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From the June issue of Monthly AKB48 group news.

Headline: I’m grinning because I’m standing next to Kawaei Rina-san

The “safe and sound pervert” Furukawa Airi has shown stability by entering the Undergirls for the second year in a row. Standing next to AKB48’s 25th-ranked Kawaei Rina, why is it that she started becoming nervous. “Right now, being next to Kawaei Rina-san, I’m grinning…” Being able to hear laughter from 70,000 people, it showed that her pervert character has become even firmer compared to last year. This year, like last year, she also drew on her hand her original characters, “Gugutasu-tan” and “Chibi Airin”, and the “three of them” stood to make a joyful speech. Showing her palm to the audience, she said “it’s blurry because of the sweat-no, the tears”, and once again made everyone laugh.

For those intending to vote from overseas in the AKB election:  A fan from HK apparently asked Togasaki at handshakes today if votes with an overseas IP will be counted.. and he confirmed that the answer is no, even if the page says that you’ve voted.

If you’re buying CDs/codes and intending to vote, make sure you use a Japanese proxy or VPN when you do so, just in case.

Edit:  Debunked.


宮澤佐江 (@oyasuminaSAE_m)
2016/06/02 19:47


Jurina together with the table、
The caramel popcorn and Sae。

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Mukaida Manatsu not taking part in election


*edited to add: rather than saying manatsu is selfless and wants fans to buy SKE singles instead.. main speculation is that she is going to graduate this summer as well.

2013.04.07 08:03




Good morning.*


This morning I have a sudden announcement but I will not be a candidate in this year’s elections.


As such, I won’t be appearing at that event.  I think it would be great if I could meet lots of people at an event such as handshake events.


I’m bad at speaking and shy, and even though I’m unable to convey lots of things that I’m thinking to the people who are always kindly supporting me, speaking with everyone about “trivial things that happen on a daily basis” is fun and I really love it. *


Because I definitely love fun things…


Now, I feel that I have fun doing handshake events.*


Although from the start there may be times when I wasn’t able to convey through my voice and speech that I’m having fun, I’m definitely having fun. lol


Although sometimes I’m told unhappy things, and there are times when I’m told things that I find difficult answering, more than that, there’s tonnes of fun, happy topics that we can talk about with smiling faces.  I’m really grateful to everyone who kindly brings such conversation. 


Besides that, if there’s something that you want to say, it would be better if it’s said directly to me, isn’t it *


Because it’s a very short time, although there are things that can’t be conveyed and times when we completely misunderstand the meanings of each other, I think that these things make handshake events what it is.


…mm?  slowly and gradually, I’ve started not knowing what I’m saying lol 




I’ll be waiting at the handshake event *


Let’s talk about lots of fun topics ♪


Although I feel apologetic to the fans who kindly said “let’s work hard together at the election”, I don’t regret this decision! 


and so, for tomorrow’s AKB handshake event


please take care of me (^^)


PS Because lots of people asked me about it at yesterday’s handshake event, I’m reporting this now.


Sorry that it’s come so late.


I’m waiting to have fun conversations today, too♪



I didn’t think it was possible to love someone so much.

2013-06-09 10:12:32


Furukawa (゜∀。*)27↑


Good mornnnnnnnn!




「AKB48 Super Festival~Nissan stadium.. Too small! It’s not small!!」


was what I went to!




It was really with the feeling of a festival! It was so fun ♪♪


During the opening, from when the 「AKB festival」 flag got waved I got super excited,


and during the unit song


“Tengoku Yarou” I got to be a back dancer,


so I was able to do this kind of cosplay lol


now, what kind of cosplay is this?


Yes! An illustrator (Manga author?)!


I got laughed at by everyone because of the round glasses lololol




they said that it was “Airin-like lol”

っぽい!?!(゜Д゜ )

… like me!?! (゜Д゜ )


Everyone did various cosplays and it was fun lol




1234 Yoroshiku


Banzai Venus


Pareo wa Emerald


were presented ♪♪


yeaaaaaaaaaaah that everyone was able to do banzai! at full blast was really funnnnnnnnnnnnn ♪


It was funnnnnnnnnn ♪


also also



new song “Utsukoshi Inazuma” was also presented for the first timeeeeeeeeee!


This time too, Furukawa Airi was able to take part in the single song!


So that loads of people will be able to see the attraction of SKE48,


I think that we’ll try to sing this song properly!!


It goes on sale on the 17th of July ♪ Please take care of us!




in the Senbatsu elections


I was able to rank in 27th place!!!


To everyone who kindly voted


Thank you very much!!!


I’m super super happy!


