send help in form of chocolate

“Happy (Almost) Easter everyone!”

“Spring (for the Northern hemisphere is here, and with it brings the delight of enough chocolate to gorge yourself into a sugar induced coma.”

“Due to… unusual circumstances, I’ve somehow come into possession of an insane amount of chocolate. R.I.P my living room for the next couple of days: I can hardly move around in there.”

“I’ve been provided with all sorts of forms and flavours, and I know for sure that I’ll never be able to finish them all myself. That’s where you come in. If you wish to help me take all of this chocolate off of my hands, I’ll be teaming up with my dead counterpart @badlydrawn-ghostkakyoin to take on the role of the Easter bunny this year and spread the holiday calories cheer with you all!”

“To enter, you simply have to reblog this post, and one of the two (or even both) will send you out your chocolate! Though I suspect that a lot of chocolate lovers out there will send in their requests, so it may become first in first served. The sending of the chocolates may also take a while to organise, so people may receive their’s after Easter has gone by. I’ll try my hardest to get them out, but I also have work to do on the side. ;0″

everlarkingjoshifer  asked:

When you get this, respond with 5 things that make you happy. Then send anonymously(or not) to the last 10 people in your notifications :)

Hi everlarkingjoshifer, 1. When I see that someone is real nice to someone else, or helps him or her - that makes my day. Better than chocolate. 2. My two grown up sons - I love it to see that they have become two good adults. 3. Kids and animals animals. Sorry, to put both in one sentence, but seeing them, hear kids play on a playground - I feel like a warm wave washes over me. 4. Nature - in every form. 5. Good books, stories, Movies, TV shows, Plays, Music.

All in all a lot of things can make me happy. So it is not so difficult to become happy every single day as long as my depression comes back.

seekthemist  asked:

Purple stufffff <3

Thank youuuu <3 <3 and thanks also to @mermaidandsirenstales who sent the same ask! Ily both!

what’s your astrological sign? virgo

what’s the best piece of advice you ever received? to start noticing the small good things in other people and in the world, even the dumb things that go unnoticed, instead of always focusing on the negative side. it has helped me a lot with my self esteem and my perception of reality

when’s the last time you followed your instincts? I often follow my instinct but the last very important time was in choosing my university.

what’s your favorite food? pizza pizza pizza. also chocolate in any form.

what’s your secret dream? i know this is such a cliché but I’d love to be able to help people in some way someday.

Send me a color!

welcome to the princess network—a place where all us disney princesses (and princes!) can be fabulous together.


  • must be following princess anna
  • reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking only)
  • fill out this form right here
  • you must love disney and its leading ladies with all of your heart and soul
  • this must reach 50 notes please don’t embarrass me and ends on may 10th so you have plenty of time to enter!

what i'm looking for

  • 8-10 active, nice bloggers
  • clean, organized themes


  • hella cool friends
  • people to talk to about disney stuff
  • a follow back from me if i’m not already
  • people to reblog your selfies and help with whatever you need ayy
  • chocolate probably

if you are selected, i will send you the information for the page and please follow all selected members. you can track the tag #princessnw for updates and ask me any questions you have :)

Some Basic Tips For New Fitblrs!

- You can’t spot reduce.
- Muscles weigh more than fat.
- The scale does not define you or your progress.
- 1,200 is not the magic number.
- You need at least 1 rest day a week.
- You can’t magically lose weight or tone up or gain muscle in a week, it takes time.
- It usually takes around a month to see some form of progress.
- Running, lifting and yoga isn’t the only form of exercise.
- Drink a lot of water!
- It is completely fine to have setbacks as long as you get back on track eventually.
- It is okay to treat yourself with “unhealthy” food or snacks like cookies or chocolate every once in a while. Or everyday. It won’t hinder your progress! I promise!
- Most fitblrs in the community aren’t professionals, don’t blame them for incorrect information. They speak what they know.
- Sending anon hate is not okay in any way.

*** Always feel free to message other fitblrs for advice and help on anything. Fitness or non fitness related. We are a fitfam, a big supportive family that have each other’s back. ***

I’m so fucking tired of people saying SwanQueen shippers send hate to actors. I may not be on tumblr/Twitter/whatever 24/7 because life calls, but i’ve seen what had to be seen and i need to say something:

1. The ouat fandom (like every other fandom) is not formed by one person, but thousands. Some of them are simple viewers, some are invested, some are obsessed. Some others are simply dumb and this is where the problems start. No matter what they ship, they just can’t help but be dumb and do dumb things, such as sending hate.

2. Saying you don’t like a character bc of reasons is not hate - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BULLYING A FICTIONAL CHARACTER - so please remember that.

3. Ouat has a lot of actors, some of them talented, some of them not. If I say “I don’t like white chocolate” i’m not hating on chocolate, ok? Same goes for ouat actors. I can dislike someone’s acting skills, there’s no reason to start a drama just because you don’t agree with me.

4. Last but not least: ouat is a tv show. TV. SHOW. It’s not real. Hate is real tho. Sending real hate over something that doesn’t exist is the most stupid thing ever, do you really want to do it?