“S-Stop looking at me like that! You’re making me blush,” Maura said, trying to hide her face.

“What? Can’t I admire my beautiful girlfriend?”

Maura smiled and blushed another shade darker. “Stop,” she said playfully.

You walked over to her and kissed her cheek, telling her you loved her. “Come on, Maur, let’s go get dinner.”

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For anon

You pulled away, still lost in the moment of your first kiss with Debbie. She stayed close to you, eyes flickering from your eyes to your lips repeatedly. “Kiss me again. Please,” she whispered, lips nearly brushing yours as she spoke. And you just couldn’t resist.

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For anon

Trying to leave an abusive household.

I’m an American qPOC in my 20s with two health issues & mental health issues. (if you msg me I can give more details) I suffer from severe generalized anxiety, major depression, & C-PTSD, which occurs as a result of repeated traumatic events. The lifelong, ongoing trauma has left me with chronic pain, which exacerbates my other 2 health issues. I’ve been abused since I can remember by both parents, extended family, and my older sibling. Emotionally & physically. I’ve been locked in rooms, locked out of the house at night, denied food, denied basic privacy. I’ve had my money stolen & my property destroyed countless times. I’ve been kicked around, stepped on, beaten, addressed as a “servant.” They try to control everything, including when & what I eat, what I buy with my own earned money, when I shower, even when I use the bathroom… It is extremely difficult to live in this environment. I’m not allowed to have a lock on my door; they’ve walked in on me changing. I’m barely surviving & I sure as hell can’t thrive here. I find work as a tutor sometimes but I’m looking for a steady job. In the meantime, I need to earn & save as much as possible. Note: I’m aware that my situation is severe, but please don’t advise me to call the cops or move into a group home, or shelter etc., as even that can be tricky & often not a much better or safer option.

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Simple art commissions: $5-7 – I can give examples of my work (mostly floral, landscape or ‘henna’ designs)

I’m able to ship out witchy things that may be especially useful for landlocked sea witches!

Rosemary: fresh or dried sprigs, $5 for a sandwich bag, $7 for 2 sandwich bags & $9 for a gallon bag. I also have some of the delicate, blue flowers.
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Sea shells: small, medium, or large ‘handfuls’ for $3, 5, or 7 (before shipping) I can send pictures to give an idea.
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1.“How did you managed to lose a thirty years old man in a supermarket?”

2.“Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

3.“You can’t live by quoting emo bands for the rest of your life”

4. “What’s up with her?”
“March 22”
“Oh God”

5. “Why would his husband kill him?”

6. “There’s no other way of making easy money. ”

“You never thought about prostitution, did you?”

7. “And she stole my last bit of–”

8. “I may be a hacker but I’m no murderer.”
“The term is hunter”
“Don’t correct me”

9. “I’m sorry but Obama’s not coming back”

10.“You don’t drown people in public pools”

11.“Can we pass today’s ‘How to be a murderer’ lesson?”

12.“He’s gonna be fine”
“You threw him in a well!”

13.“I haven’t slept in six months, do you really want to put up with me?”

14.“Go home, you’re drunk”

15.“Stop touching my hair!”
“But it’s so soft!”

16.“We’re not going to a church with you dressed like that”

17.“I never thought of reading The Bible but I might rethink this life choice. And all my other life choices. I think I’m going in existential crisis, bye”

18.“Hello, hello! Can you hear me?”
“Stop quoting Lana del Rey, for the love of God!”

19.“It’s only interesting if you’re talking about Fall Out Boy”

20.“I’m not high, I’m just really tired”
21.“Don’t broke into people’s houses!”
“How’d you got here again?”

22.“I may be dangerous but have you met my wife?”

23.“Are you silently judging me?”

“Of course not, if I judge people I’ll make sure they hear me”

24.“I’m scared of her.”
“She’s nineteen”
25.“Don’t yell at me! When people yell at me I start yelling at people and I’m not sure you want to hear a Romanian yelling at you!”

26.“You did what?”

27.“I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, I’m saying she’s a… power digger”

28.“Can you stop crying?”
“MCR broke up four years ago, what do you mean stop crying?”

29.“The bad guy’s in jail, my uncle is in the Hospital recovering and I finally got my cigarettes back”

30.“We found her playing guitar in a Devil’s Trap”

31.“I don’t react good after earthquakes and you know it!”

32.“Why do you have a photo of you in Nazi clothes?”

33.“I’m not saying you’re too old for the internet, I’m saying you’re too old to be cool on the internet.”

