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February Horoscopes

ARIES: Take a nice, firm grab of the dial that controls your aggressiveness and crank it way down. You can relax a little bit and still be able to defend yourself (this of course does not apply if someone crosses the line, then you have every right to be as aggressive as you’d like (however maybe the line needs to be redrawn because you have a tendency to get upset over very small things)). Don’t forget to breathe every once in a while. Things can work themselves out without you getting worked up.

TAURUS: Remember that not everyone is out to get you, Taurus. Yes, there are people in this world with bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can just push someone away because you’re suspicious of them. Talk to those individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that they aren’t good people; you might lose someone who really only ever wanted what was best for you.

GEMINI: Time to take a pair of metaphorical scissors and snip the negativity out of your life! If you know someone is dragging you down rather than supporting you and building you up, say sayonara!

CANCER: You know that thing that you want to do but you might be too afraid to do? Do it. All experiences, good or bad, are still experiences. Take a risk every now and then! Ask that person out! Put your application in! You can do it.

LEO: Try looking at things a new way this month, Leo. You might be in the midst of a problem or you might be trying to reach a goal you’ve set, and things are just not working out no matter how hard you try. Take a step back and try a new route. Do something different if what you’re doing right now isn’t making you successful.

VIRGO: You may not be meeting all of your own expectations right now, and that’s okay. This month focus on persisting through your troubles. Keep your chin up, Virgo. Good things are on their way.

LIBRA: Libra, you sort of have a tendency to be very good at picking out problems and flaws, and then doing nothing about them. Take a stand and start fixing things that you don’t like, whether it be with the world or within yourself. Email your senator. Attend a march. Donate money. Accept criticism. You can literally do anything that you think you can do.

SCORPIO: This month remember that not all relationships that you create have to be romantic. Creating a bond or a connection with another individual does not mean that by default that you have to be in love with that person. Cherish your friends and don’t focus on romance at the moment. 

SAGITTARIUS: Embrace your emotions this month. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to scream, then scream. If you need someone to talk to, then find someone you can trust. Do not ever be ashamed of the way you feel.

CAPRICORN: Decisiveness is key. You may find yourself unable to choose between this and that, but you have to learn to make tough decisions, especially under pressure. Don’t let a decision keep you up at night. Do what you feel is right and good is bound to come of it.

AQUARIUS: Seek out some counsel this February. There are plenty of people in your circle willing to listen to you, you just have to speak. Focus on your needs instead of everyone else’s. You are a wonderful listener, and now it’s your turn to be listened to.

PISCES: Break out of your shell a little bit this month. You don’t have to do anything insanely drastic, but maybe inviting someone new over for a movie, or simply messaging someone you’ve never talked to before to get to know them. You have a very intriguing air about you, Pisces, and whether you believe it or not people do want to be your friend.

February Horoscopes

ARIES: Take a nice, firm grab of the dial that controls your aggressiveness and crank it way down. You can relax a little bit and still be able to defend yourself (this of course does not apply if someone crosses the line, then you have every right to be as aggressive as you’d like (however maybe the line needs to be redrawn because you have a tendency to get upset over very small things)). Don’t forget to breathe every once in a while. Things can work themselves out without you getting worked up.

TAURUS: Remember that not everyone is out to get you, Taurus. Yes, there are people in this world with bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can just push someone away because you’re suspicious of them. Talk to those individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that they aren’t good people; you might lose someone who really only ever wanted what was best for you.

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Of Last Names (a new world) pt. II

Kara didn’t notice when she started to become a Luthor.

But Lena did.

Of course it was slow at first, before they were even married.

She remember the cold night she was working late, improving her alien detection device for the DEO – Lena was kind of working off the record for the organization since she did have a lot of research going on about all kind of aliens in her lab, so J'onn wanted to use that in their advantage after rescuing the president and capturing the Durlan that had taken her place.

Kara had been once again helping her friend Barry from another dimension. She’s been gone a week now, and even though they would always find themselves away from each other because of their respective jobs, it wasn’t really a problem, since Kara could flight back with a warm meal from Lena’s favourite restaurant in Rome and a quick but loving kiss. The blonde being in another dimension meant no flight backs, no kisses or even phone calls. Lena felt empty inside, so she worked late.

She faintly heard Jess talking to someone outside, but kept working on her blueprints, only looking up when she heard the doors of her office opening, jaw dropping when she saw Kara, ponytail and glasses in place, hands stuffed inside her blazer and a big smile on her lips as she approached Lena’s desk.

“Kara!” Lena was off of her chair before Kara could even reach her, quickly walking towards her girlfriend and wrapping her arms tightly around her shoulders.

“Princess!” Kara laughed and wrapped her arms around Lena’s waist, lifting her off the floor for a few moments. 

