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Hey!! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love all of your Drarry drabbles. Like, honestly, they are so fluffy, adorable and they make my heart melt. I don't know whether you take prompts or not atm. If you do... would you mind writing something about Draco being insecure and/or hurt and Harry being there for him? Thank you so much if you do and keep up with your awesome work!! ;)

JFC!! Thank you so so much! 💖💖💖
Soooo, I ended up writing way more than I originally planned :D
Here’s a little excerpt - you can read the rest on ao3 :)
I hope you like it, sweetie :)

“Did you bring any Treacle tart?”

“What do you think, Potter?”

Harry smiles as he closes the door and watches Draco walk into his kitchen. It still astonishes him, sometimes, how easy and light everything is between them. Hermione warned him several times not to rush into things, but it doesn’t feel that way to Harry. Being with Draco just feels… natural. It’s only been a few months, but they’ve known each other for ten years, now. And things have been going so smoothly thus far.

Harry leans against the wall and lets out a sigh. That’s not true. Telling himself over and over again that everything is alright doesn’t make it real. He smiles sadly as Draco pokes his head out of the kitchen and tells him dinner is ready.

Is it really that important? Harry asks himself. Come on, it’s not really a problem is it? You can live with it, right? You can-

“Stop lying to yourself,” Harry mutters through gritted teeth. He really can’t live with it. It makes Harry feel insecure and question whether Draco is really invested in this. He almost feels childish for making a big deal out of it, but he can’t help it. It hurts. Because as easy and light everything is when they are together, there is one thing Draco never does; he never spends the night.

Whenever Harry turns around to face him, still panting, still feeling the delicious tingle all over his body, he finds Draco has already climbed out of bed, reaching for his clothes. Harry tries not to show how hurt he is when Draco smiles awkwardly at him and gives him a quick peck before he leaves.

That’s why Harry never spends the night at Draco’s either. Draco clearly doesn’t want that, so Harry always apparates back to his flat, feeling cold and empty inside. He knows he can’t go on like this. He’s miserable. But he likes the stupid git so much and Draco seems to like him, too, so what is his problem?

That night, Harry makes sure Draco is pinned under him when he screams Harry’s name and his whole body shudders. He wraps his arms around Draco’s neck and rests his head on his chest. He deliberately presses Draco into the mattress with his whole body weight. He can’t help but smile when Draco’s fingers carefully begin to caress his back. They stay like that for a few moments before Draco starts squirming.

“I think I should go,” Draco mutters. A pang runs through his chest and Harry tightens his grip around Draco’s neck.

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Thank you, @jet-playin, for being the most amazing beta! 💖💖💖

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Papyrusxreader or grillbyxreader. Maybe something soft and fluffy, or whatever of your choosing! ((Btw I love Speakeasy. Like I died at the update! You're brilliant! Keep up the great work!))

(oh stars, this was a tough choice-! i’ve been having those Grillby feelings lately though, so for this round i’m going with everyone’s favorite bartender. <3 and i’m so happy to hear that you liked the latest update of Speakeasy Soul! i’m honored, and can’t wait to bring you what’s to come in the fic.)

Grillby’s hand brushed the lock of hair away from your face before the breeze could catch it again. His finger trailed his gentle warmth across your skin, highlighting the blush that you couldn’t hold back even a year into your relationship.

“Thank you,” you whispered, with his face so close to yours. Golden-orange flames danced among deeper hues in front of your vision as his gaze shifted to catch yours. His smile, golden and nearly hidden in flame as always, smoothed out and lifted the butterflies in your chest.

“It’s my honor,” he replied. His voice crackled with the low whisper he spoke in, neither of you wanting to disturb the sweet muffled quiet of the falling snow.

You stifled a laugh, your hands gripping your cup of coffee to keep it from spilling. “It’s your honor to catch my flyaway hair?” You asked, teasing in your tone.

His smile quirked on one side as he leaned back just enough to slide his arm around your shoulders. His well-cut trenchcoat brushed your legs as he crossed his and looked at you with a lifting brow. “It’s my honor to be the one who gets to be close to you like this, my dear.”

A moment passed before your blush raged across your face as a whole. You opened your mouth, but couldn’t find the words, and looked a little at a flustered loss.

A chuckle grew in his chest until he was laughing fully, and your half-hearted pout only spurred him on - warming you with it’s rich, ringing sound, wrapping around you both in your favorite spot on the park bench under the snowy night sky. You finally laughed too, exasperated but in good humor with the beautiful ache in your chest that made you smile even wider.

