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I made this for my informative speech in school~

Is there any incorrect or iffy information?? If so please send me an ask to let me know!!


It is important to note that these infographs do not have every gender or sexuality as I had to leave multiple out due to either not recalling what they were at the time or lack of space. Some that have been pointed out to me as being missing that I highly suggest you look up are:




I may make another infograph at a later point to include more genders and sexualities but I’m not sure if I will. Please reblog from the source post as it will always be the most updated version of this post. Thank you.

Privileged (18/?)

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“*yn* is finally reunited with her best friend, Clarke. The group of close friends reunite to bring Finn and Murphy home but none of them could have expected what was to come. Bellamy and *yn* find comfort in one another after they begin to realise how much they have all been through. 

Warnings: FLUFF, swearing, slight angst, violence, hinted smut (oooh) 

Notes: Based on 2x05 “Human Trials” of The 100. 

Series Masterlist

“Not far now.” *yn* murmured to Monroe as she heard a hiss escape Monroe’s mouth as she stretched her leg in order to step over a log. *yn* winced as a sharp pain shot through her abdomen and she felt her knees begin to buckle underneath her as she lurched forward.

“*yn*!” Bellamy called out as he hurried forward and caught *yn* before she could fall to the ground. Octavia scrambled forward and grabbed Monroe to help steady the pair so neither dragged the other down. 

“I got you, I got you.” He murmured to *yn* as he slung her arm over his shoulder and placed his other hand on her waist to help her walk.

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Things we need answers to/need to connect together MASTERPOST

Dark website (x) (x)

Is the site real? (x)

40 (x) (x)

Going back to the source (x) (x) (x)

Niagara falls hotel room in

13.9.16 (x) (x) (x

Which one?

XXX (x)

Henry V Act 3 Scene 1 Page 2


The gif

Static on BBC (x)

QR Code (x) (x)

He’s back photo (x) (don’t believe it doesn’t mean anything) 

Date/gravestones/blog (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) - Maybe we need to do this with something else as well? 

Fatboy conspiracy


Edited: 9.2.17 0:43 CET (read the notes)

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dang :))) this study/work space is goal af

Like if you want to study/work in here.

(source: I’m so sorry I have no ideas who is the owner of this picture, sorry if I took your picture with out permission, if you know who is the owner please tell me )

p/s: feel free to send me question 

How to address a call out post
  • Read it ALL. Don’t just see “Call out post for X” and think “that’s that, time to block them/spread this.” When you can, read each part (or send it to someone who can for you)
  • If there aren’t sources, ask for them
  • If they can’t provide sources 1) ask why (is it a valid reason, such as they don’t have the energy, or is it that they just don’t want to?) and 2) try and find them yourself on the person’s blog. No sources/evidence? Don’t reblog.
  • Read each source carefully and fully
  • Be critical- do you agree that this is evidence for what the call out post is saying about the person?
  • Try and find and understand the context of each source
  • If you can, look at all the notes (if it’s a post). Often people will post an original post, and miss out a possibly completely reasonable explanation that the person gave for the post later on
  • Look at OP, is there a bias in their reason for making the post? This doesn’t mean the post shouldn’t be taken seriously, but it indicates that the call out post may be spurred by personal reasons, and you should be even more critical of it and the evidence provided
  • Similarly, some points may be evidence for one “side” but not another. For example, for one person someone saying that aces are LGBT is evidence, for another someone saying aces aren’t LGBT is evidence
  • Look at the person who the call out is about. For example, are they a minor? If so, perhaps avoid spreading the post
  • Again; be critical, and assess each part. Don’t be scared to ask for OP’s logic, don’t be scared to ask for evidence, and don’t be scared to disagree. Call out posts are designed to open a dialog and bring awareness about a person.

anonymous asked:

Oh I get it, so basically to you, Victor and Yuuri aren't really lovers. Why do you always twist SayoKubo's words? When she was talking about keeping relationships in a "box" she meant that Victor and Yuuri aren't just coach and student, they're that but they can also be friends, family and most importantly lovers, which is what you always tend to no homo.

