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Help. I’ve fallen hard for Mystic Messenger and I can’t get up. 

I’m one of those fans who have multiple MCs, cause damn they all deserve to be happy. It’s just more fun that way for me ^-^ In all my MM headcanons, art, and fanfics- I always use these girls. 

How their story works is that Unknown has 5 different girls to choose to send to the RFA, and whichever member he wants to manipulate determines which girl he chooses to be the party planner (and therefore determining what route the player is on.) All 5 of them were specifically chosen because Unknown knew they would have the most significant influence on their target RFA member.

If you want to know who they are and read more about them, just continue under the cut!

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You guys REALLY liked my interpretation of Alice angel huh?


Top pic: Alice just being cute, headcanon is she’s adorable and naive…which when paired with bendy, who is a trouble making sass master, tends to lead to trouble.

Middle pic: I like my toon girls in fish nets cause they are fun to wear. Alice is no exception.

Bottom pic: during the game, Alice Angels voice actress Susie Campbell ends up becoming more vocal then she possibly intended. she ends up having her vocal cords ripped out to use for Alice’s 3D form. However they end up becoming damaged beyond repair upon transfusion and Alice’s once heavenly voice is scratched up like a broken record.
(Also I’m a firm believer in angels having more the two wings)

Tell me what ya’ll think and send in requests if your so obligated!

R: Their girlfriend’s nipples accidentally say hi.

Requested by anonymous:

How bts would react when their GF nipples is visible from the cold weather ?? (you know when suddnly nipples decide to say HEY to everyone) 

A/N: I’m so glad this has never happened to me. Yet… Also, decided to do a gf one this time just because I guess it’s funnier? Sorry fanboys ily <3


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I’m just gonna leave this here if that’s Ok…

So after seeing a post from @sourcatart I decided to make it a reality, that’s right shippers its happening but first lemme explain each theme:

Aug. 27- Mermaids or Sirens: You choose between making one of them a mermaid or a siren or you can choose both your choice.

Aug. 28- Hiking or Stargazing: Choose what you want them to do whether looking up at the night sky or walking through the forest of Lake Lilac.

Aug. 29- Singing: Let them sing together or individually to the other in the scenario of your decision, domestic or not.

Aug. 30- Hanahaki: For those who aren’t aware of this, its a fictional disease that is caused by one-sided love for someone leading them to violently cough up flowers, this will end the person’s life by suffocation due to the flowers clogging up the respiratory system, it can be removed by surgery along with the feelings of the said someone, oh the fun and angst this’ll be

Aug. 31- Campfire Kiss or Makeout: Let them kiss around the fire or have those two do a little more than a kiss somewhere where no one can see them

Sept. 1- NSFW! or Wedding!: Have them do something fun in the bedroom or in the others cabins you pick, unless you want to them at the altar on their special day

Sept. 2- Free Choice!: Go nuts

And YES YOU CAN WRITE JUST A SMALL DRABBLE OF EACH DAY!, if you have anymore questions send me a message cause my ask box is broken

Haven’t seen you here before

Originally posted by seaside-stars

Character: Harry hook x reader

Requested: yep! fav request so far!

Warnings: none really, jealous Harry?

A/N: I loved writing this sm.

You arrived at the isle, hoping out of the limo. Chewing your gum with your mouth open until the limo driver commented on it.

“ you know, this is probably one of the reasons he sent you here ” he rolled his eyes, dropped off your bags and got back in the limo.

“ yeah because he sent me here because of gum! ” you yelled as he drove away, out of the isle. Great.

You walk around, trying to figure out where you even are suppose to stay. so isle girls can go good but good girls can’t go bad? It’s not your fault you had more fun causing trouble.

“ haven’t seen you here before ” you heard a guy say, his accent could make you melt to your feet.

“ because I just arrived here ” You replied, turning behind you. Damn he was attractive.

“ I’m sorry? ” he said confused.

“ hi! I’m the daughter of the famous Maui and he decided to send me here because I rather make trouble then be some preppy chick ” you said, turning your head and smiling.

“ well I definitely would never mistake you as a preppy princess ” he said and started chucking.

“ I’m harry, Harry Hook. I know your dad’s name but what’s your name? ” he asks.

“ y/n ” you smiled back.

“ where you headed off too? ”

“ well, I have no idea. It’s not like he would give me a place to stay. He’s to pissed I rather be evil ” you sigh, shaking your head.

“ you can stay with me? I live alone anyway. I use to live with my dad but I moved out, he got to much to handle ” he told you.

“ yes, the famous Captain Hook. About staying with you.. I honestly have no where else to go so let’s do it” so you agreed. You guys started walking to his place.

“ so what got you to not being good? ” he finally asks, breaking the silence.

“ I mean, I never was a fan of it. I always was breaking something, being rude and he always hated it. He knew someday he would have to send me here and he had no problem with that. You have to do what you have to do ” you replied.

“ wow, never met somebody like you before. ” He replied, looking straight.

“ well today is your lucky day then ” you giggled, looking over at him.

“ you still laugh like a preppy girl though don’t cha think? ” he chucked. It made you blush.

“ and we are here! ” he said, stoping at an apartment.

“ it looks like an apartment but trust me, it’s not ” you guys walked in.

“ it’s nice ” you replied.

“ I mean, I guess it is for a place on the isle. Anyways there is only one bed so I’ll sleep downstairs ” He replied.

“ don’t be silly, I’ll sleep on the couch. Or we can share the bed? ” you decided to say, trying not to blush.

“ yeah that works ” he agreed.

“ well I’m gonna head to my job! You can do whatever you please, it is the isle after all ” he said smirking before heading out.

