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  • Jason Todd (as Robin): [writing] Dear Santa Claus, how have you been? Did you have a nice summer? How is your wife? I have been extra good this year, so I have a long list of presents that I want. Please note the size and color of each item, and send as many as possible. If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself: just send money. How about tens and twenties?

dang :))) this study/work space is goal af

Like if you want to study/work in here.

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The Archive Project - Complete

Editor’s Note:   Six months ago I set out to make this blog both a news blog and a fandom resource by putting all the old press, pictures, and videos into an easily searchable and navigable form.  The last marketing image posted signifies the end of the bulk of that project.  I’m sure I’ve missed some old article or picture and if I have please feel free to send me a source link so I can add it but for now the posting of old material is largely done.

So how do I use this?

Well first of all you can navigate by the search box on the blog and the blogs tags.  I’ve tried to tag everything as consistently and intuitively as possible.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to navigate by the character name tags for the main cast… “emma swan” for example would give you almost 200 pages of results.  But say “the blue fairy” or “princess abigail” are much more manageable.

For this reason there are sub tags.  You can find the interviews of a particular actor by searching their name + interview (for example “robert carlyle interview”) and it will give you both video and text interviews.  Similarly name + convention panel (i.e. “lana parrilla convention panel”) will give you just videos of the actor at conventions.  The writers are not split up so you can find A&E plus Jane all under “writer interview”.

Social media posts are just broken down by cast, writer, and crew, so “cast instagram” will give you actor instagram posts while “writer twitter” will give you a member of the writing staff (mostly Adam Horowitz or Jane Espenson, and Brigitte Hales).  You can also find all the social media for a given actor, crew, or writer by searching by their name + social media (i.e. “rebecca mader social media”) which would include all their twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat and tumblr posts.

Pictures, both in and out of character are tagged by name + picture (i.e. “ginnifer goodwin picture”).  Please note that red carpet events only go as far back as the beginning of Once Upon a Time so you wont find pre-once material.  For reasons of consistency set spotter pictures are NOT included in the actor picture tags in case someone wishes not to see those spoilers.

Other potentially useful tags:  the casts dogs are tagged (i.e. ”lola”, “bella”, “ava”, “buckley”), as are the cars by character name plus the type of car (”emma volkswagen beetle” “regina mercedes benz”, “gold cadillac”) and if you are looking for images of Storybrooke’s signs and shops search by “storybrooke signage” for those of you interested in fan fic reference.  Hook’s ship can be found under two tags “the jolly roger” for the fictional vessel and “the lady washington” for the real vessel that plays her.  Both “the dark swan” and season 6′s split “the evil queen” have their own tags just for those breakout personas of Emma Swan and Regina Mills.

Filming notices for shooting are under “filming notice” and all set reports and the pictures from them are tagged “set report”.  The regular journalists that cover the show are tagged by their name (i.e. “natalie abrams”, “leanne aguilera”)

And of course you can search by episode name (i.e. “3.11 going home”).  Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episodes are tagged with a w in front of the title (i.e. “w1.03 forget me not”) and all material from that series is tagged “ouatiw”.

Is there another way to search this material?

Yes, I’m glad you asked.  There are also a list of what those in the historical archive world call “finding aids” that is posts that list everything for a given episode or convention or season.  Because tumblr will only let you put so many links in a given post they’ve had to be broken up in parts.  You can find them all below.  Season 6 is listed with most recent material first.  The most recent season finding aids are linked in the side bar while all of them are linked at the bottom of each finding aid.

Season 1: General Index Post - 1A Episode Index Post - 1B Episode Index Post
Season 2: General Index Post - 2A Episode Index Post - 2B Episode Index Post
Season 3: General Index Post - 3A Episode Index Post - 3B Episode Index Post
Season 4: General Index Post - 4A Part 1 - 4A Part 2 - 4B Part 1 - 4B Part 2
Season 5: General Index Post - 5A Part 1 - 5A Part 2 - 5B Part 1 - 5B Part 2 - Conventions
Season 6: General Index Post - 6A Part 1 - 6A Part 2 - 6A Part 3 - 6B Part 16B Part 2 - Conventions
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

But what if I just want to know what spoilers are happening?

Why you can look at our spoiler summary page!  It is also listed with most recent material first.  Because it’s a summary of many many different and often conflicting sources it is the only page on this site you’ll find with no source links.

katieisi  asked:

I saw someone a while ago ask about Aaron Burr and his possible illegitimate children. I've done some research into it and I haven't found any credible sources that say he definitely did. If you have found some that have could you send them to me? On a completely unrelated note I enjoy all of the history things you post. 👍

I without a doubt know Aaron Burr fathered at least two illegitimate children. This book, this book, here, here. I mean, even the Aaron Burr Association has recognized that he had at least two illegitimate children.  

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I want to send a special thank you to each and every one of you who have taken the time to follow (or even remotely interact) with my blog.

On February 16th of 2016 I started this blog, hoping that there would be a great satisfaction from blogging about my favorite band… And let me tell you there has been that satisfaction!

With over 1,300 followers, over 100,000 notes, several messages, new friendships, a crazy family base that this blog has created, I’m so happy and thankful for all of you.

That being said, I want everyone here to know that I love you all and that I hope you all stay groovy! Send me some love so I can send more back!

XO- The 70s Source

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How to properly have an argument on
  • Step 1: State your opinion
  • Step 2: After hearing their opinion, state your opinion again. This wins you the argument, because you are obviously right.
  • Step 3: If they continue arguing, state your opinion again, and call them names. Whatever you do, do not post any sources. If you really, REALLY have to, then cite popular tumblr posts. The huge amount of notes they have make them valid sources.
  • Step 4: If they refuse to acknowledge your having won the argument, insult them and block them. Continue vagueblogging about them, send some anonymous threats and make a few callout posts. They're beneath you anyway.


What is it?

  • A place for any and all fans who love and adore Glenn Rhee.
  • A place to connect with other Glenn fans.
  • A source for all things Glenn.

How to join:

  • The only thing you need to do to consider yourself apart of the Glenn Network is follow the blog! (It would also be greatly appreciated if you could reblog this post but not required).
  • Please check out the blog owner’s blogs glennrheely and gleggiegreenes.  Please note it is not required of you to follow either to become a member.
  • If you would like to have your URL listed on the blog on the members page then please send in an ask saying you would like to be on the list and you will be added asap!
  • Everyone is strongly encouraged to send in an ask to be listed on the member’s page but it is not a requirement, because it’s understood that not everyone may be comfortable doing that.
  • Also, your blog does not have to be TWD or Glenn specific in order to be apart of the Glenn Network.
  • There are only two requirements to join.  One is to love Glenn.  Two is that you cannot post hate about Glenn or other WD characters.  This is a hate-free zone.

I followed the blog, now what?

  • Enjoy the blog! It will slowly be filled with tons of Glenn for you to reblog/like/appreciate.
  • Start using the tag ‘glennnetwork’ for all your gifs/edits/etc of Glenn. Feel free to track the tag as well.
  • Keep your eyes out for a Glenn Appreciation Week which will be announced soon. A separate post with more information on that will be coming soon.