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Fifth Harmony asks
  • Miss Movin' On:Have you ever been through a tough breakup? How did you get over it?
  • Don't Wanna Dance Alone:Have you ever gone somewhere public and felt attracted to a random person?
  • Better Together:Have you ever been in a serious situation where you didn't know what to do?
  • Me & My Girls:Describe your first party experience.
  • Going Nowhere:Describe a time when you had someone's back but they didn't want to listen to your advice (or vice versa).
  • Reflection:When was the last time you took a selfie?
  • Top Down:Have you ever gone on a road trip? Was it fun and where did you go?
  • Suga Mama:Have you ever had to pay for someone/a whole group when they didn't have money?
  • BO$$:Who and/or what empowers you?
  • This is How We Roll:Describe your ideal girl's night out. Tell a story if you've been on one already.
  • Sledgehammer:Do you have a romantic relationship with anyone at the moment?
  • Like Mariah:What was the last song you sang?
  • We Know:Have you ever been played by a player? Have you ever caught one or called one out?
  • Body Rock:What's your favorite song to dance to?
  • Brave Honest Beautiful:What's your favorite thing about yourself and why?
  • Them Girls Be Like:What are your best friend's names?
  • Everlasting Love:Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Do you believe in it?
  • Leave My Heart Out of This:Describe a time when you had trouble forgiving someone you love.
  • One Wish:Have you ever wished you had never met someone at all?
  • Worth It:When was the last time you felt sexually attracted to someone?
  • Who Are You:Have you ever had someone do you dirty or switch up on you for no reason?

ask-hiddenjewel asked:

Sorry to bother again, but what is your head canon for girraffes?

Sorry for the late response! I’m currently in finals week so I’ve been a bit preoccupied. To make up for it I decided to draw a small preview of how the giraffes would look in my style. Also, no need for apologies; questions and comments don’t bother me at all so no worries! :3

Okay, to answer your question. There’s certainly more to my headcanon for the giraffes but here’s a summary:

The giraffe in my headcanon is a sapient creature that populates Zebrica alongside the Zebras, Buffalo, Elephants, Rhinos, and hyena-like Diamond Dogs. They’d be far more flexible than the giraffe in real life and are the second-most common race in Zebrica. Their magic often revolves around the Earth element, although it’s common for giraffes to also have different sorts of magic. However, unlike Equine, the giraffes aren’t as magically inclined, and as such they focus more on the use of physical alchemy and scientific pursuits to compensate for such. It’s due to this that they are very adept at spell casting when wielding an Enchanted item (usually in the form of an enchanted gauntlet or bracelet in place of a wand or staff), so much so that they rival (and perhaps surpass) the spellcasters of Equestria. As a whole however, giraffes are very intelligent and friendly creatures and more often than not attempt to avoid conflict (but they will certainly stand up for their country if need be).

I hope that answers your question! ^.^

anonymous asked:

How about korrasami?

Send me a Ship and I’ll tell you!

Ship: Korrasami

Drinks all of the coffee: Asami. She makes a fresh pot every morning before she goes to work but often drinks it all. Korra doesn’t mind because she sleeps in most of the time.

Brings up adopting a pet: Who needs a pet? They have Naga!

Kills the bugs: Both because they’re both fearless gals who can kick bugs in the butt any day!

Cooks the meals: Asami if she’s home early enough. Korra can only make Southern Water Tribe traditional stuff but the ingredients are hard to find. They have take out most of the time.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Korra. She can’t help it. It’s always fun to celebrate in Republic City.

Initiates the couple selfies: (since I’m doing this in their time) Asami pays for photos to be taken of the two of them and hangs them up around the house.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Both can be very forgetful with all they have to do, Korra with her Avatar duties and Asami with running her company. So sometimes they both run home–at the same time–at the end of the day with presents they bought on the way home, out of breath and apologetic. Then they realize they both forgot and start to laugh.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Korra can’t help it. Their local mart has a lot of good quality junk food! The Flame-o Instant Noodles aren’t the healthiest items but they’re pretty delicious.

Nicknames the other: Korra will call Asami “darling” and “baby”. Asami will also call her “baby” but most often “my love”.

anonymous asked:

unpopular opinion: although all of louis' friends are fine with his sexuality they probably are still a little homophobic and he is just happy that they accepted him so doesn't feel comfortable asking them not to use gay as an insult etc and probably does lad up a bit around them.

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Yeah this is how I see it tbh. Obviously we can’t know for sure but yeah.

txdora asked:

Dean's hand held the envelope over the fire but his fingers refused to let go.

This letter was the last thing Sam had given to him, pressed into his hands as Sam reached through the Impala’s window at the bus station like he’d debated handing it over until the very last possible second. Dean was just so pissed, so fucking betrayed, that the last thing he wanted to do was look at what was sure to be Sam’s bullshit explanation of just why he had to leave Dean behind, Sam’s clever cover-up in pretty words of what Dean knew was the truth—Sam left because Dean failed. But he was also aching, dying to know what words Sam would save for what could very well be the last thing he ever said to his older brother.

He crumples the letter in his fist, turns away from the fire and shoves it into the end pocket of his duffle before he lets his twitching fingers close around the neck of the whiskey bottle.

It’s not until more than three years later, when he’s about to hit the road to Palo Alto, that he finally tears it open, that he feels his heart lurch and shudder as he reads, ‘I’m sorry, big brother, but how else am I supposed to stop loving you?

anonymous asked:

Unpopular Opinion: I obviously believe in Larry, but I also WANT to believe in Larry. I think that if this whole thing didn't exist, Louis would just be this homophobic, insensitive twat. I don't want to believe that he's truly any of those things.

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If by some miracle Larry was not real then I wouldn’t be able to stand behind this band. Good thing it is.

anonymous asked:

Hey Angela I wanted to ask you something, since I'm sadly a v pessimistic person I'm imagining all the worst scenarios lol but what if management are letting them to be closer b/c after Zayn leaving they're afraid they're losing fans and knows that Larry sells tickets?

The loosening of the closet became visible in August. It intensified in November. Louis and Harry have both been looking healthy and happy. Don’t think it’s a sudden new exploitation thing.