You decided to walk through the isle, looking at everything.

“ hey you’re new here ” A guy said, putting an arm around your shoulder.

“ I am, you are? ” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“ Peter, Peter Pan! The famous kid who never grows up and decided to be evil ” he replied.

“ well looks like we both switched to this side, I’m daughter of Maui but let’s just say he didn’t want an evil kid ” you replied, kinda laughing.

“ intense ” you guys walked with his arm still around your shoulder.

“ Peter ” you heard Harry behind you. You both turned around.

“ hey there buddy! Did you meet the gorgeous new girl ? ” He asked him.

“ she’s not a toy to play with like all the other girls, she’s with me. ” Harry grabbed your hand and pulled you off.

“ bye Pan! ” You yelled back.

“ love the nickname! ” you heard him and giggled.

You arrived at hooks place, he hasn’t said a word.

“ listen- I don’t know why you’re angry ” You started to talk to him and he cut you off.

“ I’m not angry! You just shouldn’t hang around him he’s a flirt and he’ll just use you ” Harry said, not even looking at you.

“ he’s hot and seems pretty chill plus you said I could do whatever I want ” you told him, smirking.

“ you deserve better ” he walks up to you, you guys are inches apart.

“ you’re right. ” you replied, moving closer to him. You smash your lips on his and he starts kissing back.

“ was this what you meant? ” you smirk.

“ of course” he replied, pressing his lips back to yours.

Flowershop AU

You Are My Sunshine by hailsatanstyles (11k)

Harry works at a flower shop and uses his resources to get his classmate, Louis, to fall in love with him.

beautiful (like the flowers in your hair) by doldrums (8k)

Louis isn’t like Harry and Harry isn’t like Louis but somehow together they’re a little beautiful.

In other words, a punk!louis and flowercrown!harry au.

Open Up Your Broken Heart (and Keep on Wanting) by alistoney (49k)

Louis works in a tattoo shop and rides a motorcycle

Harry wears flowers in his hair and does yoga in the morning

Somehow they fit

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Harry listening to the missus sing in the shower because she thinks he's not around. The missus isn't precisely good at it and that makes it even cuter because he can hear how much effort she's putting at it. xx <3


Thanks for the concept, love! xx

Okay, I imagine this happening in Jamaica. Harry just arrived from the studio, where he’s been enclosed all day, giving the album he’s worked so hard on its last retouches.

“Hi? Pet, where are you?”

He’s tired, the only thing he wants to do is slump onto the crisped sheets and nuzzle his head against the crook of your neck, drifting off right there, your sweet perfume taking him to dreamland.

But as he’s making his way to your shared bedroom in the villa where you are lodged at a faint murmur from the other side of the living room stops him from continuing. As his steps take him nearer to the source of the foreign sound, he’s able to recognise your voice, muffled by the vigorous dribbling of the water running out of the shower.

He smiles, endearing dimples showing up when he notices you’re singing your lungs out to the last verse of Sign of the times, trying to mimic his untainted falsettos, but failing amusingly at it. Your voice screeches when you attempt to match the high note of his ‘we got to get away’  but that only makes Harry’s fondness to grow bigger.

His teeth dig on his bottom lip to stifle a loud snort from bolting out of his mouth when hears the out of tune piano chords you let out, imitating the ones at the end of the clip he let you listen to right after the whole song was put together.

He’s waiting for you to come out of the room, leaned against the door frame, arms crossed, a smug smile that allows the solo appearance of his right dimple making up his expression. The moment you open the door, a linen towel covering your damp body and droplets scattered here and there across the region of your collarbone, an adoring smile lodges on his face.

“I swear you’re the cutest person ever” Is everything he has to tell you. He leaves his position to wrap his arms around your body, his clothes moistening with the contact, but he doesn’t even notice it.

Your face acquires a mad flush when you realise he’s been present during your diva moment, and you want nothing else than to bury your face wherever you can never remove it from.

“Please, don’t tell me you’ve heard the whole thing” your question comes out as a mumble, caused by how tight Harry is pressing you between his arms.

“I haven’t, but what I heard was lovely”

“Don’t make fun of me, I completely suck at it”

“Yeh you do, but at the same time it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever come across” He lifts you off the floor, holding you on bridal style 

“Now, let’s go to bed, I’ll teach you how to sing”

It’s two in the morning… just in case you find any mistakes. 



Killing Stalking season 2 chapter 2

Theory timeee !!!!

OK so first of all chapter 22 is all about Bae’s muscles and Bums thicc thighs. A lot of people thought that Bae’s shirtless scene was for fanservice or just cause, but after looking over more posts on tumblr I’ve come up with an alternative theory.

My theory is that Sangwoo is going to impersonate Sungbae, placing the evidence so that Bae’s arrested instead of both him and Bum.

Sounds weird right? But here me out, Woo may not care about Bum but he is obsessive and territorial of his house and possessions, including Bum. No matter what I really don’t see Woo placing all of the blame on Bum and feeling alright, especially while projecting the image of his mother on him.

If we rule out that were still left with Bum or Woo killing Bae/get away with murder, Bae arresting Woo Bum or both, and the mystery of the murders never being solved.

We can rule out the last one because it just wouldn’t read as a good story, a conclusion with nothing wrapping up cleanly? Not likely considering Koogi is such a good writer.

The first two endings can occur, but I think that there could be another ending that is possible.

Koogi has planted clues everywhere in the story and I don’t think that top less Bae is an exception. If you remember when Bae and Woo met when there was a car crash, you may have noticed that they are around the same height. Showing off Bae’s build and comparing it to all the photos of Woo’s, they look quite similar. Now some may think that it’s like same face syndrome where everyone looks the same, but Koogi has showed us that she is very capable of portraying/drawing different body types. Keep this in mind for later.

