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Quick Service Announcement from Multi

Okay, first of all I want to thank each and every one of you for sending in asks to cheer him up. I can see it working, and…I owe you guys a lot. 

Unfortunately…even though to Campix it’s a vlog, to me, I do still have to draw a representation of what is happening so that you mods can see it. And…I am not a very skilled artist. As such…I am awful at drawing hugs. I’ve given each ask that has the word ‘hug’ in it at least five separate tries each, but…I don’t seem to be improving yet? They are happening! I just…can’t present them in a way that works. 

So even though I probably won’t be drawing hugs, know that I appreciate @occasional-pink-glaceon , @a-twig-a-day@palkia-daily (SEVEN HUGS), and a drifloon blog who didn’t leave their URL in the ask. I truly do appreciate your ask…I just don’t want to butcher your characters any more than I already am!

Thank you all so much! And please, if you can, keep going!

EDIT: If your post has something other than a hug in it, along with the hug, I’ll still try my best to draw that other thing!

Dan and Phil themed asks
  • Pinof: talk about your best friend
  • the vday video: what's your biggest regret?
  • dan: if you need to vent about a show/movie/artist that you love for like 3 paragraphs since no one in your life cares do it now. or vent about what ur currently stressed out about. or both.
  • phil: what are some of your favorite animals?
  • day in the life: talk about your typical daily schedule
  • I will go down with this ship: talk about your otps
  • draw my life: draw a picture of yourself and post it
  • krave challenge: what's something you're craving right now (either a physical thing or a goal)
  • sexy internet dating: describe yourself as you would on your dating profile
  • my google search history: post the last 5 things in your google search history and be honest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • things i thought were true that are not true: <-name a thing
  • my secret files: open a random screenshot you took and post it
  • a to z of me (send a letter or a few for this): talk about what the letters the person sent are in relation to you
  • 51 things in my room: talk about one of the things you like that's in your room, pictures optional
  • hi my name is [dan]: talk about something you're embarassed by


A valentine’s day themed spread I made last week! I had such a blast celebrating vday with my friends (I made cheesecakes for them! and got many lil sweets and cards in return) and it felt super nice spreading love around ₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡ Hope y'all have been doing wonderfully and remember that i’m always here to send u a lil cheer and support <33 

cHECK OUT MY artstudygram (whr i’m a lot more active!) // what stationery am I using?


spent some quality time with my bullet journal! wasn’t able to do much journaling during april because i was sick for a majority of the month :< reaching the last two weeks of school (lecture-wise, i still have finals!!) so im trying to make each day count because i don’t want to have to worry that much about finals! still got a few assignments to finish up i.e. research paper and group presentations but feeling a little more at ease since the semester is ending. sending cheers to all of you reaching the end of the semester! make each day count! 

my instagram! 💛💛💛

anonymous asked:

Woes of a hufflepuff: feeling like you care more about all of your friends than they do about you. It's not just me, right?

unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s not just you who feels like this.
sometimes you have to take a moment to try to look at it from a different point of view and then you either realize you are being to harsh or you have to ask yourself if those ppl really are worthy of your friendship.
sorry you’re feeling like this lil badger 🌻

check please characters as stuff my theatre friend has said/done
  • Bitty: "I have a theory I'm actually short people just tell me I'm tall" -him after me complaining about him being a foot taller than me
  • Jack: accidentally sent me a danny devito meme in the middle of sending me dogs to cheer me up
  • Shitty: told me my name was groovy when I came out as nb to him
  • Lardo: I was intimidated by him for most of the shows until i saw him silently take someone's phone to search teacup pigs and pomerainians to share the cuteness. i've sent him one (1) cute animal every morning since.
  • Ransom: told me the only things he's living for are brownies, his best friend, knowledge, and communism. in that order.
  • Holster: laid on the floor next to his best friend and when i asked what they were doing, reached for his friends belt buckle and made to undo it
  • Nursey: was on a mutual friend's snapchat story in one video reciting the actual cannibal shia laboef video and the next video explaining neo-liberalism
  • Chowder: is referred to by aforementioned friend as "the ray of sunshine in this dark, dark world" because he's a sweetheart
  • Dex: told me the only thing that actually exists is math and that he had to write a paper on it, then proceeded to tell me his deep hatred for math despite being very good at it
  • Tango: has existential crises on a daily basis. sometimes over text with me.
  • Whiskey: "If I had emotions I'd be the same way" -his response to me saying I'm softer than talc
  • Ford: freaked out when i sent him a bootleg of heathers with the original cast
  • BONUS:
  • Johnson: "Ok what if corn are alive and can communicate and we just smash them and combine them with chemicals and eat them" -a direct quote, after autocorrect turned spirits into doritos

YUZU DAYS, 6 March 2017.
Reason for evolution “Heading for greater heights”

Olympic champion, current world records holder, 1st person with 4 consecutive GPF victories, Yuzuru Hanyu says, “I am still far from the skate that I am aiming for.”  Not content with the present situation, Hanyu continues to strive towards greater heights. 

