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I read a oneshot where harry owns an orphanage and draco pays for a night with him to fundraise and the really pisses harry off? do you know what this is? thank you!!! ps I love your blog and most of my favourite fics ive found through you! x

Hey there!

Unfortunately, I haven’t the slightest idea as to what this fic might be :(  I’ve tried looking in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet, but still haven’t been able to find the story.

If anyone out there knows, then your help is greatly appreciated! <3 

Home - Part 1 of ???

[This is my first fic for this particular fandom, and the first fic I have written since my senior year in high school (2003! Wow!) Since the gang revealed how the series was supposed to end and even some long standing secrets, I wanted to write a little something about what they might have gotten up to after all was said and done. I hope you all enjoy it. I certainly had fun writing it. This will likely be a multi-parter but I apologize ahead of time that I will be slow to update as I work full time, I’m married and have lots of other responsibilities. Not to mention a mini-vacation coming up at the beginning of June. So patience is the key here. But feel free to leave me comments and let me know what you think!]

Title: Home

Summary: They did it. They had taken back their lives and finally found peace again, but Rythian still isn’t quite satisfied. Something is missing. That something, is Home.

Characters: Zoeya, Rythian, Teep, Ravs (mention), Nilesy (mention) so far. Potentially more to come? Idk.

Pairings: Zoethian (if you don’t like it you can scroll on please - I know there has been some hate lately but yo, to each their own okay? c:)

Warnings: Cute shit. Yeah that’s right. Fluff central. May update for future chapters.

You know how all traditional fairy tales end with “Happily Ever After”, but what exactly happens “ever after”? Is the story truly over? After all, the hero or heroine must have saved the day and now everything is perfect, and happy and wonderful.

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Would anyone be interested in making me a main sim?

I have a few main characters ready already but i suck so bad at making guy sims, so would anyone be interested in making me a sim, you’d get all the credit (obviously) but if you dont like making other people main sims thats okay i just really need a mean looking sim for Pansi…. so if you’re interested messgae me please!

“They told me that to make him fall in love I had to make him laugh, but every time he laughs I’m the one who falls in love"

this is the gayest thing I’ve ever drawn tbh