At last, he lifted his hand opposite you and wiped at his glowing eye, a gesture you had grown used to even despite your questions. He shifted his hand to your chin, angling his head towards you with a gentle grin on his face as he tipped your face towards him just slightly.

“You know, it’s usually me who has the reputation for being speechless,” he said.

You lifted one hand to rest on his arm, a distracted part of you reveling in the warmth you could feel emanating from him under the material. “Everyone else is missing out,” you said with your own soft grin. “Especially with how well-spoken you really are.”

“You are the one with the best ability to render me in such a wordless way, even still,” he replied.

His lips met yours in a tender, warm press as the snow drifted down around you, shimmering in the glow of his flames as you pulled one another gently closer.


Ah thanks :-) this kind of caught me off guard because I’m not typically known for my “positive outlook” but I will say that I think I have a high tolerance for most things that bother other people though. Anyway, I appreciate it

Kevan Kenney of Billboard News deserves some love!!!  

Not only has he been so publicly supportive of Louis on his twitter and on the Billboard News videos, he also tweeted the below today regarding the Louis-Bieber story. He’s tweeted several nice things about Louis and the Louies! He has a new Louis video coming out and I can’t wait to see it!

Send Kevan some kind words please =)

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for the fan fiction work in progress thingy: Declan. Asshole. Angry (Ronan). Idiot. kiss

- This was the Gansey that bought the Camaro, the Gansey that stayed up at night after he’d gotten a new lead because maybe this time, maybe this is it. This was the Gansey that had punched Declan on Ronan’s sixteenth birthday and had consequently gotten both his thumb and nose broken.

- “Not everyone is an asshole, Parrish,” Ronan said. “I would know; I’m one of them.”

- He had enabled Adam’s anger, but he didn’t want him to get angry enough that he left. He tugged at the leather bands around his wrist and stared furiously down at his textbook, casting around in his mind for something easy, something far away from all of this.

- “Oh god, Ronan,” Adam sighed. He kissed him. And kissed him. And kissed him. His mind was all light, all pure pleasure untouched by anything or anyone outside of this moment. Ronan growled low in his throat and pulled Adam right against him and Adam’s breath stopped.

send me a word and i’ll pull a sentence from my current wip’s that it appears in!!!

Answered asks! (yoi cat au)

Oh my gosh, thank you everyone for sending in headcanons, knowledge, kind words and funny pictures! You guys are amazingly creative!

Someone sent me a photo of pancakes they made that accidentally looked like yuri cat this week, and I’m still laughing at it, AHAHAHAHA!

Answers, and copious cat photos under the cut!

As always, if I haven’t gotten to your ask, then I’m probably thinking of something to draw for it, thank you for your patience!

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Let us raise a toast for our dear cocktail mixing brony @askrustynail.

Raise you favorite drink in honor of his memory!
If you’re to young or don’t like alcohol try a Rusty’s Ace muffin (as alcohol evaporates from baking.)

For those not in the know Rusty went into a permanent coma and sustained brain damage to the point that Rusty is no more. His loved ones are doing what they can to care for him till the inevitable happens.
Send Techno your kind words and send your well wishes to this blog set up to collect them all for Rusty.

EDIT: Rusty has now passed away. May you rest in peace <3

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Your mother sounds like the type of mother that everyone hopes to have💕 I wish that I was able to openly talk to my parents about my problems without any harsh judgement. Please tell your mom that she is truly a dream. If I ever become a mom, I'd want to be just like her, and give unfaltering love to my kids!! I hope this isn't weird😅 It's just that love you share with your mom is so genuine.

i sent her screenshots of this message and a couple of others that i received and she said:

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I received a word from Ally some hours ago. I don’t know if you have noticed but her blog ( has disappeared. She has not left the fandom. She has not deleted her blog by herself. Tumblr deleted it. She can’t access her account. She can’t even lodge a complaint on the deletion or to talk to them to try to resolve this issue.

Please know that she is shocked, but okay. She is still here. She still supports Chris and Darren very much. She will see any comments you leave on this post if you want to send her some kind words. And if anyone wants to get in touch with her privately, I can relay the message to her.

So… it looks as if our fandom is under attack lately. While I believe most of your blogs should be safe, some of you might want to consider taking certain safety steps if you think your account could be deleted. If you have private blogs, make sure that you are not the only admin. If you have any posts or messages that you don’t want to lose, make backups. If you have friends here, make sure you have other ways to contact them. I would also recommend not using read more since if your blog gets deleted, so will the content behind it.

