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my gf: sends a picture if her in an overall

my heart: ❤️❤️woosh💗💗💞💞💚💙💙💙💚💝💝💗💗💖💓💖💖💓💓💗zOOM❤️💗💜💜n💛💛nYOOM🖤💓💕💖💖💖❣️BABOOM💟💞💝💝💘💗💗💞💟💙💚💚💚💙❤️💙💚💚💙💕💕❤️💜💜WOOOSHH🖤❤️💙🖤🖤💜💛💗VROOO💘💝💝💞💕💕💞💞💞💞💕💕💙💙💚💚💖❣️AAAAAAA💙💙❤️💕💚💚💚💖💖💟💟💞💝💘💜💛💗💞❤️💕💕❣️❣️BOOM❣️💚💚💚💙💜💜ZYOOM💓💓💝💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💝💘💜💗HHHHAAKKC💟💙

imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.

lovetobeehappy-deactivated20170  asked:

Hi, I can't link because I really don't know how. But Tomlinsondaily has only one pic from today of Louis smiling. I'm a dental person and his teeth were buggin me so I zoomed in and he is wearing clear braces on his top teeth! I haven't seen anyone else notice this (did send to another blog but no comment).. but zoom and it's there! I'll try to attach the link but I'm horrible at this. thetomlinsondaily*tumblr*com/post/161867198062/1506 He's adorable and probably getting his teeth ready to tour

OK! So.  tumblr DID eat my response, so let’s just try this the old fashioned way.

First things first, this is the post and pic you’re referring to.  LOOK HOW PRECIOUS HE IS. 

So I went ahead and zoomed in myself! 

And I’ll be perfectly honest…I don’t see it.  BUT you’re the expert and not me.  So it’s definitely possible because GUESS WHAT.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  I showed this to @bananastagram and she pointed out that he’s had braces before and gave me evidence!! 

so maybe he wasn’t wearing his retainer and they shifted and he wanted to get them realigned???  

WHY IS THIS SO ENDEARING???  This should not be this endearing!!!!  BUT IT IS.  


NJ: YES!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!


((Also, I saw the other ask you sent about Jin asking someone else! Don’t worry about it sweetie I ship namjin hardcore but like tbh if you don’t ship namjin at least a little bit then u don’t exist tbh I’m sorry))

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Girllll pls can you do some pure feysand fluffy headcanons (about anything read bc I need me some feysand rn and you write them amazing) thank you!!! 💕💕💕 (ALSO I WAS WALKING HOME AND SAW A GUY IN A CORSA TALKING TO THIS GIRL ALL I COULD THINK WAS ERIS 😂)


and dw babe i got u

Mission to self: write fluff without any innuendos or reference to sex

MODERN AU FEYSAND HC’S - some of these are influenced by DLB 

-midnight phone calls. These two can just talk for hours. Sometimes there calls can just consist of silence while theyre doing stuff like homework. 

- they have phone sex at three am when they can’t sleep and they need release

*Feyre call’s Rhys* “I really need to get off right now.”

“Thank fuck, so do I.”

- When Feyre is sad and on her period, he is there (like come on he probably has Feyre’s period on his calendar just so he can send her shit like chocolate.) he turns up at her house with hot water bottles and her favourite foods. Then cuddles, lots of cuddles, and forehead kisses while they squeeze together on her bed. They have period sex. They definitely do not have period sex

- Handshakes!? like Feysand can be 18 or 45 they have a secret handshake for everytime one of them makes a funny joke or pun or slays the shit out of everyone. They are one anothers No. 1 supporters. 

- They try and find each other the most novelty gifts ever, like their is full of inflatable unicorn hats and toilet golf

- Trying to make each other laugh during sex  they have a point system and everything

- Touching, they have to be touching somehow. Whether that Rhys’ arm thrown around her neck, or his hand down her back pocket. They play with one anothers hands quite a bit, like it’s become this natural thing where Rhys will just be touching her fingers while she tells him about her day

-when they get ready for bed their routine is weird, dancing stupidly while they brush their teeth, racing each other to get into bed first, Rhys brushing her hair while she takes her makeup off. 

-falling asleep on top of one another. 

- Rhys has a picture of Feyre asleep as his phone background

“Rhys I’m fucking drooling in that picture.”

“Which is why it is my favourite.”

- Selfies, what is it with these two and selfies. They always try and top each other for the funniest captions

- Rhys always has a daily SC of Feyre where he just videos her for like 20 seconds while constantly zooming in on her face until she sends him a glare.

