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Hey Kai do you have a favorite sweets or tea/coffee type you really like?

Oooh~~ Light snacks that aren’t too sweets (madeleine cookies, coconut crackers, and rice crackers for examples)~~ <3

As for tea, I love green tea, such as Japanese sencha~ Earl grey is a wonderful daily tea that’s not too strong or bitter for those who prefer something light or on the go~ English breakfast for the morning is also one of my fav~

As for coffee, I usually drink it black~ So light or medium roast is how I like my coffee~ I don’t have a particular brand I like, but you can never go wrong with Starbuck~ LOLOL

Hee hee, thanks for asking~! <3

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Hi niu! I saw you have a huge tea collection. Would you one day share with us some of your tea collection, especially the unique and less common flavours? I've been getting into tea and would like to keep an eye out for cool flavours! :)

Oh sure thing! My tea collection isn’t so unique now, as I moved on August and I haven’t bought any fancy teas yet.

Here’s the current collectotion. Mostly green tea and white tea or combination of them both I noticed! Almost no flavored black tea which is odd as I love flavored black tea haha.

I’ve got matcha, naturally. Sadly this isn’t high quality matcha so it has wrong way bitter taste. I’ve gotten real good matcha so many times I know how it’s supposed to taste like! Matcha is my most favorite tea.

Another treasure is tea from Indonesia I got from @anywayimnikki, as her mom is Indonesian. 

I have praised Aomine tea so much and I never stop praising it! Though this is just pure gunpowder tea, the taste is awesome..! So smooth and soft, and the color is absolutely beautiful yellowish pale green. OH!

Finnish tea I love; combination of white and green tea with natural lingonberry and vanilla aromas. I usually don’t like these teas so much, as the quality is low, but this is an exception.

I usually get my teas either abroad as souvenirs for myself or, like in this case, from a real tea house. Here’s Moonlight white tea, high quality Japanese green tea Sencha Okumidori and white+green tea Bengal Tiger which I love to bits! It has got hint of peach in it. 

Just a fragment of the foreign tea collections I’ve got from friends; English, Japanese, Dutch, Lithuanian…. Beside these I’ve also got tea from Germany and Estonia currently.

This is one of my fave bag teas! It definitely tastes like a macaroon! 

And my biggest treasures are matcha whisk I got from @revolvermonkcelot and Japanese iron cast kettle I bought myself as a birthday present soon 3 years ago. 

The most unique tea I’ve ever had - well, not officially a tea though - was Japanese full cherry flowers with leaves and branches, dried and stored in salt. You washed the salt away with cold water and then used the flowers as tea leaves. It was still very salty! I guess I didn’t know how to do it right, as I got it as a gift from Japan..!

I’m definitely planning to buy myself someday Kiyoshi tea, which is combination of Japanese matcha, kombucha and genmaicha. It awesome, so bright green and tasty! Also, someday when I have money a lot, I will go to this Asian tea store here and get the 100 year old aged green tea!