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I’m re-opening traditional commissions to pay for school supplies!

General info
- Fields that I’m pretty trained at are drawing any type of girl, cute shippy art and watercolour. I’ll gladly draw you anything else, including fanart, gore, nsfw, and all types of creatures besides humans (animals, aliens, monsters).
- I’ll draw nsfw commissions as long as I can agree on the overall subject. If not, I will simply say no, please respect my decisions.
- The commission will be full body (unless you ask for something else) and beside a tumblr upload, you will get the original file by mail.
- Payment goes trough my paypal, here are some handy links regarding the payment itself and privacy.

Send me a fanmail or mail if you’re interested!

And for those who take the time to like this, please also consider reblogging and sharing it! It would mean a lot to me if you did (:
lots of love, Tosca

vaaters  asked:

OKAY LADY REDUNDANT WOMAN HAS LEFT BUT NOW DOCTOR TWO-BRAINS HAS COME AFTER YOU!? ((also do you buy these episodes or find them online somwhere .w.))

(also i find them online, send me a fanmail and i will link you to it)

Let me know if you think one of these should be different. I know they could be a bit better but I was kind of rushing while I was making them. I am trying to get caught up on requests. but i am not complaining i love getting requests and i am actually almost completely caught up now


(click/right click to enlarge)

If you are looking for exo prints, I will only be taking preorders!
I won’t sell them to the public cause it is an anime event and I am limited in table space.
I can print anything from my “fanart” tag from digital to traditional :)!
Just send me a fanmail of the links the prints that you want~
Price for each print will be RM8 each :3!
Buy 3 get 1 free :D! 
(Only for Malaysian buyers)

[This booth will also be selling haikyuu bookmarks and prints. »Samples here.«]


so the MCM expo was an absolute blast, and while it’s hard to pin down what my favourite part of it was the meet up on Sunday has to come close, especially due to meeting my very first RGB cosplayer in the flesh! It was such a wonderful outfit, the creator is owl-in-a-bowtie and I only wish I had hugged them more ;w;

Everyone was super and wonderful and so kind, I even got a gift of a beautiful drawing of RGB which I will scan/photo and post tomorrow but for now I’m going to go and fall into a coma with a cup of camomile tea.

(p.s. If anyone sees any more photos of my cosplays floating about on the internet do let me know by tagging it with modmad/send me a link in a submission or fanmail message!)



I have a quest for you. Find me a stuffed animal pattern. I’m going to be making a LIFE SIZE VAPOREON PLUSHIE!!! (I have not made many before but I’m gonna do it because I need one and I’m too poor to commission one.) And I need a pattern for it’s head!! Body pattern is easier to make/find patterns for but I am helpless at heads. It could be off a bear or idk a cat or something? But I need the pattern for a head that looks like a vaporeon head! Whoever finds me the pattern that I will use WILL RECEIVE MY TEST PLUSHIE!!! It will be smaller and may have errors but I will need to do a small version to make sure it looks good so you will get that! Send any possible patterns to my submit or send me the link in a fanmail! Goodl luck and thank you to any applicants!! I’ll pay for shipping of course. Thank youuu! (It would be nice if you could spread this around too :) )


Hello everyone! This is the ‘official’ ZelAme Week announcement post.

ZelAme Week is be a relaxed fanwork event for fans of the pairing Zelgadis Greywords and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune from The Slayers.

The event runs for seven days, and each day has a different theme that you can complete fanworks for. There is no limit to the amount of fanworks you can create for each theme!

While you are allowed to post fanworks for themes late, posting your fanwork on the DAY OF the theme enters you in a raffle for a ZelAme related prize. You can be entered in the raffle up to seven times, one for each day. I am not picky about time zones. As long as it is still the correct date somewhere on this planet, then you’re fine.


Fanfiction, fanart, comics, AMVs, graphics, cosplay, you name it. As long as it fits the theme, it’s fair game. The only requirement here is that fanworks must be new; as in they can’t have been posted anywhere else before this (so if you have an old fic you haven’t posted yet, that’s fine, but if you have a piece of art you posted last year, that’s not acceptable).

Fanwork should involve Zelgadis and Amelia and have some focus on their relationship. Your submissions can run the gamut from friendshippy to sexy, and that’s all okay. Other pairings and characters can be featured in your fanwork, but the primary focus should be on Zelgadis and Amelia. That being said, a fic that is, for example, mostly Lina and Amelia, but they’re talking about Zel and Amelia’s relationship would be fine. Just use discretion and ask if you have any questions!

Fanworks should fit the theme, but feel free to be creative in your interpretation (for example ‘Disney’ does not have to involve a literal Disney film but could involve a play on Disney concepts, i.e. a story based on some lyrics from a Disney song).