And finally, I would like to state now the following: If my blog ever gets deleted, I did NOT delete it myself. I have already earlier made the decision to leave this blog as an old archive blog, even if I ever left the fandom (not that I’m planning to leave). I am stating this, so that if I will mysteriously “disappear”, you know why.

hello, i feel like it’s been a long time since i last made a lengthy™ update about my life so im making one right now:

  • i am back in our school/dormitory but i’ll be moving to a different house (because we all got kicked out due to the massive increase in our school’s population lmao) and i have so many stuffo to carry and just thinking about it leaves me exhausted!
  • recently, i’ve been trying to make new friends both online and in real life! the mere thought that im talking to people who share the same interests as i do makes me really happy and energized!
  • last week my friends and i had a sleep over/camp on the beach side! we slept on a really small cottage, caught up with each other’s lives, and it was a really chill and beautiful experience in general and it made me realize how time flies so so fast and that we’re going to graduate in less than a year!
  • graduation makes me vulnerable and sad. im scared of leaving and being left.
  • we also had a volleyball game versus a school in our city and we freaking won for the first in many games! it made me really happy although i had a tad of errors due to lack of practice and exhaustion (and a lil bit of migraine waaah)
  • i sorta can’t wait for the school year to start but not really. hopefully, this year is going to be my year!!
  • lastly, wish me luck for my CETs and other college stuff!! I AM SO ANXIOUS AAAAH!!
  • if you could, pls send me some kind words of encouragement, etc bc it will help me big time i swear!!!
good night and ily all!

Thank you to everyone who keeps sending me kind words & support. I haven’t left my bed in days, but finally stepped out because of the support from you guys. Here’s me, with absolutely no makeup on, repping my boyfriend’s sweater and smiling (#smilesforstiles) because of the insane amount of love I’ve received & because teen wolf returns on Sunday. I’m back now & ready to write for you guys. Thank you all so much for your continued support 💗


@dlwnsghek: My dear Lambo. It breaks my heart that you left so suddenly, but you wouldn’t want to see me like this, right? Thank you so much for staying with me for this short while, for becoming my happiness. I hope you were also happy with me. Let’s meet again later on. Let’s spend our time comfortably in heaven. I love you so much, Bo. I will never forget you. You were my great joy and fortune..

le2jh: [no caption]

@dlwnsghek: ❤

trans. by 2pmalways [Please send Junho your kind words and thoughts. Losing a beloved pet is hard. Rest in peace, Lambo.]

It’s exhausting being this sad all the time. I wish “just be happy” worked but it just equates into pretending, which is more exhausting.

I really hope one day I can rise above all these thoughts and emotions. I’m still kicking, so that has to count for something, right?

I used to be so optimistic and it makes me so sad those thoughts are completely replaced with sadness, hopelessness and anxiety. It’s so all-consuming. Too many hard times have just crushed me. A year of progressively terrible things. :(

Sorry for venting. I feel like my friends are so tired of hearing about all this, so I figured I’d just scream into the tumblr void for a minute. Thank you to everyone that sends me kind words and positive thoughts. I love them so much and I honestly go back to them when I’m struggling. I think things would be so much worse without you guys.

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Thank you to @lily-ackerman, @mr-ackerman, @sex-obsessed-lesbian @shaman58 @hypnoobiwan @enscenic @dommestic @dommesticpet @the-inquisition-scmh @alaric1960 @daja-the-hypnokitten @tennfan2 @friedcherryblossomprincess @arihi @puppetofms @dz134 @darquefool  @spiralturquoise @mr-prism @minddiver and anyone else who I am accidentally leaving off this list for sending me kind words, animal pics, silly movie recommendations, and  anything else to get me through the week. Thanks guys- you are very much appreciated. :)

(I can see why some people get addicted to crisis- it can gives you this great sense of focus and clarity- one or two needs slicing through a stack of competing wants like a hot knife through butter.)

i’ve pulled back a fair bit from blogging about my personal life on this blog because i hit the 11k follower mark a little while ago and there are some things i just don’t want eleven thousand people to know, but. i’m presently navigating two very intense personal crises having to do with family and my living situation, and i’m additionally in the first couple weeks of transitioning into a very high-stress new job, and tonight i got some really, really bad news about one of the ongoing personal crises, and i’m doing my level best to avoid this turning into a straw/camel’s back situation so like. if y’all wanna send kind words or funny cat videos my way i’d really appreciate it. lol (lots of love).