I want to...
  • I want to wake up next to you,
  • eat breakfast with you,
  • play computer games with you,
  • watching movies with you in bed,
  • hold your hand and watch tv,
  • send you cute texts,
  • buy you gifts,
  • nap together,
  • look into your eyes,
  • be with you at the sunrise and sunset,
  • cook for you,
  • walk in the rain with you,
  • fall asleep whilst on the phone to you,
  • snuggle in bed,
  • mess up your hair,
  • kiss you good night and morning.

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so guys you realize this means rose never told her mom she loved her

like??? imagine mom lalonde always telling rose she loved her and sending her cute texts full of hearts and rose just blatantly ignores all of it 

and mom lalonde starts buying rose all these gifts hoping itll help rose see that she does love her but rose takes it as some passive aggressive game and becomes even more distant

mom just wanted rose to know she was loved

You and Bobby on Roommate would be like

• awkward giggles when you first meet

• him suddenly confessing to you by writing a rap song, saving it onto a disk and hiding it in an envelope for you to find in your room

• the two of you sneaking out to the convenience store at 3am

• him suddenly grabbing your ass when the camera’s not on you two

• him whispering dirty things and breathing on your neck when theres nobody around

• the Family suspecting something of the two of you and shipping you guys

• the Family almost finding his boxer shorts in your room after the two of you had a steamy night

• you going out for grocery duty with him just so that you two could spend alone time together

• him being protective of you in front of the other men in the house

• him getting jealous of you talking to other handsome actors and idols in the Family

• the two of you sending each other cute texts when you’re in the same room as the rest of the Roommates

• him almost getting caught for sending you a nude snapchat by his roommate

• him getting really nervous over his next performance and you coaxing him in the toilet

• sneaky but rough sex in the toilet

• “babygirl”

yeah I'm all into freaky stuff but I'm also into the cute things

holding hands
tiny kisses
touching each other without being sexual
stroking of the cheek
eye rolls (idk why but that’s so cute 😩)
random staring contest
making each other laugh
playing little silly games
I can be so weird OML I’d build a fort for us
whispering in your ear
buying small but meaningful gifts
I’d buy you food all the time
we could FaceTime, Skype, or ooVoo
send you cute little texts when you’re sleeping or whenever I’m reminded of you which would probably 24/7

one part of me thinks calum would be the really cute boyfriend who would send you random cute texts and cuddle with you and give you his jacket when you’re cold, but another part of me is sure he’d be that guy who would steal things from you to put on a high ledge so you can’t reach it and send you random pictures of weirdly shaped pieces of poop or funny signs he finds at 3am and start a fight with you so he can laugh at how worked up you get, it can go either way