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Matsui Rena “It was tough being an idol”, she reveals the hardships and her dream which led up to her graduation

17 December 2016 06:00 JST

“During my idol days, I had no problems with relationships. We were all very close to each other. However, the number of fans we have didn’t always translate into our position in songs and in the senbatsu selections, so I felt that was tough at times”

These are the words of Matsui Rena (25), a former top idol who after her debut in 2008 as the first generation member of SKE48, proceeded to take on the position of center and was also chosen as one of the senbatsu members of the main branch AKB48. She, whom after her graduation last year has been active as an actress in mainly movies and theatrical plays, spoke of her hardships as an idol and stories behind her graduation.

“When I was 23 years old, I got 5th in the 2014 Senbatsu Sousenkyo, but in the next single I was dropped to around the 15th position. I was aware that they had to push the younger members forward but the votes fans obtain come with the CDs, so it made them feel "We did our best and yet…” and that made me feel very apologetic and I hated that. If that were the case, I would be more happy if they didn’t have to spend so much on Sousenkyo, but instead use it to watch me more in movies and on stage. That was one of the reasons I did not participate in the Sousenkyo in the following year"

Matsui says that she had thought of graduation constantly after she turned 20 years old.

“There are actresses who are at the top of the tier at 17 years old. I had already passed that age by that time so, I knew I had to move out of my nest. To be honest, I was feeling hasty. When I made my decision to graduate, my mother said only one thing ‘Do your best’, and that made me feel relieved about my decision. My mother is someone who would accept me for everything that I am. For example, if I got really angry about something which happened because of my own wrongdoing, my mother would listen to everything I have to say and guide me on the right path, so I feel at ease talking to her about anything. Even now, we contact each other almost everyday”

She says that even after she took flight as an actress, her mother’s presence has become even more prominent.

“After I left SKE48, I was busy preparing for the main character, Okita Souji of "Shin Bakumatsu Junjouden” which went live last summer, among other things. After I finished this stage, I got my first 1 week long holiday after my debut 8 years ago, and I went on a trip to Taiwan which I had wanted to go for a long time. Since I went alone, I realized how grateful it is to have my parents. Even now, when I get sick and ask them to come, my mother would come with my father driving all the way from Toyohashi. They would stay at my place and prepare food for me. My favourite from my mum’s kitchen is her kimpira gobo and braised pumpkin. We have a special recipe, we boil the pumpkin and soak it in lemon and honey. It fuels my body and soul!“

Early next year, she will perform "Shin Bakumatsu Junjoden”, which has made her popular as a versatile actress, in her hometown Toyohashi in January, and in April, the movie in which she stars in as the main actress, “Harahara nanoka” will premier.

“It will be the stage which marks my triumphant return to my hometown, which was my dream since I was a child, so I want my parents to watch it. I have another dream. I bought a home theater for our house. I’m looking forward to seeing my father, who loves to watch movies, watching the movies I’m in on the big screen at home. I would like to watch the movies I’m in together with my parents at home someday so I would like to do my best as an actress in movies now.”

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It’s me. AKB48 Team B’s Watanabe Mayu.

This year, regarding my speech on senbatsu sousenkyo two year’s ago that I told that I want to be the first, I’ve made a bet.

However, This year that dream come true. 

 That time to become the first, was a year full of  hard work. Earnestly I were really serious to work hard, put all my effort, I were thinking that no other thing over it.

At once, to think of giving up my dream, such thing was ever been in my mind. However, that time, you are all the fans encouraged me up.

“The next time, definitely, you will dance on the first position”

hearing those words, I realized that I must not give up my dream.

I joined AKB when I were 12 years old, and this year I turned twenty.

On the way I walked through, I faced a lot of things, for sure.

However, Since the life is just once, and since I passed the audition of AKB that I love through the tough progress, I want to get a decent place. So I kept walking until this day.

Thruthfully, “I’m glad that I didn’t give up” is all my thought now.

I believed on the way that I walk on, and I believed that the fans always kept supporting, So, I’m really glad that finally I’m able to come to this place now.

When I joined AKB, and became the third gen, There were a lot of sempai in front of my eyes.

Time went by, new kouhai were coming up,  the sister groups were also created. The sempai who I respect were graduating one by one.

By their graduating, I thought that I missed them.

When I joined AKB48, first time I ever thought about where AKB will be brought to?

Now, with AKB48 and also the remaining third generation, with all the strength, there’s no other way than just to move forward.

Until now, because I always looked at the sempai’s back, following their ways, their wonderful work, the sempai also gave their assistance for me, a lot of support I got, so that I’m able to get the first place. Those were wonderful things that I ever got.

Now, I can’t look at the sempai’s back or hear their advice anymore. 

From now on, since I have a lot of kouhais, I want them looking at my back and say ” I want to follow her way, to be such strong, I want to be such kind of member”

Rather than just looking at the sempai’s back, I think I would be better to look up at AKB48 group’s future. Without forgetting the ones who had graduated, with a lot of gratitude feeling on my heart, I want to move forward.

to you who are here even though the rain poured and cold breezed, also to the people who are watching this on the television,

for all you support,

Thank you very much. 