Can you tell me in what interview she was “talking about keeping relationships in a box”? As I stated, what I quoted in my posts comes from the May Febri issue, therefore anyone can buy it and verify themselves what she says. However, I’ve never read an interview where she says what you are writing. Please kindly quote the source, because if it exists and it’s something I haven’t read I am interested in reading it.

By the way, to me Victor and Yuuri’s relationship doesn’t need to be labeled as something, like “friends” or “lovers”, they can be whatever they feel like being and act however they want (which includes “lovers”). I personally believe that Yuuri isn’t fully aware of his feelings and that’s why watching the series I didn’t get the impression that they ever got engaged. To be more exact, I don’t think that they “identify as each other’s lover”, especially Yuuri. However, I do believe that they might be doing the things lovers do nevertheless, even without identifying as such. (And “not identifying as such” doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other) Other people are free to interpret their relationship differently. This is my opinion and it’s not something any of the creators ever said.

On a side note, I find that many people who accuse me of “downplaying their relationship” have some things in common:
1) They state something the creators allegedly said without ever quoting the source
2) When asked the source they never reply
3) They accuse me of mistranslating but they never mention the actual lines which in their opinion are mistranslated
4) When asked to mention the lines they never reply
5) They put in my mouth words I never said (I’m not sure what kind of mental filter they are using to read my posts)

When you send me a message, please kindly quote the source of your statements. I will stop replying to messages that match the above 1 or 3 because replying to statements I can’t verify is kind of a waste of time, therefore if something bothers you please be sure to message me with the necessary information for me to give you a proper and exhaustive answer.

How to write a perfect Law Paper

Time for some Sunday Tips for Law Students !

Here is the method I use to write my law papers. I always get good grades for them (between 16 and 19 out of 20) so I guess I’m not that bad at it. And I thought I could share what little knowledge I have on the subject.

1. Be sure to pick the right background color

This one is a tip I’ve learned from other Studyblrs. If you have to work for long hours on the computer, be sure to change the background color of your paper to mint green instead of white. 

Mint green is less painful for your eyes and you won’t get any headaches / migraines if you use it.

Just make sure to put it back to white when you print the paper or send it to your teacher. 

I forgot about it, once, and I printed my whole philosophy notes with a mint green background (it wasn’t ugly, though).

2. Pick up enough sources… but not too many !

Having a huge bibliography is always great. It prooves that you’ve searched the subject of your paper thoroughly. 

But will you have time to read the 45 books and 60 cases you’ve found? And if you don’t read them, what’s the point? Will your teacher truly believe that you read all of this (teachers were students once and they must know that we all add a few sources we never read in our bibliography).

Pick up your sources carefully. Limit yourself to a few well-chosen ones, like books by authors who are renowned experts in the field you are writing about. Pick famous cases.

It’s always better to have a little bibliography of well-chosen sources that you actually read than to have 15 pages of random cases / books you never opened !

(For Belgian Law Students only, I will publish a little list of authors that you can check to have good sources in a subject).

3. Plan you time

You will have to read the documents you’ve found. And you will have to write the paper. 

Don’t underestimate the time it will take you. A text or a book you’ve picked might be difficult to understand and take you more time than what you expected. A case might give links to another one, that you’ll have to find and read.

Writing the paper might be difficult too: we all struggled once in our life to find the adequate legal terms. Plus, you might not feel inspired to write on some days.

Take all this into account and plan your time ahead. The sooner you will start writing, the sooner this paper will be finished.

And to avoid last-minute stress and printing problems, be sure to have your paper ready, spell-checked and printed at least a week before its due date ! It will save you a lot of stress.

Studyblrs always post really good printables to plan your time, so don’t hesitate in browsing them : you’ll find the right one for you !

4. Organize your notes and documents

This is a basic one, really.

