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I love your blog!!!! 😍 Superbrojocks au and first time they said "I love you"?

OMG THANK YOU 💖 anyway this was tough because I couldn’t decide the first one but I hope you like it so here’s (also key thing to remember here is “said” i love you hint hint)

SuperBroJocks AU + First “I love you”

  • They were slow dancing dancing together alone in Jason’s bedroom for reasons that escaped Percy as soon as he felt Jason’s arm wrap around him and their hands clasp together.
  • They were swaying to the music coming from the record player.
  • It was a record Percy bought Jason just because. He remembers finding the record and instantly thinking of Jason.
  • So, they were slow dancing to a song on the record player. Jason’s hand warm on Percy’s back while he had his face buried in his neck. Percy didn’t really know how to dance but he really couldn’t say no when Jason smiled at him offered him his hand.
  • Percy closed his eyes for a moment and concentrated on the feeling of Jason so close. He turned his head a little to whisper to Jason’s ear those three words. They were plain and simple. It didn’t even feel like a confession. It just felt like stating a fact. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel any less monumental saying it out loud though.
  • Jason pulls back a little to see, to look at Percy and his breathes catches a little still. Percy smiles at him and says it again and Jason doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this way before ever in his life. He kisses him breathlessly, pulls him in impossibly closer, and he says it back.
  • He says it back as many times and maybe more. Over and over.
  • The words leave his mouth, always been there finally spilling free.
  • They first said I love you in each other’s arms slow dancing to an old timey love song. The firs time they said I love you, it was perfect.

queer aesthetics: harley and ivy

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Drawing prompt! Bitty and Jack carrying pumpkins back from the farmers market to be carved. Or anything with them + pumpkins. 🎃🎃🎃

This is my first time drawing Jack ever lol. Also the first time I’ve drawn multiple figures in awhile. Hope you like.

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Guess Whose Back?!

After a week and a half we finally managed to get our internet fixed today! I am so happy! I am so behind on everything now! I have 22 asks in my inbox and I have been dying to get to them! There are some really interesting one that I have been so eager to get to! So happy to be back, thank you guys for understanding and being patient! 

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For the fanfic trope ask game: The couple in high school or in college? Thanks!

“Hey,” says Sam, looking up from his work. “I thought you were gonna be out late at Justin’s party?”

“Yeah,” says Brady. He steps forward, still just outside the circle of light being cast by Sam’s desklamp. “I, um. I bailed.”

“No way,” Sam says. He looks down at his unfinished essay, up again at Brady. He closes his textbook. “Is everything okay? I thought you liked those guys. I thought you wanted Justin to put you on the swim team.”

“No, yeah,” Brady says. He’s just a silhouette, almost, his face up in the shadows, unreadable. His hand creeps into the light, his fingertip brushing just the edge of Sam’s desk. “I just, um. I wasn’t really having a good time, without you.”

“Oh,” says Sam, startled. His stomach feels a little unsteady. Suddenly the textbook doesn’t seem so appealing. “Dude.” He rolls his chair backwards, looks towards the room’s two beds. “You wanna watch a movie or something?”

Brady shakes his head. His finger traces a shape on the desk’s wooden surface: two curves and a point. A heart.

“I want,” he says. “I want.”

(choose a trope)

Imagine Oikawa and Iwaizumi adopting a baby girl.