- Feyre has a weekly sc of Rhys standing outside her front door with the caption like ‘ffs he is back again who even r u’ or ‘has anyone lost their child???‘ 

- scaring one another, they have a tally for that too

  • Jadis: *to Michonne about Rick* Yours?
  • Michonne: ... We're together.
  • Jadis: I lay with him after. You care?
  • Negan: *smashes through the gates of Alexandria in his truck at a dangerous speed, drives towards Jadis, opens his door as he zooms past her thus sending her flying 10 feet through the air, gets out, beats her to a bloody pulp with Lucille* NOBODY LAYS WITH HIM BUT ME, TRASHY BITCH!
  • Rick: ... Michonne, we're gonna have to pretend to be just friends for a while, 'kay?
Earth 2 Harrison Wells x Reader – Make out session

Originally posted by politeandnotgay

Imagine being Barry’s younger sister and Joe’s adoptive daughter and Joe founding you and Harry making out in the Cortex.

Note: Literally just finished this but I’m really not good at waiting. I particularly enjoyed writing this one.
Giffity gif not mine.

You were younger than Barry and after your mother died, you couldn’t fully understand what happened just yet, but you knew she was gone. When you and your brother moved in with Joe and Iris, Joe didn’t want either of you to visit Henry as he believed that he really did kill Nora.

Joe couldn’t stop Barry as he was too stubborn, but he promised himself he will never let you go to prison to see the supposed killer. You even started to call him „dad“.

But that was years ago. Since then, so much has changed. And so much has happened. The particle accelerator explosion, metahumans, the Reverse Flash … other Earths, other Wells and … Zoom.

And here we are now, Team Flash fighting the new super villain. But since Zoom would rather send other metahumans to do the dirty job for him and you can’t just show up on Earth 2 with no plan, other things have happened, too.

This thing between you and Harry has been going on for quite a while now. Harry would always work hard at the lab late at night and you would stay there to help him. And that’s how you got close. Even though there’s quite a big age difference between the two of you, neither of you cared.

You wanted to tell the others and you were sure they would be happy for you. Joe was the only one you were scared to tell. You knew he would find out one day but there were sure good and bad ways of doing so.

What you didn’t know back then was that he would find out in the worst way possible.

The Team was having a little party tonight after defeating a though metahuman and everyone was gonna come. Except Harry. He’s always invited but he never comes justifying it by not wanting to celebrate with his daughter still in Zoom’s lair. Which is completely understandable.

And then there’s you. You mostly go with the excuse that you simply don’t like parties. Which is true, but you also just really don’t want to leave Harry all alone.

After everyone left, you sneaked into the Cortex where you saw Harry sitting on a chair working on some toy-thingy. You came closer, hugged him from behind and buried your head between his neck and shoulder.

Hey.“ He said softly as he moved his head to give you a gentle kiss. „Are we alone?“

„The building is ours.“ You chuckled as you turned his chair around and sat on his lap wrapping your hands around his neck.

„At last.“ He finally smiled as his hands went around your waist, pulling you into an embrace. You loved this smile, the smile he only reserved for you.

It has been a while since you two had a little alone time, so you were planning to take full advantage of it.

Harry didn’t wait for anything, he took your cheeks into his hands and pulled you into a deep, passionate kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth.

Suddenly, you felt one of his cold hands slide under your shirt making you shiver. Harry definitely didn’t regret you wearing a crop top with a high-waisted skirt as you made his job much easier.

He didn’t want to break the kiss so he did only for one second to take your shirt off revealing your black laced bra.

His hand were now both running over your body as he slowly moved from your lips down your neck sucking on the skin, gently biting it and leaving a mark to claim you his own.

You couldn’t help but moan which didn’t escape Harry’s ears.

„Y-you know … i-it’s really … u-unfair that .. y-you’re still … f-fully clothed.“ You managed to stutter our between the muffled moans as you still tried to keep some control.

Harry pulled away and leaned closer to your ear whispering in his deep voice.

„Then maybe you should do something about it.“

He didn’t have to tell you twice. Your fingers slid under the fabric as you pulled his shirt off over his head throwing it somewhere on the ground.

You didn’t get much time to admire his body as he already pulled you up taking you into his arms and leaning you against the closest wall.

Pressing your lips against his again, with your arms now firmly around his neck and your legs wrapped around his waist.

Just when he was about to unhook your bra, you heard voices.