When Lena felt her feet touching the floor again, she pulled away to give a better look a her girlfriend, touching her face and checking her up and down. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? You weren’t racing against Barry again, right?” she asked quickly, still searching for anything wrong with her girlfriend’s body, as if something could hurt Kara.

Kara only chuckled lightly, shaking her head. “I’m fine, Lena. Really. No racing against Barry.”

Lena frowned, noticing the crinkle between Kara’s eyebrows. “What took you so long? Is something wrong?”

Kara took a deep breath, running her hands up and down Lena’s arms soothingly. “Everything’s fine now. The aliens attacking Barry’s Earth were…” Kara looked down, as if it was hard for her to say the words. “They hurt Barry’s friend really bad. Atom’s fine now, it will take him a couple months to recover, but… everything’s fine. It was just hard to see him so…” Kara took another deep breath and smiled as she looked back at Lena. “Anyway! I’m back now and I prepared us a really nice dinner at home that’s waiting for us. So, grab your things and let’s go!”

“Baby…” Lena smiled, looking back at the mess on her desk. “I really missed you, but I should finish this project for J’onn, and…”
“No buts! I already talked with J’onn and sent Jess home for the evening! I really need us to go home now.”

Lena frowned again, “You sent Jess home for the evening? And since when Jessica, my secretary, takes orders from you?”

“Well,” Kara lifted up her chin with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. “Since I’m your girlfriend of two years, she knows better than to question me.”

Lena couldn’t help but find Kara’s determination really hot in that moment. Of course she wasn’t mad Jess did what Kara told her to do, she was actually glad her secretary and all of the L-Corp employees knew the the blonde enough by now to treat her with respect whenever they saw them together walking through the hallways of the building or at gala parties.

Kara actually knew of all the important research and projects L-Corp was doing and all of Lena’s investments, she would often give her girlfriend advices and Kara certainly could handle an interview by now after being under the spotlight beside Lena for so long.

“Okay, I’ll let you wine and dine me tonight, Ms. Danvers.” Lena agreed.

And of course the reporter would be back in Kara Danvers mode only a few minutes later, proposing to Lena inside the elevator because she was too nervous and eager to wait for them to get to their apartment. Lena said yes without even letting Kara finish the question. But that would always be the first time Lena noticed Kara resembling the determination of a Luthor.

The talk with the Danvers about Kara’s choice to change her last name went really smoothly, Eliza hugging her daughter close and saying how proud she was of the strong woman Kara had turned into, Alex playfully whispering ‘back to being an only child, finally’, and Jeremiah assuring the both of them they would always be a part of the family no matter their last names.

The talk with Clark Kent wasn’t so smooth.

Just because Clark Kent gave Lena the benefit of the doubt, it didn’t mean Superman was happy about her cousin choosing his biggest enemy’s last name as her own after marrying said enemy’s sister.

“You can’t possibly be considering this, Kara!”

“I’m not considering anything! I already made my decision!”

It didn’t even matter that they were now underground in the old DEO base. They could feel the concrete walls vibrating as the Supers voices got louder and louder. Lena winced at the words.

“I’m sorry about this. I’ll talk to him, don’t worry.” Lena felt Lois hand on her shoulder as she stood up, looking at the closed doors of the room where her husband and his cousin were… talking.

“Maybe he’s right. I told her I wouldn’t mind taking her last name.” Lena said quietly, looking down at her hands.

“Her brother’s a murderer! He tried to kill me! Her mother tried to kill you, for Rao’s sake!” Clark was desperate now.

“And Lena is not like any of them. She’s not her family, and I am marrying her!”

“She will ruin you, Kara. She’ll destroy our legacy, because she’s as bad as her family’s na-“

Before Clark could finish his sentence, they heard a loud noise of something cracking, the ground beneath their feet shaking. Lois quickly busted the doors open and Lena followed her inside, only to see Kara holding Clark against the now cracked concrete wall by the collars of his shirt, the veins around her eyes visible as her eyeballs glowed dangerously red, jaw clenched.

Feeling they had company, Kara gave her cousin one last hard push, closing her eyes for only a moment to cool the heat inside, giving a step away from a still shocked Clark.

“Don’t talk about my wife like that ever again, Kal.”

Kara turned around and walked towards Lena, taking the CEO’s hand in hers and guiding her out of the room. “We won’t lower our heads to anyone, Lena. Not even Superman.” She said as they walked away, but they both knew Clark was still listening.

A few weeks later Clark would surprise Lena with a visit in her office, a bouquet of flowers and an apologetic look in his eyes, approaching her desk nervously.

“Mr. Kent.” Lena said, standing up to meet him in front of her desk, arms crossed over her chest and chin held up.

