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Seokjin - 

Practice had been rough that day. From early morning till noon he’d been working twice as hard for their upcoming events and their lunch break felt like a heaven send. You’d packed him a large lunch and gave him a sweet kiss that morning before he left. Words couldn’t describe how excited Jin was to see what you’d made him. He opened his lunch box was was pleasantly surprised to see a note on top. He grinned as he read it and to the end he was smiling softly with a shimmer in his eye. He picked up the neatly wrapped cookies and pressed a kiss to them. He’d never ever know what he’d done to deserve you.

“Jinnie, I know you’ve been working hard lately. So I packed a special surprise in with your usual lunch! Enjoy! With love, [Name].”

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Yoongi -

Work, work, work. He’d been in the studio all day mixing and composing. You’d come in a few times to try and convince him to eat something but his response was always “later” or “in a bit, jagiya”. He didn’t notice that it had been a while since you came in, too focused on the flow he was suddenly riding. He didn’t hear you set something beside him until you were already gone. The sweet smell hit his nose and brought him out of the zone. Yoongi peered to his right to see you’d placed warm, freshly baked cookies beside him. Each with their own encouraging message written in icing that had him smiling his gummy grin. They were sugar cookies too.

“Suga fighting!!”, “You can do it Yoongi!”, “I love you!”

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Hoseok -

He and the rest of the group were dancing their hearts out when the door to the practice room opened. No one paid you any mind, too engrossed in their practice. You were able to slip in and out, leaving your surprise on his bag. When Namjoon called for a break the all collapsed to the floor in relief. He was going to his bag to pull out a water bottle when he noticed your note and gift on top. He read the note and smiled genuinely, all his tiredness leaving him. He wanted to kiss you and thank you for your sweet words, but he had all the time in the world for that when he got home. For now, for you, Hoseok was going to do his best.

“Hobi, don’t forget to drink lots of water, okay? You’re the best but you need to look after yourself! J-Hope fighting!”

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Namjoon -

He had only been able to see you briefly that morning. He’d woken up late again so it was a rushed escape out the door with only a quick kiss goodbye. He was thinking about ways to make it up to you all through his recording session when he was told there was a package for him. When he was given a tin with a small note on it he smiled despite himself. He knew your handwriting anywhere. He pulled out a chair and sat down, reading the neatly written words and feeling his stomach twist in knots. The same feeling he got when he first spoke to you. He didn’t know how he’d been so blessed to have you come into his life, but he wanted to show you he appreciated you just as much  as you did him.

“You’re a great leader Namjoonie! Make sure you don’t run yourself out though okay? Eat these cookies, I want a kiss for each bite it takes!”

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Jimin -

It was during a break in practice that you strolled into the room. He happily stood up and greeted you with a kiss, teasing you that you shouldn’t love someone so sweaty. He was interested in why you came to check up on him when he knew you had other things to be doing when you placed the gift into his hands, gave him a sweet kiss and scurried out. He was puzzled but opened the brightly colored box and could have cried at it’s contents. He took a few steps to try and follow you but vowed that after work he would treat you like royalty to repay you.

“You’ve been working really well these past few days! I’m proud of you! But please make sure you’re eating well too okay? Please don’t get sick, I love you!”

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Taehyung -

He was about to get on a plane to their next show when you slipped him a prettily wrapped gift. You told him not to open it until he was on the plane and even had him pinkie swear. The curiosity was killing him all through boarding the plane and when he opened it he nearly tore the plastic wrap holding the cookies. The note fell and when he picked it up to see just what it said he could feel his heart melting. He was worried about leaving you alone even if it was for his treasured ARMYs but your sweet words did their job in easing his nerves. He held the paper close to his chest, knowing that he was going to treasure it throughout his trip.

“I know you'e worried about me, Taehyung, but I’m going to be watching every single show. I’ll support you no matter where you go. I’ll see you soon, honey! Yours, [Name].”

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Jungkook -

Stress had been getting to him lately. His normally bubbly and self assured nature was replaced by tiredness and quietness. He wasn’t expecting much when he was sitting backstage but when he saw yo approaching he felt the load on his shoulders lighten. You couldn’t stay long and neither could he, the show was about to begin but you assured him he had time for the little parcel you placed in his hands. You both shared a sweet kiss and a hug that was perhaps a bit longer than it needed to be before you ushered him to open the gift and left to wait in the dressing rooms. When he pulled the ribbon and it revealed a treat and a sweet note, he felt he could have married you on the spot. He happily ate a few of the cookies before the show, feeling his mood do a complete turnaround and he was ready to make you fall in love with him all over again.

