san sent you porn?!”

Her outburst cost an uproar, and the dining table was immediately filled with hushed gossips and muffled giggling. Some started whistling at Neji, elbowing him and giving him outrageous winks.

Naturally, all of these brought Neji back to the real world, and the Hyuuga prodigy was quick to recover and tell everyone that, “This is not porn.”

But he did hide the pictures swiftly from prying eyes, much to everyone’s assessment.

“Please excuse me,” Neji managed to say before he fled from the dining table and toward the safety of his bedroom.

Because although none of the pictures Tenten sent him were porn, they were still intimate and needed to be viewed by him and him alone.

Tenten on supine position, a hand splayed tantalizingly close to her crotch and a smirk on her lips… Tenten laying on her stomach, her breasts pressed together and giving him a good view of her cleavage…

Neji pressed his lips thin and locked his door the moment he went inside.

Tenten wearing nothing but his old Genin shirt and her underwear…

Neji felt an odd tingle in his spine and willed his blush to go away. He grunted. So… this was her payback to him for that one time he made her stammer by taking his shirt off?

Clever girl – she timed her revenge during dinnertime where everyone had the chance of seeing the almighty Neji lose his control for once. But if it was a war she wanted, then Neji was more than happy to give it to her.

Hell, Neji smirked to himself, he was going to enjoy every moment of this.


Meanwhile, back at the dining area, Hiashi and some of the elders held their own meeting.

“She had the audacity to send him such pictures!” One elder exclaimed, a hand on his chest. Another one piped in.

“And she made the boy blush! What a rare occurrence!”

Hiashi raised a hand, signifying every man to keep quiet. “It is agreed then?” He asked. He received nods in return.

“Yes,” an elder wheezed. “She’ll make a fine bride for Neji. A wonderful addition to the family indeed.”

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🐈 Gimme the soft boi.


                        jon was more than pleased once they arrived to his snowy home. he knew julie had never been north before and this was probably one of her first times interacting with the white fluff. he turned and smiled at her as the soft wetness lightly brushed against his skin. 

                        he stepped off his horse before reaching and helping his companion down from her. he gave her a small smile before turning around and seeing his direwolf trotting up to him. his face lit up with joy instantly before he ran up to ghost and began to pet him on the head. 

                        looking back at julie, he waved her over. “this is ghost!” he exclaimed, excitedly. “he’s my direwolf.” there was a pause before his dark eyes turned serious. “he’ll protect you from what’s coming.” even when i can’t.

lead me home

for: sara @1dable

by: brianne @abejas-fic

summary: if she keeps thinking about it, this isn’t so out of the ordinary, is it? harry just does little things like this, all the time. helps fix things, make sure everything is right and orderly. he’s been doing so for ages, and honestly, if she’d thought about it at all before leaving for the conference, mariska would’ve known then that he’d be around 24/7 during her absence.

for whatever reason, now is just when it’s all consciously coming together for her. and her overall intelligence is perfectly in tact, so, yes. she knows what this means. she also knows how she should probably feel about it, but. she’s calm. it feels…right. it feels like something she’s known for a long time but just waited for the right moment to realize.

word count: 5,223

warnings: n/a

main pairing: harry/ofc

it’s her daughter’s first day of school, and mariska sleeps through her alarm.

when she wakes up and sees the clock blaring 7:30, she flings herself up in a panic. of all the day to oversleep, today just had to be one of Those Days.  she’d gotten in late last night, coming home from her trip, but she didn’t think it’d be a problem.

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You Precious Thing

Sooo you all may or may not have heard that the talented thechronicliar is writing a Labyrinth, Gravity Falls crossover. I love Labyrinth, a lot. And so because of this and her up and coming story (which im so jazzed for) I wrote a thing. Utterly dedicated to thechronicliar who inspired it in the first place.


Harsh breaths left Dipper’s mouth as he ran through the forest. He was such an idiot, he’d completely lost track of time and now it was starting to get dark. Mabel was going to worry. She wouldn’t say anything of course, that wasn’t like Mabel. But his sister had perfected the art of pointed facial expressions.

Which meant if he didn’t make it back soon he’d be on the receiving end of the widest, saddest, most lovingly concerned Mabel eyes in existence. Complete with pouting and the neck of her sweater pulling up just past her chin. She knew he couldn’t stand sending her into sweater town. Distracted, his foot caught on a tree root and he stumbled.

“Shoot.” He hissed hopping forward on one foot, hands reaching for the other one. “Oooh, ow ow ow.” The boy whined releasing the stubbed appendage and shaking it slightly. Ignore it Dipper, be a man, walk it off. Hissing once more he started running again, slightly slower this time and infinitely more careful.

Only to stumble again as a haunting laugh echoed quietly through the trees. He froze as a shiver of dread crept down his spine. That, that couldn’t be good. Biting his lips, he glared wearily around the tree line, hand slowly crawling into his vest to clasp around Journal Number Three.

