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[I am] always so alone, so alone. Oh God, it is so awful. This ugly, ugly America, all just machinery, it is soul destroying. I never go out, only home to my boring little hotel… The only thing that gives me pleasure is to go to the bank and send some money to my family… I don’t want to meet people from the films and drink and talk about things I don’t wish to talk about… People are very curious about me in the studio. Everyone stares at me and asks questions… I am sure they think I am a bit strange… the glamour with which we surround the american film world hardly exists here. There is nothing elegant or beautiful here.
—  Greta Garbo, letter in 1925 to Mimi Pollak

fightmebucky  asked:

If Bucky and Sam hosted a talk show together what would it be about?

THAT IS SUCH A GOOD QUESTION OH MY GOD? Honestly…I feel like they would just drag Steve. Literally they would like say things he says or does and just rip on him. It would probably go something like:

Sam: “Once he said ‘language’ when Stark cussed, you hear about that?”

Bucky: “That little shit, he cusses more than Clint when he spills his coffee, he’s playing you idiots.”

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