Okay so you know that prompt that’s like “we pretend to be engaged because this bakery/shop is doing free wedding cake tastings for couples and I love free cake”? Well I’ve yet to see it done for Andreil which I don’t get because like y’all know that Andrew would never say no to free cake! So as such, please now enjoy my ramblings…. 

  • So it goes like this:
  • Andrew and Neil are casually strolling down Main Street with all the shops and restaurants and stuff
  • Matt’s birthday is coming up or something and Neil has to find the ultimate best bro gift
  • And he drags Andrew along
  • So they’re going from shop to shop and Neil sucks at buying gifts so he is StrugglingTM
  • And as they walk to the next shop, they pass this bakery with a sign out front that says “Getting married? Come in for a free wedding cake tasting!”
  • And Andrew is like free cake? Fuck yeah
  • So he takes Neil’s hand in his and pulls him into the bakery
  • And Neil is a bit dazed and confused because he’s not used to hand holding in public like this??? PDA??? What is happening???
  • But he follows Andrew anyways

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Medal or Ring?
  • Me: *is ranting about Yuri!!! on Ice epi. 9 about is the round and gold thing a medal or a ring*
  • My Brother(who doesn't even watch the show or like gayness): what if he gets the medal then turns it into a ring and gives it to him.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
Kawashira HCs

Okay so my dearest senpai @rielity ♡♡ pulled me down to Kawashira and I ain’t coming up anywhere soon. Also! The lovely @oimatsu asked me abit of this ship!! ♡♡ so here we go:

-Shirabu being the salties salt, bitches to Kawanishi every lunch time and Kawanishi is like “Hmm. Yes. Mhm babe. Kill ‘em.”
-Kawanishi surprisingly knows TONS OF GOSSIP. Like how man?
-So he sells his gossip to Shirabu for hugs and kisses.
-Shirabu is tsun so like he gets flustered when Kawanishi calls him pet names like “Babe” or “Kenji” or “Saltshaker”
-Wait that last one wasn’t a pet name.
-Shirabu has to stand on his tippytoes to kiss Taichi and Taichi is internally crying it’s so cute.
-Sometimes, during practice, Kawanishi swoops Shirabu up 'cuz he’s tol bridal style. And he’s like “I got a nice waifu.” SHIRABU IS BLUSHING 500 SHADES OF PINK AND SCREAMING.
-Tendou is like “Kawanishi nice killlll”
-Kawanishi’s jacket is found in Shirabu’s drawer and Goshiki has been silenced to never tell a soul.
- Taichi cries looking at Shirabu in a maroon skirt because HOT DAMN.
-Taichi is kinda… lazy. Energy conserving. Lazy. So he doesn’t wanna walk and turn the heater up, he just cuddles Shirabu cuz for someone with a usually cold personality, Shirabu sure is warm.
-Shirabu is just trying not to faint because Taichi’s hugs are soooo comfortable.
-Playful banter here and there. Mostly about haircuts. “Pfft, did a preschooler accidentally snip your bangs?” “You hair doesn’t even make sense…”
-This ship is so cute help me I’m dying.

