Hey Guys, 

i just found out i need to do a 2000 word essay by friday… lol oops i need to pay more attention in class, i also have to choose a topic for my thesis as well as produce a proposal to do this thesis so this week is gonna be more full on than i planned. Sorry i have started some gameplay for the new story but i need more pics and i need to edit so, unfortunately, the new story probably won’t be out till next week now. I’m also pretty sick so maybe a few days away is good for me :(. I’ll still be on here lurking and liking as always procrastinating you know the deal. 

Hope you guys have a good week ♥ ♥ 

I’ve been mentally unhappy. I feel like trash and my self talk has been nasty as hell lately. Yesterday I had to deal with a resident who fell and cracked open his forehead, and fought going to the E.R. I worked both jobs. And I spent a long time yesterday feeling like I was letting my daughter down because I feel like I’m never there.

I’m buckling down tomorrow to really get the eating under control. The new meds are making my stomach upset and so I figure that once I regulate my eating habits and get my chemical balances figured out I’ll start to feel better.

Mom has been super helpful and making me keto friendly snack bags to take to work with me to munch on while I work on projects for school.

One day at a time.


“The Battle” by @theriverscribe
Prismacolor pens, Sharpie (and colored pencils)
Inktober:  Urban Fantasy:  Day 20

He was shattered
into pieces
by pain
A body
with no soul.
A soul
tortured in Hell.
And the man
he had been
before the two
were torn apart.
A wall
kept them divided.
And when it fell,
The Battle began.