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I’m gonna answer both these anons at once, because I feel that once again you’re not paying attention to what I’m saying. I don’t know if you only just read parts of my answers or if you read at all but obviously since you’re sending me this it means that I’ve not been explicit enough about what exactly bothers me in all this story.

Alright, first of all, I think I’ve been pretty open minded about all of this, because to me being open minded means accepting that other people don’t have the same opinion as me and agreeing to talk about it and debate about it. Being open minded doesn’t mean you have to change your opinion, and as you may have notice I have a very settle opinion about all of this. I don’t mind people having a different opinion from mine, I agree to disagree, but what I hate and that frustrates me to no end is when you deform what I’m saying or speculate about what I’m thinking and put words in my mouth. 

I have NEVER said that Camila was a representative of the LGBTQ+ community, never. Have I wish for it? Damn right I did - but that’s just a wish. I have NEVER said that Camila’s silence was her way to support the Camren fandom, never. I just said that she was smart for staying silent on the subject. You can think whatever you want about that, that she’s a coward, that she’s just ass kisser with the fans or whatever, but at the end of the day she’s not hurting anybody, knowingly or unknowingly, and that to me is what matters.

I have NEVER said that Lauren wasn’t an LGBTQ+ representative, I’ve been saying the exact contrary, I think she IS a representative. I know some of you guys are gonna say “who are you to decide this for her? Maybe she doesn’t want it” And you’re right maybe she doesn’t want it, maybe the label is pushing this on her, maybe, maybe, maybe…. but whether she likes it or not, whether she chose it or not, she is. Because she publicly proclaimed herself a “proud american-cuban bisexual woman” in a powerful letter, because she talked about her experience of having to deal with her sexuality, because she made a freaking wlw song with Halsey… she did all those wonderful things and now a lot of people are looking up to her for it. 

She is a representative, and yesterday she forgot that. Yesterday she made the mistake of once again pointing the finger and generalizing, putting all the hate she’s getting on the Camren fandom, once again pointing to the negativity instead of making it something positive. I get that she’s 21, she’s human, she struggled a lot to accept herself and she’s Lauren, we know she’s a hot head, impulsive, but that doesn’t excuse everything. She made that mistake not once, but twice. I know her relationship with the Camren fandom has always been a very problematic one, understandably, but she needs to put it to rest. She publicly denied Camren, it’s done. Of course a lot of haters are still gonna use it against her, but she needs to let it go, they’re always gonna be there, always, and there’s nothing she can do to about it. I just want her to try to see the positive side of all of this instead of getting so stuck on her anger.

“don’t mistake Lauren’s disregard of a singular ship as indicative of denying her innate representation. “Camren” is NOT the measuring stick of Lauren’s advocacy for LGBTQ“

In a way it is, because Lauren doesn’t try to understand the deeper meaning of Camren, she doesn’t try to understand what shipping is and what it means to people. Once again, I’m not taking away all the awesome things she’s done for the community, I just think she still has A LOT to learn.

I know that maybe I’m being a too hard on Lauren, maybe I’m expecting too much of her. And at the end of the day I’m not mad, just very disappointed. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been part of the fandom world for so long and I’ve witnessed how important it is for people, whether it’s fictional characters or not, because I’ve measured the impact that a ship and the representation and hope it carries has on people’s lives. The first example that comes to my mind is Clexa and the entire “bury your gays” movement - Clexa was fictional and yet it helped and moved so many people - when they killed off the character people were truly deeply hurt and revolted. Just like right now ships like Cophine or Wayhaught are making a difference in people’s lives, because the actresses portraying them embrace completely those ships, they use it to bring out positivity, and acceptance and support. Even if the actresses get shipped together in real life, it’s okay, because they understand how important it is. 

I know I’ve deviated from our main subject, which is Lauren, but all of this was to say that you can’t underestimate the importance of shipping, you can’t set it aside, you can’t pretend it’s a simple sexualization when really it’s SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

I just wish Lauren would be able to see that, to understand it, and use that knowledge to spread support and positivity. An open letter is great, a song is great, but the truth is, most young LGBTQ+ people spend hours on tumblr and on netflix shipping, it’s what we do, it’s the way our generation found to create its own representation in a world that lacks so much of it. I think Lauren would have 100x more impact on her young LGBTQ+ fans if she embraced shipping than with any song or letter. 

Once again, none of what I’m saying comes from a place of hate - I love Lauren, but even the people you love can disappoint you. Now I’m just really hoping that in the future her views on Camren will change, that she’ll stop carrying all this anger towards it, that she’ll try to have some perspective. I know it might take a while, because all of this hurt her for years, but maybe if she saw all the good it did, and still does, then maybe she would find a way to let it go. 