The moment when 27th place got announced


members kindly high-fived me and


I naturally ended up doing fist pumps lol


I got too excited lol


Chibi Airin and Gugutasu-tan whom I drew on my hand.


(Maybe it’s not too smeared yet? lol)


This time too, all 3 of us were able to stand together on stage ♪


although every time I’m not able to make a good speech… *sweatdrop*


I hope that I was at least able to convey a bit of my feelings of thanks (>_<)


During this year


thanks to the support of all of the fans, I was able to grow to where I am now.


It is because of all of the fans that


the current Furukawa exists.


I was able to feel that strongly from the election.


The goal this time


to improve!


I was able to advance from 30th place to 27th place!


I’m really happy!


But there’s room for improvement!


I believe that I can move further upwards so


from now on too, I’m hoping to move upwards and improve more than before, and develop and grow.


No, I’ll do it to show everyone!




As expected, it’s hard to write it out in words isn’t it! (>_<)


I’ve got to carry on growing from now on too!!


This time, too, everyone


Thank you very much!


and, from now on too


please take care of me!!

(All 3 are saying: 27th place! Thank you very much!)


Airin (゜∀。*)

OK, Sasshi just about confirmed 1st. Sasshi Baidu forum pooled all of their resources and money… and voted an amazing 9108 times for her. And that’s just one group of Chinese fans. There’s just no way to beat that.

Side note: Actually, I’m more surprised that so many people trusted some Chinese fan with their money… D: looks like the trust paid off though. 

Separate question if this is real/fake: I speak Chinese, went to check the actual threads - planning, progress and final report. It looks realer than anything else like this that I’ve seen. Up to even an upload of the text file containing all of the voting codes used. They mainly bought these codes off auctions. It’s actually quite amazing.

*Edit: some idea of the scale of 9000 votes. Sasshi, on the first day, already had 14,000 more votes than her nearest competitor, Mayuyu. Undoubtedly some of that difference is part of the 9000 votes. But for power-voters, most of the votes can’t possibly be obtained/cast on the first day. It’s likely that at most, a few hundred of these 9000 votes were cast on day 1.

The closest member to Sasshi, Mayuyu’s 1st day votes grew from 11329 last year to 14885 this year so if we calculate proportionally, Mayuyu’s final expected vote count would be around 95000. 9000 votes is 9.5% of that - hardly “insignificant” for a power voter! Even if Mayuyu exceeds expectations and gets the final vote count of last year’s winner, Yuuko (108,837), 9000 is still approximately 8.3% of that!

Yuuko is practically the only contending member whose individual vote count on the first day fell from last year (by 1000 votes). Sure, in the final count 1000 votes is insignificant, but don’t forget that last year she was leading by 2500 votes on the first day! Traditional wisdom states that she has no need to be center anymore, she’s treating this like a celebration/festival (she said so in her own promo vid) and she’s just staying to train the next gen.

QED I say Sasshi is a shoo-in. Mathematically.

Watch on

Mr Sunday’s AKB Sosenkyo - changes are coming (part 1 history, focus on Airi wota), part 2 on Paru, Yuuko, Sasshi.

Airi is featured as “the one who was unranked for 3 years in a row before being ranked 30th”.

As an Airi fan, I must say that… Airi wotas and Airi herself makes me feel incredibly proud.

Her comments at the end: More than saying “please try your best”, everyone kindly tells me “let’s work hard together”, I think that they’re a presence that allows new attractive sides of Furukawa to be shown and allows me to grow.

Airi watched this and she said on g+: 

External image

Moko was commenting in real time on g+ as well

External image

Just got another report in.  My all-powerful TList got someone else also present at the handshake right now to go confirm/deny the previous report with Togasaki, turns out that said HK fan misunderstood.  What Togasaki said was that there’s no voting site apart from the Japanese voting site, but that it’s perfectly fine to vote from overseas.

(That said, a lot of my TList are gonna use VPN/Proxies just in case.)

wwwwwww Yeah.. mathematically, the top 3 and the whole senbatsu was correct (positions not correct after top 3 though) except swop Akarin for Kaotan. Math is quite awesome.

According to my calculations… yeah sasshi was always going to win.

Things that made me REALLY happy:

1)  Airi got 27th. That was a big surprise, I was actually thinking she might not keep her undergirls spot. I was overjoyed. and so was Airi… she was SO AIRI-like during her speech that it only made me fall further in love. “I’m actually smirking here standing next to Kawaei-chan” (95% Airi-oshi TList: stop smirking omg you hentai idiot but SHE LOOKS SO HAPPY Me: wwwwww AIRI ;A; I LOVE YOUR HENTAI TOO) 

2)  Churi made undergirls and Nishishi also ranked.

