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imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.

  • Jadis: *to Michonne about Rick* Yours?
  • Michonne: ... We're together.
  • Jadis: I lay with him after. You care?
  • Negan: *smashes through the gates of Alexandria in his truck at a dangerous speed, drives towards Jadis, opens his door as he zooms past her thus sending her flying 10 feet through the air, gets out, beats her to a bloody pulp with Lucille* NOBODY LAYS WITH HIM BUT ME, TRASHY BITCH!
  • Rick: ... Michonne, we're gonna have to pretend to be just friends for a while, 'kay?
Earth 2 Harrison Wells x Reader – Make out session

Originally posted by politeandnotgay

Imagine being Barry’s younger sister and Joe’s adoptive daughter and Joe founding you and Harry making out in the Cortex.

Note: Literally just finished this but I’m really not good at waiting. I particularly enjoyed writing this one.
Giffity gif not mine.

You were younger than Barry and after your mother died, you couldn’t fully understand what happened just yet, but you knew she was gone. When you and your brother moved in with Joe and Iris, Joe didn’t want either of you to visit Henry as he believed that he really did kill Nora.

Joe couldn’t stop Barry as he was too stubborn, but he promised himself he will never let you go to prison to see the supposed killer. You even started to call him „dad“.

But that was years ago. Since then, so much has changed. And so much has happened. The particle accelerator explosion, metahumans, the Reverse Flash … other Earths, other Wells and … Zoom.

And here we are now, Team Flash fighting the new super villain. But since Zoom would rather send other metahumans to do the dirty job for him and you can’t just show up on Earth 2 with no plan, other things have happened, too.

This thing between you and Harry has been going on for quite a while now. Harry would always work hard at the lab late at night and you would stay there to help him. And that’s how you got close. Even though there’s quite a big age difference between the two of you, neither of you cared.

You wanted to tell the others and you were sure they would be happy for you. Joe was the only one you were scared to tell. You knew he would find out one day but there were sure good and bad ways of doing so.

What you didn’t know back then was that he would find out in the worst way possible.

The Team was having a little party tonight after defeating a though metahuman and everyone was gonna come. Except Harry. He’s always invited but he never comes justifying it by not wanting to celebrate with his daughter still in Zoom’s lair. Which is completely understandable.

And then there’s you. You mostly go with the excuse that you simply don’t like parties. Which is true, but you also just really don’t want to leave Harry all alone.

After everyone left, you sneaked into the Cortex where you saw Harry sitting on a chair working on some toy-thingy. You came closer, hugged him from behind and buried your head between his neck and shoulder.

Hey.“ He said softly as he moved his head to give you a gentle kiss. „Are we alone?“

„The building is ours.“ You chuckled as you turned his chair around and sat on his lap wrapping your hands around his neck.

„At last.“ He finally smiled as his hands went around your waist, pulling you into an embrace. You loved this smile, the smile he only reserved for you.

It has been a while since you two had a little alone time, so you were planning to take full advantage of it.

Harry didn’t wait for anything, he took your cheeks into his hands and pulled you into a deep, passionate kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth.

Suddenly, you felt one of his cold hands slide under your shirt making you shiver. Harry definitely didn’t regret you wearing a crop top with a high-waisted skirt as you made his job much easier.

He didn’t want to break the kiss so he did only for one second to take your shirt off revealing your black laced bra.

His hand were now both running over your body as he slowly moved from your lips down your neck sucking on the skin, gently biting it and leaving a mark to claim you his own.

You couldn’t help but moan which didn’t escape Harry’s ears.

„Y-you know … i-it’s really … u-unfair that .. y-you’re still … f-fully clothed.“ You managed to stutter our between the muffled moans as you still tried to keep some control.

Harry pulled away and leaned closer to your ear whispering in his deep voice.

„Then maybe you should do something about it.“

He didn’t have to tell you twice. Your fingers slid under the fabric as you pulled his shirt off over his head throwing it somewhere on the ground.

You didn’t get much time to admire his body as he already pulled you up taking you into his arms and leaning you against the closest wall.

Pressing your lips against his again, with your arms now firmly around his neck and your legs wrapped around his waist.

Just when he was about to unhook your bra, you heard voices.

Damn it!

You both looked up to see your friends who were sharing your suprised expression.

Harry quickly put you down and both of you hurried to put your clothes back on.