Whether or not Camren is real is not the issue here, it’s what it represents that matters.

Eliza is jealous

*Eliza Schuyler x reader
*Word count: 1443

Summary: Eliza gets jealous over all of the things the hamilsquad makes Y/n do and she eventually ends up getting really possessive and angry and admits her feelings to her and kisses her in front of everyONE — it gets wild

Request: Hey I so that requests are open so… prompt: eliza x reader bffs and secretly in love. Hamilsquad wants eliza to confess her feelings so they keep putting the reader in situations that make eliza very very jealous till gets fed up at some point and confesses her love. Thank you in advance and I loved your last eliza x reader fic!!! - Anon

A/N: You guys are awesome! Thank you for sending me requests and helping me not be totally bored while I’m sick, love you guysss :) requests are open!

Warnings: cursing, fluff, kissing…? Idk

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“Eliza? Elizaaa? Ugh, Eliza, pay attention to us.” Those words made Eliza jump out of her seat and turn to her group of friends, frowning impatiently. “What?” She whined, looking at each of her friends before turning her gaze down to her cup of coffee.

The group laughed, Alex not being afraid to speak up, “so, when are you gonna confess your feelings to our dear Y/n?” Eliza’s head shot up, her eyes narrowing at Alexander, yet his smirk never faded, Eliza was never that threatening anyways, no matter how much she tried.

“Shut. Up. Alexander.” Eliza seethed, her face turning completely pink when she realized Y/n was nearby and could’ve heard the entire conversation. “Alexander, if she heard anything you just said, so help me…” She trailed off, narrowing her eyes at the smirking boy, the boyish grin never leaving his face as he watched Y/n walk up towards the table.

“Y/n, hey!” John smiled, motioning for Y/n to sit down between him and Eliza, which she did. Eliza closed her eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down before reopening them and turning to smile at her best friend, as if the conversation between her and Alex never happened.

Y/n also turned to Eliza, smiling at her sweetly. “Hey ‘Liza,” Y/n grinned, leaning her head on Eliza’s shoulder. Eliza counted to ten mentally, begging herself not to do something she’d desperately regret.

“Hey y/n/n,” Eliza whispered, hugging her back before pulling away suddenly, causing Y/n to frown a bit but shake it off, smiling at her group of friends. “Hey,” Peggy began, “I think we should go clubbing tonight. This week has been sooo stressful,” she groaned, rubbing her temples to help prove how stressful the week has been, making the group laugh and nod in agreement.

“I’m down.” Y/n shrugged, nodding her head in agreement.

The rest of the table after that was filled with multiple voices yelling out “same.” Peggy grinned, her eyes on Y/n and Eliza the entire time, and Eliza frowned, she knew something was going to happen whenever Peggy smiled like that.

“Great! Let’s all meet her at 6:30 sharp,” Peggy stated curtly, getting up and motioning for the rest of the girls to follow suit so they could get ready. “Y/n, I have this perfect dress for you, it’ll make your ass look great and definitely get you laid tonight.” Angelica winked, causing Y/n to blush and Eliza’s face to light up in fury at the thought of someone else with Y/n.

And of course, everyone except Y/n noticed her reaction to Angelica’s statement. 

Time skipped to 6:10, all the girls had finished dressing up and adding small finishing touches to their looks. And it’d be a lie if Eliza said Y/n didn’t look amazing in her dress.

The dress definitely hugged her curves perfectly, the heels made her legs look like they could go on for miles, and her hair and makeup was done to perfection. Eliza winced, trying to get the thoughts of how beautiful she was out of her head.

Oh, who was she kidding? There was no way that was possible.

When 6:30 finally arrived, everyone was already there, buzzing with excitement to able to let loose and ready go. “Wow,” Maria whistled, taking in Y/n’s appearance and winking, taking her hand in hers. “You look great,” she smirked, noticing Y/n’s blush and Eliza fuming behind the two.

Maria was definitely aware of Eliza’s very obvious crush on Y/n… Well, everyone was except Y/n.

Once you all finally arrived, Alex and Laf wrapped their arms around Y/n, whistling and gawking at her appearance making Eliza flush red and try and steady her breathing, knowing that Y/n would never fall for their teasing, yet it still annoyed her to the extreme.

“Oh shut up, Laf,” Y/n snorted, laughing as she moved Lafayette’s arm away from her and walked forward, immediately showing her ID off to the bouncer so she could get in, cheering when she caught sight of the bar making the entire group laugh and follow along.

“Give me a Sex on the Beach,” Y/n said, looking by her side to wink at a flushing Eliza and a smirking John Laurens. Y/n laughed, tossing her head back at Eliza’s reaction before turning back to the bartender, paying for the drink.