“I just wanted to apologize.” Clark said quickly. “I know I was… way out of line. And I’m sorry, Lena.” He lifted his hand to adjust the glasses on the bridge of his nose, a nervous act Lena new so well she deflected a little.

“You know… everyone thinks I’m some sort of God.” He continued, looking at his feet. “The great and good Superman. And I used to act like nothing affected me. I still do. But that’s not true.” Clark finally turned his bright blue eyes to Lena’s green ones, a sad smile on his lips. “Your brother affected me. He studied me. He knew my weakness and he tortured me with it, and I’m not talking about kryptonite. When he kidnapped my mom and Lois…” Lena balled her hands into fists, and she was more than surprised when she saw Clark’s eyes shining with unshed tears. “I feel anger too. I feel sad and lonely at times. Lex knew all that and he used it against me. But I understand now when I look at you it’s not Lex I’m seeing. It’s the woman my cousin is marrying in a few days. And I’m truly, deeply sorry for what happened the other day, and I’m here asking if I could still go to your wedding this weekend.”

Lena couldn’t help but smile at that. Superman asking for her permission for something. It was ironic at least.

“I know I don’t have to and it won’t change anything that happened in the past, but I’m sorry about everything my brother did to you and your family. And of course Kara and I will be waiting for you and Lois at our wedding.”

Clark smiled brightly at her, before wrapping her in a tight hug.

“I have to admit, though: Kara is defending her future name with strong fists.” They laughed, and the next weekend Clark was third person to dance with the bride at the party, only after Lena and Jeremiah.

Lena was so used to the Kara Danvers signature after every article her wife wrote, that the first time she saw Kara Luthor it took her some time to process.

She knew Kara chose to change her last name, but in the back of her mind the real reason would always be because Kara felt sorry for her.

But reading ‘by Kara Luthor’ beneath Catco’s principal article made Lena realize that the blonde was completely invested in taking Lena’s last name as her own. That’s why the CEO grabbed her purse and decided to pay at visit to her wife in her office for a change.

Lena found Kara typing away some new article in her new office – with wide windows – eyebrows crinkled in concentration. Knocking lightly against the blonde’s door, Lena greeted her wife. “Am I interrupting something?”

Kara turned her chair in swift motion, smiling brightly when she laid eyes on Lena. “Lena!”

The CEO chuckled when Kara made her cute grabby motions with her hands, walking towards her wife and letting Kara pull her on her lap. “Of course you’re not interrupting anything. I was just writing about this group of bad senators who are taking money from public funds, but I’ll catch them later through my pen or my cape.”

The blonde placed her right hand on Lena’s hip, while cupping her wife’s cheek with the left, before kissing her slowly. Lena still felt all warm inside every time they kissed, and almost every night after Kara fell asleep, Lena would take some time just looking at her wife’s face, how the wedding ring on her finger glowed beautifully at the moonlight, because she still couldn’t believe she had someone who loved her back.

The hand on Lena’s cheek lowered to her tight, and the CEO shivered when she felt said hand slipping higher and higher under her skirt. She pulled away from her wife’s mouth with a loud pop.

“Kara!” Lena whispered loudly, looking at the closed door.

The blonde chuckled, cheeks slightly red, but she didn’t pulled her hand away. “What? You don’t stop me when we have our… play time in your office.”

“That’s completely different!” Lena said, trying to push Kara’s hand away, but giggling when her wife kissed her neck.

"Why? Because we own the place?” Kara kept spreading little bites all over Lena’s jaw.
And it still amazed Lena how casually Kara aknowledged the fact that they shared not only a name now, but a life together, including everything they had. For some strange reason it made everything between them seem that much solid and real.

“It’s so hot when you said my things are also your things now.” Lena breathed out, moving her head to the side to give Kara more access to her neck.

They were so distracted by their heavy make out session, that they didn’t hear the door bursting open.


“Yes!?” They said together, breaking apart so fast that Lena almost slipped off of Kara’s lap, but the blonde quickly wrapped her arms around her wife’s body to prevent her from falling.

Snapper Carr only stood there, a puzzled look on his face as if he was still trying process what was happening in Kara’s office, then he suddenly looked away, ears burning red.

“Your deadline finished ten minutes ago, Luthor!” Snapper grumbled. “I expect you in my office in less then five!” The he was out.

Lena blinked once. Twice. “M-My… dead- what?” she stood up, still confused and mortified of being caught by her wife’s boss.

“That’s me. My article.” Kara also stood up and fumbled with some papers.

“He calls you Luthor now?”

“Well, it is my name, you know. And it’s better than ‘ponytail’.” Kara looked up at Lena, smiling a her wife’s surprised expression.