„When you didn’t want to go to he party, we thought we’d bring the party to you … I’m getting the vibes there was already one going on.“ Cisco joked trying to ease the situation only to receive a disapproving look from Barry.

It didn’t take long for Joe to put himself together from the shock and he immediately made his way up to Harry.

„What do you think you’re doing to my little girl?!“ Joe yelled as he forcefully pushed your boyfriend against the wall.

„I don’t know, what does it look like?“ Harry opposed him only to earn a solid punch in the face.

„Dad! Stop!“ You weren’t going to just watch anymore, this was starting to go too far.

You stood between the two facing Joe and staring right into his eyes.

„I … I love him.“

„… And I need some air.“ This was probably too much for the detective to take so he made his way out followed by Barry who was probably about to have a lot of work with cooling him off.

„Well, that could have gone better.“ Harry stated as he brushed his cheek.

„Heyy, are you okay? He hit you pretty hard.“ You hurried to him worriedly.

„I can’t really blame him, I’d do something much worse if it was the other way around.“ He added with a soft laughter.

„You mean my dad and Jessie?“ You couldn’t help but laugh at that idea.

„He’ll get over it. Sooner or later.“ You smiled as you hugged him and he pulled his hand over your shoulder and pressed a tender kiss on your forehead.

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Reborn and his toddler daughter cute bonding time with them falling asleep and cuddling in the end. S/o comes in, takes a picture and bonus with them gushing over them while showing it off?

You opened the door and dropped your bag to the ground.  You were about to call out to them when you spotted Reborn’s foot sticking out over the couch, the rest of his body hidden from view.  The living room was a mess with the furniture pushed to the side and a large blanket and pillow tent constructed in the center.  “Looks like they had fun,” you commented quietly.   

Walking over, you pushed one of the sheets to the side and spotted the rest of your husband on the couch with your daughter, passed out.  You snapped a quick picture for later, a grin on your face.  Colonnello was definitely going to see this later, Tsuna and Dino too.

Laying on the couch, Reborn had one arm wrapped around his four year old daughter the other holding a children’s book about dinosaurs.  Removing the book from his hand, you put it back on stack with the others that he probably read through several times before she fell asleep.  

“This is going to be fun to clean up,” you sighed before leaving the fort and going to make lunch for when they woke up.

“Look at how cute they are!” you squealed to the three, showing them the picture on your phone.  

“Is Reborn drooling?” Colonnello pointed out, zooming in on the photo.  “He is!  Send this to me,” the blonde said, grinning mischievously.

“It’s so weird seeing him look so peaceful and caring,” Tsuna commented.  

“Yeah.  How come he was never like that with us?” Dino agreed.  “Where was our love and compassion?”

Competitive Edge (Jungkook x Reader)

In which Jeon Jungkook may just as well be Jeon Jung–cocky.

based off of some earlier drabbles and more or less dedicated to @fanficsandnochill (see note at bottom yo)

fluff, 6.1k words, jungkook/reader, college + rival au

You stumble along the hallway, nearly tripping over–well, nothing, in your half-asleep stupor. You stifle a yawn. Mornings, you decide, are clearly not your thing. Morning classes even less so.

“Oh, hello there.”

And as it turns out, your morning class just became even less of your thing. Way worse. You tense and turn and look at Jungkook, who smirks at you as the two of you walk through the doors.

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More Normal Text Conversations Between Julian and Garak
  • Garak: [sends a current picture of Julian working]
  • Garak: [sends a current picture of Julian working]
  • Garak: [sends a current picture of Julian searching for him]
  • Garak: [sends a current picture of Julian's zoomed in, frustrated face when he can't find Garak]
  • Garak: [sends a current close-up of Julian's angry, yelling face]
  • Garak: ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I’ve been in a Kuroken mood so here are some headcanons

