sending a photo to him either way

RFA Sending Nudes..?!


- You were just lying down, bored out of your mind, rewatching episodes on netflix

- Your phone buzzed, and you rolled over, holding your phones with arms stretched upwards 

- You saw a picture from Yoosung and decided to open it

- Seeing the picture of him… without anything on… was certainly shocking, and you dropped the phone onto your face yea we all did that before

- Was it accidental..? With flushed cheeks, you inspected the photo

- His face seemed a little red, and he was avoiding looking at the camera

- Was it intentional then? Either way, you couldn’t see the blonde boy the same way again

- When you saw Yoosung, both of you turned red and looked away 


- You were just sitting down, reading a book or maybe a fanfic when your phone buzzed

- Seeing that it was a photo from Zen, you put away the book and opened it

- The photo of Zen winking in the mirror, nude, made your jaw actually drop 

- It wasn’t accidental. The wink said it all. 

- You couldn’t help but stare a little at his muscles, and the message that came afterwords caused blood to rush to your already reddened cheeks

- “Don’t stare too hard honey~” 

- You closed the image, but you kept unconsciously thinking of it, along with the teasing message

- Next time you saw Zen, you felt your face heat up, yet he would pretend nothing happened


- You were just doing some doodling, nothing too special, when your phone gave out a high pitched beep

- You lazily reached out, and opened it, seeing a message from Jaehee

- You opened it and… wHAT THE FUCK WHAT

- The typically prim and proper Jaehee sent a picture wearing… nothing?

- You assumed it wasn’t on purpose, but you still couldn’t help but be shocked

- You dreaded seeing her, but it didn’t seem like she recalled what she sent 

- Trying to hide your blush, you peeked at Jaehee one more time 

- When she saw your eyes, you could have sworn that her cheeks reddened a little bit


- Jumin was always a bit… suggestive… but he rarely did an obviously scandalous action

- So when you got a picture from Jumin, you were expecting something like a photo of Elizabeth the III 

- But you got a picture of Jumin with only a smirk and a black tie on 

- You felt your jaw drop, and nearly typed something back, but decided to force yourself to take shaky deep breaths

- You had to mentally slap yourself because you kept glancing at his nude body despite your better judgement

- Seeing Jumin at the RFA meeting made you blush instantly, your mind constantly 

- Jumin wouldn’t stop winking at you, causing you to blush which made Zen pretty upset


- You were just doing a youtube video marathon, when Seven sent you a photo

- You clicked it open, and gasped at the sight

- Seven was winking at the camera with a smirk, with a casual Seven style pose

- The picture would have been just a little friendly selfie…. if he had clothes on

- You took a deep breath, biting your lip a little at the photo

- You closed the image, and went back to your videos, desperately trying to get your mind back on track 

- Later, Luciel tapped on your shoulder, nearly eliciting a scream from you, and said something that made your face burn red

- “Hey MC, did you like the selfie I sent you?” 

Cut it here again just in case (unknown, V, and Vanderwood)

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Things That Would Kill: Kim Seokjin
  • You wearing anything bubblegum pink~
  • How you mimic his left eye twitch whenever he’s hungry-
  • and he goes “I’M HUNGRY STAHP” while you’re like “LOOOOOL I AIN’T GONNA FEED YOU DOE”.
  • Playing Super Mario Bros where you’re Luigi and he’s Mario.
  • The way you tightly wrap your arms around his body to get him to stop moving whenever he exaggerates how ‘badly’ he dances by dancing SUPER DORKILY.
  • How you visibly m e l t whenever he does aegyo.
  • You: “Wear your glasses today!!!”
  • Him: “Noooooooo-”
  • You: “But they’re soooo cuuuuuuute ;-:”
  • Him: “….But… but… :((”
  • You: “I’m gonna wear mine today, so if you wear yours we’ll be matching and super cute :3″
  • Him: “OKAY LET’S DO IT”
  • You sending him photos of your tv screen whenever you’re watching BTS programs,
  • especially when you’re either teasing him about something he said on live television-
  • or questioning how someone “can be so good looking life is not fair T-T”.
  • ^-^ \(^-^)/ (-.-)’ <– These types of smileys in your texts~
  • Those moments where you’re talking in bed, looking at each other, and you just space out a bit because you’re tracing his features with your eyes.
  • Walking through tree groves and picnics!!
  • F O O D  T R I P S (where you guys basically go from restaurant to restaurant eating different types of food)
  • The way you give him that -.- glare whenever he whines for something,
  • and how you always end up giving that something to him.
  • Then when it’s your turn to ask for something, you always do that thing where you put your chin on his shoulder,
  • smile with your lips pressed together,
  • bat your eyelids,
  • and with extra extra sugar say, “Jagi-ya~~~~ :3″
  • How you get him little things while you’re out and about and he’s busy with his schedule-
  • because it shows that you think about him a lot even when he’s not around.
  • Practicing lines for kdrama auditions together (cause he’s always wanted to give acting a try).
  • You murmuring ‘I love you’ into his chest during a hug or cuddle session.
  • And finally, the way you close your eyes and pucker your lips in the middle of a conversation because you can’t wait ‘till the end to actually ask him for a kiss and it makes his heart flutter so much due to its intense cuteness level~

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7/7 THINGS THAT WOULD KILL: BTS (wooooo finished a group~~)
-Karina :D
{I’m not doing these in any specific order, so if you want a certain member of a group to be done ASAP, you’re free to send a message and I’ll prioritize your member! Groups going to be done are EXO and Seventeen. I also go by how many times a member is requested!}


This may, we will be attending Asylum 18. We hope that Misha will also be attending as he didn’t attend A16 and we would really like to make something to give him to show our appreciation.

We know that Misha has helped a lot of you, in many ways, and that many of you would like to let him know how he has changed your life. But we also know that many people can’t attend the conventions and since we are lucky enough to be able to, we would like to make this project something that everyone can get involved in.

We will be combining your fan art, messages, letters, poetry, past photo ops and anything else you can think of into a project for misha which we will hopefully be giving to him at asylum 18.

If he doesn’t attend, we will be sending it to him via his fanmail shipping address so your messages will reach him either way.

Email us at with the thing(s) you would like us to include in the project and we will print them out and add them in.

If you have any questions, send us a message on this account and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Any messages for misha do not have to be long and please feel free to include your name or username if you want us to put it with your messages/art/etc

Reblog this post to spread the message and we hope many of you will take part - Amy and Jasmine

One of my husband’s twinks has discovered the text function on his photo app. Now they don’t chat any more, the twink just sends him pictures like this and my husband either goes over to his place or he gets the twink round to ours. I get a raging boner either way.