“Look, I really have to give this to Snapper. But don’t forget we’re hosting game night tonight, so I’ll see you later, princess!” Kara pressed a quick kiss against her wife’s cheek and a firm slap on her ass before running out of the office, leaving a flushed Lena behind.

Later that night Lena would come home only to find Maggie and Kara playfully sparring in their living room, Alex greeting her with a open beer, rolling her eyes at their wives.

“James and Winn will be late. And Maggie still wants to prove she can kick Supergirl’s ass.” Alex said with a shrug.

“I can!” Maggie yelled over her shoulder, aiming her right fist at Kara’s nose, but the blonde quickly deflected. “No superspeed, that’s cheating!”

“You’re going down, Sawyer!” Kara laughed.
“Oh, I’m going down all right, Luthor! Right, babe?” Maggie smiled, winking at her blushing wife.

Kara stopped her kick in midair, scrunching up her nose. “Now that’s cheating! I hate you!”

Alex and Lena could only laugh.

Lena knew Kara was suspicious. She noticed the blonde squinting her eyes when she said she had to work through the night once again, but Lena also knew Kara trusted her enough to not follow her around with her x-ray vision or with the superhearing.

But Kara definitely knew something was up.

“What are you doing here?” Lena jumped off of the chair, hand flying to her chest where her heart was now beating so fast it felt like she could spit it out any time now.

“Kara!” Lena took a deep breath, smiling nervously, finger sliding over the screen of the DEO laptop she had been working on to close one of the many open tabs. “Darling, you startled me! When did you learn to be so sneaky?” She chuckled, hoping to lighten up her wife’s mood.

“With you.” Kara said shortly, looking around the very well equipped lab Lena had been hiding in. “And it’s the DEO. I work here.” She grabbed a small sample glass that was closer to Lena. “Is this your blood?”

Lena sighed in relief when she saw Eliza walking through the lab doors. “Kara! What a surprise!”

“Mom?” the blonde looked between the two of them with a frown. “I didn’t know you were in National City. What are you doing here? With Lena?”

“We are… working… on something…” Eliza tried to explain, but Lena placed a gentle hand on her mother-in-law’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, Eliza. Can you give us a minute?”

Eliza nodded and kissed both of their cheeks before walking out of the lab.

Lena sighed again, taking the sample from Kara’s hand and placing it back in its holder.

“It is my blood.” She said quietly.

Kara tried not to panic as she stepped closer to her wife, “Is something wrong? A-are you sick?”

Lena quicky shook her head, moving her hands to the blonde’s warm cheeks. “No! God, no, I’m fine!” she smiled, because of course Kara’s mind would go there. “It was a surprise. For you.”

“What? Working in secret for the DEO?” Kara asked, clearly confused.

“No. I’m… trying…” Lena bit her bottom lip nervously, before looking up at her wife. “I’m studying our DNAs because I’m trying to get pregnant.”

Kara’s jaw dropped and she stared dumbly at Lena. The one and only time Kara mentioned her desire to have kids was almost two years ago over their one year anniversary dinner. It was also the first time they had a big fight after their marriage. Maybe at all.

Lena didn’t want kids, she didn’t even want to think about the idea of having kids. She screamed she wanted to be the last Luthor, and Kara screamed back that guess what, she wasn’t the last Luthor because that was her last name now, too. They ended up screaming back and forth about kids and last names, until Kara grabbed a pillow and a blanket and slept on the couch, leaving the bed to Lena.

The next morning Kara woke up to the smell of plumerias and pancakes, sitting up and looking over the couch to see all of her favorite foods on top of the dinner table, flowers all over their apartment, and Lena standing there with an apologetic look. Kara quickly ran to her wife and wrapped her in a hug whispering how sorry she was over and over again, carrying Lena to their bedroom to have the most amazing make up sex ever.

Kara never mentioned kids ever again.

“Y-You’re…” Kara choked, then cleared her throat. “Why, Lena?” she asked quietly.

Lena gently took Kara’s hands in hers with a small smile, “Because I see the way you look at Jamie when we have to babysit her.”

“It’s not my fault she got Maggie’s dimples. She’s so cute!” Kara bit her lip to keep herself from smiling too wide.

“I remember your amazed look when Jonathan floated around the house and you and Clark played ‘float and seek’ with him for almost an entire day!” Lena couldn’t help but smile with Kara at that.

“He floats really well for a two year old.” Kara reasoned.

“And I know how proud of yourself you are for being the only aunt Damien hasn’t tried to prank yet. He even cuddles with you.” Lena touched her wife’s nose with her forefinger playfully.

“He’s a secret cuddler… and you’re one to talk!” Kara pointed at finger at Lena. “Don’t try to pretend you didn’t get full of yourself when he said you were the best aunt ever after giving him the prototype of those x-ray goggles you’re working on.”