  • They platonically cuddle such as Kenma leaning on Kuroo on bus rides and Kuroo will lay his head on Kenma’s if it’s on his shoulder
  • Kuroo gives his jacket to Kenma when he forgets his
  • They each have some clothes at the others house for when they stay over
  • Kenma probably one time dyed Kuroo’s hair to give it a metallic look
  • If Kuroo is having a bad day or something, Kenma won’t have any type of device in hand and listens to him
  • They’ve had a snap streak for as long as they’ve had each other on Snapchat
  • Kenma takes really blurry or zoomed in photos of Kuroo and sends them to him and sometimes Hinata
  • Kenma also sends Kuroo the level clear screen when he clears a hard level
  • Kuroo sends everything from cats to a fallen over garbage can with the caption saying “me”
  • Whenever they’re out somewhere and Kenma sees something that could have crazy hair like a pineapple, Kenma points it out and is like, “Look that’s you” and Kuroo is like, “That’s totally me”
  • Kuroo always does the talking like if they’re ordering food or need help finding something in a store
  • Kenma removes the two pillows on the sides of Kuroo’s head a few times during the night because he doesn’t want Kuroo to suffocate
  • Kenma likes going over to Kuroo’s house because it’s always quiet because I feel like Kuroo’s parents are really busy so they’re either working on something at home or stay late at work or that they’re home when Kuroo isn’t and that Kuroo is an only child so his house is always so calm
  • Kenma’s parents view Kuroo as another son and vice versa
  • Kuroo probably calls Kenma’s mom “mom”
  • They’ve given names to all the neighborhood strays

EDIT: Okay everyone is loving this so here are some more that I thought of

  • Kuroo is the only person who has heard Kenma actually laugh
  • When they were younger and would hear someone say an inappropriate joke or something and Kenma wouldn’t understand it, Kuroo would pull the, “You’ll understand when you’re older” and Kenma was always like, “You’re literally 11 months older than me”
  • They probably binge watch anime together
  • So Kenma takes all these blurry and zoomed in photos of Kuroo and he has over a hundred of them and they have their own album on his phone and he uses them as reaction pictures
  • They went to a cat cafe once and named the cats after their teammates
  • They probably have a Sims family and only play with that family when they’re together so if one of them is having an urge to play The Sims and want to play with that family they tell the other to come over so they can play
  • Kuroo one time spent the night at Kenma’s house and he was going to charge his phone but he couldn’t find an open outlet in Kenma’s room because they were all being used
  •  Kenma sent a text to Kuroo at like 2 am with a picture of an Angora rabbit and all the caption said was “you” Kuroo agreed as always
We’re Falling Apart and Tearing At The Seams

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Rated T

Words: 4788

Summary: 2x18 AU. What if Zoom took Iris instead of Wally? Angst with a happy ending.

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As he and Joe walk up to the house he gets this feeling that something isn’t right. He just can’t quite figure out what it is, but it puts him on edge. Maybe he’s just tired. After all it’s been a long day and he’s still beating himself up for letting Zoom get away. Still he can’t shake whatever it as Joe unlocks the door, but he doesn’t say anything not wanting to worry Joe until he can figure out if there even is something to be worried about.

The hair on the back of his neck prickles as they walk inside. It’s too dark inside and he really, really doesn’t like it not when Iris is supposed to be here. She had gone home hours ago while he had stayed at the lab longer. But now he wishes she had stayed or he had gone home with her.

They step inside the house and the feeling intensifies and he wonders if Joe can feel it to. Regardless of that he turns to Joe. “Something’s wr-”

Then he sees it. Sees it on the living room wall and stops dead in his tracks and so does Joe. He swears that he stops breathing for a moment, that the world stops spinning.

Your speed for Iris.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“Fuck!” he screams and his fists clench at his sides and he really wants to hit something, or to run, or do something but he’s frozen in place. The words on the wall taunting him. And he knows this is his fault. He let Zoom get away. He should have stopped the other speedster. He had him. It’s his fault that Iris has been taken and he knows he needs to fix it. He knows what he needs to do.

He curses more out loud not bothering to try and hide it from Joe who hasn’t moved or said a thing and is just staring at the words on the wall, his face ashen.

“Joe,” he says slowly and carefully, trying to regain control of his emotions for the moment. “I’m going to get her back. I promise.”

There’s no way in hell he’s going to let that son of a bitch harm her in any way. And if he had any say it in it he wouldn’t even let the bastard touch her. But he doesn’t and the universe just wants to fuck with him and make him suffer.

Joe looks at him. “Barry, you can’t,” he starts but it’s only half hearted.

“Yes, I can,” he says. “I have to. This is Iris. It isn’t even a question. She’s worth more to both of us than my speed is,” he tells his father figure firmly.

Joe nods in agreement. “Okay.” But his voice is quiet and resigned like he’s a million miles away.