Bae’s constantly wearing glasses while Woo often uses glasses as part of his disguise. Both looking the same. If you remember the spoiler that Woo is gonna have a hair change colour this season, we can say for now that it will be dark brown or black, like his roots. If this happens he will share the same build, hairstyle(can be cut), glasses, and can easily get clothes to match Bae’s.

“Btu wait, that wouldn’t work because of Bae’s police team” That’s part of the reason why it works so well. Clearly from pervious interactions Bae’s team cares little for him and brush off tasks like patrolling and looking further into Jieuns whereabouts. They often give him meanial tasks and disregards what he says. In other words because he’s the only one who’s caught on and so isolated, he can be the perfect scape goat. Woo’s probably been suspicious of Bae for a long time.

I really love theorizing this story in particular and would love to here what others think! Feel free to message me or send an ask @mei-the-monster since this is a side blog. I’m probably gonna do more theories just cause it so fun ^^ Have a great day!

I got thinking of this because of some of the posts in the killing stalking tag, these are a few that you should check out!

@ikemen-in-suits one on how Bae discredits himself
@yoonicidal for me minding me of the hard dye/ Woo changing hair colours
@yes-i-am-sataneal-i-accept-buns for reminding me that Woo has glasses

EDIT : Sorry if I misused the word thicc, and the carp grammar I wrore this at night ^^
R: Their significant other has a lot of uncommon pets.

Requested by @pinkypieeg:

Hello!~ me again~ I really loved the first reaction for my request. I was wondering a reaction to bts’s s/o having a lot and not commonly pets?

A/N: Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the first request ! :) This one was really fun to write ~ I had to do some research and I can’t tell you how many times I cried in front of such cool / adorable pets. Also, putting under read more cause I realize it’s pretty annoying on the dashboard lmao


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“That Beard”.

Y/N P.O.V.

It’s been almost two months since I’ve seen Justin since he has been touring non-stop so we have decided to take a little vacation together. “Y/N! The car’s here.” Y/N mom’s shouted from downstairs. Getting my suitcase as I head down the stairs, kissing my mom goodbye before heading out the door. I’m so excited to see Justin, I miss him like crazy.

Jay❤: “i can’t wait to see you babygirl. I missed you so much!”

Y/N💍: “Me too Jay. Words can’t explain how much I missed you.”

The car came to a haul, looking out the window I see we have arrived at the airport. My driver opened my door, “I’ll get your bags Ma’am.” I nodded as I fell my body lift off ground by two tattooed arms made their way around my waist. I giggled knowing it was Justin by the scent of his cologne. “Hey babygirl.” he whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine. Oh how I missed hearing his sweet voice calling me babygirl. I smiled turning myself around to face him not breaking his hold on me as our lips were inches apart. “Hey Jaybear.” I said as the space between our lips were no more.

It fell so good to be in his arms, feeling him close to me, feeling his touch, feeling his sweet lips on mines, hearing his voice I just makes me realize just how much I really did miss him. “Mmmhmm how I miss those lips of yours babygirl.” Justin said licking his lips. This guy sure knows what buttons to push to send a girl crazy.“Excuse me Mr. Bieber. We are ready for take off.” the pilot announce on the speaker. “You ready babygirl?” I nodded as we made our way into the private jet. Inside the jet were Fredo,Za,Ryan, Chaz and two other girls I haven’t seen before. I was a bit confused cause I thought it was just Justin and I but I guess not, the more the merrier right?

Justin and the guys were all goofing off and having fun. I was just enjoying being the company and being with Justin. I just love seeing him smiling, having fun and just being happy. I caught myself in a gaze as I admired Justin’s features, his honey orbs eyes, his rose pink lips, his perfectly structured jawline and what caught my attention more was that beard he had going on. I never liked hair on Justin’s face but I gotta say this beard looks sexy. It sure makes me feel some type of way. I catch myself biting down on my lips and crossing my legs before excusing myself into bedroom.

What is going on with me? I have never been so turned on in life,my body’s on fire. “That beard”.. I thought to myself. “Hey babygirl? You okay?” Justin said entering the bedroom, my eyes met his lips instantly. It’s like I didn’t have any control off my body before I knew it my lips met his biting and nibbling on every sweet spot on Justin’s neck. Justin hands grip my hair gently before his lips met my neck leaving love bites as he go. “Babygirl not that I’m complaining but what’s gotten into you?” Justin said as he stop for air. A smirk appeared on my lips as my fingers ran circles around his lips. I gently tugging at his bottom chin,”You see this beard of yours…” Justin’s now hungry eyes looking at me as he nodded. “It makes me want to call you Daddy all night long.” his grip tighten on my waist as he smash his lips onto mines. Justin loves it when I call him Daddy, it’s a huge turn on for him. “Well babygirl it’s gonna be a long night.” Justin said licking his lips as he pull his jersey off his now shirtless body.

A/N: I’m sorry if it’s bad. I’m not too good at writing but I still try. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks. xx ❤

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i’m doing follower moodboards for this milestone so if you want one this is what you gotta do:

•must be following me cause this is something for my followers
•reblog this post so more people can see i’m doing this and it doesn’t flop
•send me an ask telling me what kind of moodboard you want (i’ll list them below)
•have patience for it can take a while for me to make your request

here are examples of types of moodboards you can ask me to do:

•based on your mobile theme (the colors, your description and your layout in general)
•based on your face (it sounds weird but they’re fun to do, you just have to send me your face tag and i’ll do the rest)
•based on a song (tell me what song ofc and if you want of a specific lyric)
•based on your interests (hobbies,, a youtuber, a movie,, fave colors, your aesthetic,, things you like,, idk)
•you can combine any of these or send me any variation idk

sorry if this post was long ?? i’m doing it on mobile

[170613] Happy 2nd Year, What17Says!