Lena looking down bashfully, cheeks turning pink as she nodded. Damien was the only one of their nephews and nieces who was old enough to show some interest and appreciation over her many tech creations.

“Princess… you don’t have to do it for me.” Kara whispered, lifting Lena’s chin to look inside green eyes. “You already make me the happiest woman in whole universe!”

“I know…” and Lena knew. She knew because Kara made her feel the same way, from the moment she wakes up to the moment they lay in a mess of limbs at night. “You’re a great aunt. But I want you to be the most amazing mom I know you can be. I was afraid to be a failure like my mother was, and to be completely honest, I was afraid of what Lex and Lillian could do if they ever found out we have a baby. But I’m not afraid anymore. I want to have this baby with you.”

Kara was crying quietly, arms wrapped tightly around Lena’s body. “But… how will you… you know?”

“It’s all very technical, but the key is the Codex with the kryptonian’s DNA inside Clark’s cells. I’ve got samples of his blood and yours - I had to wait for you to get knocked out, by the way - and mixed it together to create another cell that’s capable to fetilize my eggs. The research took quite some time, Eliza helped me, we also had to contact Alura and even Jor-El for help, but I’m pretty sure it works.” Lena took a big breath after that, smiling brightly at her wife. “I was hoping to surprise you on our three years anniversary.”

Kara looked between Lena’s eyes and her belly several times, as if trying to imagine a life growing inside her wife’s body. Lena knew she was excited already, the way the blonde’s blue eyes twinkled betrayed her and the CEO couldn’t really blame her amazing wife.

“Can we please make our baby now?” She asked, finally, and Lena nodded happily.

When Lori Luthor was born, Kara insisted she was she most beautiful baby ever, with the most perfect small tuffs of black hair, and barely open blue eyes, and perfect little toes.

She spent the whole night with the baby in her arms, only handing her to Lena carefully to be fed, and even then, she kept her unblinking eyes on them until they finished.

When they went home, Kara would softly whisper old kryptonians lullabies to Lori sleep, and the most exciting stories about her planet. Most nights she carried Lori to their bed, holding her close to her chest, and she would look at Lena as if she had given her the most precious gift ever.

And Lena supposed she had.

“You gave me an entire new world, Lena. You gave me a bright yellow sun.” Kara whispered, caressing Lori’s cheek with her index finger, before loking at Lena, who had her arms wrapped around both of her girls.

“You gave me Krypton back.” Kara’s eyes were shinning with happy unshed tears. “And it all started when you gave me your last name.”

Oh, how Lena loved being a Luthor.


Part I on Ao3.

Again, sorry for any possible grammar mistakes, I’m a very frustrated Brazilian SuperCorp shipper, but I love them too much to give up on them.

CW and its male love interests can suck my d*ck!

Title: Sway With Me (Part 13.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Sisi (original female character)
Summary: Ike finally gets what he wants. 
Word Count: 2,991
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: So, I decided to merge the last two chapters together since it made much more sense in my mind lol. Anyway, we are at the end of this story, guys! Thank you to everyone who has read it and asked to be tagged, etc. I wouldn’t have done this without all of you. Your excitement made me excited and in turn, I continued to write, so thank you so much!!! <3 Also, huge thanks to @negantrashlucille23 for this wonderful request!!! :-)

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

“I told you not to get involved with men like Ben Diamond, Isaac!” his father exclaimed, shaking his head. “You know better than to stoop down that low and ask that pig for help.”

“Dad… I know.” Ike sighed, sitting next to him on the couch. “I came here to ask you for help, to talk to you.”

“Are you in trouble?”

Ike didn’t respond.

“Isaac… Don’t make me ask again.”

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kyliafanfiction  asked:

Worst emperor: Caligula, Commodus or Nero?

Uh… I’m a senator and I shouldn’t critizise previous senators but… Commodus. He was never interested in administrating Rome so all the work was done by his favourites, he raised taxes for senators because he needed the money for the games, desertions all over Gaul and Germaia, believing himself God… Overall a spoiled kid who was not even a good soldier and far from a good ruler. 


      It wasn’t a meeting he anticipated with any kind of pleasure. More and more of late it seemed the Jedi were being drawn into politics, into matters of legislation and legalese that had never been their province. The Jedi were sworn to uphold the Republic and protect its ideals, not entangle themselves in the fortunes of any one Chancellor. Political careers were not their affair. Personalities were supposed to be irrelevant.
        But somehow Palpatine was changing that. Not by being a bully or imposing his will. Quite the opposite: he was constantly resisting the Senate’s eagerness for him to assume more and more executive powers. He resisted, the Senate insisted, so reluctantly Palpatine agreed. And every time he acquiesced to its requests, he turned once more to the Jedi for advice.
      It was hardly an ideal situation. The Jedi Council was not just another branch of the executive office. But how, in good conscience, could it refuse to aid a man who so humbly petitioned for their assistance? A man who championed them in the Senate at every opportunity? Who had worked tirelessly for peace since assuming the highest political office in the galaxy and was now faced with the daunting, terrifying task of keeping their vast Republic intact? How could the Jedi Council turn its back on such a man?
      Clearly, it couldn’t. Clearly, in the face of these extraordinary times, the Jedi must set aside their traditions and come to the aid of the man a galaxy looked to as its savior.

