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hey we don't talk much, or ever, but I just wanted to pop in and let u know that you have a positive, wholesome presence on tumblr. I love seeing u on my dash

thank you!!! honestly that’s exactly the kind of vibe I want my blog to have? everything is so stressful, so I really wanted to cultivate a nice online space of positivity and self-compassion and realistic activism… and video games. like 1000% video games, because I cope through life by being like “welp, time to check in on my animal crossing villagers and see what’s happening with them. student debt whom???” :P

Dan and Phil themed asks
  • Pinof: talk about your best friend
  • the vday video: what's your biggest regret?
  • dan: if you need to vent about a show/movie/artist that you love for like 3 paragraphs since no one in your life cares do it now. or vent about what ur currently stressed out about. or both.
  • phil: what are some of your favorite animals?
  • day in the life: talk about your typical daily schedule
  • I will go down with this ship: talk about your otps
  • draw my life: draw a picture of yourself and post it
  • krave challenge: what's something you're craving right now (either a physical thing or a goal)
  • sexy internet dating: describe yourself as you would on your dating profile
  • my google search history: post the last 5 things in your google search history and be honest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • things i thought were true that are not true: <-name a thing
  • my secret files: open a random screenshot you took and post it
  • a to z of me (send a letter or a few for this): talk about what the letters the person sent are in relation to you
  • 51 things in my room: talk about one of the things you like that's in your room, pictures optional
  • hi my name is [dan]: talk about something you're embarassed by

spent some quality time with my bullet journal! wasn’t able to do much journaling during april because i was sick for a majority of the month :< reaching the last two weeks of school (lecture-wise, i still have finals!!) so im trying to make each day count because i don’t want to have to worry that much about finals! still got a few assignments to finish up i.e. research paper and group presentations but feeling a little more at ease since the semester is ending. sending cheers to all of you reaching the end of the semester! make each day count! 

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Key’s ig post translation:

“Hello, this is SHINee’s Key. It has been a while since we last met. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about these days. And because I thought you would first see me through the reality TV program with BoA, for which preliminary recording had already been completed, while it is a bit late, I wanted to say this with my own mouth before the upcoming tour. It may be too early but we are going to go back to our daily routines. Our members are going to get up again.

Of course, the event to do with Jonghyun can not be regarded as an opportunity for us to fall down. This would be something that worries Jonghyun himself as well as many others including his family, and while it is saddening that I can’t see you right now, I know that you are waiting for me when I turn the corner.

I want to be more active than ever, and rather than working to fill his place, I want to do so in a way that I can always feel his presence. This is a request that I wish to make with hesitancy, but if wherever and whenever you see us, I would be grateful if you treat us like you always do. If you send us cheerful hearts so that our members can receive more strength. We will not let you down. Thank you. KEY"

Finn Wolfhard ~ Mistletoe ~ part one

Request/Prompt: Nope. Just a special since its Finns birthday on the 23rd and Christmas on the 25th. 

Ship:  Finn Wolfhard x fem!reader 

Summary: (for part one) Finn and the reader are childhood friends but kinda drifted apart. Finn invites her over for his birthday/Christmas party with all his cast mates. 

Type: Fluff! 

Warning: Only warning would be swearing, I think. 

 Word count: 2356 (including A/Ns) 

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know! I’m going to be doing something a little different for this, and I’m going to post each day for them on the actual day (New Zealand time), so it’ll be split into 5 parts. If that makes sense. Hope you guys don’t mind me doing it this way! Tbh im not sure if ill be able to write it all in time, but might as well give it a shot!

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2 1 s t   D e c e m b e r . 


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lauraosnes: Hard to top a NYE w/ this INSANELY talented, good-hearted, good-looking, and wonderful silly bunch… getting to sing the best of Leonard Bernstein w/ the 100-piece @nyphilharmonicorchestra at @lincolncenter was truly magical. Couldn’t have a dreamed of a more sensational send-off from 2017. CHEERS! 🥂🎶🌟 👗:@catherine__deane 💄💇🏻‍♀️:@ema.hmua


ariyah-v  asked:

Shoot + apple-picking for your prompts :) Btw, I'll never get tired of praising the wry humour that you infuse into your fics. Love it.

