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Gerita Headcanon #1

When they are together in bed, Ludwig will make sure Feliciano is snuggled close to his chest. When he is sure that his beloved is asleep, he’ll be singing Edelweiss. What Ludwig doesn’t know is that Feliciano will be pretending to sleep, and loves hearing Ludwig sing, for it is really cute!

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Are you a fairly constant person or do you feel your personality changes with the group that you're in?

I definantly try to keep my personality the way it is no matter who I’m around, but i also react to different types of people. So i won’t be super nice to just anyone, but my personality would still be the same. You get what I’m saying?


queer aesthetics: harley and ivy

Wooow, im so blown away by the reaction to those sana/van gogh gifs !!!! Like im still teaching myself photoshop and ive never had a post get over 300 notes before, let alone a thousand so thank you all so much! i was thinking about turning it into a series of skam/art gifsets, so if there’s a particular character or artist you want to see next, let me know

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Ok so....yknow how pete wrote on Mikey's arm and posted about it on livejournal?? I got to thinking that nobody's ever analyzed the handwriting on Mikey's arm. Also, tracing the dates on the photos (pain in the ass to do) to livejournal posts. Maybe the posts from around them gave off "EASY" or "FUCKED" vibes??

literally trying to trace back petekey pictures is impossible!! it’s such a headache (i’ll make a post of some pics i’ve had trouble dating if you guys wanna help me with that btw). i’ve never thought about tracing the handwriting back since the writing will prob be changed from 1. writing so big 2. it’s on an arm, but it’s still worth a try if you’ve seen anything of pete’s that looks the same as the writing. all in all, i def want to look into what livejournal posts were made at the same time, that’s a great idea. a lot of the journals are hard to find but i’ll look into it

and yeah it would def help in proving some stuff lol

Imagine Oikawa and Iwaizumi adopting a baby girl.

  • Oikawa is super nervous during the home inspection because he’s so afraid that they might not be able to bring her home.
  • They get the phone call during dinner.  Oikawa almost drops the phone into the stock pot.
  • She’s so much smaller than they expected.  But she proves that she’s not to be underestimated when she smacks Oikawa across the face.
  • They take turns staying home with her during the day.  Oikawa plays for the pro circuit while Iwaizumi owns a small cafe.  Oikawa takes the morning shift while Iwaizumi runs off to take care of the cafe.  Sometimes he brings her out there so that people can coo over how adorable she is. And because he misses Iwa-chan.
  • She catches a cold and the both of them are on the phone with their moms.  Oikawa flies down the stairs of their apartment to the pharmacy.  Iwaizumi cradles her in his arms, rocking her until the tears stop.
  • Their girl has two doting grandmothers that shower her in new clothes and hand made quilts.  They also come over all the time when Iwaizumi can’t get away from work and Oikawa is trapped at morning practice.
  • They were originally going to split the time that they’d change her diaper or sooth her when she cries at night but since Oikawa is more of a night owl he lets Iwaizumi sleep.
  • The two of them play janken to decide who gets to be called daddy.  Iwaizumi wins 7-5.  
  • When she turns two, Iwaizumi closes the shop early and dresses her in a mini jersey with the number 1 on it.  It’s the final game of the season and she points and giggles at Too-chan every time he serves an exceptionally dangerous jump serve at the opposing team. 
  • It takes until the pro circuit for Oikawa to crush Ushijima but he does it.  They don’t let up a single set.  He holds the championship trophy in one hand and his daughter in the other.  Iwaizumi is standing next to him and for a moment he doesn’t want this ever end.

who’s who oc’s >V< 

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is louis real? i'm pretty sure he's the only person on the planet who can go from drop dead gorgeous to tiny cuddly boy or from hot as fuck footballer to cute giggly son or from scruffy jokester to loving big brother. how is it possible???

I have seen Louis with my own two 20/20 vision eyes on three separate occasions. I know people who have met Louis, and yet, I remain unconvinced of the validity of his so-called existence. Louis is an enigma. The Unsolved Mystery™ of unsolved mysteries. Jessica Fletcher couldn’t even solve this one. 

But let’s have a look at the evidence, shall we? 

Exhibit A: drop dead gorgeous

Exhibit B: tiny cuddly boy

Exhibit C: hot as fuck footballer

Exhibit D: cute giggly son

Exhibit E: scruffy jokester

Exhibit F: loving big brother

Conclusion: It is not possible. All of these photos are fake, none of these things happened, and Louis is not real. Case closed. In your face, FBI. 

So, if you have been following me for a little bit you might be aware that I love Luke Hemmings in hoodies. Some beautiful soul sent me this, and I obviously felt the need to post it. Shoutout to the anon who sent it! I love you!