Then, later, when Obi-Wan and Bail Organa are debating the Jedi’s perception in the eyes of the Republic:

       “No. I’m sorry,” said Organa, shaking his head. “This isn’t coming out right. I really am on your side, you know. I admire the Jedi enormously. I am in awe of what you do. But in case you hadn’t noticed it, this war has thrust you onto center stage. You’re in the news every day. Everything you do is being examined. Magnified. And when the novelty’s worn off, it’s going to be second-guessed, and maybe even held up for censure. Especially if the war drags on, or doesn’t go our way. Because you have been placed on a pedestal as tall as any Coruscant skyscraper.”
       “That was never our intention, Senator, I assure you.”
       “I know,” said Organa. “But you’re up there regardless. You’re the Jedi, Master Kenobi. Larger than life and twice as hard to kill. Still, the more systems the Separatists entice or strong-arm to their side, the more suffering and fear the Republic experiences, the closer the Separatists creep to the Core, and the longer it takes the Jedi to end this conflict—the harder your pedestal is going to rock. Especially if it’s perceived that you’re not suffering like everyone else.”
       “Not suffering, Senator?” he said, incredulous. “After Geonosis? After the engagements we’ve fought already? And losing the Falleen battle group? Must the Jedi Temple itself fall before it can be agreed that the Jedi are also paying a price for this war we did not start?”
       “Of course not,” said Organa. “I’m talking about perception, not reality. The bedrock of politics. I think you’ll grant it’s one of my areas of expertise.”
       The least honorable of them all. Obi-Wan nodded. “I concede your point.”
      “And I wish you didn’t have to,” Organa replied. “Master Kenobi, the Jedi have been the Republic’s peacekeepers for generations. Citizens are used to you solving their local problems. Their community disputes. But we both know that what we’re facing is far more complicated. And I promise you, I promise—when things get really bad you will be blamed.”
       Curd-and-vegetable stew forgotten, Obi-Wan stared in silence at the Senator from Alderaan.
       “I’m sorry,” said Organa, turning away. “You don’t have to say it. I’m just a politician. It’s none of my business.”
       Just a politician? No. Far from it. Now it was clear why Padmé liked and trusted this princeling from Alderaan. He was … unexpected.
      “The Jedi aren’t blind, Senator,” he said, at last. “We’re perfectly aware that our elevation in the public eye is problematic. We opposed it vigorously. We continue to oppose it. We are, as you say, peacekeepers. Not celebrities. The Supreme Chancellor should reconsider his tactics. We feel very strongly there is a chance they could end up doing us more harm than good.”


They’re dying in this war, their entire way of life is being lost because their mandate to the Republic obligates them to help try to protect and save people. They don’t want to be here, they’re not meant to be celebrities, they don’t know how to handle the spotlight, this is never something they were prepared for or have any idea what to do about it, they recognize that it’s a problem, but they’ve been blinded by the dark side of the Force, their entire way of finding a guiding light has been shrouded and removed from them, they know that they’re in a situation that could do them harm, but they can’t just walk away, not when so many lives are on the line.

They were thrust into this war with no preparation for it, it was just immediately in their face and they were tasked with doing something about it.  The Jedi know combat, but they don’t know war, they don’t know how to handle the spotlight, they don’t know how to handle a galactic level political situation like this, not when the Force is shadowed for them.  Again and again they try to find their way through this, but the dark side is clouding everything, no matter where they go, what planet they’re on, what part of the galaxy they’re in.

They’re dying in this war, they’re forced into impossible choices–move up their own young adults before they’re ready or let people die?  What kind of horrible choice is that?  And Palpatine, in the guise of a well-meaning politician, shoves them further into the spotlight, knowing that perfect is the enemy of good, that the Jedi aren’t perfect and so invariable the people will turn on them when they can’t magically fix this situation for them.