“How you turn my world you precious thing.” Dipper startled as the words were practically purred in his ear. He spun around, wide eyes scanning the forest for any sign of life. A cold weight settled in his stomach when he found nothing. Snickering echoed around the trees, a ghost of a touch against his cheek that had him flinching. “You starve and near exhaust me.”

“Bill?” Dipper questioned wearily. It definitely sounded like him and this seemed like the sort of thing the dream demon would do. He’d seemed to make it his purpose in life recently to mess with Dipper as much as physically possible.

“Everything I’ve done I’ve done for you.” The slightest brush of hands down his sides making him squeak and jump.

“Bill! he shrieked only to quiet as the world blurred and brightened and the forest seemed to fill with light. Beautiful twinkling little lights, like stars or fireflies. They danced around him, flickering and pleasant and he couldn’t help but stare at them in awe.

"I move the stars for no one.” And just like that the lights were gone. Hands, black gloved and slightly clawed gripped the sides of his face and hot breath teased against the back of his neck. “You’ve run so long,” a hint of lips against his skin, making him shiver, “you’ve run so far.”

The hands disappeared then and he whirled around only to find that there was no one behind him. He scowled. “Bill, this isn’t funny.” He warned, certain now that it was the dream demon lurking about and, singing to him. Which was new and weird even for Bill.

Why was he singing to him? Before he could try to puzzle out the shapeshifter’s reasoning something caught around his wrist and with a quick tug he found himself sprawled on his back across the forest floor. With a groan he glared up at the tree’s and a snicker surrounded him. Seconds later Bill blurred into existence above him, appearing for the first time since he’d begun this, whatever it was. The blonde favored him with a smirk that was all sharp white teeth and a look that was somehow, fervent, consuming.


It made Dipper feel incredibly small for some reason as the demon’s hand pushed through his messy brown hair. A warm forehead pressed against Dipper’s and he was uncomfortably aware of how close he and Bill were. “Your eyes can be so cruel.” The words were amused and somehow accusing at the same as Bill stared down at him, unblinking and unwavering. Against his will Dipper found himself flushing under that gaze and Bill’s smirk took on a pleased, satisfied edge.

A hand curled around his throat then, deadly claws grazing his sensitive skin. He tensed, his own hand’s tugging at grass as the demon’s grip tightened. “Just as I can be so cruel.” Then the pressure was gone and Dipper took in a quick gasp of air as Bill laughed at him. The brunette glared in return and Bill’s laughter trailed off replaced with that same intense look from before.

The hand on his neck trailed up, cupping his cheek almost tenderly . “Though I do believe in you.” Bill confessed quietly and Dipper’s eyes shot wide. The demon looked amused at his shock. “Yes I do.” He sang, drawing out the last word.

“Bill?” Dipper squeaked as knees dropped down to cage his hips. The demon shushed him, both of his gloved hands holding the teen’s face as he lifted his own a few inches away. For a moment the blonde just looked at him, his single unblinking eye seeming to drink in as much of him as he could manage. Dipper’s skin went steadily redder until he couldn’t bare to look at the demon anymore and averted his eyes.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Bill’s thumb swiped slowly, just under Dipper’s eye. “Live without your sunlight.” The words were sung quieter then before and Dipper couldn’t help but return his gaze to Bill. The demon’s expression was somber and when he caught Dipper’s eye one of his hand’s trailed down to press flat against his rib cage. Just over his rapidly beating heart.

“Love without your heartbeat.” Dipper’s eyes went wide. Wait, love? What? “I,” the letter was drawn out, seeming to wrangle some form of mourning from the very air around them, “can’t, live, within you.” As the last syllable escaped him Bill’s lips pressed against Dipper’s.

Shocked, Dipper didn’t move, didn’t breathe. All thought fled his mind at the feel of Bill’s lips on his own. Heat flooded his body and his lips tingled pleasantly. Bill Cipher, was kissing him. A demon was missing him and-

And he liked it.

Before that thought could fully register the dream demon was pulling away. The weight on top of him lessened as if Bill was preparing to leave. Panic rushed through him for some reason. “Wait!” Dipper’s hands shot out and caught the front of the shapeshifter’s jacket, tugging him back.

Bill raised an eyebrow at him, amusement written clear across the demon’s smirking face. “Look who grew a spine.” He teased as the teen blushed.

“I-you-” Dipper sputtered, “shut up! You can’t just serenade me and leave!”

The amusement on Bill’s face faxed into something a little more sly. “Oh?” He purred, finger’s curling under Dipper’s chin. “And what, exactly do you think I should do instead Pine Tree?”

Dipper scowled at him. “You’re an ass.” He muttered before his hand curled in those stupidly perfect blonde locks and tugged the demon back down for another kiss. Laughter vibrated against his lips as Bill tilted his head so that their noses were no longer crushed together.

“Wow Pine Tree.” He hummed nipping at the brunette’s lower lip. “You’re a really terrible kisser.” For some reason he sounded utterly delighted with this little fact and Dipper couldn’t help but bite the demon’s jaw in retaliation. Bill only laughs gleefully.

“Feisty,” he purred, claws scratching at Dipper’s neck. “You’re like an angry kitten!” He snickered and tilted his head to the side. “Go on, do it again. Let me see your little fangs Pine Tree.”

Flushing brighter Dipper groaned and buried his face in Bill’s shoulder. “I hate you.”

“Hmm,” the demon’s arm slid under his back, tugging him a few inches off the ground as his other hand curled in Dipper’s hair. “Sure you do kid.”

“No, really.” Dipper insisted, arms wrapping around Bill’s back. “That was the creepiest serenade I have ever heard.”

“And yet, here you are,” Bill snarled smugly, “kissing me.” He winked down at the teen. “You just can’t get enough can you Pine Tree?”

Dipper glowered at him through a heavy red blush. “Shut up and kiss me.”

“But Pine Tree.” Bill cooed mockingly, leaning away from the boy’s grasping hands. “Didn’t you hear? I move the stars for no o-”

He was cut off as Dipper’s finger’s caught in his bow tie and tugged him down into another clumsy kiss. Dipper pointedly ignored the laughter against his skin as black gloved hands cupped his cheeks. At least he’d managed to shut him up. A pleased purr escaped the demon as their mouths slotted closer together and Dipper shivered.

Okay, mostly.

A threat

Aliena stood near the window and cast her gaze out over toward the stables and the forest beyond. 

“Are you sure that is wise, your majesty?”

“Am I sure what is wise, Harry?” Queen Aliena turned to face her most trusted advisor, Lord Henry of Hasgart. 

“Standing by the window. We’ve just been advised that your life is in danger.”

“My life has been in danger since I was born.” Aliena scoffed. “I was a daughter when the lords wanted a son to rule and since my parent’s murder my life has constantly been at risk.”

“But this is a direct threat.” Harry pressed and stepped closer. “Please, Aliena, I don’t want you to take any unneeded risks.”

Aliena smiled as Harry brushed some hair back off her face. A liberty that many of the lords would take to mean that Harry was her consort but was the more the act of a boy who had once played chase with a young girl and known her all their lives. 

“I cannot avoid all windows or stepping out in sight of one who might try to take my life.” Aliena said firmly. “I will not bow to the terror they wish me to live in, I will show my people that I am no coward. Let them send this pathetic assassin for me, I swear he shall find death before he finds me.”

Harry chuckled. “You speak like you’re going to go and hunt him down yourself.”

“Well, I could do with a hobby.” Aliena laughed. “I promise I will take precautions, but I won’t let this condemn me or I might as well step down from the throne now.”

“Well, allow me to take as many precautions as I deem fit as a lord of your council and as your faithful companion.” Harry said and the look he gave Aliena left no room to argue. He could be as stubborn as she was. 

“Very well.” Aliena acquiesced to Harry and bowed her head. “It would be improper of me to turn hunter and go out to take out my would be assassin, wouldn’t it? Most unbecoming of a Queen.”

“Most likely, though you have been ever the unconventional monarch.” Harry replied with grin. “Now, will you please at least not tempt fate and come away from that window? If only to make me happy.”

Fic: Orphan Blog (Chapter 13)

Written by Devon soccercopping and Aimee tatianathevampireslayer

Main Ships: Cophine and Soccercop

Rating: T

Word Count1264

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Alison read Beth’s message over and thought briefly about her response before typing it out.

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Fic: Heart by Heart (10/?) (M)

Author’s note: As promised, due to my iced in condition, here’s the next chapter! Only four left for those of you waiting until I’m done to read. ;) Enjoy!

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 10

“Your sideburn is crooked,” Emmasaid from her spot perched on his vanity.

Killian narrowed his eyes, scanning his reflection in the mirror. “No. It’s not.”

Emma put down her hairbrush and gently cradled his chin, angling his head. “Yeah, it is. Want me to fix it?”

“Love, I’ve been shaving since I was a lad of thirteen. I can do my own bloody sideburns.” He didn’t want to admit she was right. It was a tad crooked. But how was he supposed to bloody concentrate when she sat next to him in little more than her underthings? All that bare skin was distracting, his fingers itched to touch her.

But he was going to have to be good today. And tomorrow. And the day after that. At least while they were around other people.

Who’s bloody idea was this trip anyway? Five days off in a row (special thanks to Robin for hiring a couple of part timers to take up the slack) and they weren’t spending it in his bed.

Bloody waste if you asked him.

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