Once her drink arrived, she happily took it, thanking the bartender and sipping the drink, letting out a content sigh at the drink, Y/n then felt a tap on the shoulder, turning around to see some random - yet hot - man smirking down at her, “hey gorgeous, wanna dance?” Y/n bit back an obnoxious snort at the line the man used, only deciding to nod her head, despite Eliza slowly shaking her head, mouthing ‘no’ as Y/n took the man’s hand and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor.

Eliza let out a frustrated groan, blowing a loose strand of hair out of her eyes as she watched the two dance together, trying to ignore the obnoxious laughter behind her. She turned around finally, looking at her group of friends laughing over the events taking place. “Well this definitely wasn’t planned,” Angelica admitted honestly once she finally got over her laughter, the rest of the group nodding in agreement.

Peggy smirked and turned her head in the direction of Y/n and the stranger, eyes widening as she let out a low whistle. “Damn,” was all she said, causing the rest of the group to turn, and eventually, the guys starting hooting and hollering: “gO Y/N!”

That’s it. Eliza thought bitterly, standing up out of her chair and walking up to them, despite the warnings to get back to the booth and grabbed Y/n from the man’s grip, turning her to her direction and pressing her lips firmly to Y/n’s, Y/n not moving for a second only to respond seconds later, wrapping her arms around Eliza’s neck, ignoring the pouting stranger who eventually walked off.

The kiss continued before Y/n eventually pulled away, letting out a soft gasp for air, “E-Eliza… What the hell was that.” She exclaimed, looking at Eliza with wide eyes. Eliza blushed, looking down and shrugging, feeling all anger and confidence fade, now all she felt was embarrassment.

“I-I…” She groaned, feeling frustrated with herself as she looked at Y/n, her brown eyes staring into Y/n’s eyes. “Screw it.” She decided, shaking her head as she took a deep breath, preparing for what she was about to say. “Y/n, I’ve loved you since we first met our first year of college.” She paused, before continuing again. “And I could definitely love you more than that idiot ever could.” She muttered bitterly, before looking to see Y/n’s reaction. Y/n’s eyes widened, and Eliza saw an emotion in her eyes she never thought she’d ever see in Y/n’s eyes, love.

“God dammit Eliza,” she breathed, a breathless smile appearing on her features. “Why didn’t you tell me before? Who knows how long I’ve loved you.” Eliza smiled, pulling her closer to kiss her once more, smiling into the kiss when Y/n reciprocated immediately. When they finally pulled away, they remembered their friends, who were probably cheering as loud as they could and filming everything that was happened. Y/n laughed and rolled her eyes when Peggy and Hercules high fived, exclaiming that their plan worked.

“Ya know…” Y/n trailed off, smirking cheekily as she took Eliza’s hand in hers, “you’re pretty hot when you get jealous.” She winked, causing Eliza to blush and slap her playfully.

“You’re lucky I love you.”

“Mhm I sure am.”


We have reached 900! Well, technically speaking we reached 900 about four days ago but I’ve just gotten around to making this milestone post for it. I’m writing it in notes and pasting it into Tumblr so it keeps my spacing, since tumblr mobile likes to fuck everything up and make it hard to read. I’m still taking requests on what to do for 1K by the way, if any of you have ideas. Nevertheless, thank you guys so much for sticking around, it makes this whole experience so worth it. As per usual, I’d like to thank some people for being awesome.

@luminatrix: Thank you for being an absolutely amazing friend. I hope things improve for you, no one deserves happiness more.

@robaroo72: Even though I don’t talk to you as much as I want to, I still consider you one of my closest internet friends and an all around cool peepo. Hope University is still going well!

@markired: You’re one of my biggest inspirations as I’ve said so many times before, and I’d like to thank you for putting up with all the asks I send you all the time. XD

@hufflepufftrax , @fear-is-nameless @mysteriousdogduo, and anyone else who likes my fics: Thank you so much for the support. It’s you guys that are giving me the inspiration to finish part 2 and continue writing in the first place.

@nenyathecat: That video you made for me legit made my entire life, my best friend sometimes puts it on when I’m not paying attention because she knows how happy it makes me. Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm.

@monochromemedic, @markiplitesaway, @nenyathecat and a handful of anons: Thank you guys for giving me support yesterday. It was not a good day for me as you could probably guess, but you guys really made me feel a lot better. After a long nights sleep and some Mac and cheese, I think I’m feeling ok, but it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly without you guys. Thank you so much.

With that out of the way, here’s some other blogs that I love/that inspire me that you should really check out.

@magic-marvin-protection-patrol @anti-support-group @freeshifreeshi @markiplitessepticeyes @marielgum

I have more but as you guys know by now I have the memory of a goldfish on meth. You guys all mean the world to me, so if you didn’t get tagged just chalk it up to my god awful memory. I would never leave someone out out of malicious intent, you know that. Once again, thank you all for 900! May there be many more edits and milestones to come!