Two years ago, this blog was “born.” At that time, I didn’t know that it was going to be active for two years. I didn’t know that it’s going to have as much followers, subscribers, and staff members as it does now. So I really would like to thank all of you for your support. Not only to the blog, but of course, to what matters most – our boys, SEVENTEEN.

For the past two years, they have been making us really proud. I know the feeling is mutual. I’m sure that they’re proud of each and every one of us, CARATs, for being a strong fandom that supports them a lot and spreads love not only within our own fandom but in others as well.

I have short messages for the ex-admins, current admins, staff members, and followers/subscribers in the link below. Keep Reading if you want to see more. :)


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anonymous asked:

1/2 Clony otp meme! 1.Who said “I love you” first 2.Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background 3.Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror 4.Who buys the other cheesy gifts 5.Who initiated the first kiss 6.Who kisses the other awake in the morning 7.Who starts tickle fights 8.Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower 9.Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch 10.Who was nervous and shy on the first date

2/2 11.Who kills/takes out the spiders 12.Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk  


Okay, I should write an essay so I will do this one.

1. I think Clay said it first, even if Tony fell in love before him. It’s just such a big word, and even if Tony tells him everyday how precious Clay is for him and that he will always be with him, he don’t use L-word, cause he don’t want to scare Clay off. But when they confessed, Tony like to tell Clay that he love him everyday. Mostly in spanish.

2. They both have it. And they pretend that it’s so stupid and they are doing this for fun, but when they have boring class or when one of them can’t fell asleep they stare at if for hours.

3. Tony. Definetly. He like do this romantic and old fashioned kind of things. He also leave Clay notes in his locker, and from time to time he wrote him love letters.

4. Both of them, cause Tony like all this romantic stuff, and Clay know how happy and confused Tony is when he get’s such things and he just love this look on his face.

5. Clay. Cause Tony always wait for Clay to make first move, he is too afraid to ruined their friendship so he gives Clay all time and space he needs and wait. But since they are daiting Tony is the one who usually steal kisses from Clay.

6. It depends who need to get up first, but when they can rest and don’t need to get up in rush it’s Tony. He just can’t resiste and kisses Clay everytime he can.

7. Clay does. He knows how ticklish Tony is and he loves to mock him with this.

8. Tony. Its one of the few thing which he started, but it’s just because Clay doesn’t feel very confident about his body, specially when your boyfriend is Tony frickin Padilla with all this muscles and tattoos and is so hot. But Tony worships Clay body, and he want to share every moment with him. And if they are naked in this time it’s only a benefit.

9. They both do it, but when it’s Tony he have homemade lunch with him, cause Tony loves making food for those who he love, and Clay love eat his food.

10. Clay was. Even if they already spend so many time alone watching movies or wandering around this time was diffrent. He wasn’t sure if he can hold Tonys hand, or how close to him he can sit, and he definetly had no idea if he can kiss him. So for the most of the time he was silent and nervous, untill Tony hug him and hold until he relaxed. Clay think it’s worst date they ever have, but it was one of the best for Tony.

11. Clay. It’s not like Tony is afraid of spiders. He just really dont like them. And don’t trust them, “cause how can you trust to some hairy creature with eight fucking legs Clay?”

12. Again, Clay does. He isn’t very talkative about his feelings, but when he is drunk he need to make sure “that everyone on this party know, that this smoking hot latino with his badass leather jacket and his gorgeus hair and this fucking hot tattos is not available and is in great relationship so fuck off” 


Yep, that was fun. Send me more cause I need to study, and I don’t really want to

anonymous asked:

Hi Blue!! I saw in the other ask you said something about a planet's orbit affacting the seasons? Could u explain?

Yes! What an excellent question. To have a little explanation of gravity and how you can use it in your stories, go here.

Planetary Seasons

A planet’s year is the time it takes for the planet to complete one orbit around the sun. Scientifically speaking, we call this a planet’s revolution period. The most obvious effect this has on a planet is it’s seasons. Seasons occur because a planet’s axis is generally tilted in respect to the plane of it’s orbit. For Earth, this tilt (or obliquity, scientifically speaking) is about 23.5°. Over the course of a year, each hemisphere is tilted alternately toward and away from the sun. During winter, when that hemisphere is tipped away from the sun, solar heating is less effective for two reasons: sunlight is hitting the earth at a shallower angle, and the days are shorter so the sun doesn’t shine as long. The opposite happens in the summer.

On a planet, the intensity of the seasons depends on the latitude, or the angular distance of a position on the planet north or south of the equator. On Earth, the conditions at the equator hardly change over the year, whereas the poles go from uninterrupted daylight to uninterrupted night. But even in temperate latitudes, the effects are not unnoticeable. At 40°N, for example, which is the latitude of Lisbon, San Francisco, Istanbul, and Beijing, the total heating on the summer solstice (the longest day of the year, somewhere between June 20-22) is three to four times as much as on the winter solstice. 

We use the obliquity and latitude to determine climatic zones. The Arctic and Antarctic circles, which define Earth’s polar regions, are 23.5° from the poles, a distance set by the 23.5° tilt of the axis. These circles are simply the outermost limit at which the sun does not rise or set on at least one day of the year. Similarly, the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which are 23.5° from the equator, mark the latitudes farthest from the equator where the sun will be directly overhead on at least one day out of the year. This region is defined as the tropics, or “torrid zone” where the seasons are barely noticeable. Anywhere between these two extremes, we call the temperate zones.

