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welp. so you guys know I said I thought my therapist would have Opinions about my mom sending me articles on doctors using ketamine to treat highly depressed patients?

turned out he did, only not the ones I thought. Dr. Small not only knew about that shit he was out the other weekend talking to someone running the trials

so he leaped right into logistics for a moment before I was like “what the fuck I can barely get out of the apartment slow your roll on flying me to Cincinnati for a study”

anyway, that was an adventure  


List of favorite characters: [1/??] Frank Castle/The Punisher  

 “You know those, uh… Those people? The ones I put down, the people I killed? I want you to know that I’d do it all again. This is a circus, all right? It’s a charade, it’s an act. It’s bullshit about how crazy I am. I ain’t crazy! I’m not crazy. Okay? I know what I did. I know who I am. And I do not need your help. I’m smack-dab in the middle of my right goddamn mind and any scumbag, any… any lowlife, any maggot piece of shit that I put down, I did it… because I liked it! Hell, I loved it! I’m sittin’ here, I’m… I’m just itching! I’m itching to do it again. And you think… What, you think you’re gonna send me to a nuthouse? Some doctor, they’re gonna get me to stop from doing what I want to do? Well, that ain’t happening! Not on my watch! You people, you call me the punisher, ain’t that right? The big bad punisher. Bailiff. Well, HERE I AM! You want it, you got it! I am the punisher! I’m right here! You want it, I’ll give it to you. And anybody who came here today to hear me whine, to hear me beg? Well, you can kiss my ass! Do you hear me? I’m guilty. Come on, please, Judge! I’m guilty, you hear me? I’M GUILTY! I’M GUILTY! I’ll kill every one of ‘em! I’ll kill every single one!”

  • Me: *explains symptoms to doctor*
  • Doctor: Wow! Those are really worrisome symptoms, we'll send you for some tests.
  • Me: *gets many tests, never hears back from doctor so makes appointment*
  • Doctor: OH! Right! All your tests came back normal, isn't that fantastic! You're fine!
  • Me: The symptoms persist though so if it's not that then what could-
  • Doctor: You're fine! *pushing me out of the office*
  • Me: But I still-
  • Doctor: JUST! FINE! *final shove out the door*

Me: Hi, I’m the psychiatrist here.

Patient: Why…they….send….psychiatrist?

Me: I think your doctor was worried you might be depressed.

Patient: Not…depressed…why…think…that?

Me: According to your chart, since your medical problems started last year, you’ve become paralyzed in both arms and both legs, have to eat through a tube, can barely speak, and all you can do is lie in bed and watch TV all day.

Patient: Yes…but…I…love…lying…in…bed…watching…TV…all…day.


Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words: ~2,200
Warnings: Depression, pregnant reader, angst (no spoilers but it’s in the tags for those who have it blacklisted)
Summary: Y/n gets pregnant with Sam’s baby and angsty things happen
A/N: This is the first part of a series inspired by a show that I’m watching. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. <3
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You sat in the chair of your doctor’s office, waiting for her to come back with the results of your test. You all but held your breath when you heard her walk in and close the door behind her. She smiled as she sat behind her desk. “The test was positive, y/n. You’re pregnant.”

Your eyes widened. You had always wanted a baby but knew that the odds of hunters raising kids successfully were very slim. You didn’t want to raise a child into this life but what choice did you have? It’s not like you and Sam could just leave this all on Dean’s shoulders and you sure as hell weren’t leaving Sam, even though he’d probably try and convince you when you told him. You smiled softly at your doctor as she told you what would happen now. You let out a sigh as you scheduled your next appointment and left. You sat in the car, not ready to go home and tell the boys your news. You were staring blankly at the wheel when your phone went off. It was Sam.


“Hey, Baby. Where are you?”

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