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V for L maybe?? ^_^ :3 ❤️❤️

hey, anon! making me write V fluff, bless you💛

hope you like it!

send me a character + letter for a mini fic!

[ L. A stolen kiss ]

MC was watching Jihyun in the kitchen, though they were in the living room with the others. There was a conversation going on that they weren’t paying attention to - something about cats, most likely. Why didn’t the RFA ever stop talking about them? Anyways, MC shifted their attention from that a while ago to just watch him. Ever since he got the surgery, he had been making the best of it. 

Right now, he was gathering snacks for all of them so they could watch a movie. He set up a little bowl of popcorn, pretzels, and was currently pouring another one with candy. “You could go over there, you know.” A voice said in their ear, making MC glance over. Saeyoung looked at them with a knowing smile. “Everyone knows you’ve been staring at him for almost ten minutes.” A small blush filled MC’s cheeks when they looked around and saw the others with knowing looks of their own. “Do it, you know you want to~” Saeyoung teased. “Shut up-” MC said, but started getting up anyways. “Yoosung owes me five!” Saeyoung grinned, pointing at the other boy. “Not yet, idiot!” 

MC didn’t want to know. They went over to the kitchen, tapping Jihyun’s shoulder. He looked up at them just as he finished filling the bowl. “Hello MC, am I taking too long?” “Oh no! I was just here to offer help.” They said. Jihyun smiled, “Kidding, but sure! There’s only one more thing I need, you could help me with that…?” “Sure thing, Jihyun.”

The two of them went to the cabinet, Jihyun wanting to get jelly beans. MC went to get them while he put the candy back. “So, what was that about Yoosung owing Saeyoung five?” MC almost dropped the box next to the jelly beans when they heard that. “You know- I’m not sure.” They said. “Was it about you coming to help me?” He walked over to them, grabbing the jelly beans while they put back the box. “That would be too much, even for Saeyoung.” Jihyun laughed, “You got a point. But then what would it be about?” MC shrugged, “Probably something ridiculous. They once bet over what brand of rice was cheaper.” “And you coming to help me is too much?” He asked with a smile that might as well be a smirk. MC almost blushed, but did their best to hide it. Well…as best they could with him standing literally right in front of them, in the middle of a pantry. 

“I might have an idea of what it is, actually.” Jihyun said, looking over towards the living room. The others couldn’t see them, they both knew that, but it gave MC an opportunity to stop blushing. “Oh? What’s your idea?” Jihyun glanced back at them and quickly leaned in, placing a kiss on MC’s lips. MC didn’t even register it until he pulled away and started walking out with the jelly beans. “Yoosung, you do owe Saeyoung that five.” He called out to the others. MC quickly followed after him and right as Yoosung said, “Excuse me? None of us saw that, and I don’t trust you!” MC grabbed him, turned him around, and kissed him again. A full kiss this time.

reasons I like this place

This is really long and I don’t care, I wanted to say nice things today.

@my-name-is-fireheart was my first real tumblr friend and she is hella smart and I love how she can be that and sassy, and she can also take criticism in stride and tries to learn from that, even if people still insist on being jerks and acting like she is being unreasonable. Which she isn’t.

@illyriantremors is one of my fave fic writers and also one of the nicest people on tumblr dot com, not just because she is nice in general but we can say really petty shit to each other about different things and it’s A-OK, which is really great. Also she live-yells at me sometimes when reading my fics or listening to the podcast and it’s HILARIOUS. And she always notices when I seem to be having a hard time and we just are good at supporting each other, I think. Also, The Good Ship Moriel ftw.

@nightinsurgent is great because she loves animals (she basically owns them all at this point) and is really passionate about people being treated kindly in fic/books and in real life, and I can’t wait for her abuse post because it will be great seeing a different perspective on it.

@sarahviehmann is also hella smart and I can’t wait for everyone to hear our podcasts with her on fairy tale retellings, fanfiction, and her author talk. She is always really conscientious about how she interacts with people, which I appreciate.

@aelinsassryvergalathynius has been really sweet since the beginning of my moriel ranting days and sends me really interesting thoughts and posts and I really appreciate it.

@blxckbeak has also been around for a while (keeping in mind a while for me is a couple of months, I haven’t been in the fandom that long), and she makes awesome edits that go with my fics and leaves me lovely comments and she let’s me ask her questions about Nesta when I’m writing.

@acourtofstarsanddreams is awesome because she is Blunt af but in a hilarious, not mean way. We can also say petty shit to each other and laugh about it, and let’s be honest, we all need someone we can be petty with. Also she made my icon art of me and I will always love it.