Applying This To Science Fiction

The intensity of the seasons is set by the amount of axial tilt. From this we can deduce that seasons themselves are not inevitable. If a planet’s axis were upright, seasons wouldn’t even occur, and differences in the year and placement of the planet in it’s orbit would only be noticeable by the changing patterns of the constellations in the night sky. A small tilt (or no tilt) like in this example would have some subtle implications. For example, much of the water supply in Earthen temperate climates comes from snowmelt. If there’s no winter, there will be no snow, and this means deserts are likely to be more widespread. Because the poles would always receive minuscule amounts of heating, the climate zones would be much more extreme. Some tilt, like Earth’s moderate 23.5°, helps even out the heating over the whole planet. For a planet to receive a completely even heating for both the poles and the equator over the course of a year the value of the tilt would have to be ~54°.

But having a greater value obliquity would cause extreme seasons, and this would lead to extreme climate. For a planet with a tilt of 90°–which would mean lying on it’s side, much like Uranus–the Arctic and Antarctic circles  would coincide with the equator, meaning there would be neither tropical or temperate zones. Seasons would be extreme indeed: for over nearly half the planet, the sun would never set during the summer, and never rise during the winter. Only during spring and fall, when the sun would shine on the planet’s side, would the sun rise and set like we’re used to on Earth. 

What would this mean for my characters?

Well, such an extreme tilt could cause any intelligent species to migrate, in order to stay in more habitable regions. Such consistent mass migration would be a significant part of culture: everything would need to be mobile. This could also cause tensions between groups of people as they try to find space to settle or run into each other while migrating. A culture that depends solely on this nomadic lifestyle could be interesting to explore, and for a real-world comparison I would study the culture of the Mongols.

Otherwise, if migration wasn’t a culture norm for the citizens of your planet, then they would have to be prepared to survive in extreme heat and desert-like conditions, followed by a moderate time, followed by intense and everlasting winter and night. Challenges would include shelter and survival (a species that could survive both desert and arctic climates would be incredibly interesting to develop) and a food source. For humans to live on such a planet would require an abundance of technological advances that you would be free to create for yourself in the realms of your story!

Other Ways to Have Seasons

Believe it or not, axial tilt is not the only way to have seasons! According to Kepler’s Laws, planets travel in an elliptical orbit, which means it does not have to be perfectly circular. If a planet had an elliptical orbit, it would mean that the seasons were caused by differences in distances to the sun! What makes this interesting, is that a planet would experience the whole season at a same time. Which would make it more similar to ice ages and then moderate summers (think Game of Thrones, here). So the planet would have similar day/night cycles like Earth but much more extreme, and maybe even longer seasons depending on the severity of the ellipse. 


Thanks for asking this question! I had such a fun time answering this. I love answering space questions. Also, tag me or send me links to your stories and fics so I can check out your science fiction in progress. 

love Blue

Markhyuck fluffy one shot ♡:

Title: long distance love

Kind: markhyuck online boyfriends long distance relationship au

Warning: words like “fuck” and “shit” said a few times also small kissing parts but not detailed so yeah almost none

Note: i am also in a long distance,online relationship rn so i’m kinda inspired by own relationship. Also i used the word “silly” as the meaning “being funny in a cute way” not in the meaning as being stupid at the part mark called donghuuck silly. Just to clear things.

Original aff link:

I wrote this for mark’s bday btw even though it’s pretty late 😅 happy birthday my baby 💙


People were saying it must be hard and it was to be honest. It was very hard. Loving someone so much but not being able to touch them, to kiss them, to hug them. It was hard seeing the love of your life’s face just from your computer screen. It was hard not being able to cuddle your other half especially when it was dead dark at night and you were cold and feeling alone. It was hard. But it wasn’t bad. And he definetely wasn’t regretting it.

Mark knew from the start that dating with someone who is miles away from him will be hard but he still said “yes” with a soft smile on his lips and loving look in his eyes when donghyuck asked if they can date. Cause he knew even though they were so far away from each other physically they were so close by the heart.

And it’s not like they weren’t communicating with each other well cause they were. They were skyping, messaging from kakaotalk, calling each other and all. Even at the most random times…

‘Can we skype ?’

'Like right now ?’

'Is it ok ?’

'Uhmm right now isn’t so okay to be honest baby’

'Oh…oh it’s ok. We can talk later.’

'Donghyuck babe i’m in bathroom right now. Do you really wanna see my face while i’m taking a dump ?’

'Oh shit’

'Yeah oh shit really *laughing emoji*’

'My stupid ass thought you didn’t wanna see me’

'First of all hyuckkie, don’t call yourself stupid, second of all there hadn’t been one single day that i didn’t wanna see your beautiful face. I would fly there and drown you with kisses and hugs if i could. God damn sometimes i just wanna ran all the way to there just to see you.’

'How the hello kitty you can get so deep while taking a shit ?’

'Cause i’m so in love with you lee donghyuck’

'Confessing while pooping oh how romantic’

'You can say whatever you want but i know you are blushing so hard right now’


'Yeah whatever just be ready’

'To what ?’

'To see my handsome face cause imma skype call you in like 5 minutes’

'Ok but make sure you washed your hands well’

'It’s not like you will be able to hold them babe’

'Still. Wash them well.’



'Love u’

'Shut up’

'U r blushing’



Yeah their relationship was a bit…playful ? Silly ? Even the first time they met was silly. They had a huge figt under a post about lee taeyong. Yes they literally met thanks to their fight about a male idol.

Booming-system-up-up reblogged tytrash’s post.