“As far as I can tell, the only threat to this guy is stepping on an apple and falling on his face.” Shaw peered through the row of trees at their number.

“I suppose a tree branch could fall on him.” Root pulled an apple from a nearby low branch and examined it. “Definitely not our most exciting mission.”

Though it was nice to get some fresh air for once, in Shaw’s opinion, an opinion she didn’t think Root shared. Root had always been a bit of a city girl, but while apple picking held zero interest to Shaw, she liked getting away from the city for a few hours every now and then.

“Maybe we should knock him out and leave him in a gas station bathroom. For his own safety, of course.” Root was still fixated on the apple she’d picked.

“Of course.” Not an unappealing idea though. “You gonna stare at that thing all day?”

“Hmmm?” Root blinked and looked up. “Just thinking.”

“About apples?”

“No, about people.”

“Uh-huh.” Shaw was used to Root not making a lot of sense sometimes. Once in awhile she pressed her for more of an explanation, but she let it go this time. “Here.”

She held up the basket she was carrying to hold the apples. It was almost empty since she had no interest in picking apples and Root’s injury limited her movement enough that she hadn’t really been picking many either.

Root dropped the apple in the basket and leaned around Shaw to spy on their number who was collecting his own apples a few rows away.

She’d been a bit mopey since she’d come back from her last mission with her arm and ribs badly bruised and a nasty gash across her side that Shaw had needed to redo the stitches on. Shaw didn’t know exactly what had happened, but she’d gotten the impression Root didn’t want to talk about it.

But she knew Root well enough now that she had a good idea of how to cheer her up.

She scooped up an apple off the ground, aimed carefully, and sent it hurtling through the air. It smacked squarely into their number’s head.

“Shaw! Why did you do that?” Root whispered in gleeful delight. Instead of waiting for an answer she brushed by her to intercept the angry man storming towards them.

Shaw watched as Root’s body language completely changed, now nervous and vulnerable, her hands twisting in front of her and her eyes downcast. The man relaxed almost at once, the anger slowly going out of him as she stammered and batted her eyes.

Shaw couldn’t hear exactly what was said, but the man gave Root his entire basket of apples before she came back. She looked incredibly pleased with herself and Shaw couldn’t help feeling a bit impressed with her even if she did roll her eyes.

“Give me that.” She took the basket from her and combined it with the contents of the one she’d already had.

Root reached to take it from her, but Shaw moved it out of reach.

“You’ve only got one good arm and you need it for your gun. We’re on a mission, remember?”

“So far the greatest threat to our number has been you, sweetie.”

True, but Root’s face was no longer closed off and tired; she looked lively again.

They continued on discreetly trailing their number in relative silence, Root occasionally picking apples with her good arm. Shaw didn’t know what the hell they were going to do with all of them. Maybe she and Reese could use them for target practice. They’d probably explode into pulp in a satisfying way.

It was a bit boring out here, but Root perked up over the next hour, dropping some of her terrible lines and going all soft-eyed and mushy whenever she thought Shaw wasn’t looking. (As if Shaw wasn’t always looking).

It started getting chillier as the day wore on, and Root insisted on lending Shaw her jacket. Shaw grumbled a bit, but she hadn’t dressed warmly enough and Root was wearing a heavy, warm-looking sweater. Also the jacket kind of smelled like her which was nice.

“She says he’s safe now.” Root sounded puzzled.

“We didn’t do anything.” The Machine didn’t give them numbers for no reason. “Did we intimidate the threat without noticing?”

Root shook her head. “She’s not saying.”

It was pretty odd though and Shaw turned it over in her mind on the drive back. Root was asleep in the passenger’s seat, her hurt arm cradled against her chest and the suggestion of a smile still on her lips.

Shaw had a sudden suspicion about why they’d been sent on this mission. Stupid sappy AI. She couldn’t say she wasn’t grateful for the assist though. Maybe she could repay her by…what did AI even want? New cables? Fancier casing for her server blades?

It was worth it, though, despite having a refrigerator full of apples for weeks.