Even Bail Organa, who is a good man, who is on their side falls prey to this, not much later–when talking about his uncle having been killed by corrupt people whom the Jedi were tasked with taking them down, says:

       Organa shrugged the condolence aside. “Raxis and Nolid should have paid for what they did.”
       “They did pay, Senator.”
       “Fines,” spat Organa. “Money. They should have paid more. They shouldn’t have been allowed to buy their way to absolution. You Jedi should’ve made them pay a real price.”
      He sighed. “We are not executioners, Senator. Nor are we instruments of vengeance. The government of Antar Four asked us to assist them in apprehending those responsible for outrages committed on the planet’s largest colfillini plantation, and we did. What happened after that was an internal matter. We are limited by our mandate.”

He says that the Jedi are being put up on a pedestal and that it’s going to be shaken down by the people eventually.  Then, not too long after that, he does basically the same thing–the Jedi should have done more, they should have executed them, made them pay!  He puts it on the Jedi to do everything he wants done, rather than going through other channels.

I don’t think Bail actually, truly, genuinely wanted that.  He’s speaking out of frustration and emotion, out of a very wounded place, but the point still remains–even this Senator who is such a good man still expects the Jedi to do more than what they should be asked to do, then becomes angry when they aren’t perfect, when they don’t just fix everything.

The PT Jedi absolutely aren’t perfect, but oh my god sometimes I just get so heartbroken for the situation they’re placed in, the obligation they feel to try to help people and the anger they have to just brush off when they can’t be perfect.  And this is one aspect of the prequels that I will put up my fists and get into an internet fight over, that it was really well done, how I could believe we could go from where they were in TPM to where they were by the time of ANH.  AND IT JUST MAKES ME REALLY SAD.


(via ▶ Senator Elizabeth Warren on big money in Washington - YouTube)

“The people in Washington don’t work for the people who elected them.” …mad as hell and fed up and I won’t take it anymore!” 

She is just awesome! #RunWarrenRun

anonymous asked:

Hi what is it that bothers you about gay marriage becoming legal in the US?

What am I supposed to celebrate here? That cis white gay people were successfully able to co-opt a protest against police brutality to push their agenda of “marriage equality”? That “marriage equality” represents the mainstream racist and classist gay rights movement that compares “not being able to marry” to racial apartheid? That liberals managed to turn a potentially radical movement into assimilationist notions of “marriage equality” and “gay pride”? That Uncle Sam has managed to tame the Radical Queer by telling him that all he needs is the ability to marry and have children like straight people, thus making him into another happy consumer who does not challenge the hegemony of a capitalist system? That every time a warmongering US senator or money-hoarding CEO “comes out”, gay people wear it as a badge of honor? That “marriage equality” has become a marker for progress in LGBT rights and it purposely glosses over racial violence, class inequalities, homelessness, discrimination, transphobia, police abuse, prisoner abuse? That by pushing for such legislation, LGBT rights activists have effectively strengthened the state and allowed it to regulate their sexualities and gender identities? That the state can now use gay poster boys to legitimize its discrimination against the new social others? That such legislation is supported by gay people in the military who rape, torture, murder people like me? That gay people take pride in working for the US army and bombing my homeland and killing innocent children? That such legislation relies on and perpetuates a nationalistic narrative that also legitimizes the abuse and torture of people from Third World countries? That such legislation represents precisely how homosexuality has been used as a tool of torture by US soldiers? That people in the US can now wave “marriage equality” and “gay rights” in my face to prove how progressive and modern they are, as compared to a “barbaric”, “illiterate”, “Moslem terrorist” like me? That democrats like Obama who have been pushing for “marriage equality” legislation for a long time can now finally use the “gay card” in the international political landscape to pinkwash US and bully other states into accepting their demands? That such legislation has potentially paved the way for US to use human rights abuses against LGBT people in Third World countries as an excuse to wage wars and pass economic sanctions in the future? That “LGBT rights” organizations working in the US can now hijack the struggles and experiences of queer people from Pakistan like me and use that to define the trajectory of queer rights movements working in my country? That such organizations can now open chapters in countries like Pakistan to “liberate the poor oppressed gays” and jeopardize the local movements and patronize the local activists because they can pretend to be superior on the basis of “marriage equality” in US? That people in the US can now look down upon me and my fellow brothers and sisters as some “backward homophobes” because our main priority is not to have gay weddings and glittered parades? What am I supposed to celebrate? That “gay” just became more capitalist and imperialist?

I will clarify here, at the top of this, that this is not an attack on any content creator or AU-founder. Rather, it is a critique of those who would take the ideas mentioned below and raise them up as canon facts.

I’m a little bothered by the fact that Hux’s character is defaulted to “serial killer” so often. It has become very prevalent in fandom AUs, so much so that it has started to leak its way into people’s conceptions of canon.

