1st picture credited by: lesley sencio

3rd photo credited by: joanna mae tagabe- (tourism student)

THE 21st STI national youth convention 

the national youth convention of STI is very successful all the branches of STI was gathered at one place in aliw theater in the convention the MC was introduced the first speaker he share the life and work of sir pocoholo gonzales was graduated in UP diliman  he’s voice master all the voice can simulate all and he’s a book writer traveler and he’s first people selfie in 100 monument of rizal in the philippines.

the second speaker she’s a BS business management courses and she had a business SPA and also their share the secret for being an good and successful business and she can give an advice in all the student in the convention. 

the 3rd speark is sir arvn gogna he talk aboit the #iwillrise he sahred about their high school days and college to us and according to him he’s average student way back in high school and he went college their the student had a average brain and one day he’s shock because he can perfect the examination he’s not believe in at first at the second he look his name at the board he’s not dreaming he perfect the examination.

and he share a lot of things that he had in life and after that he share the qoutes “without a strong why the easiest how will bw too hard’. and the WORD RISE beacuse this word was very helpfull for the student who want a successful in life. R-risk I-indentify S-study E-energy. 

this a national youth convention given an learning and giving an sucessful advice for all the students they attend the convention i hope Im not a only student want a additional knowlegde and i hope all the student attend the  convention they all learened about the 3 topic in convention.


Ala eh! : Batangas food trip

      Batangas is a province in the Philippines. It is located in the IV-A Calabarzon in the Luzon. It is 92-106 km away from Metro Manila and a popular destination for foreigner and Filipino people. Aside from it’s famous Taal Volcano in Tanaun, beautiful beaches, mountain, and diving spot, the province is also know in it’s different variety of food and delicacies. Even I grew in Manila, my mother is a “Batanguena” (a person who usually live/born in Batangas) that’s why I have given a chance to visit it at least once in a year . I can assure you that you will never regret visiting Batangas. You will fall in love to it’s amazing place, people, and food. That’s why I make a short list in must taste food in Batangas.


1.Loming Batangas

        The best lomi that you will ever taste. It is a soup with egg and thick noodles. What make it’s deliciously yummy are the special added ingredients, such as crispy chicharon, kikiam ,ham, meat balls, pig’s liver and other secret ingredients. It is also cheap. Last December, we ate in a lomi house somewhere in Batangas City, in my surprise it’s only cost 30.00-the regular. 45.00(special ) and 100 .00 for 2-3 person. It is really worth it and mouthwatering food . Probably you will never forget which I do.



It’s really the best food to eat especially in cold weather. The richly taste of beef, corn, cabbage & potatoes making you full & satisfied. I even tried it, and the unlimited broth (“sabaw”) will makes you complete. Actually we even order extra rice because of this ahahahahah.


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3. Kalderetang Kambing

My uncle used to cook this when we are in vacation. You will not actually notice if you’re eating a meat or a goat because it’s taste the same,  to be exactly much better.

     The goat meat perfectly cooked, with potatoes, carrot, green peas and other. It is a native food you will love.

      It is my top 3 food that must eat in Batangas. Hopefully, you will try those amazing food whenever you get lost there. Try also the tawilis, sweet delicacies, and kalamay. You will love it as much as I do. That’s all! Happy eating :)