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Roy Mustang or Edward Elric?” - Anonymous

Does this come as a surprise? He’s my lil muffin angel son.


Request from Anonymous

Mitch had everything he could have ever wanted: a beautiful girlfriend, a ton of money and an impeccable body. He had devoted his entire life to developing and building his body… ever since he played football in high school he had found a certain affinity for working out and getting big. He was so good at bodybuilding, in fact, that he had started an extremely successful online fitness program. The success of Mitch’s business made him a rich man - and it’s a known fact that rich men get hot girls. Especially when they’re also huge jockstuds. This man was so superior with his alpha body, shit ton of savings and a hot bitch on the side that he never so much as thought about anyone but himself. This kind of aggressive cockiness shaped him into being exactly the kind of person who voted for Trump with a “Make America Great Again” sticker on their truck. He hated fags and anyone below him and wasn’t afraid of telling them as much. He was truly the image of a cocky alpha muscle bro.

And all it took for him to break was a snap.

The strange man from across the bar made perfect eye contact with Mitch, snapped his fingers and watched as the cocky bro became perfectly hypnotized and enslaved. His eyes slid in their sockets until they were crossed from each other and he gave the dumbest, dopiest smile as saliva began to generously drain from the crevices of his mouth. Bucking against the mesh of his gym shorts, his eight inch cock became visibly engorged.

“Mitch?” his girlfriend asked. “Are you okay?”

He could only let out a pleased, warm moan.

The hypnotist knew he got what he wanted and whispered something quietly in the dark of the bar.

From then on out, Mitch was completely different. He was a total whore, incapable of going even a day without getting fucked or fucking someone else. It didn’t matter if he topped or bottomed or even what the guy looked like - so long as he could make another guy come and he get his own jock dick off he was happy to fuck anyone. He still loved working out, but now it was so that his body could be more adored by all the other hot bros he could get his hands on. Instead of for his business or his girlfriend, his sprawling chest and huge biceps were for now for attracting as many men as possible.

Sometimes, pains of his past would ring in his mind and for just a second, Mitch could hear his old straight self screaming for help in the distance, but then he’d just give into the pleasure in his cock and smile, dumb and oblivious.

Now whenever he went to the gym and worked on his already immaculate body, he made sure to get his phone out and take a selfie to send out to all the boys he wanted to slut out to. He felt another burst of precum in his shorts as he examined his juicy pecs and gorgeous, bimbro body, flexing. All he could do was giggle, his straightness and his girlfriend and his superiority all vanished in his stupid intonation, “it’s good to be this hot :)”

This was really hot to write! please send me more requests for guys you want to see controlled or swapped or anything

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Fact: I haven’t worn a pair of boxer shorts since I was in middle school. I don’t think they’re comfortable. However, guys in boxers are super hot. 

Send me a word and I’ll tell you a fact about myself.

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Steph i feel like we'd be great friends but i don't know how to befriend shier people, aparently i come across as intimidating or something of the sort????

Best way to befriend shier people is to maybe talk to them about an interest they have. c: Usually shier people don’t speak up because they’re not sure if anybody wants to listen, or they get nervous about being a burden for approaching you to begin with. So often, finding something a person’s interested in and asking them about it is a good thing! Could start from there~

If you’re wanting to befriend me though, literally all you gotta do is send me a picture of a hot guy or gal, and fangirl with me about it. c: I do like my bishies. And ships too. Ships are always nice!
Especially if it’s Ravus. c;

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WWhat’s good 😜 u slutty homestuck trash 👅🏠413🏠 is glubbin here and u know w)(at that means!! ♥ HOME-SUCC season has arrived ♋ :33 get your shipping wall ready!! ♈ pop ur quivering nook ♎ 4ND PR3P4R3 FOR 4 DOUBL3 MOB1US R34CH4ROUND! 🍆🍑 IF U WANT TO GET RAWED 👉👌 Till Grist Pours Out 🍊 ThIs 413 🎁 SeNd tHiS To 15 Of yOuR HoMoSuCk pAlS! 👩👨 if u get 0 back 😔 ur a lonely seadwweller!♣♠ if u get 5 back 😌 ur a 8ad 8itch! ♦♦if u get 10 back 😘 ur a poppiin hot playa twofold! 🔥🙌

honestly guys never send me asks unless it’s this