34.“Why is our sink made out of jelly and why is there orange juice instead of water?”

35.“You should really start packing your– Is that my laptop?”

36.“Is your brother in law seriously Satan?”

37.“Why do the Greek Gods have a restraining order against you?”

38.“What do you mean that’s not how to get tumblr popular?”

39.“Don’t listen to them, lyrics spam is always the answer.”

40.“How ‘bout you give up?”

I think it hit at the end

  • Aries: A squad of friends! Is squad a type of measurement?
  • Taurus: Like three. But they're solid pals.
  • Gemini: Varies considering the day. 20 yesterday, probably 2 tomorrow. who knows.
  • Cancer: They have 6 best friends.
  • Leo: They've got plenty, but they don't really know these people...
  • Virgo: A small circle, or clique. They have conference meetings to decide whether they'll accept more people.
  • Libra: Soooo many acquaintances and friends. They'll probably forget your name.
  • Scorpio: Like 2 friends they confide in. They're the nerdy clique that sit at the end of the lunch table alone in high school movies.
  • Sagittarius: Who knows? They're probably best friends with your mom lowkey.
  • Capricorn: Pretty picky about who they associate themselves with. You'll probably have to audition.
  • Aquarius: A weird variety of friends? They'll have a tea party with their best friend's little sister one day and hang out with a drug dealer the next.
  • Pisces: They think they're friends with everyone but in honesty people know of them, but really don't know them.

Fall/Halloween Prompts!

1.Visiting an orchard

2.Handing out candy to trick or treaters

3.Sitting by a bonfire

4.Moonlit walk

5.Couples Costumes

6.Asylum (AU or Visiting an abandoned one) *Please Specify*

7.Sexy Costume Surprise

8.“Cocoa, a warm blanket, what else do I need?”

9.“What? I’m not a witch? Who told you that?”

10.“Cuddle with me so I can get warm.”

11.“If you say Halloween one more time-” “You’ll kiss me.”

12.“There’s a leaf in your hair.”

13.“I like candy, but I like something else more.”

14.“If you get scared I don’t mind you coming closer.”

15.“Look, even the leaves have fallen for you.”

16.“You’re a psychopath.” “I prefer creative.”

17.“Making out in a graveyard?”

18.“You should have made sure, I was dead.”

19.“Your soul, or hers.”

20.“I always have the best conversations with you at your grave.”

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As always, prompts can only be used once, so when someone claims it, that’s it. Enjoy!

As Pamela spoke, she refused to meet your eyes. “The truth is…” she began, but you stopped her. You wanted her to be looking at you.

“Pamela, look at me.” Her eyes slowly lifted to meet yours.

“The truth is, I love you,” she said. You smiled and happy tears welled up in your eyes. You knew you loved her, but you never thought she could be serious about anyone. You were happy to have been proved wrong.

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For @fadingkittenbird

imaginesyes  asked:

Hey <3 Can I have an imagine with Peter gets jealous about guys hitting on reader because he's too shy to admit his feelings and gets really upset? But reader figures it out and fluff? But please very sad and inscure Peter because awww :(

of course! i agree, it definetly would be some very emotional stuff :(

sorry if i got you in your feels! 


Originally posted by sddonald22

you walked through the hallways at school, every boy checking you out. you didn’t have a doubt in your mind that you were one of the prettiest girls in the school. your hair complimenting you, the way it flowed when you walked, the way your eyes glittered in the light.

practically every single boy in the sophomore year had a crush on you, and maybe even a few upperclassmen. but the one boy who always seemed to be focused on you, was your best friend, Peter. but, you never noticed.

you walked through the hallway, trying to get to your locker before another person tried asking you to homecoming. the truth was, you didn’t really want to go. you’d rather chill out on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and binge watch Friends on netflix all night then be at a dance with a bunch of sweaty, teenagers.

“hey.” you said with a smile as you approached the dork with brown curls,”thanks for waiting for me.”

“i always do.” he said and you gave him a soft smile before grabbing your sweatshirt out of the locker and tugging the bookbag on your back. you two made small talk as you walked to the front door. just then, there was a group of guys standing on the steps as they wolf whistled at you.

“ooh, can i take you to homecoming?”

“sup, lil’ mama.”

“why you walking with a guy like that, when you could be walking with me?”

you had gotten used to these types of comments though. they don’t bother you as much as they used to, but Peter still got annoyed with every single one. 

“i hate them.” he said, rolling his eyes as you walked down the sidewalk.

“i’ve gotten use to it now.” you shrugged. 

