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Bike Pt 1 (RWBY)

This is the first part of what most likely will be a three-parter. It’s part of a trade between me and Adamantred. Bumbleby ahoy! Part 2 here.


Blake sat idly on the bench, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. She was currently staring at her partner’s twitching legs as she worked under her suspended bike. She had been complaining that bumblebee was making a weird clicking noise all week and finally had the time to head down to the Beacon garage and try and fix it. Blake wasn’t one for mechanical stuff, but she didn’t exactly want to be in her room with Zwei running amok, knowing just how badly Zwei had it out for her. Her predator aside, she was also avoiding Ruby and Weiss who were bickering about midterms. Weiss seemed determined to make sure Ruby scored well for once, while Ruby insisted she was fine and didn’t need to do any extra studying.

Knowing a war zone of a bedroom wouldn’t be the best place to read, she elected to follow her own partner down to the quiet garage, save the few curse words yang let out when frustrated now that she wasn’t censoring herself around Ruby.

Satisfied with her ponytail, she resumed reading her book letting out a content sigh.

“Wrench?” Blake dismissed it, figuring she was talking to herself. When she heard it again.

“Wrench?” Blake’s head twitched upwards, but her eyes stayed glued to the page, drawn in at the dramatic moment she was currently enthralled in.

“Wrench?” Yang repeated, this time her face inches from Blake’s.

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A Bid For Your Heart (One Shot)

Summary: College AU. Once a year the campus gallery has a fundraiser allowing students to place bids for a blind date with an art student based solely on the work they’ve displayed. Camila spends her last $40 unknowingly bidding on Lauren’s artwork, and she’s determined to make the night worth every last penny. - L

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