Be sure you don’t lose any of your documents. While laptop material is easily stacked in folders, copies of library books or handwritten notes you’ve taken while reading documents are more fragile when it comes to stocking them.

Be sure to have a special binder for your written material. And choose a practical and pretty one: 

  • Practical because you will have it close to your laptop or computer when writing => be sure it’s easy to manipulate ;
  • Pretty because it will motivate you to read what’s inside.

5. While writing, confront point of views

If your research was thorough, you’ll find yourself with several documents written by several authors.

You can be sure hese authors won’t have the same point of view on the matter you are researching. So you might wonder how to cope with these contrasting point of views.

The best way to do it is :

  • To attract the attention on these different point of views : by writing something like “Leleu thinks this… while Massager thinks that…”;
  • And then, you give your personal position. Law teachers LOVE  when their students have a critical position, so don’t be shy : tell them what you think and which author you stand with !

I hope this will be helpful ! 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the subject if something is still unclear.
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pups-art  asked:

When i click the link it just brings me to ur blog ;^; tears this is why i hate the mobile version...

aaaa dammit mobile get ur act together

the guidelines are pretty straightforward! but i’ll just copy paste them here:

  • Please submit using the text form only, and I’ll change it into a chatroom
  • If you want me to include an emoji, just add something like “Seven: glasses break emoji”
  • Make sure to include the source of the quote, and please put it in the title! If it’s something you came up with just put “source: creativity”
  • There’s not really any rules as far as what you can send in, just don’t send anything homophobic/racist/sexist/character hate/ship hate/anything else like that
  • Please say if it’s meant in a shippy or platonic way.  If you don’t specify, then I’ll just assume shippy for those sweet notes
  • For submitting, ideally have it look something like this:

Zen: What’s a word that’s a mix between angry and sad?

Jumin: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated.

Seven: Smad.

The Archive Project - Complete

Editor’s Note:   Six months ago I set out to make this blog both a news blog and a fandom resource by putting all the old press, pictures, and videos into an easily searchable and navigable form.  The last marketing image posted signifies the end of the bulk of that project.  I’m sure I’ve missed some old article or picture and if I have please feel free to send me a source link so I can add it but for now the posting of old material is largely done.

So how do I use this?

Well first of all you can navigate by the search box on the blog and the blogs tags.  I’ve tried to tag everything as consistently and intuitively as possible.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to navigate by the character name tags for the main cast… “emma swan” for example would give you almost 200 pages of results.  But say “the blue fairy” or “princess abigail” are much more manageable.

For this reason there are sub tags.  You can find the interviews of a particular actor by searching their name + interview (for example “robert carlyle interview”) and it will give you both video and text interviews.  Similarly name + convention panel (i.e. “lana parrilla convention panel”) will give you just videos of the actor at conventions.  The writers are not split up so you can find A&E plus Jane all under “writer interview”.

Social media posts are just broken down by cast, writer, and crew, so “cast instagram” will give you actor instagram posts while “writer twitter” will give you a member of the writing staff (mostly Adam Horowitz or Jane Espenson, and Brigitte Hales).  You can also find all the social media for a given actor, crew, or writer by searching by their name + social media (i.e. “rebecca mader social media”) which would include all their twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat and tumblr posts.

Pictures, both in and out of character are tagged by name + picture (i.e. “ginnifer goodwin picture”).  Please note that red carpet events only go as far back as the beginning of Once Upon a Time so you wont find pre-once material.  For reasons of consistency set spotter pictures are NOT included in the actor picture tags in case someone wishes not to see those spoilers.

Other potentially useful tags:  the casts dogs are tagged (i.e. ”lola”, “bella”, “ava”, “buckley”), as are the cars by character name plus the type of car (”emma volkswagen beetle” “regina mercedes benz”, “gold cadillac”) and if you are looking for images of Storybrooke’s signs and shops search by “storybrooke signage” for those of you interested in fan fic reference.  Hook’s ship can be found under two tags “the jolly roger” for the fictional vessel and “the lady washington” for the real vessel that plays her.  Both “the dark swan” and season 6′s split “the evil queen” have their own tags just for those breakout personas of Emma Swan and Regina Mills.