Since this is a laid back event, there’s no minimum or maximum word limit for fanfiction. For fanart, both sketches and full color images are welcome.


ZelAme Week begins TUESDAY JULY 7TH, which is about a week and a half from now. This gives you some time to get yourself in gear, get the event pimped out, and maybe even complete some fanworks and have them ready to post.

  • July 7th- Romantic Cliches
  • July 8th- Crashing the Wedding
  • July 9th- Disney
  • July 10th- Chivalry
  • July 11th- Crossover
  • July 12th- Period Piece*
  • July 13th- Sealed with a Kiss

*Both ‘Roaring Twenties’ and ‘Victorian Era’ placed in the top seven in our theme poll, so I decided to combine them into one theme due to their similarities. I’m calling the theme ‘period piece’, and it will be open to any era you wish (whether canonverse or AU). If you really wanted to do both  ‘Roaring Twenties’ and ‘Victorian Era’ you are of course welcome to contribute more than one fanwork on that day!


There are two ways you can post your fanworks. You may either submit them directly to this tumblr, or you can post them on your own tumblr and I will reblog them to this one. If you choose to submit do so HERE. If you choose to post it on your own tumblr, just make sure you tag it with ‘zelame week’ so I can find it. I will be tracking that tag. It must be one of the first five tags on the post or tumblr’s tracking system won’t catch it. If I miss your fanwork somehow, just send a link to me via submit or fanmail and I’ll reblog it.

Please use the following posting format to keep things consistent.

Fanart, Fancomics, AMVs, Cosplay, all visual mediums:

  • Pairing(s): (If it’s just Zelame, you don’t need to list this)
  • Rating/Warnings:
  • Link: (If it’s not being posted directly to tumblr)


  • Title:
  • Genre:
  • Pairing(s): (If it’s just Zelame, you don’t need to list this)
  • Rating/Warnings:
  • Summary:
  • Link: (If it’s not being posted directly to tumblr)

It doesn’t need to be in the exact order I have it above, but please make sure all the info is present.

Lastly, please pimp us out! I want as many fans to know about this event as possible. I will be linking it on livejournal, but I don’t, for example, have a presence on deviantart so if you have friends that are fans of the ship over there, do let them know about us. And feel free to reblog and link people to THIS post.

See you all next week!

Peace, love, and SLAYERS,

- accioharo

Mina’s Monday Recs

Hi again! This is my second week of recs. Just to be clear, the focus will always be Olicity, but I’m always going to include any other Flarrow things too. And while most of my recs are fanfiction, I will also include other fanworks – fanvids, tag fics, gifsets, graphics – too. I hope you like what I’ve chosen this week :)

Jealous kiss prompt by absentlyabbie (Toliver) - ahhhhh, jealous!Oliver is seriously my favourite. I love seeing pre-island Oliver in fanfic, and it has always been part of my headcanon that he has shared at least one kiss with Tommy at some point. :D I love the boyishness, the inexperience on Oliver’s part, his jealousy. So beautifully done.

Hanging Pictures by hopedreamlovepray (Olicity) - I love how the author incorporates things Emily and Stephen have shared about Olicity lately - about them moving in together, the photo of them hiking, the fact that Felicity at least is getting kind of restless and misses her life in Team Arrow. This fic has a really lovely, quiet, understated sexiness to it as well, and you can feel the familiarity between them and the intimacy, too. 

Hiking is Stupid by machawicket (Olicity) - this is one of my favourite fics ever. I had no idea what Olicity-spotting was, and this was such a great fic, perfectly capturing the moment in the picture Stephen shared recently. I love the unique and fresh perspective on Olicity from an outsider’s view, especially how adorable and shy and cute they both seem. And my favourite thing is the fact that her seeing Oliver and Felicity kind of gives Gemma, the outsider looking in, a completely new perspective on romance and happiness and love, which makes this fic all the more beautiful. 

Ceci n’est pas un conte (NSFW) by susannahmccormick (Olicity) - duuuuuuude. This kind of fic sometimes makes me question everything – in the best way possible. The way this author has with words never fails to astound me. I love this fic – it’s hot and sensual and so incredibly intimate, while also kind of angsty but also, in another way, ultimately a hopeful fic. I adore road trip fics, and I love this one because I can really see Oliver getting closure, in a truly beautiful way, from all his emotional baggage.

Just Oliver (NSFW) by dettiot (Olicity) - I will never get enough of 3x20 fics, especially when they’re from Oliver’s POV. This was so hot and is one of my favourite fuckening fics (and believe me, I’ve read a lot of them, lol) ever, and I have wanted to rec it since forever. I love how Oliver is finally able to part with his masks and realises that he doesn’t need them that just being Oliver was enough.

we’re born with millions of little lights shining in our hearts (they’ll all burn out one day) by emiliebett (Olicity) - this is such a gorgeously poetic story and another road trip fic favourite of mine. I can’t get the image of Oliver and Felicity just lying on the hood of that fucking Porsche looking at the stars out of my head, and oh boy, it is a lovely image. And, of course, Oliver is his usual soppy self, hehe.