Booming-system-up-up added: uhmm maybe you would wanna give the god damn credit of the aesthetic to the person who made it ? Like idk me!!!

Tyrash added: uhmm i made this aesthetic myself. Who r u btw ?

Booming-system-up-up added: uhmm no it’s mine. I posted it like 2 months ago. And i’m lee taeyong’s number one fan. Hadn’t u see my url *shady kawaii face emoji*

Tytrash added: look darling you are wrong. I did this aesthetic myself today. And puhlease i am his number one fan. He even pecked my cheek once in a fan meeting. He called me cute. We r sailing.

Booming-system-up-up added: ugh *rolls eyes* i can’t with the liars really. Just everyone know it’s my aesthetic and this person stole it.

Tytrash added: hey stop blaming me i haven’t stole anything from anyone

Booming-system-up-up added: you did

Tytrash added: no i didnt

Booming-system-up-up added: oh yes you did

Tytrash: fucking come to dm u potato

Booming-system-up-up added: oh be ready u onion

Then they messaged each other and turned out it was all just a misunderstanding. Yes mark’s aesthetic was really similiar to donghyuck’s but there were differences and mark swore he really hadn’t see the aesthetic donghyuck made. After arguing a bit more at the end they both accepted they both were quilty and kinda became friends when mark added “btw pls check out my new friend’s aesthetic blog too. He makes great aesthetics ^-^ link: ……… "at the end of his post.

And oh boy after that was a long ass ride. Cause mark learnt a few things about donghyuck (or haechan cause that was the name donghyuck used when they introduced themselves to each other) right at the day they met. 1, donghyuck had a pretty potty mouth and kept using some words like "shit” and “fuck” pretty much, 2 he already started treating mark like a friend even from day one so mark guessed he was pretty friendly and 3, donghyuck himself was also very pretty thanks to the selfies he posted on tumblr for the #tyfansselcaday that mark saw accidently(ok maybe not so accidently)(maybe he searched the tags “selfie” on donghyuck’s blog on purpose)(just maybe)

Looking back at the old days now mark was still surprised about how he actually fell for donghyuck a long long time before confessing him but noticed it so late. He tried to remember when he started loving donghyuck that much and realized that he already started falling for donghyuck after the first week of their friendship began. Donghyuck was just so amazing. Who wouldn’t fall for him really ?

'Then i said “cash me outside how bout that ?” Lol’


'wHY ???’

'Donghyuck darling it’s like the meme of 5 months ago.’

’*sassy hair flip* do i look like a care ?’

'No you don’t really’


'Why i can imagine your proud and sassy af smile rn ?’

'Cause i do have that smile on my lips rn’

'You have nice lips tho’

'What ?’

'Uhh i mean i said your lips are nice for’
'Shit im sorry i pressed send button accidently’

'Nice for what mork ? For kissing ? *wiggling eyebrows*’


'Merk i don’t wear lipstick babe’

'Well it would look good on you’

'Cause of how nice my lips are ?’

'Lee donghyuck i STG!!!’

'Ahh messing up w u is so much fun markimoo. What would i do w/o u babe ?’

'U’d die’

'Would really die without u mork ♡’

'If this is how you are confessing your undying love to me you are so bad at it hyuckkie lol’

'Oh shit sorry i’ll be more romantic next time i swear’

'Why are you talking so seriously like you really are gonna confess me ?’

'Cause i really am gonna confess you’


'Mark ?’


'Mark i’m so sorry do you…hate me now ?’


'Yeah ?’

'Skype call me right fucking now’

'You can tell me you hate me in here mark. Please just don’t say it right to my face…’

'Donghyuck fucking skype call me so i can confess you back face to face.’

'You what ????’


'Ok ok omg i cant believe its happening holy shit’

And that was how they both confessed each other and mark had never liked the person who made skype more than he did that night. There were “i always knew you are so hopelessly in love with me” and “then why you didn’t confess me already idiot” and a few tears that their owners tried to hard to hide them and donghyuck’s snot didn’t stop leaking from his nose but to be honest that was the best night mark ever had. He just confessed to and got confessed by the boy he was “hopelessly in love with”. What better thing could happen ?



'Yes baby ?’

'Can i call you ? I know it’s late a bit late but…i need to hear your voice. I just really need to hear your voice i’m sorry.“

Mark didn’t even wasted time at sending a message to donghyuck and called him as fast as he can. He tapped on "call” button so fast that he might’ve broke his finger.

“Baby are you okay ?”

Mark heard donghyuck’s sighing in relief.

“I’m okay now”

“Something happened, love ? Tell me”

“No no i just…i missed you…so much…i know it sounds stupid cause we never met face to face or spend any time together so how can i miss you right ? But i do. And i red a post on tumblr about how long distance relationships never ends well and how it might hurt both sides. Especially if one side is silly. And i don’t want you to break up with me cause our relationship is a long distance one and i’m sure there are lots of pretty girls or boys there that you can replace me anytime and i am just a silly boy who loves you and lee taeyong with all of my silly heart. And i-”

“Donghyuck! Breathe!”

And he did. Donghyuck was literally out of breathe, panting and hearing this made mark’s heart hurt more.

“Are you calm now ?”


“Donghyuck look i…ugh okay look first of all i miss you too. So much. So so much. Super duper much. Okay ? If i had any chance, any, i would run all those miles barefoot just to see your face. I don’t know who wrote this post but they clearly don’t know our relationship. Nor how much i love you and how much you love me. You remember the day you asked if we can date ?”


“What did i say that time ?”