Filming notices for shooting are under “filming notice” and all set reports and the pictures from them are tagged “set report”.  The regular journalists that cover the show are tagged by their name (i.e. “natalie abrams”, “leanne aguilera”)

And of course you can search by episode name (i.e. “3.11 going home”).  Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episodes are tagged with a w in front of the title (i.e. “w1.03 forget me not”) and all material from that series is tagged “ouatiw”.

Is there another way to search this material?

Yes, I’m glad you asked.  There are also a list of what those in the historical archive world call “finding aids” that is posts that list everything for a given episode or convention or season.  Because tumblr will only let you put so many links in a given post they’ve had to be broken up in parts.  You can find them all below.  Season 6 is listed with most recent material first.  The most recent season finding aids are linked in the side bar while all of them are linked at the bottom of each finding aid.

Season 1: General Index Post - 1A Episode Index Post - 1B Episode Index Post
Season 2: General Index Post - 2A Episode Index Post - 2B Episode Index Post
Season 3: General Index Post - 3A Episode Index Post - 3B Episode Index Post
Season 4: General Index Post - 4A Part 1 - 4A Part 2 - 4B Part 1 - 4B Part 2
Season 5: General Index Post - 5A Part 1 - 5A Part 2 - 5B Part 1 - 5B Part 2 - Conventions
Season 6: General Index Post - 6A Part 1 - 6A Part 2 - 6A Part 3 - 6B Part 16B Part 2 - Conventions
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

But what if I just want to know what spoilers are happening?

Why you can look at our spoiler summary page!  It is also listed with most recent material first.  Because it’s a summary of many many different and often conflicting sources it is the only page on this site you’ll find with no source links.

Title: Sunday Funday Surprise 

@jasoncrouse​ requested: Hiii, I was wondering if I could please request some Jason fluff? I know it’s kind of a vague idea, but maybe he and I (Jen) have a young kid together and we just spend the day together? Or maybe Jason + the kid plan a surprise of some sort for me/the reader or vice versa? I know that’s prob not the most exciting/original idea out there but Jason as a father would just be too cute, imo. :P 

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Jen (original female character)
Summary: Jason and his daughter, Susie, plan a surprise for Mother’s Day. 
Word Count: 2,481
Author’s Note: I loved this idea so much! So, thank you @jasoncrouse for sending this in! Jason Crouse as a father is such an amazing idea and I mean, can you imagine how adorable he’d be with a little girl?! I hope you enjoy this! Thank you again for sending in the request! :-)

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

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Klaine Valentines Challenge - “Do You Feel the Same?” (Rated T)

Kurt is a little annoyed at the couple in the back seat of his car, drunk as skunks and singing off-key, pawing at each other in an ambiguous way. Kurt just hopes that when they sober up, they lose his number so he won’t have to give some kind of awkward speech at their future wedding. But is it possible that Kurt has the wrong idea? (2196 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge Day Six “Eternal Flame”.

Read on AO3.

Close your eyes … give me your hand, darling … Do you feel my heart beating? … Do you understand? … Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming? Is this burning an …

Kurt cringes as they nail the words eternal flame with gusto, their tequila-soaked voices modulating to pitches that animals would flee from. They were such a nice, normal couple when Kurt picked them up at the beginning of the night. The two passengers crooning in the back seat of Kurt’s Prius, who had introduced themselves as TinaandBlaine (as if they were a Country-Folk singing duo), are now sloppy drunk and belting out maudlin 80s hits. They’re also slightly all over each other. Kurt can’t figure out if that’s drunken first date all over each other or just touchy-feely friends all over each other.

Especially since Kurt had thought that Blaine was flirting with him on the way to the bar.

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  • Jason Todd (as Robin): [writing] Dear Santa Claus, how have you been? Did you have a nice summer? How is your wife? I have been extra good this year, so I have a long list of presents that I want. Please note the size and color of each item, and send as many as possible. If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself: just send money. How about tens and twenties?