3) 17 SKE girls ranking in total. 3 made senbatsu for the first time in history.

4) Bocchi actually being undergirls center.

5) Non 31st.. after she was so worried about not ranking.

6) Matsurina… and Umechan. And old Team KII and old Team E's lulzomg faces at their speeches.

7) JR Kami7

Things that made me lulz:

1) Everyone’s expression when Yuuko got called for 2nd. (Though as I said, I would’ve been more surprised if Sasshi HADN’T won)

2) Everyone’s air of anticipation and amusement when Yuihan got called.

3) Takamina being bullied by everyone, including Maachun.

4) That stupid float they recycled from Tokyo Dome for Sasshi’s trip around the Nissan.

5) Kojipa: Unexpectedly, I actually cared about the ranking. Next time, please try to vote before the early vote count.

Things that made me DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW:

1) Mio-chan crying. That is… just… against the rules.

2) Hentai’s brilliant smile when Churi got called.

3) Churi, Neesan and Hentai smiling and sitting forward when MatsuRina got called.

4) JR seriously crying when Akarin got called as the first senbatsu member

5) Akarin: I was worried that because I’m already 21, I can’t be part of the new wave, but if that is the case, it’s fine if I pull the newer generation along with me.


Other thoughts:

In the end, I wasn’t surprised by Mariko-sama’s graduation… more by the timing of the announcement. I was surprised by Sae-chan’s announcement. It’s very cool of her to say that she only wants the SNH position, but with the visa issues I’m wondering if it is a smart career choice after all. As Yuuko said, having Sasshi ranked first is really interesting. I’m not much of a Sasshi fan, but I’ve never denied that she’s been anything but supportive and great for the other girls. I’m wondering what that will mean for someone like that to be made center.

Overjoyed for SKE, so proud to be an SKE fan.

yay nishishi

OK, remember this g+ post?  Nishinaka-san has made her decision.

2013.04.07 00:00




Good evening, it’s Nakanishi!


Today was a handshake event!

実は今日の私服はゆっこがお誕生日プレゼントしてくれた服なのです( ・∇・)

Actually, the clothes that I wore today was a birthday present from Yukko, you know. ( ・∇・)


The accessories too, were chosen from among those that Nakanishi had by Yucchan who said, “isn’t this good?”  (*´∀`)


The photograph is of that outfit. ♪


next, next.


Today, I submitted my candidacy for the elections.


I was obsessively worrying about whether or not to stand as a candidate, and up till this morning, I was still unable to make a decision about what to do. 


but you know, after seeing everyone’s faces today during the handshake event and talking, I had decided so firmly that even I was surprised.


Or rather, I was able to think, “isn’t it okay to think more simply” you know.


Although it isn’t even the first handshake event since the candidacy system was announced.  How strange!


Maybe it’s because it’s after I discussed it on google+?


I noticed that I was only able to think like this after hearing everyone’s views!


After all, at today’s handshake event too, I was supported by lots of people. 


Thank you to everyone who left words for me!


Now, I have the feeling of “it’ll be great if I’ll be able to look forward to the election with everyone!”.


Although the Gaishi concert, the Budoukan concert and the graduation of those 9 members are pressing closer, it would be great if I could properly face all of it while looking forwards.


and so, sweet dreams. ♪

Captain. <3 ;A; It’s not the peak for SKE yet, don’t worry.

2013.06.09 00:02



Good evening, it’s Nakanishi!

第5回総選挙 64位

64th place at the 5th senbatsu elections


11,602 votes


Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was so touched because I didn’t ever think that the day when I would surpass 10,000 votes would come!!!


It’s something that I didn’t even imagine would happen during the first round of senbatsu elections.


Because I ranked 64th this time, it’s possible that if I had even 1 vote less, I might not have ranked.


Thinking about that, I felt the weight of a single vote.


I think that each vote must be a vote with various feelings in it.


Thanks for kindly giving those precious feelings to me.


For every single vote, thanks.




This time, including Minarun, as many as 18 SKE members ranked!! 


I got really uneasy because recently there have been lots of graduations happening, and I wondered if it felt like SKE had powered down.


But, through this election, I was able to feel again that SKE can still move on upwards!!!


For that, we need everyone’s support.


Or rather, I would be really happy if from now on too, us in SKE could receive your support!


Please take care of us!!


and so, sweet dreams♪

For today’s AKB election… one of my old students “Furukawa Airi” ranked 27th, and I felt comforted again that she’s working hard. To everyone whom she received support from, thank you very much. In the future too, please continue to take care of Furukawa. It’s a night where I feel somehow relieved. and so, good night… - Takemoto Takayuki

(T/N: He’s an Actor/Musician, debuted in 1981 lol)