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Rhack #21 o;

Jack was lucky that all he’d gotten from a piece of explosion debris smacking him in the head was an amnesiac episode. 

The doctors had assured Rhys that Jack would recover in due time, and would be able to remember everything as he recovered from his injury. The omega was encouraged to talk to Jack about their life together and other important details to help Jack recover his memory, something that he was more than willing to do. 

He’d expected Jack to be a little more dazed and out of it when he entered the room, but instead of being greeted by confusion, Jack gave a loud wolf-whistle and blatantly ogled the omega up and down. 

“Oh wow, will you look at all that…hello there, Mr. Legs For Days, do they send you in to ‘cheer up’ the patients?” Jack chuckled, pretty heartily for a man who’d been smacked on the head with the burnt hull of a weapons chest. Rhys stared for a moment, absolutely stunned that, even with his memory wiped, Jack was still hitting on him.

“Uh….well, no, actually,” Rhys started as he walked to the edge of the bed, placing a hand on Jack’s shoulder, “I’m Rhys, I’m your husband, the doctor sent me in to–”

“Son of a bitch, you’re my husband?” Jack gaped, eyes practically lighting up like he was a kid on Mercenary Day morning. “No way….I’m the luckiest bastard ever like, holy crap. I really frikkin’ scored!” The CEO whistled again, high-fiving himself and making the omega laugh, cheeks pink with blush. 

Amnesia or not, there were some things about Jack that would just never change. 



A valentine’s day themed spread I made last week! I had such a blast celebrating vday with my friends (I made cheesecakes for them! and got many lil sweets and cards in return) and it felt super nice spreading love around ₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡ Hope y'all have been doing wonderfully and remember that i’m always here to send u a lil cheer and support <33 

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YUZU DAYS, 6 March 2017.
Reason for evolution “Heading for greater heights”

Olympic champion, current world records holder, 1st person with 4 consecutive GPF victories, Yuzuru Hanyu says, “I am still far from the skate that I am aiming for.”  Not content with the present situation, Hanyu continues to strive towards greater heights. 

I really hate to lose. I absolutely want to win all competitions and I don’t want any kind of regretful feelings. Even during training, on days that I cannot jump well, I feel that I have lost to myself and I will be very frustrated. I cannot help it.  (I’m) already the extreme type of ‘hate-to-lose’. [laughs]

My 'hate-to-lose’ is not just about the win and loss of a competition. When I make a mistake, I have lost to myself who have not grown. When I decide that I want to do this performance, it has to be that performance, I will think that way. Even if I can do it, I am very uncompromising (t/n. or rigid or stubborn) and so until now there has hardly been any time when I felt satisfied.  But failure and frustrated/regretful (kuyashii) feelings are a certain kind of experience. Because there is failure, so there can be reflection;  frustration and regret can also become (coils of) springs. I think that’s why I can keep moving forward.

Figure skating has many components like jumps, spins and steps; it requires not just skating skills but also expressive skills. It is a sport that is extremely multi-faceted. If there is one part that is not going well, there are other parts that can be stretched. For example, if you are not making much progress in jumps, you can polish up steps, spins or expression; there are many areas that you can grow in, if you search for it. As long as you don’t fix your own limits, there is no end to how much you can grow / improve. Further on ahead, with more years of age, even if jumps cannot be done anymore, expressive abilities can be refined, so it can become better in a different sense. When I think of this, there is still a lot more that I can evolve. This is why I think figure skating is so interesting.

Figure skating is a sport that is done by one person on the ice, but the bigger the competition, the bigger the group of people that supports that one competitor. Until I finally reach the ice, there are people who help to get my body ready, the coaches who teach me, and the people in the team. Then there is my mother who supports me in everything from daily life to competitions, and also everyone who sends me cheers at the venue. Heading towards the same direction, all these people are competing together with me. I have the feeling of competing in a team. And because I can feel that I am not alone and everyone is here for me, I can focus, I can work hard and do my best. To all the people who support me, I am truly grateful.

Translated by me.
Source: P&G,

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“That Can Only Mean One Thing” - Kurt/Blaine

please disregard the clunky title I literally listened to nothing but Hotline Bling on repeat the entire time I was writing this

Inspired by – don’t click if you’d rather be surprised! – this post, have young twentysomethings Kurt and Blaine working together in the offices, with a side order of Rachel Berry and Adam Crawford and a dash of “social media mishap” for dessert

4300 words | AO3

“Kurt, where are you? You know I have an extremely limited amount of time between my diction class and my next rehearsal.”

“Rachel, I would be able to meet up with you a lot faster if you didn’t call me every two minutes! I texted you that I was still finishing up. You could’ve just texted me back. Or relaxed and waited like a normal person,” Kurt hisses into his phone, hurrying down the hallway of the offices with a stack of thin files in one arm. Stress has been high ever since he clocked in this morning, the lifestyle and entertainment department working to finish up preparations for the party happening the following night.

“You would’ve ignored me if I texted! I would have gone ahead to the restaurant if I’d known you would be late–”

“You still could,” Kurt mutters. “The funny thing about having a job is that sometimes, important things come up that are out of your control. You wouldn’t know anything about that, but you could at least be sympathetic.”

Rachel’s voice is getting louder, but also echoing in a strange way that makes Kurt pull the phone away from his ear. “Kurt, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here–”

“You? Unreasonable? Never.”

“–but, honestly,” she continues, suddenly turning down the hallway towards him and ending the call to confront him in person, “I thought having a job like this would make you more prompt.”

“Scratch that,” Kurt sighs, closing his eyes so that he can’t see Rachel tapping the toe of her knee-high black boots impatiently. “Who let you in?”

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170318 Bangtan’s Tweet
[#오늘의방탄] #KCONMEXICO 에서 멕시코 아미들을 만나 너무나 즐거웠던 시간! #방탄소년단 을 향한 큰 응원~ 보내주셔서 고맙습니다 🔍^.~👍🏻💜

[#BTSToday] We had so much fun because we met Mexico ARMYs at #KCONMEXICO! Thank you for sending big~ cheers to #BTS 🔍^.~👍🏻💜

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Imagine Misha sending you snapchats to cheer you up

You groaned when the sound a notification from your phone rung loud in your ears.

You choose to ignore it, staying in the warmth and comfort of your bed, head and body hiding under the blanket searching for solace.

Just last night you were fine. Happy and glowing in the delight of reading all the positive reactions the fans seemed to have to your guest appearance on Supernatural.

Then you stumbled across it.

That one horrible review that labelled your acting as forced and hard to watch. The article was the first in a downwards spiral after that, all you managed to find from then onwards were people commenting on your physical appearance and wishing that was your first and last time on the show.

Of course there were more positive ones, Misha and the rest of the cast were quick to point that out, but you didn’t care anymore. The negative dug deep and left you retreating to your bed to be alone.

Your phone buzzed again, and once again you ignored it. And then another notification came through and then another and you finally gave in, reaching out for it with a heavy sigh.

You were surprised to see four Snapchats from Misha, quickly thumbing at the touch screen to open them all.

The first was a snap of him with the dog filter, the colouring making the blue of his eyes even more enchanting.

The second was a video of him laughing as ran up to Jensen and slapped him up side the head, the sound warm and welcoming.

The third was another picture, his face distorted. The sight of his eyes made small and nose three times bigger than it usually was drew a small giggle from you.

The fourth and final one was a video, the bee filter taking over his face and making his voice higher. “Hope these cheered you up just a little. Be ready at 5, you’re coming to dinner with us. No excuses, byeeeee!”

You couldn’t help but laugh at that, eventually pulling yourself out of bed with great effort and shuffling towards the shower.

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