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Stephen Parry is indeed a dual citizen and has resigned, as both President of the Senate and a Senator - so if you thought that this “citizenship imbroglio” was over, you were sadly mistaken. So there will be plenty of drama coming our way in the next few weeks as the High Court will have to decide what to do with the results of the Tasmanian recount.  

Nick Xenophon has also, as he indicated earlier, resigned his position in the Senate in order to contest a seat in the SA election next year. The Nick Xenophon Team is no more, having changed their name to SA-Best Federal, so they now align more closely with their State branch. 

Xenophon’s resignation has created a casual vacancy, and so he shall be replaced by another member of his party, as appointed by the state parliament. Xenophon has advised the SA Premier Jay Weatherill to appoint Rex Patrick to the vacant position, but Tim Storer, who was the only candidate on the NXT SA Senate ticket who was not elected in 2016, has written the Premier a “private and confidential” letter, which we are all assuming asserts his rights to the seat. Constitutionally, he has literally zero rights to that seat, and Weatherill can appoint anyone he wants, as long as they’re a member of NXT/SA-Best when they take the seat. But again, I can assure you there will be more drama. 

In 2012, Justin Trudeau, then a young member of the Canadian Parliament, stepped into a boxing ring at a charity event in Ottawa. His opponent, a heavily tattooed and much beefier senator named Patrick Brazeau, was favored to win by 3-to-1 odds.

Trudeau, wearing red boxing shorts and sporting a large tattoo of the Earth encircled by a raven on his left shoulder, took as many hits from the announcer as he did from his opponent. Conservative broadcaster Ezra Levant mocked Trudeau as “the Shiny Pony,” said his daughter could skip rope better and predicted the fight would last one round.

But the Shiny Pony surprised everyone: Trudeau won in the third round.

That boxing match could very well have been a preview of Canada’s elections last October. Trudeau and his Liberal Party lagged in third place at the start of the short campaign. But once again, his opponents underestimated him. Trudeau won a decisive victory against Conservative incumbent Stephen Harper.

Justin Trudeau, The ‘Shiny Pony’ Who Became Canada’s Prime Minister

Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

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Senator Mike Duffy (Senate Scandal, has 31 criminal charges including bribery, fraud, breach of trust)

Senator Patrick Brazeau (Senate scandal, arrested for domestic violence, has been charged for Assault, cocaine possession, uttering threats, breaking bail conditions)

Senator Pamella Wallin (Senate scandal, RCMP allege she committed breach of trust and fraud)

Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu (being investigated by the RCMP as part of the Senate Audit, resigned)

Senator Don Meredith (Kicked out of Conservative caucus after it was revealed that he had an innapropriate sexual relationship with a 16 year old girl)

The list just keeps getting longer and longer. All of these people were appointed by Stephen Harper.

Eventually we have to point the finger at the PM himself. This shows very poor judgement.