@bkhrtn defended the hell out of me when that anon called me a bitch and that’s basically all anyone could ask for on this site, people to have your back when you need it.

@cass-ian always sends me my own posts when I seem the slightest bit upset and asks “ARE YOU OK???” which is so sweet and sorta makes me laugh bc I realize people are paying attention and maybe I’m being dramatic and ridiculous. She also has sent me and talked to me about the BEST fic ideas, and I really need to write just about all of them we have discussed.

Two of my “biggest fans” on this site (who are not included in this list already) are @study-read-repeat and @adiposesherlock and I always see you liking my posts and I really appreciate it. :)

@hollow-kingdom has been there for me, especially when I was going through the really bad part of my anxiety issues a couple of months ago, and I know my blog is “overwhelming” to her now :P but I really appreciate her caring (and also when you used to send me random anon stuff lol).

Also @kitashiwrites is an amazing writer and kind and one of the co-captains of The Good Ship Moriel, and maybe you should do a podcast with us sometime? :)

And finally, last but not least, and I saved her for last because I have ALL THE WORDS is @squaddreamcourt. I have so many brotp tags for her at this point it’s ridiculous, and tbh she combines all the things I mentioned above - she is kind and smart and a great writer and funny as hell. She likes to pretend that she is SatanTM but I know this to be objectively untrue because Satan cannot possibly have that much kindness and caring in them. If there is one person on this place I know will defend me (and people she cares about) in a second, it’s her, because she actually has a heart of gold (not like a whore), and maybe she says things to people sometimes that I told her IN CONFIDENCE but it’s totally fine bc her heart is always in the right place. Also she is incredibly insightful in ways I wouldn’t have thought of, and she has so much energy I don’t know how she does it, but this is also why I keep trying to save her from herself with these projects. I know everyone appreciates what she has done for the fandom in such a short amount of time. tl;dr she is an amazing person and I’m glad she started yelling at me on my fics on AO3.

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Didn't you promise last year TLOS 6 will be dedicated to his twu wuv Dawwen? How's that working out for ya? Same time last year I told you the last dedication will be to his readers. I also told you, and will repeat, you will never ever see anything Chris does dedicated to or featuring Dawwen. No, he's not casting him in the tlos movies. Dawwen is irrelevant to Chris. So you'll have to keep pretending FOR LIFE that one Red dedication is some sekrit message and not the clearcut parody it is LOLOL

Honestly anon. I’m concerned for you.   You must have very little in your life that is fulfilling if you have nothing better to do then send me no less than 20 messages in the past two weeks. The chin. Travel companions.  His livestream.  The awards.  This is at least the 3rd on the dedication.  

I would ask however.   If you are making it one of your life goals to send me message after message full of nonsense.   Please pay attention.  Because your messages are getting tedious.  

I conceded months ago that Darren would not be the dedication. Months.  Chris is not going to dedicate a book to his closeted partner.   He loves and respects him too much to be the person to out him when Darren is still at this time unable to tell his truth.  

And while I wish it could be different.  I know that it cannot be.   And his dedication is beautiful. 

 And to be honest anon.  I think he did find a creative way to include his man.  Only obvious to people listening to them.  Surely the string of Peter Pan references from both gentlemen is not a coincidence.  

Thanks for being my happily ever after.   Let’s never grow up together.”

Seems incredibly personal and specific to simply be directed at a group of readers.   

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😒it honestly doesn't look like it. you've said that many times but you did it with that werewolf bucky and you keep getting more of them. and i was scrolling through mermanbuckybarnes's blog and you've obviously done it with him before. stop lying. maybe that's why he won't pay attention to us that much because of you 😒you don't deserve your bucky anon.

What the hell are you on about? 😂like….what?

First off, what happened with the werewolf bucky anon was a mistake that I’ve taken responsibility for because I had no idea that it bothered my bucky anon. I saw that it bothered him and I apologized right then and there. I promised him that it’s just me and him and that’s how it has been ever since. Now, for the other anon’s who send me asks, I always let them now then and there that I only RP with my bucky anon. Always.

Now as far as mermanbuckybarnes, I have no idea why the fuck you brought him into this, but then again pulling random bullshit out of your mouth seems to be a thing you’re used to, so I’ll explain it as simple as possible.

1. I literally sent him an ask saying “Do you like being called papi chulo?” And that was like three months ago. Several weeks before I met my bucky anon and it was not RP by any means, kid. I think I sent him an ask saying I couldn’t swim as well, but that too was before I met my bucky. I haven’t RP’d with him not once. I’m sure he can confirm that shit, too.

So all that shit you just said is automatically irrelevant as fuck. Good try though.

2. Did you really scroll through months and months of RP asks just to find that one ask I sent? 😂😂😂 what is wrong with you?