He places a hand on Joe’s shoulder. Trying to be as calm as possible even though on the inside he’s a mess. Even though it feels like someone has reached into his chest and ripped his heart out. Zoom has Iris and he has no idea what he could be doing to her. In the back of his mind he knows Zoom is doing this just to torment him and that he probably won’t kill her, just wants to cause him some pain. He just hopes that it’s true.

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Hello! Could you write an imagine where the reader is Wally West's girlfriend and instead of Iris getting stabbed by the piece of glass (in the tv show) the reader does so because of that Wally quits drag racing for her. Please make it super fluffy❤

I’m deciding to start answering these on the asks themsleves, and you’re the first Anony! YAYYYY


Word Count: 746

Originally posted by paulamaf2013

Wally looked as if his whole world just came crashing down.

And technically to him, it did.

You stood before him, breathing heavily while he looked at you with disbelief and pleading in his eyes. “(Y/N)–” he tried to reach for you, but you pulled back quickly, as if he was going to burn you. 

“Don’t touch me Wally,” you snapped, the cool night air around you soothing your hot skin. “I mean it.” You lifted your chin defiantly, trying to hide the fact that you were very close to tears. “If you step into that car, and race tonight, this’ll be over.”

He shook his head in denial. “You don’t mean that–”

“I dont?!” You yelled, narrowing your eyes. “Wally, after all that happened last time–”

“I didn’t get caught!” He yelled back. “I’m doing this for us! We need the money–”

“There is no we in this!” Your tone of voice stopped him short. “You’re in a good place right now Wally, you’ve got a family that’s financially stable, you don’t. Have. To. Do. This.”

“You’re right.” Your boyfriend swallowed thickly, a look of determination overcoming him. “I don’t need the money. But you do, and if this will help you, I’m going to do this.”

Without another word, he stormed off to his car, ignoring your cries for him to come back. You looked around helplessly, sighing in relief when you saw Iris and Joe. 

“Iris! Joe!” You called, rushing over to them. Iris’ eyes widened, putting out her hands to stop you before you crashed into her.

 “(Y/N),” she said in disbelief. “You can’t be here, you have to leave–”


“There’s a Meta racing tonight,” Joe said urgently, pushing you away from the crowd before you stopped the retreat. 

“Wally’s racing,” you said breathlessly, looking back to the road in fear before facing her again. “Joe, he could get hu–”

Before you finished your sentence, screams waved throughout the crowd. You looked back, your hair falling into your eyes as you saw the road rise from under Wally’s car. 

“Call Barry!” Joe yelled to Iris, before rushing away.

“Why would he–” You started, but Iris was already rushing the conversation on the phone. 

Before you knew it a red blur zoomed past you and Iris, sending your hair everywhere. Iris looked unfazed, and you stumbled for a  moment before you brought the piece together. You stepped in front of her, your eyebrows furrowed. “Is Barry the-the Flash?”

Iris looked startled, as if forgetting you were there. She opened her mouth to deny your claims, before her eyes widened. “(Y/N) WATCH OU–”

She never finished the sentence as you fell forward unconscious, a large piece of glass sticking out on your left shoulder where it met your neck. She caught you as you fell, her body quickly being covered in the red stains of your blood. She lowered you both to the ground, trying to keep in the panicked tears. “HELP!” She yelled, and not even a second after, Barry lifted you into his arms and sped away with you.

The last thing the speedster heard was the heartbroken cries of Wally behind him.

You woke up to really bright lights, and a distant throbbing pain in your shoulder. You squinted against the rays, trying to softly turn your head to the side that wasn’t disrupted by a sling. You found Wally looking at you, an absolute mess with teary, red eyes.

“You’re awake,” he sniffled happily, though the smile he gave you didn’t feel that way. “I didn’t–I wasn’t sure if–”

You lifted your uninjured hand to place it on top of his, but he quickly retreated. He curled in on himself, pulling his knees to his chest as he looked down to the floor. 

“After what I d-did,” he stuttered, trying to get a hold of his words through the tears. “I’d get it if you–if you didn’t want to be with me anymore.”

You looked at him in sadness, and just a little bit of guilt. You placed your hand palm up, and after a few seconds of staring at it, Wally placed his hand inside yours. 

“I’m not going anywhere Wally,” you mumbled, your voice tired. “You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

He let out a short laugh, wiping away his tears before scooting closer to you. “Good, because I sure as hell wasn’t trying.”