senators and money


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Part of the reason the new Secretary of Ed is so scary is what she will do to education in our country because she is so under-qualified. The other part is that she flat out said that she was dropping all pretense and expected a return on giving senators money. And this is legal in our country because she didn’t explicitly say, “Make Sec. Ed. and I will give you money.”


(via ▶ Senator Elizabeth Warren on big money in Washington - YouTube)

“The people in Washington don’t work for the people who elected them.” …mad as hell and fed up and I won’t take it anymore!” 

She is just awesome! #RunWarrenRun

Paris Climate Deal CLIFF NOTES

The Target!
- The Target is to stay below 1.5°C.
- That’s better for Islands and Africa than 2°C, the old target.

The Pledges!
- Each nation must do what they pledged.
- And these pledges must be reviewed (+ upped) every 5 years.
- They’re non-binding though.
- So no punishment if you don’t do it.
- Some say that’s bad, but main reason for this is so Obama can do his pledges without having to go through the nutty Senate. So OK.

The Money!
- Aid money from rich nations to poor ones increased a bit.
- But nowhere near enough.
- Rich nations really owe poor ones a debt, not aid, for causing this crisis that’s hurting poor nations first and worst.
- Poor nations got a “loss and damages” section in the Agreement but it’s super weak.

The Carbon-Neutral Dream!
- The aim is to be carbon-neutral by 2050.
- This doesn’t mean carbon-free.
- It means whatever carbon we’re still spewing out by 2050 has to be offset by, I dunno, more trees.
- Or crazy pipe-dream tech that’s dodgy like ‘carbon storage’ or geoengineering (why don’t we spew a chemical in the air that blocks sunlight? What could go wrong!).
- More trees is good. Relying on that crazy tech is really foolish.

Other stuff!
- “Fossil fuel” “coal” and “oil” are not mentioned once in the text.
- We’re still tippy-toeing around them, when it’s front and centre about them.
- So the whole crucial idea of “keeping fossil fuels in the ground” (rather than all the focus in international talks on the end of the pipeline - ie. keeping it from being spewed in the air once already dug up) did not make it in the text.
- Neither did indigenous rights.
- Indigenous people fought hard to get their rights protected from mining and fracking on their land etc, but didn’t get it.

We need to move at a really fast pace if we want to stay below 1.5°C. The pledges all added up would cook the planet 3.5°C which is more or less hell. The one big thing that would get those pledges better is a LOT of pressure from all of us.