Hey guys! So this is my guide to evaluating the usefulness of historical sources. In my education system this was one of the most important and reviewed skills, and below are the evaluation criteria taught to us. If you have any questions, please send me an ask. 

The best way to use these criteria is to write down notes on a couple of the most useful for a given source and use this to determine whether the source is useful or not. 

Time and Context
When the source was written, whether it is primary or secondary, etc.

The viewpoint portrayed in the source, the ideology that underpins it.

Whether the source favours one opinion or group of people over the other, whether its viewpoint is balanced.

If the source represents a wide range of people or a small group. Does it represent women, or the nobility, or people of a specific race, etc.

Whether the source can be considered accurate or not.

If the source corroborates other historical sources you have seen, primary or not. How it compares and contrasts to other sources.

If the source contains information actually relevant to your study. 

misscrazyfangirl321  asked:

Hey, I'm bored and sending people random asks! :) What two ships would you most want to see interact? They can be from different shows, books, whatever.

Oy vey, that’s tricky.  Mostly because I have so many ships from so many sources.

I think I’m going to go back to my fandom roots and say Whouffaldi and Butterfly Bog.  A combination of Doctor Who and Strange Magic is what got me into actively shipping in the first place, and I’d love to see Twelve and Bog being grouchy and Scottish while Clara and Marianne roll their eyes and compare notes on being awesome.  Not to mention Bog and Twelve being overly dramatic rock stars and Marianne and Clara having friendly swordfights, and just, yeah.  The more I think about it the more I need it.

and the fact that I consider Strange Magic to be the Whouffaldi Happy Ending AU has nothing to do with it

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anonymous asked:

wanted to send a note of thanks, a bit ago you reblogged some posts standing against drawn underage porn and it made me reconsider and eventually cut ties with an artist friend doing cartoon porn of canonically underage characters, and lately another post made me cut ties with Foncest shippers, so thank you for doing that.

✌️ 👍 👌 Anytime, anon. I want everyone to know this blog doesn’t support that kind of thing in any capacity, and if something I have reblogged has come from a source that draws/condones it, feel free to let me know and the reblog/post will be deleted.

It’s good to get away from that gross content and take care of yourself anon, cool beans that you did.
Hope everything’s better for ya.

anonymous asked:

Quick question about your "curse on white pride" post; whats so wrong about being white and being proud of your heritage? Veneration of ancestors is a huge part of heathenry, so why attack someone because they have white ancestors and aren't ashamed?

okay. fine. i’ll explain it publicly, and hopefully no one will ask me again; a quick note to everyone though - this is the only post where i will discuss/explain this. If you want to have a conversation with me about it, or you just want to bitch and moan about what i say then you’ll have to send an ask OFF of anon, or use the PM system so we can talk (or trade insults, whatever) privately.

I am sourcing my information from here

“Contemporary scholars agree that “race” was a recent invention and that it was essentially a folk idea, not a product of scientific research and discovery. This is not new to anthropologists. Since the 1940s when Ashley Montagu argued against the use of the term “race” in science, a growing number of scholars in many disciplines have declared that the real meaning of race in American society has to do with social realities, quite distinct from physical variations in the human species. I argue that race was institutionalized beginning in the 18th century as a worldview, a set of culturally created attitudes and beliefs about human group differences

read that carefully, and consider the implications. That the entire concept of “race” that we are so familiar with is nothing more than a social construct; made and maintained entirely by our imaginations, and certain peoples’ (read: white peoples’) comfort with the groupings that it places them in.

Now i’ll give you one guess who came up with this asinine fever-dream; if you guessed anyone other than those responsible for the British/American slave-trade then no prize for you.

“Race and its ideology about human differences arose out of the context of African slavery.“
“When some Englishmen entered slave trading directly, it became clear that many of the English public had misgivings about slave-trading and re-creating slavery on English soil. It was an era when the ideals of equality, justice, democracy, and human rights were becoming dominant features of Western political philosophy.”