Pollyanna McIntosh & Ross Marquand  ||  MerryChristmas

Pollyanna McIntosh  ||  Merry Christmas Y’all! Big love to you and your families. Be sweet to each other.  Xxxxx   Thanks @nelly_belle_0829 for the great fan art of #TWD  #TheWalkingDead #Jadis

Ross Marquand  ||  ¡Haery Chreebus, everyone!

Khary Payton  ||  Done. This ole elf is gonna put his feet up. Merry Christmas to all… and to all, a good night.

Cooper Andrews  ||  From me and @bubblebini – Happy Christmas!!! If some of you didn’t like what Santa gave you, that’s because I told him I was coming for his job… or you should rethink some of your life choices.
Hahaha Have a wonderful day everyone!
#MerryChristmas #WhyIsMyThumbWeird #DisneyChristmas #SeriouslyItBendsTooMuch

Steven Ogg  ||  You ain’t gotta feel guilt just selfless. Give a little help to the helpless… And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy.Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time. #Bandaid #merrychristmas

Greg Nicotero

Christian Serratos   ||  Merry Christmas!!!

Melissa McBride‏  ||   Mmmm mmm! Merry Christmas Eve! Hoping yours is warm and sweet!

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Norman Reedus  ||   ❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🕺🏾

Steven Yeun  ||  merry merry.  [is that a …. Glen snowman?]

Alanna Masterson  ||  Happy Christmas 🎄💕🎅🏽

Katelyn Nacon   [IG story]

Tom Payne [IG story]

Hilarie Burton‏  ||  Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Sending love and cheer!!! Xoxo @JDMorgan

Happy Holidays!

check please characters as stuff my theatre friend has said/done
  • Bitty: "I have a theory I'm actually short people just tell me I'm tall" -him after me complaining about him being a foot taller than me
  • Jack: accidentally sent me a danny devito meme in the middle of sending me dogs to cheer me up
  • Shitty: told me my name was groovy when I came out as nb to him
  • Lardo: I was intimidated by him for most of the shows until i saw him silently take someone's phone to search teacup pigs and pomerainians to share the cuteness. i've sent him one (1) cute animal every morning since.
  • Ransom: told me the only things he's living for are brownies, his best friend, knowledge, and communism. in that order.
  • Holster: laid on the floor next to his best friend and when i asked what they were doing, reached for his friends belt buckle and made to undo it
  • Nursey: was on a mutual friend's snapchat story in one video reciting the actual cannibal shia laboef video and the next video explaining neo-liberalism
  • Chowder: is referred to by aforementioned friend as "the ray of sunshine in this dark, dark world" because he's a sweetheart
  • Dex: told me the only thing that actually exists is math and that he had to write a paper on it, then proceeded to tell me his deep hatred for math despite being very good at it
  • Tango: has existential crises on a daily basis. sometimes over text with me.
  • Whiskey: "If I had emotions I'd be the same way" -his response to me saying I'm softer than talc
  • Ford: freaked out when i sent him a bootleg of heathers with the original cast
  • BONUS:
  • Johnson: "Ok what if corn are alive and can communicate and we just smash them and combine them with chemicals and eat them" -a direct quote, after autocorrect turned spirits into doritos
“A-Are you wearing my Shirt?”

A/N: I wanted to do something for some people this Holiday season, so I wrote a drabble with their bias. The premise of the shenanigans are:

I picked a winter/cold/christmas theme, and a random prompt off a huge list, and tried my best to keep them sort. Key word is TRIED =p

So, first up - I have a gift for @princess-of-lucis - I know things are a little rough for you right now, so I hope this brings you a bit of a smile. 

Merry Christmas!

Prompt: “A-Are you wearing my shirt?”
Characters: Prompto x Fem!Reader
Word count: 771

You stared out the window holding a mug of cocoa in your hand.  A soft hum passed your lips as you inhaled the smell, letting your eyes flutter a little before you laughed at yourself. It was still warm in Lestallum, but with Christmas just a few days away, you wanted something that sort of reminded you of home.

The living room was dim and bathed in the soft glow of the multi-colored lights on your tree, with the hint of your favorite cookies in the air that had just finished baking made you smile, before you glanced down at your mug.

Taking a slow sip of the hot liquid you let the chocolate play over your tongue as you shifted gently from one foot to the other, wondering when Prompto was going to be back from his hunt. If he was going to make it back for Christmas at all, only to blink down at your phone as it went off with is familiar notification tone.