Damn it!

You both looked up to see your friends who were sharing your suprised expression.

Harry quickly put you down and both of you hurried to put your clothes back on.

„When you didn’t want to go to he party, we thought we’d bring the party to you … I’m getting the vibes there was already one going on.“ Cisco joked trying to ease the situation only to receive a disapproving look from Barry.

It didn’t take long for Joe to put himself together from the shock and he immediately made his way up to Harry.

„What do you think you’re doing to my little girl?!“ Joe yelled as he forcefully pushed your boyfriend against the wall.

„I don’t know, what does it look like?“ Harry opposed him only to earn a solid punch in the face.

„Dad! Stop!“ You weren’t going to just watch anymore, this was starting to go too far.

You stood between the two facing Joe and staring right into his eyes.

„I … I love him.“

„… And I need some air.“ This was probably too much for the detective to take so he made his way out followed by Barry who was probably about to have a lot of work with cooling him off.

„Well, that could have gone better.“ Harry stated as he brushed his cheek.

„Heyy, are you okay? He hit you pretty hard.“ You hurried to him worriedly.

„I can’t really blame him, I’d do something much worse if it was the other way around.“ He added with a soft laughter.

„You mean my dad and Jessie?“ You couldn’t help but laugh at that idea.

„He’ll get over it. Sooner or later.“ You smiled as you hugged him and he pulled his hand over your shoulder and pressed a tender kiss on your forehead.

Masterlist -- Updated



Summary: Lots of things have changed since the day Barry saved Central City from a wormhole and everyone seems to be coping differently.

Stick With You

Summary: When the particle accelerator explodes, many things change after your boyfriend Barry falls into a coma while you suddenly notice that you didn’t escape unharmed either.


Summary: You’re a metahuman who can feel the emotions around you and you are determined to cheer up Barry up when he loses his ability to walk after Zoom pays him a visit.

Second Chances

Summary: Zoom sends you to World 1, knowing that The Flash had been involved with your doppelgänger, hoping that you would be enough to distract him from his next attack.

Scarlet Speedsters

Summary: Your unexpected memory loss happens at an inconvenient time but it leads to an unexpected ally willing to help you out.

For The Best

Summary: The aftermath of a kidnapping pushes Barry into making a rash decision.

After Effects (For The Best Part Two)

Summary: You attend your first family gathering since Barry ended things and you had to deal with the sympathetic looks your family gives you.


Dream Come True

Summary: After a first date with you, Barry ends up in an unlikely place, at an unlikely time, with many unexpected events.

Opposites Attract

Summary: You and Barry seem to prove that opposites do attract and lots of playful bickering comes out of it.

You’re Not Alone

Summary: Barry’s too late and your parents pay the price for it but Barry is determined to fix what he can.

Blazing Hot

Summary: You’re a meta-human with fire abilities and Barry’s your best friend who finds you adorable.


Summary: Barry finally defeats Zoom but loses too many people doing so, making him question himself and his sanity.

Icy Inferno

Summary: Barry gets jealous when a new metahuman comes to town with his sights set on you.

Christmas Jealousy

Summary: Snippet of what Christmas day with Barry and his family is like.

Problematic Crushes

Summary: The Flash rescues you and creates some unnecessary problems within your love life.


Summary: In a cruel twist of fate, it seems that Barry Allen is hopelessly in love with you, meanwhile your love for the Flash blinds you to that fact—aka inspired by Miraculous Ladybug.


Alphabet Game

Dating Barry Allen Would Include…

Puppy Love

Our Song pt 2

Sooooo Our Song (pt 1) was a hit, and I’m so grateful! Thank you guys so much for reading, and sending such AMAZING feedback! I’m gonna try to write some smut in as promised, and requested, but I’ve never written smut so maybe it’ll get better as more parts to this come out, so bear with me. I hope you enjoy :) xx

Jungkook x Reader, fluff, smut :0!!


Summary: School playboy, and jock Jungkook is the last person you’d expect to be a soulful musician, but everybody has their secrets

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Here are most ‘Sign-In’ outfits i could find through the facebook and weibo pages👌🏻

Someone was kind enough to send me some so THANK YOU WUV U❤️

(If you can’t see them ZOOM IN, i made sure the quality was good enough to see zoomed in👌🏻)

Competitive Edge (Jungkook x Reader)

In which Jeon Jungkook may just as well be Jeon Jung–cocky.

based off of some earlier drabbles and more or less dedicated to @fanficsandnochill (see note at bottom yo)

fluff, 6.1k words, jungkook/reader, college + rival au

You stumble along the hallway, nearly tripping over–well, nothing, in your half-asleep stupor. You stifle a yawn. Mornings, you decide, are clearly not your thing. Morning classes even less so.