  • Oikawa is super nervous during the home inspection because he’s so afraid that they might not be able to bring her home.
  • They get the phone call during dinner.  Oikawa almost drops the phone into the stock pot.
  • She’s so much smaller than they expected.  But she proves that she’s not to be underestimated when she smacks Oikawa across the face.
  • They take turns staying home with her during the day.  Oikawa plays for the pro circuit while Iwaizumi owns a small cafe.  Oikawa takes the morning shift while Iwaizumi runs off to take care of the cafe.  Sometimes he brings her out there so that people can coo over how adorable she is. And because he misses Iwa-chan.
  • She catches a cold and the both of them are on the phone with their moms.  Oikawa flies down the stairs of their apartment to the pharmacy.  Iwaizumi cradles her in his arms, rocking her until the tears stop.
  • Their girl has two doting grandmothers that shower her in new clothes and hand made quilts.  They also come over all the time when Iwaizumi can’t get away from work and Oikawa is trapped at morning practice.
  • They were originally going to split the time that they’d change her diaper or sooth her when she cries at night but since Oikawa is more of a night owl he lets Iwaizumi sleep.
  • The two of them play janken to decide who gets to be called daddy.  Iwaizumi wins 7-5.  
  • When she turns two, Iwaizumi closes the shop early and dresses her in a mini jersey with the number 1 on it.  It’s the final game of the season and she points and giggles at Too-chan every time he serves an exceptionally dangerous jump serve at the opposing team. 
  • It takes until the pro circuit for Oikawa to crush Ushijima but he does it.  They don’t let up a single set.  He holds the championship trophy in one hand and his daughter in the other.  Iwaizumi is standing next to him and for a moment he doesn’t want this ever end.

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Ok so....yknow how pete wrote on Mikey's arm and posted about it on livejournal?? I got to thinking that nobody's ever analyzed the handwriting on Mikey's arm. Also, tracing the dates on the photos (pain in the ass to do) to livejournal posts. Maybe the posts from around them gave off "EASY" or "FUCKED" vibes??

literally trying to trace back petekey pictures is impossible!! it’s such a headache (i’ll make a post of some pics i’ve had trouble dating if you guys wanna help me with that btw). i’ve never thought about tracing the handwriting back since the writing will prob be changed from 1. writing so big 2. it’s on an arm, but it’s still worth a try if you’ve seen anything of pete’s that looks the same as the writing. all in all, i def want to look into what livejournal posts were made at the same time, that’s a great idea. a lot of the journals are hard to find but i’ll look into it

and yeah it would def help in proving some stuff lol

IKEA Needs To Stop *Steve Rogers x Reader*

Originally posted by aaronwarner

Prompt from @babysludgemonster : assembling furniture together and one getting annoyed with the other for not reading the directions then making up with each other with a kiss and an apology. 
Warnings: Swear words
Admins Note: When you RP as Steve, so often, you actually start to write Steve Rogers as Kik chat Steve, sorry bout this, hope you enjoy it anyway - Ro

Steve dragged the flatpack furniture box inside the dark blue nursery, you were sat in the small rocking chair watching your husband with a grin, you weren’t going to build anything but you were going to observe; you are after all five months pregnant, can’t be doing stuff that may harm the baby or, so, Steve tells you. 

Steve rips the box open in a seemingness effortlessly fashion, he folds some cardboard and places it on the dark wood floor, resting his knees on the now folded cardboard sheet and he pulls the instructions out of the draws and places them to his side; you sigh gently, Steve does this every time, he did it with the coffee table that now has none functioning draws to them. He refuses to look at the manuals for anything, stating ‘I got this’ to you many times, before realising I don’t got this but I’m far too into to back out now

Half way into the chest of draws Steve begins to get frustrated, you watch as he grumbles and cusses himself out, refusing to look at the instructions or “avoid defeat” as he calls it. You pick up the instructions and slowly read through them on the chair, looking up to see Steve doing something wrong, you don’t want to get involved but this is your nursery… your son has to live in this room, you don’t want a non-functioning chest of draws.

“Steve, you gotta do screw part 1B to A first” you call to him gently, you turns and gives you a glare and you hold the instructions out to him, he waves you off with a hand before going back to work; you watch as he picks up 1B and has trouble finding part A.

“What the fuck is part A? Part A doesn’t exist” he calls out, you roll your eyes and point at a piece “what are you pointing at?” he asks, you point again and glare at him too, he picks up many pieces but not the one you’re pointing to.

“The one I’m pointing to” You sternly tell him, he picks up a small piece and you nod, he rolls his blue eyes before screwing the two pieces together and grumbling to himself again, off the bat ignoring your commentary of the instructions and how he is doing it wrong; you were becoming increasingly annoyed at the fact he refuses to use the instructions. 

