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I wonder if anyone even remembers what senbon is talking about

Last Update

(( THIS UPDATE. Was a LIVING NIGHTMARE. It was SUPPOSED to be done in a WEEK. BUT INSTEAD it took me over a MONTH. I completely redrew 4 PANELS for this so I hope you have mercy on me for the long wait (in fact give me cookies because I’ve been through SO MUCH torture with these panels…) I HOPE U ENJOY. ))


it looks crappy but im not an expert

(( WOW how long exactly did this take…pretty fast at least for my condition HAHA. Ha. *going back to bed*
You know what this means guys.
This is going to take till the middle of november like always…))

Halloween Special Part1!
With Ayashas friend Senbon

Senbon: Alright, if you say so…



Also this is my newish style that I do when I’m too lazy/dont have time for my actual style >v>;;


Starring the cutests lil shaman pony out there, Ayasha


HD Portrait Set 4

This is Part 4, the last of the bunch. Let me tell you, the final 6 of the card set is actually has been characters before the current reset of Wishdream. They’ve been there and very supportive and love them to bits. Though in the story, some of them are relocated as some of them don’t have concrete places to live nor a concrete story.

Believe it or not, there are still more but not drawn but for me… it’s the end of the story card sets.

Basically anything from part 3 onwards are basically cards not finished for the following reasons.

  • Because I forgot them
  • I didn’t have time to finish them
  • I have them planned but got distracted
  • Supposedly locked characters
  • Surprise feature

Feel free to make a wallpaper of some sort. But I know some of you will take advantage of this so I will say this now.

ALL ARTISTIC CONTENT IS PROTECTED UNDER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS. Do not re-post, copy, or trace my content unless allowed and we’ll be alright.
(Mods of these blogs are automatically allowed.)

All characters posted in this post:

Now finally we can start the new year!

Im sorry. But i had to color it.
This sketch was made by the amazing Artist and Friend Senbon Angel.
She has an awesome Anthro-Style as you can see and her Pony-Style is also one of a kind so CHECKHEROUT.
I hope you like the colour of the Clothes, Senbon, when I saw your Sketch I SQUEEEEED so hard I just had to give it some colours.
Im actually quit happy with this quick project ;w;

SO this was going to be a banner, but then I decided I should add her bestie into the scene, and then it kinda moved on from there. :’D

But yes, here is preggers Senbon can still fly. For now. Soon she’ll be too big to carry herself with her wings hahaaaa. 

I’m so happy I can still draw pones sobb

I hope you all like qvq


So I just finished these and…holy cow. To anyone who draws in the MLP style at all times. I applaud you. I heavily referenced these on Fluttershy for Senbon, Luna for Hell Fire, and Nightmare Moon for War Wager, and even with the references there plain as day for me…it was still SO hard to complete these. It took much longer than I imagined it would, and now my hand is cramping.


But I am pleased with the results, so here, HAVE PONIES. In MLP style.


Mod: SO its not a regular update, but its an update none the less, SO IT STILL COUNTS.

Fun fact about Senbon: she can’t fly very fast or very far, but when she did fly, she would fly reeeaallyy high just to free fall down towards the earth. It was her favorite thing to do vuv 

But now shes preggers, so thats too dangerous yo.

I had to reference so many wing images omggg wings are a pain in the booty

Mod: So I’ll be coloring this a little later, but I felt like posting the lineart cause I’M SO PROUD OF IT SOBB.

Senbon is 6 months pregnant now, and I really wanted to draw her with Lookalike. And it led to them having ice cream. And then Ice cream equals Tootie Frootie because C'MON ITS WHAT SHE DOES~ <3

VuV keep an eye out for the colored update laterrr~ *flees off to bed*

Senbon: I am so terribly sorry that I have been away for so long, everypony! I was visiting family, and had to leave on short notice, but I am back, and I bring some great, albeit a bit embarrassing and unexpected, news! It will cause me to gradually slow down, but I promise I am aiming to do my best with getting to all of your questions.

What is the news you ask? Well, during my stay with my parents, I found out…I’m pregnant! Two months along, now. I don’t know anything about the foal yet, I just know how long I’ve been pregnant for. I haven’t spoken to Lookalike yet, so I’m nervous, but…

A-anyways! I look forward to seeing and speaking to you all again!

(Mod: yeah I’ve been like, super busy irl, BUT HEY, STORYLINE WAS DEVELOPED DURING MY AWAY TIME. So here, have a happy, preggers Senbon vuv)

Mod: I can’t believe I never posted this on here HAHA. So this was actually my last pone drawing before I suddenly just…couldn’t pone. This was done for a contest on dA back in August.

Now that I think about it, thiiiiss may be the exact cause of my fail to pone v__v I have an issue with entering contests, then I put literally my all into it, only to..well…fail. I was so proud of this piece, and I guess I failed to follow a rule or something, and don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect to win any place! But…when I wasn’t even in an honorable mention? After spending like, four months on this piece to make sure everything was perfect? I guess it just discouraged me enough to halt me in my tracks entirely.

I had tried a bunch of new techniques on this piece, too, and I felt I had done a pretty decent job, but…idk. 

So I figured I’d at least share this pic with you guys qvq

Hope you all enjoy it!

Mod: Not an update, I know, but I couldn’t resist vuv after seeing Wind Cheer in a centaur pony form, it made me really want to draw Senbon as a regular ol’ Centaur…but I didn’t want her to be alone. Sooo I drew in Ask-Crystal-Twirl’s mod, the cutie pixie pony, as a centaur pixie :’D


I sketched it out at work today, and inked/colored it on photoshop c: Im sorry my background sucks sobb Im so bad at them.

*rolls off to work on updates*

Mod: Posting from Harry’s comp yea-yuhhh

Anyways haha. Here is a quick height chart I added color to last night. It’s to show the general sizes of my pones (and a friends pone) C:

Here we have Senbon Angel standing at 3'5", Hell Fire at 4'10". Crashwater ( at 8'10" and War Wager at 10’. C:

This is all based from Earthsong9405’s (on dA) headcanon art, and expect my pegasi to keep looking like this vuv so ye.

OFF TO ART MORE~ Just figured I’d post this little update c:

Icecream and Cuddles! /)///7///(\

So I was talking with the mod of askghostpony and jehrjgkhljkdf rolling up in a blanket together and eating icecream was suggested, so I DREW IT OF COURSE. <333 I love Ghost pony, and mod is so cute sobb I just wanna hide her in my pockettt foreverrrr

Its small and simple, but its cute vuv



O-oh no, sweety! We aren’t related, and I already have a super sweet, super loving coltfriend! Greased Gears and I are just friends. We met when I had to come to his garage to get the cart I was using fixed…we ended up talking, going out for a quick bite, and became really close really quickly. But from what I know, he’s actually single…which is unusual, to be honest…but he and I are just friends~

(I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. FIGURED OUT MY COMPUTER HUE. But here we goooo~ I took a break to answer an ask vuv <3 )