Chapter Four: Heat

Morty was the first to pull away, his whole body reverberating with anxiety. The gravity of the situation immediately began to weigh on him. At a glance, Morty could tell that uncertainty was taking it’s toll on Rick as well. The both of them sat up awkwardly, their entwined fingers finally breaking away from each other to sit alone on the bed. “I’m sorry,” Rick murmured as he brushed imaginary dust from his coat. “That shouldn’t have happened.” With a throw of the covers, he was on his feet and headed for the door before Morty had a chance to reply. He didn’t bother to look back as he left.
More than ever, Morty felt alone and confused. Even if there had been anyone for him to talk to, this was something he simply couldn’t discuss without receiving heavy scrutiny. If he really hadn’t wanted Rick to kiss him, he could have pushed him away. But he didn’t. In fact, he had enjoyed it. The thought of it made his stomach turn. Was there something wrong with him?
The emotions he was experiencing were unlike anything he had ever felt before, in a way that almost made him fear for the future and what it held. It wasn’t as if he had never kissed another person. In fact, the number of girls he had kissed throughout the years was too high to count. But Rick wasn’t a girl. Even worse, he was directly related to Morty. However, the passion that Morty had felt when their lips touched was unlike anything he had felt with the others. There was something attached to it, a feeling of true connection that made his heart skip a beat. He worried if perhaps this were something he was experiencing alone, that maybe Rick had confused the tender moment for something romantic and regretted it. Either way, Morty felt petrified. Naively, after all the terrifying things that had happened to him, he had believed that there was no longer anything for him to be afraid of. Through all the surprises and shock he had experienced in his life, this was the one thing he could have never anticipated.
“I’m an idiot,” he whispered to himself as he stared blankly into the wall. The guilt began to creep up on him again.
The echo of Rick’s voice shot through him like ice in his veins. “I’m going out for awhile,” he called. The sound of the door closing behind him was the only confirmation Morty needed. He flopped back down on his bed and began to wonder, to no avail, just what Rick was feeling. Was he angry with himself? With Morty, for allowing himself to become too vulnerable, too close? Or was he simply feeling like Morty was, lost and afraid, looking for the answers in the past?
With little pushback, Morty once again let his head fill with thoughts of Rick. Of the things he had said before, of his declaration of interacting with Morty in the manner he did solely because he wanted to, and not because he felt he had to. Of the kiss that followed those words. His lips had been much softer than Morty expected, more gentle and hungry. Without words it had felt mutual, a desire that they had both had in their hearts. A need.
A wanting heat began to spread through Morty’s body, causing him to shift uncomfortably beneath his sheets. Instead of worry, his mindset was now focused on lust. Perhaps selfishly, he wished that he hadn’t stopped the kiss so soon, so he could have had the opportunity to realize what a precious moment it was. After all, he wasn’t sure he would ever get to kiss Rick again, to feel his hungry lips move against his like no other’s could.
Impulsively, Morty’s hand began to push down the waist of his pants. He shivered at his own touch and suddenly his mind created the scene, a scene where the kiss hadn’t stopped and neither had Rick. As their tongues entwined, Rick began to lift Morty’s shirt gently, his large hand brushing over the places he somehow knew would make Morty squirm.
Morty gasped at his own imagery, his hand now softly tugging at his erection. In his head, the scene began to correlate until he could picture Rick touching him, his hands careful and maybe even a little clumsy. His breaths came faster.
“I want you,” Rick whispered. “All of you.” With his free hand he lifted Morty’s shirt so that he could kiss his chest. Morty began to feel hot all over, convinced his heart was going to explode. Rick’s hand began to work faster on Morty’s dick.
“No,” Morty murmured humbly through his moans. “I’m going to…”
Rick smiled mischievously and leaned forward to kiss Morty once more, his lips feverish. Trembling, Morty fought to breathe as he reached his climax, moving to bury his face in Rick’s shoulder.
“Don’t hide your face,” Rick teased lightheartedly. “I want to see.”
Abashed and flushed, Morty lifted his eyes to meet with Rick’s. In that moment, he looked so painstakingly beautiful that it almost sent Morty into a fit of tears. “See?” Rick smiled. “You look cute.”
However, reality proved to be more horrifying when Morty turned and noticed Rick standing in the doorway, his face bright red but cocky.
“Am I interrupting something?” Rick asked coolly. Morty scrambled to pull his underwear up under the sheets.
“How long have you been standing there?” Morty demanded, completely flustered.
“Jeez, I just got home. Calm down, it’s not like I saw anything.”
“I-It doesn’t matter, Rick!” Morty cried. “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”
Rick rolled his eyes and leaned against the door frame. “It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. There’s not really anything to be ashamed of.” Suddenly, he smirked. “That is…unless you were thinking of me?”
“Get out!” Morty yelled, throwing a pillow his way. Reflexively, Rick caught it and dropped it to the ground, his face still feigning arrogance.
“You’re so obvious Morty,” he laughed as he shut the door behind him. Defeated, Morty slumped against the mattress and tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Nothing seemed to add up. At first, Rick had seemed ashamed, angry even, but now he was coaxing it on? Although Morty knew it to be near to impossible, he wished that Rick would tell him how he was really feeling. However, deep down he knew that no sooner would Rick tell him his feelings than Morty would tell him his, and he didn’t even know how he felt.
Although every fiber of his being wanted to stay in bed and think it through, he stood from the bed and changed into a clean pair of pants. After a thorough check of the bedsheets, which had somehow remained clean, he decided it was probably better to get his mind off of things. Feeling a little shaken, he headed downstairs to watch some TV. To his luck, Rick was nowhere in sight.

(Another side note, I know, gag me with a spoon. This was the first smutty thing that I’ve ever written in all seriousness so after I wrote the word erection I had to coax myself out of a pit of embarrassment. You’re welcome. Also, if you wanna read the first three chapters look up the fanfic hashtag on my blog. That’s also where you can find all the new chapters. Chapter five might be smuttier but honestly I’m scared to say that because writing about the dirty makes me honest to god blush for like fifteen minutes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy you dirty, dirty sinners.)

you would think the name ‘magnus’ would be distinct and rare enough that it would not overlap across two lgbt-centered fandoms

good thing i can totally 100% tell when a post is referring to a sparkly bi 400 year old warlock and when a post is referring to a kindly norwegian teenage schoolkid.

anonymous asked:

HI I have a question about the Kyo mobile site. I tried to register, but never got an e-mail back from them. I put in my e-mail adress and confirmed it and they said they would send me an e-mail I needed to confirm but I never got one. Not from Kyo mobile and not from Dir en grey mobile either. What can I do?

Oh man. I had some major issues registering to both kyo and dir en grey mobile but not that particular problem lol. Did you try checking your junk mail?? I’m sorry I truly don’t know. Has anyone else had this problem with registering?

The Great Craft Room Makeover Post

Ok, so I said I was going to actually document this process, and I figured I would just reblog this post with updates, as they occur.  So that way there won’t be numerous posts about the same damn thing scattered all over my archive.

So, this is where we are now:

It’s a goddamned craft-splosion.  I went to pick out paint tonight, and got a bad case of the indecisives…so, if you would all be so kind as to weigh in on which shade of green you like the best?

Because fuck if I know.  And I know it’s hard to pick a color from a picture, but still…suggestions are welcomed.