You throw the instructions to the floor, Steve turns and watches you struggle to get up “if you won’t build it properly or listen to me, I’m leaving, I’m not going to watch you fuck up our son’s furniture” you grumble, slowly walking out, being pregnant doesn’t help with dramatic exits but you did pretty fine; not a murder strut like Bucky but it was close enough for you. Steve sighs as you leave to the kitchen, he sits on his knee’s in silence for a few moments, leaning backwards and collecting up the instructions sheets and reading through. 

After an hour Steve emerges from the nursery, you avoid eye contact as you eat vanilla ice cream, he silently walks to you with a small, nervous smile. Steve walks to you and places an arm around your shoulders, nuzzling his face into your hair and kissing it gently; he always knew how to get out of trouble by being so adorable to you. 

“I’m sorry, you’re right, I flicked through the instructions; the draws work” he sighs, you smile lightly, looking at him and holding the spoon out, he wraps his mouth around the spoon and hums in approval the vanilla taste. 

“Sorry, for ya know, yelling and being annoying” you sigh, he chuckles “I blame the baby which means I blame you… still” he rolled his crystal eyes at you, smiling as he nods in agreement, knowing better than to argue with you over this but just to agree with you. 

“I think you should think, any day you’re having a bad day, you think ‘What would Steve Rogers do?’” you deadpan at him, he tries not to laugh at you, you eventually chuckle at him and lean up for a kiss. 

He meets you halfway, kissing you softly and slowly, the taste of vanilla ice cream on both of your lips and it’s sweet and breathtaking. He pulls away, kissing your cheek multiple times also, one of his large hands rubbing the bump and smiling gently at the thought of his child growing inside of you. He kisses you once more, meeting your eyes he grins.

“Next time, listen to me and read the IKEA instructions” you sternly tell him, licking the spoon, he rolls his eyes and mutters about how stupid IKEA actually is.

“IKEA needs to stop, their instructions are useless, I still had no clue what I was doing even with those damn manuals” he tells you, moving to the fridge and pulling out a water bottle, you chuckle at him “next time, I’m gonna force Tony to do it, he talks about being a genius, I’d like to see him tackle IKEA” you full on laugh, rocking on the stool, Steve holds the small of your back to make sure you don’t topple over as you laugh at him.

“The great Steven Rogers, Captain America, first Avenger… biggest weakness… Swedish furniture” he narrows his eyes at you, you giggle and kiss his jaw lightly before eating the ice cream.

“Lucky I love you, (Y/N)” he mutters as you childishly grin. 

(A small Steve one shot, been a while since I have written this sap, I miss him. Stop always sending in Bucky requests, I need more Rogers, give me Rogers stuff guys. Please. Remember you can request; imagines, one shots and headcanons by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

So, if you have been following me for a little bit you might be aware that I love Luke Hemmings in hoodies. Some beautiful soul sent me this, and I obviously felt the need to post it. Shoutout to the anon who sent it! I love you!

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is louis real? i'm pretty sure he's the only person on the planet who can go from drop dead gorgeous to tiny cuddly boy or from hot as fuck footballer to cute giggly son or from scruffy jokester to loving big brother. how is it possible???

I have seen Louis with my own two 20/20 vision eyes on three separate occasions. I know people who have met Louis, and yet, I remain unconvinced of the validity of his so-called existence. Louis is an enigma. The Unsolved Mystery™ of unsolved mysteries. Jessica Fletcher couldn’t even solve this one. 

But let’s have a look at the evidence, shall we? 

Exhibit A: drop dead gorgeous

Exhibit B: tiny cuddly boy

Exhibit C: hot as fuck footballer

Exhibit D: cute giggly son

Exhibit E: scruffy jokester

Exhibit F: loving big brother

Conclusion: It is not possible. All of these photos are fake, none of these things happened, and Louis is not real. Case closed. In your face, FBI. 


Have you seen this? Love this cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” that someone shared with me on Facebook. Adding it to my playlist. Send me more cool stuff, guys.