From Sunshine:
Hey Babe! I’m on my way home! See you tonight! ♥

The smile that pulled at your lips made your cheeks hurt, and you wondered idly when he would arrive only to hear footfalls outside your apartment door. You smiled looking back over your shoulder as the door popped open, hearing him call to you as he paused just inside the door.

“Whoa, kinda dark in here…Babe you home?”


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YUZU DAYS, 6 March 2017.
Reason for evolution “Heading for greater heights”

Olympic champion, current world records holder, 1st person with 4 consecutive GPF victories, Yuzuru Hanyu says, “I am still far from the skate that I am aiming for.”  Not content with the present situation, Hanyu continues to strive towards greater heights. 

I really hate to lose. I absolutely want to win all competitions and I don’t want any kind of regretful feelings. Even during training, on days that I cannot jump well, I feel that I have lost to myself and I will be very frustrated. I cannot help it.  (I’m) already the extreme type of ‘hate-to-lose’. [laughs]

My 'hate-to-lose’ is not just about the win and loss of a competition. When I make a mistake, I have lost to myself who have not grown. When I decide that I want to do this performance, it has to be that performance, I will think that way. Even if I can do it, I am very uncompromising (t/n. or rigid or stubborn) and so until now there has hardly been any time when I felt satisfied.  But failure and frustrated/regretful (kuyashii) feelings are a certain kind of experience. Because there is failure, so there can be reflection;  frustration and regret can also become (coils of) springs. I think that’s why I can keep moving forward.

Figure skating has many components like jumps, spins and steps; it requires not just skating skills but also expressive skills. It is a sport that is extremely multi-faceted. If there is one part that is not going well, there are other parts that can be stretched. For example, if you are not making much progress in jumps, you can polish up steps, spins or expression; there are many areas that you can grow in, if you search for it. As long as you don’t fix your own limits, there is no end to how much you can grow / improve. Further on ahead, with more years of age, even if jumps cannot be done anymore, expressive abilities can be refined, so it can become better in a different sense. When I think of this, there is still a lot more that I can evolve. This is why I think figure skating is so interesting.

Figure skating is a sport that is done by one person on the ice, but the bigger the competition, the bigger the group of people that supports that one competitor. Until I finally reach the ice, there are people who help to get my body ready, the coaches who teach me, and the people in the team. Then there is my mother who supports me in everything from daily life to competitions, and also everyone who sends me cheers at the venue. Heading towards the same direction, all these people are competing together with me. I have the feeling of competing in a team. And because I can feel that I am not alone and everyone is here for me, I can focus, I can work hard and do my best. To all the people who support me, I am truly grateful.

Translated by me.
Source: P&G,

My past translations of YUZU DAYS:  HERE

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Rhack #21 o;

Jack was lucky that all he’d gotten from a piece of explosion debris smacking him in the head was an amnesiac episode. 

The doctors had assured Rhys that Jack would recover in due time, and would be able to remember everything as he recovered from his injury. The omega was encouraged to talk to Jack about their life together and other important details to help Jack recover his memory, something that he was more than willing to do. 

He’d expected Jack to be a little more dazed and out of it when he entered the room, but instead of being greeted by confusion, Jack gave a loud wolf-whistle and blatantly ogled the omega up and down. 

“Oh wow, will you look at all that…hello there, Mr. Legs For Days, do they send you in to ‘cheer up’ the patients?” Jack chuckled, pretty heartily for a man who’d been smacked on the head with the burnt hull of a weapons chest. Rhys stared for a moment, absolutely stunned that, even with his memory wiped, Jack was still hitting on him.

“Uh….well, no, actually,” Rhys started as he walked to the edge of the bed, placing a hand on Jack’s shoulder, “I’m Rhys, I’m your husband, the doctor sent me in to–”

“Son of a bitch, you’re my husband?” Jack gaped, eyes practically lighting up like he was a kid on Mercenary Day morning. “No way….I’m the luckiest bastard ever like, holy crap. I really frikkin’ scored!” The CEO whistled again, high-fiving himself and making the omega laugh, cheeks pink with blush. 

Amnesia or not, there were some things about Jack that would just never change.