“"Yes. Yes we can. It will be hard probably. So hard. To keep a relationship strong with all those miles between us. But i will never give up on it. I will do my best to make this relationship perfect. And as strong as taeyong’s love for febreeze. And i know you will do the same. So i promise you right now that we will be that one couple everyone whispers about.” And then i laughed cause you were just too cheesy and too serious for something that we both didn’t know if it will work or not.“

"But it does work dosen’t it ?”

“It does…”

“Donghyuck, love, you might be silly sometimes, especially when you are sleepy and might be a little evil from time to time and might make me burn in jealousy with all your close pics with taeyong cause you are mine and only mine but it dosen’t mean i will break up with you or i will love you less. You pretty much have my whole heart and keeping it in your hands. It literally beats in your palms. How can you even think i can love someone else than you when i’m so "hopelessly” in love with you ? Please, please never thought about things like that again. I know you miss me so much and i do miss you too. So much. But i promise you. One day i’ll find a way to fly there right beside you. I’m already saving money. Please be more patient. Or else my heart will got broken. Would you want that ?“

"No” donghyuck said and sniffed

“Baby wait are you crying ?”


“Did you just screamed that you love me at 4am ?”


“Oh baby….your neighbor will really beat you up”

“I hate you!!”

“I love you too baby”

“I just wanted to hear your voice cause i was down!”

“Are you still down ?”

“……no i’m not anymore…mark”

“Yes baby ?”

“Thank you”

Mark smiled. Donghyuck and his cute, soft voice was too much for mark’s poor heart.

“No, love, thank you”

“I guess i gotta end the call now. You probably have things to do. Isnt it like 3pm in there ?”

“Yeah but most important thing ever in my life is loving you, you know hyuckkie”

“Cheesy lil ramen boy” donghyuck said and sniffed again “making me cry. Idiot.”

“You know whenever you call me "idiot"i take it as "i love you” right ?“

"I know”

Then mark asked something he thought he should ask. Just to be sure.

“Donghyuck we’re good now right ?”

“No. We’re perfect”


“Mark lee i swear to god if you keep singing that son-”






“Oh shit the neighbor is hitting on my ceiling. He’ll kill me. He’ll literally kill me mark oh my god. Save me”

“Oh opps  look at the time it’s time for me to go”


Mark laughed cause donghyuck’s voice was literally shaking.

“Nothing will happen baby don’t worry. If anyone ever lie a finger on you imma beat them with a kitchen table”

“Why kitchen table ?”

“They are stronger and harder”



“Oh the neighbor stopped”

“That’s a sign for you to go to sleep”

“Yeah. I really gotta sleep or else i’ll fall asleep on mr. Kim’s class and i don’t wanna die in school.”

“You can’t die before we get married”

“Yeah right whatever” donghyuck said in a joking tone and mark could see him rolling his eyes “imma go to bed now. Bye my ramen hair babe. Love you”

“Love you more my lil evil”


“You are a lil evil hyuck just accept it”

“No i meant it like you can’t love me more than i love you it’s impossible. Ugh just forget it. God that was cheesy”

“My cheesy lil evil”

“Mark go to sleep”

“It’s afternoon here baby”

“Then lemme go to sleep”

“I’m not holding you back babe”



“Goodnight then”

“Goodnight babe. Love you”


Donghyuck wasn’t eager for many things, he never had lots of wishes to ask from god even when he was a child. And he just wanted one single thing since he met with mark. Seeing him. Face to face. And hugging him. And kissing him. And cuddling with him. And doing all those coupley stuff.

He had been praying and asking god every single night to see mark’s face, to hold him close just once. Just once was enough for donghyuck. But maybe wishing for something that will probably never happen was silly.

“Donghyuuuck” donghyuck’s mom shouted from the living room and donghyuck shouted back

“Yes mom ?”

“You have a visitor”

“Na jaemin you are 40 minutes late. You are so dead."donghyuck said and got up from his bed.

"What the fuck made you be that late ?” Donghyuck asked when he entered the room but then froze when he saw a blonde, ramen like haired boy in front of him instead of his model like sassy bff.

“M-m-mark ?”

“I’m sorry for being late. Was dealing with some problems. But i’m home now” mark’s voice got softened when he said last sentence and he let out a sweet chuckle when donghyuck ran to him and pulled him into a tight and warm bearhug.

“Are you crying again love ?”

“Shut up. Shut the fuck up mark.” Donghyuck said into mark’s neck and sniffed “why the hell you didn’t tell me you will come ? You want me to die by a heart attack ?”

“I wanted to surprise you” mark said and pushed donghyuck gently to cup his face softly “but it worthed right ?”

Donghyuck was about to lean forward to kiss mark finally after all these waiting but a voice stopped him.

“Please don’t make out in front of me. I didn’t made you two meet to see that. Please”

“Na jaemin!”

“I’m 40 minutes late. I know.” Jaemin said and laughed “but i brang some ramen with me as my apology so we’re good right ?”

“Did you two idiots planned this together ? Really ??”

Mark looked at jaemin “awww he calls us idiots”

“He loves us”

“I know right”


“Donghyuck, darling please don’t yell. Our neighbor was pretty pissed when you yelled at 4am last week”

Donghyuck sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Dear god, is it my punishment for loving these two idiots so much ?”

“Awww he loves us so much”

“Awwww baby”

Donghyuck sighed again and just pulled mark into a soft kiss. Jaemin didn’t say anything. just smiled, watching the two lovebirds, taking some pics.

“Awww i’m such a proud mom”

“Aren’t you a proud dad ?” Jaemin’s own boyfriend asked, appearing out of blue.

“No i’m a proud mom. Donghyuck you are doing amazing sweetie”

Mark pulled donghyuck closer and donghyuck felt something pressing on his chest.