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2014 Senbatsu Sousenkyo - Takahashi Minami's speech

I am AKB48, Team A’s Takahashi Minami.

This year, I have uncharacteristically voiced out the position that I aimed for in my mind. Even though I did not manage to achieve it, I am proud that I was able to journey together with everyone towards the same objective & ultimately achieving this 9th position. Really thank you very much. (takes a step back & bows)

I’ve been in AKB for… eight & half years now.
There are many enjoyable memories.

There are also painfuls memories, incidents that made me think, “It can’t get any worse than this”.
But, as you’re all aware of, a very sad incident has happened.

To be honest… during that time,
Ahh…(holding out her tears)
I thought…“AKB is done for”

For several days, I could not leave my house,
I could not stop crying,
I thought about “What should we do?”

But during that time, the voices that reached my ears, are the same huge cheers from everyone today. And the words of everyone on my blog.

There are people who are waiting for us,
To know that there are people who are supporting us…
It is very heartening. (tearfully)

Sousenkyo is a report card for each & every member. That was what I thought up until last year.

But this year, I realized something.

This sousenkyo, the sum of it is actually the report card for the whole AKB Group.

It is telling me that people who are supporting us,
there are these many.

Those who tell us, “Please do your best”…
there are many of them.

Even in this pouring rain, getting soak & being cold…
Those who spend countless of hours waiting for us like this.

There are those who could not come here today but is supporting us in front of the television.

Because of the existance of these people,
No matter how hard we fall, we are able to get back on our feet and continue walking forward.

I often hear of voices saying… “Are you still in AKB?”.

Of course, it’s not like I haven’t think about graduation myself.

If you ask me why I am here.
It’s because I love AKB. (big smile)

AKB has allowed me to encounter various things.

It has led to the encounter with many members & staffs, with everyone.

And it is what I’m proud of…

AKB48 Group is the best group ever!!!

I think, AKB is at an important crossroad now.

What should be done from now onwards.
I expect there will be many things that will stand in our way.

But, for me…
With everyone on our back, I think there is nothing that we can’t overcome. (smiles)

So, until I am satisfied,
I wish to stay in AKB just for a little while.


Thank you very much!

Lastly, I was too nervous last year that I forgot to say that particular phrase~ (laughs)

(Ohhhh from the audience)

Hahaha, since there’s a big ‘Ohhhh’ I guess everyone is like “She’s gonna say that right?” ww

Since this will be 2014 version,
This year, it’ll be nice if I could say it together with everyone(laughs)

It’s okay right? It’s the phrase that starts with “Do~’(laughs)

Let’s go,

Everyone: \Efforts will be rewarded/

The efforts that we trust, will definitely be rewarded.
I shall prove it with this life of mine!

I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart! (takes 1 step back & bows deeply)

Tokumitsu-san: (talks about how dignified & thoughtful Takamina is. How there are many fans who are supporting her & pushed her up to 9th from preliminary’s 14th)

That’s right, my heart was thumping during the preliminary result.

But (grins)
All of my fans,
They are tenacious,
I have faith in them (smile)
So I was not afraid at all!

Tokumitsu-san: I see, I’ll try to sum it up, Minami-chan!
From the south*,
The wind blows from Akihabara**,
Without Minami,
There is no AKB.

*pronounced as Minami
**another meaning of wind blowing is Akihabara/AKB has evoked their authority & made a change


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As you can read on the title, I’m, founder of Juurina, announcing we’re holding a project for AKB48 6th Senbatsu Sousenkyo this year. Please read this announcement carefully to understand all the details.

The title of this project, まだ、一緒 に階段 をのぼってください! which means “Still, please climb up these stairs with me!”, is taken from Jurina’s speech in AKB48 5th Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2013.

With this project, we will help fellow Matsui Jurina’s fans/wotas support Jurina in AKB48 6th Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2014 which will be held on June 7 in Ajinomoto Stadium. After Senbatsu Sousenkyo last year, Jurina stated several times that her target for this year is to be on the top 3 but that means she has to surpass at least one of Mayuyu/Sasshi/Yukirin who are known to have huge number of supporters. Thus, we should work harder in order to make our Jurina’s dream to be real.

This project concept is fundraising, which means we will collect money from your donations that we’ll use to purchase voting ballots as many as we can. You don’t need to worry, ALL donations will only be used in order to vote Matsui Jurina. We also won’t set minimum number of donation (minimum number of money in transaction by Paypal or bank still apply) for you who are willing to participate in this project. So we hope this project can help Jurina’s supporters who may not have enough money to purchase their own CD.


  1. Since we’ll purchase voting ballots enclosed in 36th Single Theater Version, we open for donation before registration date for the said single started by chara-ani.
  2. We will count the collected donation to know how many voting ballots we can purchase. Our partner will order the CDs from chara-ani based on this count. Based on our deal with our partner, one voting ballot costs 500 JPY with estimation exchange rate 1 JPY = 120 IDR (All donations will be transferred to our partner in IDR)
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Transfer your donation to us. We accept USD for Paypal and for local bank, please only use your local currency.

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