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“Just a year ago I would’ve never imagined to be with Ponies again one Day…strange how Life can twist and turn sometimes, isnt it?”


(( Why HELLO THERE! :D Nice to see you all again! I’ve currently returned from Norway and had the chance to see the northern Lights! Now with a few more weeks of vacation up ahead, I finally came to finish another big update I already started a few month ago. Now I can finally focus on the next big arc, you’ve all been waiting for MONTH now. Thank you all so much for your patience and never ending support! Hope you enjoy <3 ))


And Pipsqueak and idk those bg ponies for sure have blogs as well but I DONT CARE gnight

Senbon: Alright, if you say so…



Also this is my newish style that I do when I’m too lazy/dont have time for my actual style >v>;;


Starring the cutests lil shaman pony out there, Ayasha


HD Portrait Set 4

This is Part 4, the last of the bunch. Let me tell you, the final 6 of the card set is actually has been characters before the current reset of Wishdream. They’ve been there and very supportive and love them to bits. Though in the story, some of them are relocated as some of them don’t have concrete places to live nor a concrete story.

Believe it or not, there are still more but not drawn but for me… it’s the end of the story card sets.

Basically anything from part 3 onwards are basically cards not finished for the following reasons.

  • Because I forgot them
  • I didn’t have time to finish them
  • I have them planned but got distracted
  • Supposedly locked characters
  • Surprise feature

Feel free to make a wallpaper of some sort. But I know some of you will take advantage of this so I will say this now.

ALL ARTISTIC CONTENT IS PROTECTED UNDER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS. Do not re-post, copy, or trace my content unless allowed and we’ll be alright.
(Mods of these blogs are automatically allowed.)

All characters posted in this post:

Now finally we can start the new year!

(( Wow, I can’t believe how far this blog’s come since I first started it. Over 1000 followers is a HUGE milestone for Valier and I couldn’t be happier that his blog has gotten this far! Thank you all for sticking with me this long! I’m going to try and list the handfull of followers I managed to get into this pic in plushie form,



Desert Eagle





Sky High

King Sombra

Richard Jackson

Lord Cadaver

Midnight Estelle



Midnight Muse

Star Spark


Rory Keneigh


Wild Wheels


Dusty Hooves

Cantershire Commons

Senbon Angel



Princess Hailee


White Bow

Mana Burst

Shooting Stars After Dark

Again, thank you all so much! really don’t know where this blog would be without you all! ))

SO this was going to be a banner, but then I decided I should add her bestie into the scene, and then it kinda moved on from there. :’D

But yes, here is preggers Senbon can still fly. For now. Soon she’ll be too big to carry herself with her wings hahaaaa. 

I’m so happy I can still draw pones sobb

I hope you all like qvq


it looks crappy but im not an expert

(( WOW how long exactly did this take…pretty fast at least for my condition HAHA. Ha. *going back to bed*
You know what this means guys.
This is going to take till the middle of november like always…))

Halloween Special Part1!
With Ayashas friend Senbon

Im sorry. But i had to color it.
This sketch was made by the amazing Artist and Friend Senbon Angel.
She has an awesome Anthro-Style as you can see and her Pony-Style is also one of a kind so CHECKHEROUT.
I hope you like the colour of the Clothes, Senbon, when I saw your Sketch I SQUEEEEED so hard I just had to give it some colours.
Im actually quit happy with this quick project ;w;

Mod: IT IS DONE~ yeah idk what to do about that now dark gray part omfg. That’s never happened before sobb. But I hope you guys like c: small and sad animation cause Alpha here doesn’t know how to animate :DDDD

One more ask about her preggers to work on! I’ll be doing it tomorrow after work, since its 12 AM over here haha.

Now with color! 8D