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[sweats] star wars au

Maya is a padawan, or well, was. She got framed and accused of the murder of her master, Mia, and betraying the Order. As is, you know, what usually happens to her lMAO

She’s forced into hiding and winds up in the custody of a certain bounty hunter, Franziska von Karma - although, she prefers to call herself an “Intergalactic Agent”, spending her time apprehending and bringing criminals to justice.

Anyway Maya spends her time flirting outrageously with the dear bounty hunter, whilst her closest friend Senator Wright tries to get her name cleared. she ends up not returning to the order bc shes gay


Hi, Merry Christmas, so this story was based on one of my family moments from these past days, it was of my nephew playing with the newspaper and the first thing i thought of was Baby Logan. Mention of Jogan


It was a quiet afternoon in the Wright house, the events of the night hell looked like a far nightmare that was fading away. It was a quite odd scene, the senator was sitting in the left end of the couch of the living room reading the newspaper and Logan was sitting on the other end, also reading the newspaper.

Their relationship had improved in the last months, after almost seeing his son die in the fire that consumed the Art Hall. He tried to be a better parent, he accepted the relationship his son had with the Hollywood star with less arguments.

From the corner of this eyes he saw how Logan was immersed in the newspaper, how his eyes moved from left to right with each line. The scene of him reading remembered him of a time when his life was simple.

…Logan was just 7 months old and he and Cordelia were happy. Mr. Wright was sitting on the same spot, on the same couch reading the newspaper. Cordelia came with Logan in her arms, he was wearing blue shorts and a little white baby shirt with squeaky shoes and his hair was untidy because he had just woke up from his nap. He was playing with Cordelia’s hair.

She set him in the couch in the middle where the newspaper was and she set on the other end, took a page and started to read. Logan instead, with his baby hands, started to move the papers in all directions. Mr. Wright took the newspaper from his son, “No Logan, you can’t play with the newspaper”. At that instant, both pair of green emerald eyes stared back at each other, but Logan’s eyes started to water and his lips shake. Mr. Wright knew that Logan was going to start crying and wouldn’t stop in a while. With a quick thought, he gave him the classified page, the part that they didn’t read.

Logan stopped his little tantrum and smiled, he took the page in his baby hands and tried to mimic his father and mother, frowning his forehead like they did. After a little while, Logan gave it up and started to play with the newspaper, he crushed it, he ripped it, and in the end the newspaper was turned into tiny pieces and he just kept staring at his hands that were cover with the black ink of the newspaper. Mr. Wright just stared at him, thinking ‘please don’t put it in your mouth, please’ over and over as if Logan could read his mind, but instead Logan started to rub his hands all of his face laughing and smiling at the same time.

Mr. Wright chuckled and Logan turned to look at his father, smiling he showed him his hands and Mr. Wright smiled back. Cordelia turned to see what had made his husband laugh and saw Logan. She sighed “Logan you’re all dirty, come on, lets go clean you up” she took her son and started to leave the room, when Logan looked over her mother’s shoulder and waved goodbye to his father, still with a smile on his face. Mr. Wright waved back and then looked at the mess his son had made thinking how happy he was…

Logan cleared his throat, snapping his father of his memories “Did you finish that section already? Can I borrow it?” the senator just stared at his son.


“What? Mmm… yes, here take it” he handed the page to Logan.

“Thank you, dad” Logan said. The senator kept staring at Logan comparing the memories of his son when he was a baby and now. They both had ink in their hands, but this, Logan now had it in his thumbs and index fingers. The senator smiled and resumed his reading, only to find that the last page was of the classifieds. 

If you can't see why Nigel Wright cutting Duffy a $90k cheque is a problem, you’re not a cynic, you’re a nihilist

Some people have swallowed the big fat worm of truthiness that Nigel Wright was trying to “do right by taxpayers” by helping Mike Duffy put back $90,000 he wrongly obtained from government. 

Taxpayers are not in the constitution, and people in government have an obligation to citizens, not taxpayers. They have an obligation to the public and also to the law. 

When someone dishonestly takes money they’re not entitled to, just putting it back doesn’t solve the problem. 

Nigel Wright wasn’t Duffy’s angel investor: he was covering up wrongdoing. 

No one is supposed to be cutting secret $90,000 cheques to MPs, Judges or senators, ever, period. 

Nigel Wright was the Prime Minister’s chief of staff and his payment was supposed to do several things (you can read the details here:

  • Conceal or minimize wrongdoing on the part of a Conservative Senator who wrongly claimed $90,000 in expenses. 
  • Spike an ongoing independent audit into Duffy’s expenses and conceal its findings from the public. That was part of a larger scheme that includes pulling strings with senior officials at Deloitte to stop or change the outcome of the audit. 
  • The repayment was negotiated on the conditions that Duffy mislead the public, which means it was a form of hush money. 
  • Paying a legislator or public official to do something like lie even stay quiet is bribery - (though it could be argued Duffy was pressuring the PMO for payment in exchange for his silence, which is what the trial is about). 
  • At one point, Duffy’s lawyer asked the PMO to guarantee, as part of the payment, that no matter what the findings of the audit, that the PMO would ensure Conservative senators would vote down any effort to refer the matter to further investigation or the RCMP. 
  • They all lied about it. They all knew, Wright’s payment and the deal were widely known in the PMO, and there is no question that the Prime Minister knew, if only, as Nigel Wright put it in an e-mail “in the broadest terms”
  • Finally: if any ordinary schmuck tried to pull what Duffy did, he would get jail time, not a $90k cheque. It is a textbook example of two-tier Justice: one law for the wealthy and powerful and another for everyone else.

Lots of people have said “isn’t this just what politicians do? Help themselves to other people’s money and lie?” That attitude, which takes on a world-weary posture that corruption is endemic to politics is even worse than cynicism: it is nihilism. 

Cynics may cast a jaded eye on the ways in which human frailties fall short of lofty ideals, and they may not be surprised when people are corrupt, or escape any consequences for their corruption: but they can still recognize that people are doing something wrong. 

The attitude that Nigel Wright and the PMO did nothing ethically wrong is an indictment of just how low the bar has been set. Lawyers and “spin doctors” usually are in the loophole-and-envelope-pushing-business: they are paid to find ways to present the truth in a way that while cleverly stretched may be partially told without being a bald-faced lie. 

There appear to have been plenty of flat-out false statements, planned, crafted and delivered with the intention of misleading the public and preventing the truth from getting out: Interfering with an audit in many different ways - 

  • persuading Duffy not to cooperate 
  • contacting senior executives at the auditing company to pressure the auditor himself
  • trying to have the auditor drop the investigation by giving Duffy $90,000 to pay off his bills in the hope the investigation would be dropped
  • considering (though rejecting) a conspiracy to have the Prime Minister’s office order Senators to vote against referring a possibly criminal matter to police. 

That is not just unethical, it is insanely unethical, because at the heart all politics (and social contracts) there is a degree of trust and credibility. It is hard won, and when lost it is much, much harder to get back. A collapse of authority is a collapse of authority. 

Plus, what does it say about their entire approach to governing and to audits? Was the Duffy affair a slip-up, or did the PMO use this approach in other cases?  

There are plenty of partisans who make take pleasure in seeing Harper, after years of dishing it out, getting some of his own back. But this scandal is not just bad for the conservatives, or politicians, it is bad for democracy. It is the sort of thing that just makes honest people lose faith and disengage from public life because they don’t want to be tainted by it. 

This is terrible, because what is required to correct this kind of behaviour and wrestle corruption down is broad engagement across all levels of society. Withdrawing in the hope that you can remain pure only cedes the ground to those who want to use politics only for their own ends.