“Oh, hello there.”

And as it turns out, your morning class just became even less of your thing. Way worse. You tense and turn and look at Jungkook, who smirks at you as the two of you walk through the doors.

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parenting superheroes

for @solisev

happy happy birthday evelyn! i hope you have a wonderful birthday and an amazing year ahead :)

“Oh my God.”

Natasha growled low in her throat as Clint sat straight up, dislodging her from her comfortable slouch against his side. He even pulled his fingers from where he had been running them through her hair, much to her dismay. She set down her novel with a sigh and turned toward him, eyebrow raised skeptically. “What?”

He turned to meet her gaze, eyes wide. “We’re their parents.”

She straightened suddenly, spine rigid against the back of the couch. “You take that back!”

“Nat, how did this happen?” Clint ran his fingers through the short strands of his hair and chuckled helplessly.

Just as she opened her mouth to deny it again, the front door to their apartment flew open, and a blue streak zoomed by them, ruffling their hair and sending the newspapers on the coffee table flying. Moments later, a young woman with mousy brown hair and a red leather jacket strolled through the open door, rolling her eyes.

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A/N: I feel like a lot of the fic I read (and write) centers around Emma, and paints Killian as a pining and/or doting partner, and we never really get to see the angry pirate side of him. I wanted to experiment with something different, so this piece aspires to be more Killian-centric and a little bit darker. Hopefully it comes out as what I imagine it to be. Warning, graphic depictions of violence ahead. American Assassin inspired AU.

Summary: After tragedy tears his life apart, Killian Jones is determined to exact revenge on the ones who wronged him. But his path to revenge turns out to be a winding one, filled with surprising characters that may even change his life again.

Word Count: 1306

Links: ao3,


Killian toyed with the ring in his pocket while he waited for the bartender to make their drinks. He’d spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how he’d do this, but he hadn’t been able to come to a decision. Putting the ring in the drink seemed a little too cheesy, not to mention a choking hazard, but he wanted to present it in some special way, not just hand it to her like a bar of chocolate.

The bartender set two drinks down in front of him, and as Killian’s eyes took in the large, tropical flowers sitting atop each, he knew what he wanted to do. Carefully, he pulled the ring from his pocket and balanced it in the center of the flower, threading the pistil through it. Smiling he turned and located Milah on the beach, where she was emerging from the water, hands running over her dark curls. She smiled when she saw him and jogged toward him, accepting her drink while keeping her eyes locked on his, and he placed his hands on her waist, pulling her closer. Milah’s eyes flicked down as she went to take a sip of her drink, and the shine of the ring caught her attention at last.

“Killian?” she asked, her voice brimming with surprise.

“Milah, my love,” he said, taking her free hand in his, “you are everything I could ever need in this world and so much more. You brought me out of the darkness and showed me that life could be more than just loss. You’re my one true love, and there’s no one else I would rather travel the world with. I never want to be parted from you. Will you,” he continued, dropping to one knee, “allow me the honour of becoming your husband?”

“Are you serious?” Milah exclaimed, her eyes glistening with tears. “Are you really serious?”

“Is that a yes?” he asked, nerves practically paralyzing him.

“Yes, of course that’s a yes!” she nearly squealed, falling into his arms as he stood and peppered her face with kisses.

Killian took the ring and slipped it onto Milah’s finger, and she pressed a long kiss against his lips. He opened his mouth under the pressure and was only dimly aware of the applause coming from the people around them.

After a few moments, they broke apart, and Milah buried her face in his neck, laughing happily.

“I should go get the camera,” Killian whispered to the top of her head, his heart pounding with joy.

“Okay,” Milah agreed, stepping away. She took his cup and lay down in one of the lounging chairs.

Killian took a moment to appreciate how beautiful she looked before jogging off in the direction of the hotel. As he went, he noticed a speedboat zooming across the shallows, sending waves across the sand. Boats themselves weren’t unusual, but it was the first time he had seen one so close to the beach. There was nothing sinister about a speedboat, however, so Killian simply kept moving, wanting to get up to their room and grab the camera as quickly as possible so he could return to celebrating.