“What is that ?” Donghyuck asked when they broke the kiss.

“My surprise for you” mark said and pulled out the cd he was keeping in the pocket of his jacket

“Is that…oh my god mark…”

“Yep signed cd of lee taeyong’s newest album. Deluxe version. He even wrote a few things for you in the card inside the cd. Also there is a video of him saying he loves you and appriciates how much you love him.”

Donghyuck just pulled mark into a hug again and cried more.

“Shouldn’t you be jealous tho ?"donghyuck asked playfuly when they broke the hug, mark was still holding donghyuck’s waist.

"Why would i be when i know you’re mine ?”

“True” donghyuck said and kissed mark again, linking his arms on mark’s neck.

Donghyuck’s one and only wish came true and he had never cried that much in one single day before. He thought he would be okay with just his wish coming true but now he had more wishes. Seeing mark again. Or mark never leaving him. Going to the same university. Graduating together. And marrying in future. He chuckled in the kiss suddenly. Cause oh…how silly wishes. Donghyuck knew there was no way those wishes could come true. But even just imagining was making him happy.


“Hmm ?” Donghyuck asked while playing with mark’s hair and panting softly.

“I have another surprise for you too”

“If that’s a diamond ring you gotta keep for a while babe i’m too young and hot to get married right now” donghyuck joked and laughed and mark did too but then mark pulled a paper out of his back pocket and gave it to donghyuck. Donghyuck’s eyes got wide while reading the paper.

“W-wait t-that says you are accepted to …… university”


“It’s the one that i will study in”


“B-but it’s here. So close to my house”


“B-but how ?”

Mark pulled donghyuck towards the window and pointed at a house pretty near to donghyuck’s house.

“See that house ? That’s my new home…well mine and jaehyun and doyoung hyung’s new house. My parents didn’t let me move here alone” mark said and laughed but donghyuck was quiet.

“Donghyuck baby”

“Pinch me or punch me in the face”

“What ?”

“It’s too good to be true. I’m either dreaming or i died and woke up in heaven”

“Well i mean you are angel so that would fit”

“I’m definetely dreaming you never call me angel. Pinch me”

Donghyuck held mark’s hand up to make him pinch his arm but mark put his arms around donghyuck’s waist, pulled him close and kissed him instead of pinching him.

“I’m definetely dreaming” donghyuck said between kisses and mark said “then let’s hope we will never wake up”

Donghyuck questioned how could all of his wishes came true. But then decided not to think about it a lot. Cause if it really was a dream then he was thinking same with mark. He hoped to never wake up. If it was real then he hoped it will last forever. Cause it was just too good. And his heart had never been happier. Mark was making donghyuck’s heart happy. And it was all that mattered.

“Shit. Fuck. There is no place left in my phone to record more. Jeno! Gimme your phone!”

“Babe should we really record them kissing. I mean isn’t it a bit too extr-”

“Jeno. Your phone.”

Jeno sighed but gave his phone to jaemin anyway “whatever you want babe”


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trolling in all the best ways
( virus! cry )
trolling in all the best ways

anonymous: Hey Virus! Cry. I was wondering are you just a massive troll on the internet and just scare the shit out of people with the occasional heart attacks and tech problems that can cause bodily harm to those near. Or are you more sadistic and possibly send hitmen after random people by wiring funds and giving sadistic ways for the hitman to kill their target? I’m really curious, totally respect you either way. You’re awesome!

Well, to be perfectly honest, I fit the first description more closely than the second—I’ve never really done this out of malice, or because it’s addicting to do, it’s just plain FUN. But now that you mention it…—I have pulled the hitman trick before, and there’s nothing stopping me from rigging cars and shutting down pacemakers. A hacker WISHES he can do what I can do… And don’t think you’re safe, either. Anons are just as traceable as other users—But if you claim to respect me, then I’ll leave you alone for now.

hi guys just wanted to let you know that i’m closing up requests for now! only because i can’t write and day and sav have been p inactive and i don’t know what to do with them. 

i also deleted previously sent ships (they were like 20??) because i honestly don’t even know whether whoever originally sent them would see them? these have been in the inbox for about seven years now lmao. sooo ships are gonna be opened up again though and so are hc ideas ! (also if you were to send in  a ship please mention your sexuality too! i never know whether i can include females too) have fun guys ! 

anonymous asked:

Bechloe prompt: Where Beca is lowkey hoarding an item [of your choice] and Chloe is stressed by it and yeah, tension!!

Gotta love me a prompt! :)

Here’s what I came up with.

‘Hazardous’ Headphones:

Beca Mitchell was becoming a problem within The Bella’s Dorm, to the point that having her around was almost hazardous. Okay, Chloe exaggerated the problem, there was no actual real danger. But of course, Chloe saw the worst in the situation and insisted that the girls could hurt themselves. And if they did that it’d be the end of everything that was right in the world because they’d be unable to perform for The Worlds.

Everywhere you looked there was Beats By Dre headphones. Beca didn’t see it as an issue, she was a collector, that’s all there was to it. But Chloe had reached her limit. So she prepared to address the ‘Hazardous Headphones issue’.

As Chloe walked into the living room carrying 3 different pairs of Beats, a type of murderous vibe filled the room. “Beca.” she said shaking her head at the brunette who was sitting on the sofa. Beca pulled her Beats down to her neck where they rested on top of another pair that she was already previously wearing. “What is it Chlo?” Chloe sighed as she held the Beats out in front of her “This is getting ridiculous. We’re struggling to pay the rent on the Dorm and here you are with a million different pairs of Beats” her annoyance was apparent in her voice.

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