“Take it one step at a time okay, Kookie? You can rely and me and your hyungs. I’ll see you after the show! Your number one fan, [Name]!”

Breaking In, Ch 28 (OQ AU)

He ought to have been earlier.

That’s what he’s kicking himself over when he rides the elevator to Regina’s office at half two on Thursday afternoon. He ought to have been earlier – what if she’d wanted to go out for lunch or something. Granted, she had his car, it’s not as though she was without wheels. But still, he ought to have been earlier.

He’d slept in to his usual eleven-ish, and then showered and tucked into a bowl of cereal before he called Neal. Neal had offered last night to give him a lift to the auto shop in the morning, but the phone had rung and rung and rung until the line had finally come to life with a fumbling clatter and a slurred, sleepy “‘Lo?”

So to say they’d gotten rather a later start than they’d meant was an understatement.

But he’s here now, has given Neal a grateful wave and a promise that he owes him before sending him packing, and is listening to the little dingof the elevator as it hits her floor.

That young blonde is at the desk again, inviting him back with an, “Oh, you’re a friend of Regina’s aren’t you?” and a “Let me just let her know you’re here.”

Regina is on the phone when he gets to her office, looking annoyed and a bit frazzled. She covers the receiver with her hand and mutters, “I’m sorry; I had to take this.”

But Robin waves her off, assuring her, “It’s no bother,” and then asking, “Keys?”

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I admit I’m Bawson trash and I rewatch a lot of 1x09 for obvious reasons. BUT. I also can’t stop watching the 1x07 ice bath scene. I mean, JESUS THANK YOU PITCH WRITERS for making Mike’s big dick canon. Because there’s no other way to read this scene. Sonny and Oscar grimace and look away. Livan keeps his gaze at eye level. I mean, NO ONE can look at it for too long because it must be embarrassingly big. And Mike jokes about the ice bath being a handicap like everyone in the clubhouse knows about the size of his dick. WOW. JUST WOW.

But then–when Mike gets out of the bath to talk to Oscar, he crosses his arms and he’s shivering and he’s so fucking worried Oscar’s going to trade him and send him packing. (Read: like his mom used to do.) And suddenly he’s like a little boy again.

God, I love Mike Lawson. He might just deserve Ginny Baker in the long run.

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'Give little Finn a storyline' Can we talk about how their 'resolution' to Finn's storyline was to send him packing and jet him off to Australia for god knows how long because that level of not giving a fuck about a character is hilarious

loool you legend!! Finn was just a plot device that got used and abused. They had no idea how to reconcile. The audience refused to sympathize with Finn, because his justifications for his strange behaviour went beyond reason or even emotion. I imagine Emmerdale intended that we’d actually care about him and feel sorry for the poor boy who just had his father die before him. They executed it so poorly by making his behaviour so absurd that it was completely unrelatable. When the village crazy Emma Barton can’t even understand you’re behaviour you’ve known you’ve gone too far. Stalking your imaginary constructed boyfriend and then betraying your friend who was trying to defend you on the basis of this one sided twisted love story was just beyond the realms of human behaviour even during times of grief. Realizing our lack of sympathy and the complete and utter ridiculousness of the storyline. I imagine they wanted to cart him off, so he can return the pure naive innocent boy he was, and we can all forget how out of character and how poorly executed that storyline was.

and about the depression thing

i’ve been telling myself I suck and should kill myself for over seven years now, 

you think I’m gonna let some little 14 year old punk think he’s got a fresh zinger when he hits me with that one?

please. i’ll slap his ass with a report and send him packing so he can spend some time thinking of better insults


“Whoa, hey, all I did was invite the kid on one hunt. I don’t get why you wanted me to send him packing in the first place,” Dean said, opening up the trunk of the Impala to gather his weapons. Sam shook his head, not saying a word, but Dean soon peered around at his brother with a slow smile spreading over his face.

“What?” Sam asked, face set, when he saw the look Dean was giving him.

“This isn’t about that guy, is it? This is about Y/N. You don’t like the new boyfriend in the picture,” Dean said, smirking now.

“Shut up.”

“Oh, that’s cute, Sammy. Got a little crush? A little hunter crush on Y/N?”

“Dean.” Sam took a deep breath, not looking at his brother, willing himself to have patience, but Dean was undeterred, chuckling as he leaned on the Impala.

