I think when I woke up this morning I underestimated just how both blessed and emotionally shattered we’d be from all the spoiler clips and the cute af dryan interviews and the behind the scenes. Now it’s a mad dash to reblog everything before I need to compose myself once more in time for the actual event in just A FEW HOURS !!!

i would like to thank everyone for their patience when i’ve gone thru “breed phases” where i get obsessed over a breed and talk non-stop about wanting one. but honestly every breed ive obsessed over is on my list so i dont even feel bad at all, and the only downside is now i can’t pick which one i wanna get first


the moment nobody ever thought would happen on youtube.. 


New Year’s Resolution: 2017

I originally only intended to make 1 picture for this post but somehow the whole “new year’s resolution” for team Voltron spiralled out of control…

So now I have this…

This is what happens when you postpone your own schedule until 3 hours before you enter the new year…

Oh well, please accept this late new years post (〃⌒∇⌒)〃 ~ ★★★

  • How we see Jumin: Kink Daddy
  • How Jumin actually is: pure innocent cinnamon roll
  • How we see Yoosung: pure innocent cinnamon roll
  • How Yoosung actually is: Kink Child
  • How we see Zen: protective sex god
  • How Zen actually is: flustered sex god
  • How we see Jaehee: wife! Needs a vacation!
  • How Jaehee actually is: badass wife! Needs a vacation!
  • How we see Saeyoung: sexy sinnamon roll
  • How Saeyoung actually is: depressed protective god lover only wants da best for everyone