There’s also this gorgeous tag fic (NSFW) by effie214 (Olicity) - HOT DAMN THIS IS PERFECT. Also set during the road trip, this is just pure poetry, sinceriously, so lush and sensuous and gorgeous. I love the idea of Oliver being nervous about going down on Felicity and just getting lost in her. *shivers*

That’s it for fics. :D Additionally, I found this wonderful graphic by kawusia25 featuring Oliver, Barry, Laurel, Thea, Roy, Felicity and Diggle with the lyrics from Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Such a fitting song and amazing colouring. <3

Then there’s this lovely graphic by the ridiculously talented fe-li-ci-ty​ which shows Oliver Queen’s evolution into the Green Arrow. I love the different stages - from the Hood to the Arrow to al-Saheem to, finally, the Green Arrow.

In honour of Emily Bett Rickards’ birthday, there was also a fabulous tribute to some of my queen’s funniest moments by menna essam. Emily is honestly so adorable and fun-loving, not to mention absolutely beautiful, so this was a joy to watch.

Additionally, vigilantelawyers​ did a gorgeous tribute to the gorgeous Katie Cassidy. Her smile is just so infectious and lovely, and I believe this video was done to honour her award for portraying alcoholism on TV. It was so well-deserved, because it was actually one of my favourite storylines for Laurel and she did an amazing job with the material she was given. Not to mention Katie Cassidy is just a wonderful ray of sunshine. <3

Lastly, there was a really insightful and beautiful video about Oliver’s journey as a hero by PoupaKG. What an amazing homage to Oliver Queen’s heroism and character growth. And it’s set to one of my favourite songs - Flares by the Script. I am a sucker for well-chosen voiceovers, especially when they talk about Oliver’s loneliness and how he has to overcome his demons to finally become a hero. And this is what I love about Arrow as an origin story- that focus on identity. It is just beautiful to watch that journey unfold.

That’s it from me this week! :) Please try and leave a comment in a reblog or directly on AO3 or YouTube. All the above people are incredibly talented, and I’m sure they would love to hear your comments and thoughts about their work. 

Also, though I can’t guarantee anything (tumblr doesn’t always notify me when someone tags me, for some reason), by all means tag me in your work if you want me to signal boost it, either in a reblog or in my weekly rec list. Provided it’s canon (I’m just not a big fan of AUs) and features a pairing/character I like, I am all for it. :D (And if we’re mutuals and you haven’t got a response from me, you also can send me the link through fanmail.)

Recs from last week

My fics

See you next week! (I’m posting a little earlier because I’ll be busier this week, but my recs will always be around this time every week.)

Sing with me as Elphaba! Record yourself (video or audio is fine) singing along, post it, tag me (or send me a link via fanmail), and I’ll feature it on the blog :D

The version with me singing Elphaba where you can sing along as Glinda will go up tomorrow because I hit Tumblr’s daily video limit.

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Discontinuing blog

This blog is being shut down in a week. I’ve found that I spend more time on my porn blog than this one simply because my dash is clogged with close-minded people. I need a blog without all the social justice so that I can get a better handle on my anxiety and depression. If you wish to continue following me or want to talk to me for some reason, I will be making a new blog, just send me an ask or fanmail if you want a link to follow there. This message is going to be queued to post once an hour. When my queue is empty, this blog will no longer exist. 

Oh boy, have I got news for you friend

if another hoe send me fanmail asking me to click on a link or give a bitch some money, i swear to fucking god 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Hey, followers

I just wanted to say, if any of my followers participating in #blackout day tomorrow want me to reblog their selfies, just submit a link or send me a fanmail or something to let me know about it! Thanks.

And, for my white followers, if you’re planning to post selfies in the #blackout or #whiteout tags, please follow this simple three step process:

  • Don’t.
  • Step away from the internet and take some time to understand why you’re being so childish.
  • Unfollow me.


As you may know, I’m retiring from The Sims 3. And as one last thing to do, I’d like to ask you for something! I’ve decided that my last creations will be requested by you.

How? Just send me one link to my inbox (use fanmail, otherwise it won’t work) and I will select three of all the requests to start working!
You have time from June 26th to July 3rd to send me one piece of clothing you’d want me to create for you. It can be a dress, a top, a bottom, shoes, either for females or males (only teen-to-elder ages)

This is my modest way to say thank you for being besides me all these years, and my hope to be around more time with you!