“So what’re you going to do about it?” he asked. 

“Apparently, what I’m going to do about it is take Y/N’s new boyfriend hunting. Thanks to you,” Sam said, standing and slamming the passenger door shut. He brandished a finger at Dean as he walked by. “I’m not babysitting him.”

“No, no. I think you should go ahead with Y/N to check things out. Just you two. I’ll hang back with the guy, tell him a story or two that might set him off the hunting path for good,” Dean said, eyes bright with this new revelation. 

Sam continued past his brother but couldn’t help but hope that your new boyfriend was only a passerby in your life.


* Sindy comes back into the house *

- Solves safety puzzle in the first try
- SSB is formed
- Manages to flip the votes on her own showmance to send him packing
- Takes the target off the girls and onto Zach
- Zach makes the dumbest move in big brother history and so does Jordan

all of this happened once Sindy came back into the house, what kind of QUEEN

For rent. | HAVERY

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Another night, another job. Or at least that’s what Harry told himself to get through these nights that actually rendered him a bit nervous. He normally didn’t do house calls for people he hadn’t at least met up with a few times. He didn’t know much about this girl at all aside from the fact that she had no idea he was coming and that was always a flight risk. She could either be happy about it, or send him packing out of disgust and embarrassment – hence why he always took his payment first. He took a breath as he raised a hand to the door, knocking lightly a few times before shoving his hands in his back pockets and putting on his Jack McQueen easy -going composure.

Hold the Elevator (4/5)

Yes, definitely 5. No matter how nicely people ask LOL. And 5 is a little epilogue, little. Probably the 700 words this whole thing was supposed to be.

captain-k-jones sent me a prompt for a follower milestone which turned into a little more than the 700 or so words I envisioned originally. 

Thanks to zengoalie for doing beta duties on this whole thing. And to everyone who has reblogged and commented - MWAH!!



Hold the Elevator - Part 4

In the end, she had hardly noticed the photographers waiting outside the low key restaurant, the whispers as they walked past other diners to their table, Killian’s hand warm against her back as she lead the way. If people stared at the famous Killian Jones, or commented on the video they had seen online of him sending Zelena Mills packing just the night before, Emma heard not a word.

Her attention was focused on the way his hand felt holding hers across the table, his thumb running back and forth across her fingers. On his smile as they bantered lightly back and forth, falling so quickly into a comfortable give and take that a part of Emma felt she should be terrified.

But she wasn’t. Not one bit.

They refused dessert, choosing instead to wander hand in hand back towards the hotel, stopping for ice cream when Killian’s sweet tooth proved impossible to ignore. He let her try his rum and raisin and snuck a bite of her mint chocolate chip when her attention was elsewhere. Emma felt comfortable, relaxed, in a way she hadn’t on a date for long, long time, despite knowing there was every chance she would feature on any number of gossip sites come the morning.

Somehow it didn’t seem to matter.


“Shall I walk you to your door, Swan?” Killian pushed the elevator button without waiting for her response. “I hope you have had an enjoyable evening.”

“Not bad,” she replied. “I almost forgot you are this mega star with the photographers and the fans and the crazy.”

He grinned at her as the elevator doors slid open and he ushered her inside. “I’ll have to bring out the big guns next time.”

Her phone buzzed before she could answer. Emma checked the time and laughed. Killian looked curiously at her and she grinned back at him.

“That’s longer than I thought she’d give you.” Emma held her phone up so Killian could read the text message that had just arrived.  

Ruby: You must be home. Spill. NOW.

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Noragami squad goes camping.

Yato decides the location. A giant forest that requires way too much hiking, obviously. However, he also takes it upon himself to carry “all” (Hiyori’s) bags. What a gentlemen.

Hiyori is the one with the map. It doesn’t much help when you can’t see the sun through the trees but surely it’s worth the effort. She’s also moral support.

Yukine mostly just keeps Yato from going too far ahead, since he really wants to basically sprint through the forest and leave everyone else behind. He also keeps an eye on Ebisu (who snuck out to come, obviously.) Hiyori’s moral support is greatly appreciated.

Bishamon handles security. No thief even dares to venture near their campsite. One did. She didn’t even have to hit him to send him packing. She’s scary.

Kazuma just comes because Bishamon is coming. He carries her bags and tries to help with directions. Also, apparently he can cook. Over a fire. So he makes the meals.

Ebisu looks cute and is interested in caterpillars.