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how about civilian ray…..who lives in los santos and always rolls his eyes when he hears about the gangs on the news…..who works in a shitty fast food place with an evening shift and always looks at the clock to wait for his best late night customer……said customer (geoff) always leaves him big tips and tends to wait around to talk with ray while finishing off whatever he buys…….ray finally asking him out and then joking about how they can have their date there since they’re already at a place to eat and flushes when the reply he gets is “i wouldn’t mind it if it was here because i still get to be with you.”

they don’t go to a nice place, all they do is go to a local pizza place and laugh at each other’s jokes and stories and enjoy their time together and everything. when they’re leaving, separate cars because geoff has things to do, ray stops him before he gets in it and presses a quick kiss to his lips before rushing off, not seeing geoff standing there looking so amazed and dazed.

(geoff, who is the boss to one of the top crews in los santos, geoff who stumbled upon the quiet fast food place and found himself attracted to the only worker there. geoff who spent hours getting ready before their date and was so god damn nervous because he really likes ray and wanted ray to like him just as much. geoff who couldn’t believe that ray had kissed him and stood there for about ten minutes before michael honked as he rolled up beside him saying “come on lover boy you can see your man tomorrow.”

geoff, who many people fear and who has had blood on him and who knows how to work nearly all the guns that are in his garage, stuttering and flushing after ray kisses him, who looks at ray like he’s the only person in the world and falls in love so easily because ray looks at him with bright eyes and a happy smile.)

((also later on geoff telling ray about the crew and ray just laughing and saying “i know” and at geoff’s questioning look, ray just rolls his eyes. “i mean, i’ve been with you for a few months now. of course i’m gonna recognize you on the news. you wear masks, sure, but i still recognize you.” and maybe that’s when geoff teaches ray some stuff to protect himself but other than that nothing else. geoff will still head to that fast food place at night to peck ray on the cheeks and on his nose, say “i missed you, dear” just to get him to laugh and order something for the two of them.))

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Can you please help me in in literal tears. Im trans. Im mtf. I just recently found out that in the quran (Islamic holy book) it says that the world will end when men turn into women and women turn into men. This is terrifying to me it means that god wint love me i dint want to go to hell alice i really need emotional support and your the nicest person i follow and i trust you even if we enver met please i just want support and help

Hey anon. I am so sorry for not replying fast; I just literally had no idea what to say because my religious views aren’t the same as yours, therefore I have no say whatsoever to what the quran says.

I want to say that sometimes, what’s written on things like a book is sometimes ridiculous. But I know that’s going to sound offensive. But hear me out.

In the Christian bible, we aren’t allowed to eat shrimp, wear more than one kind of clothing, cut our hair, fucking hell when a woman gets her menstruation she’s going to be considered impure. 

Point is, I want you to know that there wuld be times where yourself is going to be more important than some Holy book. And that’s okay. Because what is a book to say, which sometimes don’t even have any proof, to your life? What is a piece(or pieces in case of a book) of paper compared to a life?


So please don’t be terrified.

You’re not doing anything wrong.

You’re being who you are and that’s what is right.

my junior year of high school i was taking two AP classes and was planning on taking the tests but my dad got arrested and my family went into bad financial times and i had to tell my AP English teacher that I couldn’t take the test and she said that she wanted me to anyway and if i couldn’t afford it then she would pay for my tests because she considered it a “good investment” so she paid the 160 some odd dollars for the tests and i was able to take them

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does curtis ever sneak bucky tablescraps? how old would curtis be in this exactly?

At first I was thinking he’d be an adult but… No, an adult Curtis under Wilford’s thumb would never get a dog out of spite. But teenage Curtis would. Sixteen year old, brooding Curtis who hates his life and is bored and has zero friends because he’s a loner and super depressed and super closeted would maybe get a dog, though. Sees the adoption place on the way home from school and decides. Fuck it. Fuck it, I’m getting a dog. 

And when he brings the dog home, Wilford wants it gone, immediately. No if ands or buts. But Curtis probably somehow actually manages to guilt Wilford into letting him keep it, for at least a week. And it helps that Bucky is playing a big giant floppy lazy dog. (And yes, he absolutely sneaks him tablescraps)

every single person who has ever made a text post that got 100k+ (or even just like 10k+) notes knows that there is no benefit to making a popular text post at all beyond it being sort of flattering for the first like 10 minutes

  • nobody follows u for making it. ever.
  • the notification blocker doesn’t really work because theres just too much shit going on
  • people make SUPER annoying commentary on the post that is rly repetitive (”has anyone else pointed out that-” yes. i have seen this exact text eight times today. i know you mean well but you are hurting me)
  • it makes it impossible to see notifications for posts ur actually looking for notifications on
  • it causes u to regret being funny

like all u get in return is absolute hellfire for like a week straight followed by 0 benefits and every time somebody revives it so it starts circulating again u rly just want to close ur laptop and punt it into a tree