Just as Killian was wrapping his hand around the hand of the door, he hear a barrage of gunshots, and he turned to see bullets spraying across the beach, striking down one person after another. Fear gripped him, and he turned immediately to run back toward Milah, but people were running everywhere, and he could no longer see where she was. Her brown curls blended into the crowd of people and despite his best efforts, he couldn’t seem to locate her.

“Milah!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, trying desperately to be heard over the hundreds of other people calling for their loved ones. “Milah!”

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anonymous asked:

Hello mayra, I love your writing and I just wanna say how much I appreciate the effort you put into your prompts. Thank you for writing them for us, they must be really time consuming and I wouldnt want to be a bother but I have a Modern Sonamy if youre interested in writing. :) Its about Sonic possibly making subtle romantic advances towards Amy, thank you! I dont want to pressure you or anything I dont mind if you dont write this. Just want to say how much I appreciate your prompts!

Honey, even if I’m SWAMPED with prompts, I will ALWAYS do requests that don’t violate any of the rules ;)b I just need patience, but I’m very grateful you recognize the time and effort. I enjoy it deeply, but I also am glad you love it so much as well!

Never worry too much about me, I’ll do my best. Yours is just to ask and sit back, relax, and enjoy the feels :)

(x) Used with permission from the Artist, please support them as well! :D

Because this is modern Sonamy, I’ll try to keep it as close to character as possible while also leaning towards Canon; but because Sonic is the one making advances, you’ll have to expect some AU situations and moments. Thank you! ;)


(Sonic Forces)

“Get down!”


Sonic slid into the rectangular hole dug for cover and threw the wood-covering over it, forcing Amy to duck her head down and turn her body.

It wasn’t a whole lot of room… but Sonic pushed his head up on the wood to see if the robots had followed him or not.. Amy…

Amy was so close to his chest! She tried to wiggle herself lower down to give him more room to zoom out if he needed too… but this bunker was mostly for her to communicate with the team until it was time to jump out and start fighting too.

She waited with low breaths, before peeking up and noticing him moving further up, squeezing the small space into an even tinier area.

“Eep!” she lightly spoke out, turning her head up and then to the side, closing her eyes and covering them with her hands as now his torso was up by her…

“A-a-ar-are they gone?” Amy peeked up, looking at his serious expression, thinking he didn’t notice…

“Coast has been clear for some time, Amy.”

“..H-huh?” She blinked her eyes more open and looked up, seeing him now fully looking down and looming over her with a sly grin on his face.

He winked and darted out.

She practically collapsed, exhausted from the ‘slightly steamy’ moment she just experienced.

(Sonic Lost World)

“Sonic! I’m sending you some pics!” Amy’s message read.

Sonic zoomed up a tree and suddenly stopped at the top of it. “Woah, Amy- Hang on a minute…”

She sent him some pics of her and the flickies, then her and Knuckles.

“We’re all rooting for you, Sonic! Good luck!”

He smiled, and continued his joke, “You’re too innocent for me.”

“What does that mean?” she wrote back, before he laughed and continued.

“Nothing. I like innocent.”

He then took off to continue his adventure, as back with Amy, she pulled her face away from the MilesElectric and held a strange look on her face.

Suddenly getting his joke she slapped her hand to her mouth, and then aggressively wrote a long, and extensive message back to him.

“Ohh! That boy!” she sent it and then lowered the device, rolling her eyes.

A second later, she got a message back and looked down at it.

“I was only playing, Amy.”

She smiled.

Before another message was sent.

“Besides, I’ve seen enough as it is. Close up your back once in a while, ‘ight? Try a new dress or something.”

She almost threw the device.

Knuckles asked what was wrong and she just barked at him a quick, “NOTHING.”

(Sonic Unleashed)

Going on that date she requested, Sonic looked distant and aloof most of the time. Though they spent each second together, Amy could tell he wasn’t really ‘in the moment’ with her at all.

Walking around the city, she finally tugged on his arm and pulled him to the railing, having him look out over the view as she cried out with a big, huge grin on her face. “Isn’t it lovely!? I can’t believe we’re in the most beautiful city in the world and you’re off looking into space!” she huffed just slightly before shaking her head.

“Ah, well.” she giggled and hugged his arm closer, closing her eyes. “At least you’re looking off into space with me by your side~ That’s all I could ask for.”

He didn’t respond for a moment, before Amy felt his arm move out of her grasp.