Reminder: I’m always on the lookout for poc + black people in Science/STEM articles, posts, or even well written pieces/ opinion pieces to feature on to #Science. So if you’ve seen such articles and think it’s not already featured please send me a link to it via fanmail so I can check it out and feature it if I have any features left or the article meets the guidelines. The importance of doing this is there are not a lot of editors in the Science section who are actively representing poc in science (many do it once in a blue moon to meet their representation quotas among their white supremacist science) so we can make a slight difference by pointing to the articles floating around that deserve some recognition in the science tag. You never know what article featuring a poc you shared was the one that incited some little kid who’s hardly represented the desire and passion to do the science necessary for a better future.

Send me your rescue stories!

Did you adopt a bird? Tell me about it! All you gotta do is this:

  • This is specifically for those who adopted/rescued a bird. So no stories of buying one. This is NOT about getting into the politics of if that’s wrong, I’m just looking for stories of birds that were given second chances. This may not always mean a rescue. If you gave a bird a second chance, tell me about it! 
  • Make a post! I’d rather do reblogs than submissions, as I’ve always found the submission format a little odd. Make a post telling me about your bird and their story. 
  • Include a picture! 
  • Tag me! So tagging is a little weird, and I’ve realized that when you guys tag me in something, I don’t always get it. So from now on, if you tag me in something for this or otherwise, do the @ tag thing within the post, tag me in the actual tags, and send me a fanmail with a link to the post if you think I might not have got it or you just want an extra guarantee. 
  • I will reblog rescue stories here and they will be tagged “second feathers” (if you wanna also tag your post with “second feathers” that would help. 
  • If there’s a lot, I’m gonna space them out, so I may not reblog yours right away. I just don’t want to bombard followers with it. 
  • This will be ongoing! So if you have adopted multiple birds, make a post about each one! Reblog this! Spread the word and help me collect happy stories. 
Same Prompt Fic Party- Summer 2016


I quit doing the monthly prompt parties September of last year, but there was so call and request to bring them back on at least a smaller schedule, so here we are. Did you miss me? Be honest (Never be honest) 

There are a lot more of you here than when I stopped doing these, and I HOPE some of you are here for the Harumichi as well as my sparkling wit, and so I formally invite you to join our same prompt fic party!

Our prompt for this party is: 

Everything I had to sacrifice

Take it in all sorts of directions–AUs, whatever. As long as it’s from the prompt, it’s all good. 

Everything’s gotta be RULES RULES RULES

  • Fics, art, whatever always welcomed and encouraged
  • Post to your blog and then send your link to me in an ask, submission, or fanmail, IF YOU DON’T DO THIS I’M UNLIKELY TO SEE IT
  • Has to use the prompt and include a strong Harumichi element
  • Entries are due June 18th at 6:00 pm Mountain time 
  • Word limit for fics is 10k (Doc, why is there a limit? Because I hold myself accountable to read every fic that comes in for this)
  • I will assemble these into a glorious masterpost 
  • If you have any questions let me know!

It’s been a long time, so I’m hoping some of you will be revitalized by this. JOIN US. 

hello! i thought i would like to clear some things up about submissions since i don’t think everyone goes out of their way to read the submission guidelines (which you should do, just sayin’)

  • the dog you are submitting must be your dog or a dog you’ve actually encountered in real life. a submission of a dog that’s clearly not yours will not be submitted (the same people have been sending be submissions of maple, marnie, and over “vine famous” dogs)
  • in light of recent events, your submissions must be of a dog. i feel extremely silly for having let that cat picture slide, but thanks for everyone who let me know! 😅
  • links aren’t accepted as submissions, so sending me a fanmail that includes links to your vine/instagram account is not a submission and won’t be taken into consideration
  • please understand that i get many new submissions per day, so i ask that you be patient when waiting for your pup to be posted. submitting the same post an excessive amount of times counts as spam and so it won’t be posted (this excludes that glitch that submits the same post 2-3 times in a row)
  • users who spam will be blocked. i apologize but it is necessary
  • if you want to know if i received your submission, simply ask me!

on a side note, please do not ask me to promote your social media accounts. i do not feel comfortable going out of my way to promote something when i can’t access very much information on it, so my answer is simply no

thanks for reading! let the pup posts continue! 🐾🐩

The Tumblr App is really great

It’s so cool, honestly, it has all these neat futures and stuff. I can’t open links in fanmail that people send me so I have to open my browser and navigate to my Tumble inbox to access them, I think that’s pretty swell. Oh oh, my follower and message counts only update when I log out of the app then log back in, I think that’s a pretty swell trick too. Man, I could go on and on about the awesome features and functionality this app provides but I’d be going on forever.

Oh, if this posts 4 times, don’t worry, it’s just another feature of the app, I call it multipost. Neat stuff I tell ya, neat stuff.