I really hate to lose. I absolutely want to win all competitions and I don’t want any kind of regretful feelings. Even during training, on days that I cannot jump well, I feel that I have lost to myself and I will be very frustrated. I cannot help it.  (I’m) already the extreme type of ‘hate-to-lose’. [laughs]

My 'hate-to-lose’ is not just about the win and loss of a competition. When I make a mistake, I have lost to myself who have not grown. When I decide that I want to do this performance, it has to be that performance, I will think that way. Even if I can do it, I am very uncompromising (t/n. or rigid or stubborn) and so until now there has hardly been any time when I felt satisfied.  But failure and frustrated/regretful (kuyashii) feelings are a certain kind of experience. Because there is failure, so there can be reflection;  frustration and regret can also become (coils of) springs. I think that’s why I can keep moving forward.

Figure skating has many components like jumps, spins and steps; it requires not just skating skills but also expressive skills. It is a sport that is extremely multi-faceted. If there is one part that is not going well, there are other parts that can be stretched. For example, if you are not making much progress in jumps, you can polish up steps, spins or expression; there are many areas that you can grow in, if you search for it. As long as you don’t fix your own limits, there is no end to how much you can grow / improve. Further on ahead, with more years of age, even if jumps cannot be done anymore, expressive abilities can be refined, so it can become better in a different sense. When I think of this, there is still a lot more that I can evolve. This is why I think figure skating is so interesting.

Figure skating is a sport that is done by one person on the ice, but the bigger the competition, the bigger the group of people that supports that one competitor. Until I finally reach the ice, there are people who help to get my body ready, the coaches who teach me, and the people in the team. Then there is my mother who supports me in everything from daily life to competitions, and also everyone who sends me cheers at the venue. Heading towards the same direction, all these people are competing together with me. I have the feeling of competing in a team. And because I can feel that I am not alone and everyone is here for me, I can focus, I can work hard and do my best. To all the people who support me, I am truly grateful.

Translated by me.
Source: P&G,

My past translations of YUZU DAYS:  HERE

The game is still on “stand by” because of Steam so we are waiting with the Dream Daddy team work and fans.

Please keep calm, seriously if you love the game you need to understand that they are making all they could to make this game possible.


Patience is a talent but also a virtue so be patient because you love the Dream Daddy idea, because you love the characters, because you love the GameGrumps, because you love this great videogame art concept, please be patient.

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Mum Ignis II

Ignis: *loses gang in the marketplace*
Ignis: *gaSPS*
Ignis: Stay calm, Ignis. Just do as always to find them.
Ignis: *closes eyes*
*loud thud, the sound of a stall falling apart, wood breaking and a loud whimper*
Ignis: That way. 

So @the-calvaree was feeling shitty today so I told her I’d write her a fluffy little fic to cheer her up. Here it is, babe, I hope you like it :)

Derek was relaxing in bed, a good book in his hands, and a cup of hot chocolate on the side table next to him. He was in for the night, all nice and snuggled up and relaxed. He even felt himself nodding off a little, his head bobbing forward every so often, his eyes sliding shut.

Then the front door slammed shut, startling him and instantly making him fully alert.

He could hear Stiles stomping through the house, muttering unintelligibly to himself, seemingly mocking something someone else had said judging by his tone. Derek grabbed his bookmark, a picture of Stiles about to sneeze that Stiles had shoved in a book as a bookmark months ago that now served as Derek’s favourite bookmark of all time, and saved his spot. The book was placed on the floor, safely away from his half full mug of hot chocolate, and he waited.

Sure enough, Stiles came into the room, his jacket already gone, his shirt half unbuttoned and his tie caught somewhere around his ears from where he’d gotten frustrated with taking it off and just gave up. He stared at Derek for a moment. Derek in their nice comfy bed, Derek wearing one of his soft sweaters and all tucked into the blankets. Once he’d looked his fill, he let out a loud groan and fell forward to faceplant on the bed. His head ended up directly next to Derek’s stomach so Derek reached out and ran his fingers through his hair. The groan Stiles let out this time was one of pleasure and he wriggled over and up a bit so he was pressed right against Derek’s side but his head was now smushed into Derek’s chest.

Keep reading