sending birthday wishes


“After an eventful day of apartment hunting Kit and I have finally settled on our new home in San Myshuno! And the first thing we want to do? Throw a party for all our friends!

I know it’s a little last minute but Kit left me in charge of the invitations and in total Sandy fashion, I completely forgot about them. But don’t fret! They’re being sent out as we speak! 


  • when: 15/08/17 7:30pm
  • where: 19 Culpepper House, Spice District, San Myshuno
  • rsvp to: Sandy
  • dress code: fancy dress

See you all on the 15th! (Bring food!) - Sandy xo”


You’re 20 now!!! Where the hell to start??

Seriously. You’re such an amazing friend and i’m 1000% blessed and just as thankful that i’ve earned your trust and friendship. I absolutely hope that your 20th birthday is amazing and I just want you to know i love and care about you and wish for the best for you! Stay cool friendo~~ <3

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to Ben and Sophie as they celebrate their first son Christopher’s (or Kit’s) second birthday! 🎂❤️

;small misfits + big adventures (pt. III)

“and being a misfit is more fun with you.”
- - - ;
;birthday moosh:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIKA!! i know i wasn’t very good at keeping this totally top secret, but… hopefully you’ll still find some surprise in it!!! we haven’t been talking very long, but conversations with you feel like we’ve been friends for years. ✨your constant energy and positivity is so refreshing and it makes you wonderfully you!! okay okay. before this becomes an essay, have a lovely day filled with cake, naps, presents, and tater tots!! 🥔 here’s to many more birthdays and countless adventures to come!!!!!!! 🎊🎁🎈