3. It sounds like you’re mad about something thats completely different and personal and you’re tying just spewing bullshit out of nowhere because of it.

You need to sit down, take a breather and take that giant stick out of your ass before it gets you in anymore trouble. 😊💕

English Lessons

Thanks to the Anon for sending in this request for me to do! I had to change the story line a liiiittle because writing full blown smut about someone who is a few years younger than me really weird. So here, enjoy some semi-smut/fluff creation. Hope you like it! :)

Request:Vernon/Hansol smut where he’s trying to give sexy English lessons but instead of paying attention you both end up messing around with each other”

Humming to yourself as you walked down the street on your way to your friends’ dorm. You were meeting up with your childhood friend Vernon at the Seventeen dorm. You two had been close from the first day that you had met; you were both awkward with each other in the beginnings, and you would guess that was the reason you two managed to stick together through thick and thin. The two of you were that close that you were each other’s first kiss because what better way to get over an awkward moment than with your best friend that was just as awkward as you?

Before that day, you would have had no idea that you could possibly fall for your best friend. Unfortunately for you, you did. You thought that you had managed to keep your feelings for your best friend well, but a few of the seventeen members started to pick up on your feelings, and you were adamant that they were doing everything in their power to embarrass you or try to get you to confess, there really wasn’t an in between.

The reason for your visit to the Seventeen dorm today was that you had convinced Vernon to teach you some English. In all your years of friendship you have heard him talk English countless times; every time you were over at his house when he would talk to his mum and sister, you always felt slightly bad about the fact that you couldn’t really communicate with your best friends, who you just so happened to be in love with, mother.

Knocking on the boys’ dorm you could hear what sounded like commotion on the other side of the door before you were greeted by Joshua smiling down at you.

“Hey there (Y/N), you here for Vernon?” he asked you in Korean, letting you into their dorm.

“Yeah”, you looked around the room and couldn’t spot your friend anywhere, “Any idea where he is?”

“He’s probably up in his room, just go on up. You know where it is”. he smiled at you, “If you need anything, me and the boys will be in here”, he said pointing to the lounge room where he, Wonwoo, Mingu and Soonyoung were seated.

“Alright, thanks. Bye!”, waving to them all before making your way up the stairs to Vernon’s room.

Getting to the door of Vernon’s room you knocked three times, “Come in (Y/N)!”, making your way in.

Vernon was seated on his bed typing something quickly on his laptop before shutting the lid and turning fully to you, “English time?” he said to you in English.

Knowing you had to respond back in English as well, “Okay, Englisheu timeu”, you finished with an ‘okay’ hand symbol.

You and Vernon spent the next hour and a half going over your typical ‘hellos’, ‘how are you’s?’ and ‘goodbyes’. Why was it taking so long? You couldn’t pay attention. Having Vernon so close to you, looking so focused of doing a good job of teaching you English. You kept stuffing up the word endings, not being able to put sounds together. You didn’t know if it was frustrating you or Vernon more.

“Okay (Y/N), what’s up?” Vernon turned to you with a slightly annoyed look, “You haven’t been paying any attention. This stuff should take like, 10 minutes to learn. It’s been, what, 90 minutes!?”

“I-I’m sorry” you said looking to the ground, “Just forget the English thing, I’ll just go home”, getting up from your seated positon on the ground.

“No, (Y/N), wait”, he grabbed onto your wrist, “I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just, you’re normally really good at copying what I say in English, and it’s not working now so something must be wrong …. Something must be distracting you.”

“I can’t say-”

“Why not?”

“B-because …”


“You’re the one distracting me. I like you, okay” you mumbled, eyes meeting the ground once again.

You felt a pressure on your cheeks as Vernon brought your face up and his lips to yours. The way Vernon kissed you now was nothing like your first kiss. This one was full of love, passion … need. You felt Vernon’s hands move from your face, down past your hips, to rest on your rear before slowly walking you do his bed causing you to fall backwards with him following on top.

“I don’t think you understand how long I’ve waited to do that again”, he paused breathing down the side of your neck.

He had begun kissing your neck causing you to take a sharp intake of breath before letting out an involuntary moan pass you lips. Your hands ran through his hair as you felt him lower some body weight onto your lower half, now able to feel exactly what you had done to him.

Vernon pulled his lips from your neck to gaze into your eyes with a look of nothing but pure love, “Do you trust me?”


He had undone the button and zip of your jeans, before hooking his fingers in the belt loops beginning to pull them from your hips slowly. Your jeans were halfway down your thighs before the door was opened, both of you looking in its direction wide eyed.

The voice began before the figure was even in the room, “We heard some yelling and then it went quiet, are you guys alri-”, there stood a stunned Soonyoung staring wide eyed at he both of you while Vernon was covering you with a blanket.