“so, it doesn’t bother you that every single guy in this school would sleep with you if they had the chance?”

you shrugged again and he scoffed.

“what?” you asked, starting to get annoyed,”i’ve gotten used to it, it’s not like i’m going to answer their booty calls anyway. i’m only interested in one guy.”

“but still, they’re disrespecting you and you don’t even care.”

“Peter,” you said, now slightly annoyed,”i’ve grown used to ignoring it, and you should too. just shut up about it already.”

he stopped talking as he looked to the side.

“i’m going to the deli, i’ll talk to you later.” he said before quickly taking the turn.

“Peter wait!-” you said, but he was already down the street.

you knew you had upset him, but you thought you were right. he didn’t need to act this way, especially if you didn’t care about it anymore.

you sighed, continuing down the street until you reached your apartment building. you jogged up the steps before coming to your apartment door, opening it before throwing your stuff down on the couch.

you knew you had to go talk to Peter, and that’s what you did. you waited a few hours before it got dark out and you made your way to the door.

you swiftly closed the apartment door before locking it and making your way to Peter’s apartment building. you jogged up the steps and before you knew it, you were knocking on the wooden door in front of you.

the door opened to reveal Aunt May,”y/n! what a nice surprise, come in!’

you smiled,”hey, May! is Peter home?”

“yeah, he’s in his room.” she said with a smile,”is everything alright with you two? he came home and went to his room and hasn’t come out since.”

your heart hurt at the thought of Peter being upset because of you.

“yeah, just a little argument.” you said,”nothing big, though.”

she nodded,”okay, good. i hope you work it out.”

you smiled,”thanks, May.”

“anytime, sweetheart.”

you made your way down the hall before stopping at Peter’s door. you knocked softly before opening the door slowly. you couldn’t see anything as the room was pitch black, but you could feel the presence in the room.

“Pete?” you said softly.

you heard a sniffle and your heart broke before he could speak up.


you quickly closed the door and turned the light switch on to see Peter sitting at his desk, his head in his hands. you walked cautiously up to him, not knowing how he’ll take your approach.

you bent down on your knees and looked up at him,”what’s wrong?”

“nothing.” he said quickly, maybe even a little too quick.

“Pete, look, i’m sorry about what i said earlier. i know that you’re not used to it, and i shouldn’t have reacted the way i did.”

he stood up, making you stand up from your crouching position. then, the light illuminated his tear stained face, his red, puff eyes, his messed up, chocolate curls. he was hurting.

“no, because all of what you said was true.” he said,”i should just grow up and deal with it, but i-i just can’t. i can’t see people talk to you like that-i just-i just can’t, y/n.” he said,”and it’s cause i..”

he trailed off, not finishing his sentence, you looked at him patiently, waiting for him to continue as the tears rolled down his cheeks.

“i-i like you.” he said, his voice cracking as more tears slid down his face,”i like you, y/n. i like you so much to the point where i don’t like you, i’m in love with you. and it hurts. it hurts me to see guys hit on you and you not do anything about it. it hurts to think that you’ll never feel the same way about me because i’m your best friend. and you’re way out of my league and it all just hurts.”

he ranted. you felt your heart leap out of your chest.

he felt the same way about you.

you shook your head,”who ever told you that?” you asked, stepping closer to him,”Peter, who told you i would never fall in love with my best friend?”

he looked up,”i told myself that. i told myself that cause i knew deep down you’d never feel the same.” he looked down at the floor.

you grabbed his face to make him look at you, his brown eyes were red, filled with tears, his pupils dilated.

“well, you told yourself wrong.” you admitted,”Peter, i like you. only you.”

you saw his eyes light up slightly before you ran a hand through his curls.

“it’s only ever been you.” you said. he looked down at you as you smiled up at him.

“really?” he asked, his voice cracking.

you nodded,”why do you think i said ‘i’m only interested in one guy’?”

he looked up at the ceiling,”i feel like such an idiot.”

you laughed, bringing his face back down to yours,”you’re my idiot.”

you leaned in and so did he, before you knew it your lips kissed his and you felt a wave of excitement and butterflies rush to your stomach. he relaxed into the kiss, his hands finding your waist as he pulled you closer to him. yours snaking around his neck, messing with the curls on the back of his head.

he finally pulled away, his forehead resting on yours as you smiled up at him.

“so, does this mean we’re boyfriend and girlfriend?” he asked.

you smiled,”only if i get to be the girlfriend.”

he let out a laugh as you did too before kissing your forehead and wrapping you into a warm, much needed hug.