Now because of all those pesky citizens standing in the way of the ever so wonderful capitalist ideal of the “free market” something had to be done to calm their protest. Was the solution outlawing slavery, and giving honest pay for honest work?? You bet your ass it wasn’t!
Instead, those wily slavers and politicians began a long campaign to besmirch the image of “The African” (this would not only justify the enslavement of Africans in the public eye, but would also pacify newly-freed “white” slaves who were demanding a place in society with land to go with it by placing them above someone else in the social hierarchy which, up to that point, had been based entirely on Classism.)
The first shot fired was that Africans were, after all, just heathens and so it was the European moral duty as Christians to save their souls (by enslaving them, and putting them to work in “the service of god”, of course!)

“The major catalyst for this transformation was the rise of a powerful antislavery movement that expanded and strengthened during the Revolutionary Era both in Europe and in the United States. As a consequence proslavery forces found it necessary to develop new arguments for defending the institution. Focusing on physical differences, they turned to the notion of the natural inferiority of Africans and thus their God-given suitability for slavery.”
“By focusing on the physical and status differences between the conquered and enslaved peoples, and Europeans, the emerging ideology linked the socio-political status and physical traits together and created a new form of social identity. Proslavery leaders among the colonists formulated a new ideology that merged all Europeans together, rich and poor, and fashioned a social system of ranked physically distinct groups.“

“Thus was created the only slave system in the world that became exclusively “racial.” By limiting perpetual servitude to Africans and their descendants, colonists were proclaiming that blacks would forever be at the bottom of the social hierarchy.”

“From its inception separateness and inequality was what “race” was all about. The attributes of inferior race status came to be applied to free blacks as well as slaves. In this way, “race” was configured as an autonomous new mechanism of social differentiation that transcended the slave condition and persisted as a form of social identity long after slavery ended.”

I don’t think i have to quote anymore from that page (although i HEAVILY suggest you read through it yourselves - it’s not excessively long it’ll take you 5-10 mins, tops), i believe my point should be pretty obvious by now;

Racism was created as a new form of Classism (that’s right; an entire social structure - all encompassing; government, work, education, socialising. And that’s what it STILL is, today.) wherein “White” was the new “Upper-Class” and “Black” was the new “Lower-Class” and to be proud of being “White” is no more than saying “I’m proud that I am socially considered better than Black people, Latinxs, etc.”.

”But Merlin!” I hear a white person protest from the ether “White people can be low-income earners/lower class too! And POC can be High-income earners/Upper-class, after all, we just had a Black president!” To which I respond, READ THE FUCKING PAGE! But then calm down and explain that while this white person is technically correct they’re forgetting that it’s not so much about where individual POC and White people are positioned economically - it’s where they’re positioned in the public mindset.
An excellent example of this is the media; when a white person goes and shoots up a school, a church, etc. the media will show pictures of said white person smiling with friends or in a graduation outfit, or some other positive image and have descriptions of them as “nice, quiet, friendly, etc. etc.” and the reasons behind their actions are given as some form of mental issue.
But when it’s a POC not even having been found guilty of committing a crime, but having been shot by a cop and accused of committing a crime the pictures are of the POC in a hood, maybe throwing hand-signs, most likely with a serious face (interpreted as “intimidating” or “menacing”), along with accusations of drug use/possession, and labels of “thug” etc.

and if you aren’t willing to acknowledge that there’s an issue, and confront it - you ARE part of the problem.

TL:DR - don’t be proud of being white - the history of whiteness from it’s beginning to now is all bad, and all shameful. If you wanna be proud of your ancestry be proud of your ancestors; Be proud that you’re German, or Italian, or French, or whatever else. But none of those things equal being white, and you shouldn’t cling to a concept that says you are more important than everyone with a different skin-colour than you.

(disclaimer: this is my view alone (as a biracial German/Jew), and should never be used to invalidate or speak over POC and their opinions)