“SORRY! I’M GOING!”, he whisper-yelled before getting out of the room and shutting the door.

You both looked at each other, “That was more awkward that when we first kissed”, he chuckled hovering over you kissing your nose while you pulled your jeans back up.

You giggled back, “Yeah, and at least is wasn’t Joshu-”


Vernon fell next to you, his back against the mattress, “Yeah, I think you spoke a little too soon”, he finished, both of you laughing to each other as the door slammed open.

anonymous asked:

For someone who says she's being harassed by these girls, you seem to talk poorly and attack them on your blog daily. 🤔 Whos fixated on who at this point? Why are you checking your bfs exs social media? Why are you always talking about your stalker ( who I follow and never talks about you) you don't need to answer this. Just something to think about honey.

Pt 2. Same anon here… I’ve been following both you girls since your kitten play blogs. I don’t understand why it has to be this way is all. You both need to grow tf up already. Stop paying attention to each other. Stop paying attention to any of those girls


I know this is my stalker/ her friends. You’re not subtle sending me hate all in one night after me not getting ANY in months. I know you’re just upset that I’m starting to tell the world about how terrible you are and that you’re retaliating by sending me hate. (How about this? Every time you send me a hate message, I will tell my blog one (1) terrible thing that you have done to me/ someone else! I have a whole list 😉)

Btw, I don’t stalk anyone’s social media. I’m not fixated on anyone. I am the victim of stalking and harassment and need to protect myself. People tell me what those two say and I post about it accordingly. I don’t really post about them all that often, but if someone asks me questions about it (which I’ve been getting a lot of), I will answer them and have a discussion about it. After three years of being tormented, stalked and harassed relentlessly, I am done. I’m done with people thinking this person is “so nice”, and with her saying I am the stalker. I’m done. (She talks about me on her blog ALL the time also, so idk what you’re talking about 🙄)

Like I’ve said before, this girl has ruined my life. I have numerous people monitoring what she is doing because of the fact that we have had to take legal action against her. I know what she’s doing, yes, but this does not mean I “stalk” her. It is to protect myself. (Just something to think about, honey 😊😊😊😊)

*REQUEST* Jungkook Scenario - # 24 “Don’t ask me that...”

Requested by a beautiful anon <3 here you are, hope you like it!

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3 

“Jagiii….” Jungkook whined from his spot on the couch, his head in your lap. You were playing with his hair while trying to also pay attention to the book you were reading, and it seemed like his main goal that day was to make sure you didn’t read that book.

           “Yesss?” you replied, you’re eyes still on your book.

           “Have you ever thought about… what it would be like to have children together?”

           You almost dropped your book on his face. Children? Where did this come from?

           “Um… no not really… Have you?” You asked him, the room feeling tense out of nowhere.

           “I’ve thought of… making the children.” He waggled his eyebrows up at you.

           That time you did drop the book on his face.

           “Ow! You did that on purpose!” He whined, sitting up off your lap, holding the book. This gave you a chance to get up make your way into the bathroom, Jungkook following at your heels.  You loved your fiancé, but sometimes you just wanna drop a book on his face, ya know?

           “If you’ll excuse me, my little dingle berry, I’d like to get ready to sleep.” You said, putting your hands on your hips. You watched him smirk and lean against the doorway, effectively blocking any escape you may have thought of taking.

           “Sleep? How about we… make some babbies, jagi?” That damn eyebrow waggle.

           “Please don’t ever ask me that again, that was the creepiest thing ever.” His face turned into a cute pout as he watched you taking off your makeup.

           “I mean it. It doesn’t have to be right now, but I’d like to have kids in the future. I want you to have my children…” He said in a serious manner, his voice drifting off as he watched you. You looked him in the eyes and saw how sincere he was and your heart skipped a beat. You loved him so much. And he loved you.

           “Well… I guess we can maybe… make a baby or two.” You smiled at him and his face lit up in a grin. Making a family may not be so bad, you thought to yourself as you felt his arms snake around you and his hot breath fan over your bare neck.

(Sorry it’s a little late and kinda bad, I had to work all day today T_T hope its ok!)

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Lmao I'm not really scared to say this? But my very straight friend (female) constantly dresses more masculine and sends me pics saying "gay looks" or like saying she serves gay looks. And one day I said "but straights don't deserve gay looks" and she got pissed. Thoughts?

i’d be pissed off too ngl

like, i don’t really care what clothes people are wearing, go wild. but as soon as str8 person is trying to make gay jokes, i’m like BYE SHARON

they always get angry when they’re being called out lmao i wouldn’t pay much attention to it if i were you

go on anon and tell me something you’re too afraid to say off anon

anonymous asked:


24: Is there a certain quote you live by? i dont think theres a quote i live by but ones that stick with me are “you either go to the hospital or you get back on” - george morris (it’s about horse riding but tbh if u wanna get metaphorical it could apply to life too) and this other one i saw on tumblr “i don’t pay attention to the world ending. it has ended for me many times and began again in the morning.” - nayyirah waheed

send me a number

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H and T?