She let it go… but a sudden sorrow crept into her heart and she lost her easy-going nature. Turning her eyes to the ground on the opposite side of her, she left her hunched over body where it was and seemed disappointed.

But that only lasted a moment.

She blinked her eyes forward and then turned to where the slight pressure of being pulled closer was coming from.

She twisted her back to arch her neck and look down behind her side, seeing a large white glove had caressed her side and pulled her closer to him.

She blinked back at the view, before excitedly turning to Sonic, who was surprisingly staring right at her with a neutral smile on his face.

“Sorry.” he mentioned, seeming genuine about it. “Sometimes, I just have nothing to say. Other times…”

She felt him pull her closer… and it practically took her breath away.

“I just like hearing your voice. That’s all.”

He winked.

She swooned.

And the rest of the day, his arm never left her side.

(Sonic Adventure 2)

After chasing the president down, Sonic was headed off to the rest of his adventure, before passing the city as he ran along the road, and noticed a familiar building…

-flashback to Sonic Adventure-

“Oh Sonic! This ride is so much fun!” Amy squee’d while getting in line to one of the attractions at Twinkle Park.

Sonic had rolled his eyes, not that thrilled to be there.

At least it was free…

Amy looped an arm around his own and pulled him into the roller-coaster.

“Here, for safety.”

She pulled the ride’s seat-security from above him down, and then giggled as she did her own.

But he stopped her a moment, thinking it a funny joke, he put his hand over her shoulder and out from her gripping his arm.

It surprised her, that’s for sure.

“No- Here.” he charmingly gave her a smile. “For safety.”

She almost didn’t get the seat-security on in time before the ride began, just from her loud and boisterous giggles of glee; kicking her feet out wide!

-End flashback-

Sonic snuffed downward with his nose, having a disapproving face on.

‘I was too sweet on her…’ he thought to himself, as he took off quickly towards his off-ramp…

Or more so… jumped… off the road, creating his own.

-Eggman’s trickery and the tube-

When it came time for Sonic to address Amy… he held his rushing thoughts back.. a million things he wanted to say to her.

Looking to her though… seeing the fear in her eyes… he knew just what to say.

-Flashback to Sonic Adventure again-

Amy had wobbled off an extreme twirl-ride and had to have Sonic help her as she walked away.

She tripped or fell on him a few times, but he got her to a seat and sighed, sitting by her as she laughed in her dizzy state.

“That was a wild one! Huh, Sonic?” she laughed, as he just folded his arms, scooting back and leaning as far down the chair as he could, shrugging.

“Haha! Ohh.. my stomach.” she gripped her stomach then, hunching over and Sonic leaned up, suddenly actually caring.

“Are you alright?” he leaned a hand to help her up.

“Just… OFFPH!” she covered her mouth as Sonic panicked.

His feet jumped up and down, quickly looking for something before helping her up and over to a trashcan.

He sighed again as she was by that trashcan for a while…

“Amy…” he had a sweat drop slid on the corner of his face, before turning back to her and smiling, having leaned on a railing by the object.

She sadly looked up, thinking he was now having a horrible time with her.

He saw that expression and knew what he needed to say next, with a charming smile.

“Take care of yourself.” he smiled very warmly, hushing any fears she had that he wasn’t enjoying this time with her.

It’s true… that he wasn’t… but he didn’t want her to think the whole adventure with her in Twinkle Park was… well… it wasn’t all that bad.

-end flashback, back to space colony ark-

Sonic repeated the words, “Take care of yourself.”

Amy’s heart leaped out of her chest, remembering those exact words and what they truly meant…

‘I enjoyed spending time with you.’

She knew that’s what he meant.

Seeing the pod zoom off into orbit… she raced to the window, hands crashing on the glass before moving back from the force she used to land on it and reaching out a hand to him.


(I’ll stop there :) What do you think?)

absolutescribbles  asked:

Izuocha... "Oh no the girl who runs the pretzel stand is cute" au

SCRIBBLES alkjsfslkj I love this AU, bless

“Is there anything else I can get you today?” the chestnut-haired girl beamed brightly, her cheeks flushed from the heat.

“Uhhh……y-yeahyournumber,” Izuku stammered, blushing, as he nearly snatched the pretzel from her hand due to all the nervous energy.

“…..what was that?” the female employee asked, blinking twice as she wasn’t sure if she’d heard correctly, before Izuku blurted out “NOTHINGBYE!” and zoomed away from the pretzel stand.

Prompt: Send me a pairing and an AU and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic!