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Magickal Uses for Kisses

A kiss is a very powerful thing, even in fairytales and lore of the past the power of kisses are told of (true love’s kiss, siren/mermaid kiss, first kiss, etc). a kiss can be a powerful tool for any witch. Here are a few suggestions for using kisses and the power they hold.

  • Use a kiss to charge objects: crystals, tarot cards, charms, amulets, etc etc. Use it to send your emotions and energy into the object. Love is a good emotion, but any positive energies you wish to charge the object with can be transferred this way. Adding your love to something can really give it a boost as well! Especially if it is for another to use. (Note: do not kiss toxic stones please! Be safe and smart)
  • Spell Sealing: Use a kiss to magically seal spells such as jar and bottle spells or use it to strengthen a (cooled!) wax seal. Imagine placing the kiss its like placing an invisible seal upon it, stamping in energy to lock th spell inside. 
  • For Air and Wind spells: For all of my fellow witches who use air and wind spells, blowing a kiss after a chant or spell to summon a wind in the direction you wish it to blow is a good way to guide the wind but also show it positive reinforcement. Use it to show your gratitude for the wind’s cooperation. It is best for gentler wind spells.
  • Glamour and Beauty spells: Kiss the mirror after a beauty or glamour spell. Thank the mirror for its aid and seal any negativity into it. It also a wonderful way to reflect love back at yourself!
  • Love Spells: Kisses are great for powering up love spells! Kiss a candle before lighting it (careful if you are using essential oils be sure not to kiss where they are), kiss the written name of the one you desire, kiss a charm or amulet to help bring love into your life, and finally blow a kiss when finishing the the spell to close it.
  • Kitchen Magic: blow a kiss to finish a dish (don’t be too close though, don’t want to spread germs) to put a final charge of love into it before serving it to others. Good for with tea and coffee spells too!
  • Public Magic: Want to remain discrete while casting a spell in public? Blow a kiss! Its much subtler than pointing or hand motions, especially if it is a positive spell you are casting on another or a friend but it is also good for curses, either way its a wonderful way to send your intentions. Whisper the words or chant needed for the spell (if any) under your breath, imagine them them gathering in an orb of energy at your lips as you do so. Then do a subtle kiss motion on your lips (no hands and no ‘fish lips’, you are trying to be subtle). Then release the energy and words towards the target with a gentle blow of breath, sending the ball of energy in that direction.
  • Mourning/Remembrance Rituals: Ending such a ritual with a blown kiss to close it can help release your feelings in a positive manner and close the ritual with love and sincerity. 
  • Thanking tools: As someone who uses tarot cards and many other divination tools, I like to place gentle kisses to the sides of the decks after using them to help bond with them. To show them my gratitude for assisting me in not only readings but also in my spell work. I also before days where I know i will be doing a lot of divination work, I will kiss them to help charge them up (as said above). It is an excellent way to bond with your tools!

[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!



(A copyable version of the chain text is under the cut. Annoy your friends!)

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Sweets, food and eeveelutions for Valentine’s Day 2017! :3

The “inspiration” whatever came from the fact that my boyfriend and I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year because we’re both very busy at the moment and so we decided just to go…eat something together. And so, that’s it ahahah! Also, last year I couldn’t manage to draw anything valentines related and I wanted to fix that somehow :) why Sooo, here’s my little cards! ♡ ♡ ♡  No puns in them because I’m not clever enough to write them lol I’d problably go for “I choose you, Valentine!” or something like that…XD (quite common, yup).

If you want to use&send one of them to your lovely better half, just add your personal favourite poképun, if you’d like c:

Anyway, I had so much fun drawing this and I hope you like it! :D Which one do you like best?


It’s time to get romantic!

We decided to do bunch of Valentine cards during my art stream and these are the ones we came up with. Send these to your loved ones and use em wisely! Succeed not guaranteed 


💖 Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 💖

I wanted to do something for the occasion so I decided to make some Nanbaka themed cards. This is my first time making some so I hope they turned out okay ^^; Please feel free to use these to send to your loved ones! 

Less Than Three DHJ Video Project

You’ve seen the title. Due to a previous shitstorm against David Haydn-Jones on Twitter and him being really hurt about it (see here), me and @wayward-mirage came up with the idea to make a video for him to show him how much we love and appreciate him

And for that we need your help!

Please send us your signs of love for him in forms of

  • a picture of you holding up a sign saying “We less than three you, David!” (you can decorate it however you want, or just any sign that shows you love him)
  • a small video around 5-10 seconds with a small message
  • a small text if you wish not to show your face
  • another picture or something that shows your love to him

If you wish to participate, send in your pictures, videos etc to this email

The deadline is Monday May 1st. I know it’s quite early but we shouldn’t drag this out for too long.

And please, even if you won’t participate, share this. On Twitter or whatever you like BUT don’t mention David. It should be a surprise.

Depending on how I get to edit, finish and upload it the video will be up Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here on tumblr or my twitter @queenxfheii or Toni!

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EXO Reaction when they learn that your parents & siblings are learning Korean/Chinese to communicate better with them

For the anon that sent this request, I’m glad you finally made up your mind to send us a message! Thank you love, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“Wait… they are? Are you sure jagi? What am I doing… I should be practicing their language too”


*The moment he hears about it he starts helping your little sister*


*Blushes* “They are? Your family… they are so nice jagi… I think I’ve found a second family in them”


*Tries to speak in their native language to impress them but probably he will be the one needing extra lessons*


*Really embarrassed* “When did they start… please tell me they didn’t hear out conversation when we did those things the other night….”


*Kind of excited* “Woah… I’ve heard it’s not that easy for foreigners… your family is the best jagi!”


“They are doing this much… I have to do something to impress them… maybe bake them a cake? Teach them some eyeliner techniques? Proposing to my jagi?”


*Hears a perfect Chinese pronunciation* “Is that…. possible? How? Who’s your teacher? Amazing…”


*It makes him happy* “So this means.. they truly approve of our relationship jagi… this is great news”


*This helps to improve his relationship with your brother… kindish* “You said what? That I can’t hug her?”


“Ohhh really? They are? Why? We can communicate… right? Am I that bad? Your family is so nice and dedicated…”


*Won’t stop doing those now*

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And we’re off!

Thank you all for your ideas– maybe you’ll see them happen in the near future. :) We’ve responded to as many as we can, but we have definitely received them all!

We love talking to you! Send us your suggestions any time about you want to see. We appreciate having the most positive and creative fandom!

As always, if you missed us and you have an idea, question, or just want to chat, send us an ask anyway and we’ll get to it as soon as we can! 

Also a huge shoutout to @ferisae​ for the translation of our post! Para ver la traducción al español de este post, favor de visitar el siguiente enlace.

See you next week!

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mind sending some prayers (i feel selfish for even asking this)?

for starters, my dad and i love twenty one pilots. after my parents divorced, i had a really rough spot with him. i didn’t want to even see him for months. music was something that brought us back together, and when i introduced him to top, he couldn’t get enough. now, it’s brought us closer than ever before. he knows every word (except the raps, those are too fast, he says) and Migraine is his favorite song. we love discussing the messages of every song and the hidden Biblical allusions threaded throughout. he even praises Tyler and Josh to all his church friends and wants more people to really hear them.

last month, i won a pair of tickets to Tour de Columbus. my dad however is working a job where he has rare payments and my mom is a little greedy when it comes to child support.
so making the trip from California to Ohio for a concert is a little pricy. however if he gets this next job, we would have $20k (yes, $20k) to splurg on my mom’s needs and our wants. but the job is finicky (flipping houses).

we would both LOVE to be there for the last show of the Blurryface era in their hometown, and it would give me a chance to FINALLY meet the amazing girl i met on this website seven months ago in person and be actually able to hug her like, in real life.

so if you could, your prayers would be so so so welcome. we really need the money.
thank you



So for Valentine’s week ( 2-13-17 to 2-18-17 ) Us at MysticMessengerImagines are having a Valentines +1000 followers celebration for all of the RFA members as well as an ending week Valentines contest!! Read more if you’re interested!!!!

Everyday we will have an assigned character and only focus on such person for the whole day, we are going from youngest to oldest!

Monday is Yoosung day
Tuesday is Unknown day
Wednesday is Seven day
Thursday is Zen day
Friday is Jaehee day
Saturday is Jumin day
And Sunday is V day

The gist of it is that we will reblog/share all the amazing posts/art/memes we see of the certain character of the day as well as possibly draw(Dae)/write small headcannons of them throughout the day.

And I wanted to see you guys join in!!
Its way more fun if everyone participates!!!
This can be in sending us links to posts/art about the character that you have done yourself, sending (small) headcannon requests, and even just sending us asks with your headcannons of each character! Mod Koma would also love to do small crack request scenarious throughout the day as well! Lets show these guys some love♡♡

but wait! THERE’S MORE

By the end of the week on V (haha get it, V…Valentines? No? Okay..) day, I will also choose one lucky participant and draw them a full colored art piece of them and their favorite character together on a cute Valentines date at the request of the winner!! Just in terms of celebrating ♡ I will also most probably add in some small prices as well for a few more people

In order to have a good time and make this project true, we need as much participation from everyone as possible!!! this being reblogging, and/or sharing to other people!!!!! not only more people can hop in on board, but you get to see more of your favorite character!! And the bigger the chances we will widen the prices lists to not just having 1 winner for the valentine drawing!!

I hope you guys are as excited as we are on this!! Let’s give the RFA the love they need!

EDIT : as of now we will not take the requests until the start of the week but we will spend this time spreading the word around!! Hopefully other mystic messenger accounts will be happy to join and celebrate each character day with us!!!

ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT!!! If you’re attending this event, please use the tag MystMessImValentine in order for everyone to look at your work with ease! Im super excited for this!! Haha

-♡The Mods at MystMessImagines♡

imperfection-in-one-human  asked:

Ich finds ziemlich cool das du deutsch sprichst, sieht man hier zu selten :3 ich hab deinen blog echt gerne!

Es ist wirklich seltsam und selten hier Mal was auf deutsch zu sehen.

you know guys, i’m here looking for reasons to love cas or favorite scenes ect, then i realized there was a moment when cas just blew my mind with how kind and too good he is, remember all metatron put him through, remember how much he suffered as a human, and all he did was take him to prison, not even kill him, and then when metatron became human, he let him go, he felt compassion for the guy who did the worst thing ever to him, which ruined everything for him, his wings will forever be broken and his angel family will always hate him, and it just can cas get any more good? I swear he’s so good that it becomes infuriating sometimes, like get mad, get angry, get revenge, leave people who left you, stop caring so much about everything, think about yourself a little for once, but of course he doesn’t, cause he’s so much better than that and it’s both sad and makes me love him so so much no character deserves better than cas

wanna help us with this project ? read our 100 Reasons To Love Castiel list then send us an ask with your own reasons ;)

Liam Imagine~ Truth Or Dare?

Word Count~ 1257
Rating~ idk, like 13+ or something
Warnings~ alcohol use, fluff
Pairings~ Liam x Reader
A/N~ Lovelies, send in your name and a color into the comments, my ask, or my DMs. I have this thing I want to do that involoves you guys.Love you all, hope you enjoy! BAI!
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Wattpad: @LGBTQPenguins
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Request~ Anonymous said:
Imagine request: You and the pack decided to have a hang out at Lydia’s while her parents were away. (Let’s pretend werewolves could get drunk) you guys decided to play truth or dare. And Lydia decided to asked you is it true you like someone in this circle. And since the circle was practically filled with werewolves that could tell if your lying new you were when you said no. (You liked Liam) but you wee to scared to say anything. You can create and ending:)

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