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If i recommand you fics, my personal favorite is say my name (and every color illuminates) by talking_bird. This fic is terrific and has angst(psst it's about keith's dad when keith was young) but fluff too and of course, it's klance!!i hope you'll get to read it!!!!

I actually came across this fic last night while finishing a different ref and bookmarked it for later so now I really need to read it!

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For your klance actor/fanboy AU what kind of shows/characters do you imagine Keith playing in? Your AU warms my heart Lance is so cute ❤️

Ah, thank you ㅠㅠ I’m so glad you love it

I imagine Keith playing very rough, tough or angsty characters for his acting roles. It sort of creates this gap moe when fans see him off-screen he’s just a total sweetheart. All of his fans fell hard for him once they found out tough Keith is just a cinnamon roll~

I really wanna spread some love right now.

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What’s Lance’s favorite movie where Keith has acted? What’s Keith’s character in that movie? BEAUTIFUL AU IM IN LOVE WITH IT

Thank you!!

Lance’s favorite movie was Keith’s first movie role in a horror film about a group of high schoolers getting into some trouble over school break. Keith was a side character that was killed off but he was one of the few characters who tried to fight off the killer. Everyone loved how Keith nailed the angsty teenage boy personality (he also did his own stunts for the film). The movie itself didn’t do that great at the box office, but it’s what set off Kieth’s acting career. Since then, Keith has always been casted for horror/thriller or action films!

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DJ를 만들는것 보다는 '만드는 것'이 더 자연스러워요 아!혹시 이런거 말해주시는게 불편하시거나 기분이 안좋았다면 죄송합니다ㅠㅠ I love your klance au and i can't believe you use clip studio paint i use that too but i'm not good at digital artㅠㅠ can you give me any tips on using it??

오 고마워요! 제가 실수를 하면 정정해 주세요! (•̀ᴗ•́)و 더 공부하고 싶어요! 

Oh you’re also a CSP user! There’s so much to do in the program that I’m not sure if one post can sum up everything. But here are some things I use and do while drawing.


This is my setup for the program. I’ve been using CSP for about 3 years now and it’s changed a lot. Try to make your setup as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Layer Setup:

Most of my illustrations are setup like this (not always properly labelled haha). You wanna make sure you use your layers for easier navigation and save time. If your color and background are on the same layer, it’ll be hard to draw freely. If you separate, you can work bit by bit without having to worry about losing work.


I actually use default brushes and settings. So, there’s no special calculations or customizations for my brushes. I also have a few brushes from Clip Assets, which is where you download custom-made brushes for free. But overall, I use these the most.

When it comes to brushes, it’s really a matter of how you use it. Each brush has a different personality(?) and effect. So just try them out and find the one that works best for you! You can even customize if needed.

Mono-Blue Effect:

I’m pretty sure this is not what the effect is called but I call it this haha. This effect is sort of like a pseudo-greyscale effect to help check your colors. Do you have your contrast, is there lights and darks, is there variation in your color saturation, etc, etc. To use this command, press Cmd+B or Ctrl+B (for PC). You can even change the color of the effect.

Sub View for References:

The sub view is perfect for references without having to switch back and between screens or tabs. This works best if you need character sheets and anatomy references while drawing.

Clipping Masks:

Clipping masks will be the feature you will use the most (probably). It almost acts like a layer lock. Whatever layer your clipping mask is attached to (which we’ll call the source layer), it will only show up on that source layer. This is super helpful for effects or even cel shading. If your using a clipping mask with and effect like overlay and such, make sure you source layer or group has a background. If not, the effect won’t turn on. I normally leave a white background since I’m not great with environments haha.

I also love to use different effects for my clipping masks such as overlay, add glow, multiply and more. If you click on the drop menu that says Normal, it’ll show you a variety of effects you can use. 

Also, I like to use clipping masks to color my lineart/outline. Sometimes having just black outlines can make the image look flat. So, I like to color the outlines with clipping masks (or by just locking the layer).

Hot Keys:

If there is one thing I customize, it’s my hot key shortcuts. The faster you’re able to switch between brushes, tools and keys the more efficient you’ll be. 

Here are some of my hot keys:

Q - Pen

W - Wand Tool

E - Eraser

A - Rotate

B - Brush

C - Decrease Brush Size

V - Increase Brush Size

Take note: All of these hot keys are on the left side of the keyboard. I’m right handed, so, when I draw my left hand naturally sits on the left side of the keyboard. By putting all my needed hot keys of the left side, I can draw quicker and move through tools easier. If all my keys were on the right side, I would constantly keep looking away from my drawing screen just to see what hot key I’m pressing. That’s not efficient, so, I put it all on the left side. I do have a few on the right side but those tools aren’t used as much. If you’re left handed, I would suggest putting your hot keys to the right side of the keyboard. It might be more comfortable and easier to switch tools around.

There’s still so much more about the program I can share but I think the post is getting too long haha. I also use CSP for animations and that’s where auto actions come in handy. But I think that’s a post for another day. You should check out @cspbrushes for more tips and brushes. ^^