H: the best hairstyle your bias has ever had ?

he has yet to beat this I’m still yelling

T: your fave hidden talent an idol has shown

- uhh I really only pay attention to yixing gfhgfh but I love that yixing is also good at drawing?? idk why that makes me happy but it does 

send me a letter from A-Z and I’ll answer a question ! 

anonymous asked:

so after reading up on psychology i thought that a guy liked me (paying attention laughing at all jokes almost forcefully interrupting random convos to talk to me ignoring friends to talk to me) and i started liking the feeling of being liked & so i have a crush on them now and recently we had tons of convos about bands & stuff and we both like rock and he sends emojis and sends cute snaps & i really like getting attention because i used to be considered ugly. just wanted to say that x.

sweetie u r not ugly!! whether a boy likes you or not!!
but aw that’s so cute mm!!! go for it babe (; or not!! whatever y'all are comfortable with

sleepover saturday!

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Where can I watch the interview where Harry tries to sit on Jack's knee??

hmm… Sorry, Anon, but I have no idea…. I suppose I haven’t seen this interview…? Or perhaps I’ve seen but didn’t pay enough attention, dunno… Maybe you could send me a picture of it, so i could help more?

Hey, fandom! Any of you know this interview? If yes - send me a link, please.

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Dean and nonbinary!cas in highschool hc 5+


1. The new kid is strange, almost androgynous-looking, soft-spoken and sweet. Unfased by things that would normally enrage a person, accepting of anyone who cares to talk to him. Dean thinks he heard one of the other seniors, another new kid, whom he assumes is this new guy’s brother, call him Cas.

2. They’re assigned partners for a project that involves drawing out a poster to describe their chosen character in this stupid book they’re reading. Dean thinks it’s called the Grapes of Wrath but he thinks that’s kind of a weird name and maybe he just wasn’t paying attention. Either way, he’s not a doubt in the world that he’s got a bit of a crush.

3. About a week into the project, and after several instances in which Dean noticed Cas wincing when he called him a guy, Dean prods Cas into explaining what makes him so uncomfortable, and Dean finds out Cas is agender. He’s not ignorant but he never knew that was a thing.

4. Their relationship doesn’t change because of it. At all. It seems a big bomb to drop but Dean really doesn’t care what Cas is, as long as he gets to spend some time with them.

5. Around the middle of the third week of figuring out what the hell their character is supposed to look like, Cas just goes right ahead and leans across the bed, lips finding Dean’s and wow, what is happening in his pants right now. Cas’s face flushes fuchsia whenever they make eye contact after that and Dean decides if they’re in this together, that’s just not gonna do at all.

6. Eventually Cas’s cheeks stop turning pink but they still seem embarrassed about what they did. So, being the good best friend Dean is, between 4th and 5th period, he hides in the janitor’s closet, yanks Cas in by the arm as they pass by, locks the door, and shoves Cas against the wall, holding them down by the hips and diving into a heated kiss.

7. Dean’s pretty damn sure that’s the first time he’s ever come right in his pants, just from some sloppy kissing and a bit of hip-grinding. Initially he was prepared to blush bright red but Cas only smiled and kissed him again, more softly, whispering, “I’m glad you like me that much.”

8. Dean appoints himself Cas’s new defence squad and is there in a split second any time there’s trouble for his ‘date-mate’, Cas insists he call them. And everything works out because Cas is unbelievably gifted in the art of solving impossible algebraic expressions that Dean payed zero attention to in class.

9. Their favourite spot to make out? That janitor’s closet.


anonymous asked:

momma I sent you an ask off anon asking for advice a few days ago and you haven't gotten to it yet :(

I love you kids, but I have to have good boundaries with this blog. My two kids, the ones I’m caring for as a single mom, they are always my priority. I would be a hypocrite if I neglected them so they I could pay attention to you.

You can always send me asks, but I will often be slow to respond. For the most part, I answer asks in the order they are received…so if it takes me awhile to get to yours, it’s just bc other people sent asks before you.

Love you,

I’m like, 90% sure I got an islamophobia anon last night when I wasn’t paying attention.  Not sure WHY they’re sending me random hashtags that seem to be related to 20 year old incidents in a country I’m not really a fan of, but… *shrugs*

Seriously, if you’re going to send stupid hate filled messages to me, at least make the message self-contained and explain who and what you hate along the way, so I can classify you better and mock you properly!