Canon Hux is a military leader and a shrewd actor. He is engaged in proxy war with the Republic (remember: many Senators leak money to the Resistance to bypass the peace treatise) and makes a decisive move with Starkiller to destroy much of the Republic’s fleet, which is stationed in the Hosnian System. Yes, he is using a disgusting display of force and killing countless of innocent lives in the process. However, he is also acting within the strict calculus of warfare and strategy. We are given little reason to think the deaths he’s causing are “the point” for him. Rather, we see that he is making a military maneuver for the sake of his nation’s interests (vile as those interests might be).

Consider Harry Truman, for a moment. We now have reason to suspect (or know, if you’re more confident in the sources) that the attacks on Japan were not necessary to win the war and that the contemporary administration’s use of nuclear weapons had a lot to do with intimidating the Russians. The deaths of countless Japanese ultimately boiled down to one thing: US interests. Again, we can call this a horrific act of war (and it was, much as Starkiller is but real and thus quite troubling). However, it would be pretty unreasonable to assume Harry Truman took special pleasure in murder, evisceration, cannibalism, and the like because of the bombings. Rather, we recognize a separation between things done within the context of politics/war and things done for personal pleasure.

What’s more, outside a single (sarcastic?) comment about collecting skulls in the novelization, we have no information to suggest Hux is interested in individual deaths at all. Serial killing is a personal act, one which usually centers around self-gratification. Firing a laser beam across space doesn’t really jive with the level of “intimacy” associated with that. It is certainly a crime against humanity (uh, sentience-y?) and an act of mass, mass, mass murder, but it isn’t something that tells us he takes any special pleasure from death. Again, it just seems more like an act done to fulfill political aims (he does give a speech detailing just that, after all).

tldr: Hux is a shrewd political actor working within the contours of warfare and there is no evidence to suggest he cares about killing people beyond servicing the Order. Also the US government is questionable AF.

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um i see a lot of posts calling corey booker a "corporatist" and all those other buzzwords & they say he'd be rehashing this election (i.e. losing because people dont like him) can you.. explain because im thoroughly confused

it’s because he’s backed in the senate with wall street money, and has corporate ties. but guess fucking what, every successful politician has accepted money from wall street (hillary, obama, fdr, just to name a few) 

i’ve seen similar posts going around, and it’s like you gotta be shitting me, you can thank burning sandals for creating this delusional myth that your presidential candidate needs to be a flawless holier-than-thou figure who can do no wrong. the flawed candidate narrative was what ultimately costed hillary the election. if brogressives start creating the same rhetoric around booker, guess what, he’s not going to win in 2020 (if he decides to run that is.)

Paris Climate Deal CLIFF NOTES

The Target!
- The Target is to stay below 1.5°C.
- That’s better for Islands and Africa than 2°C, the old target.

The Pledges!
- Each nation must do what they pledged.
- And these pledges must be reviewed (+ upped) every 5 years.
- They’re non-binding though.
- So no punishment if you don’t do it.
- Some say that’s bad, but main reason for this is so Obama can do his pledges without having to go through the nutty Senate. So OK.

The Money!
- Aid money from rich nations to poor ones increased a bit.
- But nowhere near enough.
- Rich nations really owe poor ones a debt, not aid, for causing this crisis that’s hurting poor nations first and worst.
- Poor nations got a “loss and damages” section in the Agreement but it’s super weak.

The Carbon-Neutral Dream!
- The aim is to be carbon-neutral by 2050.
- This doesn’t mean carbon-free.
- It means whatever carbon we’re still spewing out by 2050 has to be offset by, I dunno, more trees.
- Or crazy pipe-dream tech that’s dodgy like ‘carbon storage’ or geoengineering (why don’t we spew a chemical in the air that blocks sunlight? What could go wrong!).
- More trees is good. Relying on that crazy tech is really foolish.

Other stuff!
- “Fossil fuel” “coal” and “oil” are not mentioned once in the text.
- We’re still tippy-toeing around them, when it’s front and centre about them.
- So the whole crucial idea of “keeping fossil fuels in the ground” (rather than all the focus in international talks on the end of the pipeline - ie. keeping it from being spewed in the air once already dug up) did not make it in the text.
- Neither did indigenous rights.
- Indigenous people fought hard to get their rights protected from mining and fracking on their land etc, but didn’t get it.

We need to move at a really fast pace if we want to stay below 1.5°C. The pledges all added up would cook the planet 3.5°C which is more or less hell. The one big thing that would get those pledges better is a LOT of pressure from all of us.
Senate has a secret book of rules

The U.S. Senate has for years lived by a secret book of rules that governs everything from how many sheets of paper and potted plants each Senate office is allotted to when Senators can use taxpayer money to charter planes or boats. The document has never been available to the public — until now.

We have obtained and are making available the 380-page U.S. Senate Handbook, which describes itself as “a compilation of the policies and regulations governing office administration, equipment and services, security and financial management.”